Community Invited To Review Updated Forest Management Plans

Community members are invited to review and provide feedback on updated forest management plans for the softwood plantations and coastal hardwood forests managed by Forestry Corporation of NSW.

Sandra Madeley, Forest Management System Specialist for Forestry Corporation’s Hardwood Forests Division, said the forest management plans would be on public display until June 30 and welcomed community feedback.

“Forestry Corporation has been appointed to manage two million hectares of State forests in NSW for multiple uses, including environmental conservation, tourism and recreation, and renewable timber production,” Ms Madeley said.

“We do this in line with very detailed regulations, including Regional Forest

Agreements, which are long-term agreements between the State and Commonwealth Governments, various Commonwealth and NSW legislation, and our independent certification to the Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management – Responsible Wood.

“These policies, regulations and frameworks set out the framework for sustainable forest management in State forests. They detail what forest management and timber production activities can take place, as well as where and how they are conducted, and include monitoring and reporting requirements.

“Our forest management plans have been developed to align with these policies and regulations. They summarise our activities as well as the systems, processes and procedures we maintain that ensure we continue to manage forests sustainably.

“The principle underpinning our forest management is continuous improvement, and our forest management plans describe our commitment to planning, monitoring and adapting our activities in response to new information so that we continually improve our practices, processes and outcomes in the forest.”

David Lale, Forest Management System Specialist for Forestry Corporation’s Softwood Plantations Division, said the forest management plans are reviewed and put on public display for input every five years.

“The agencies responsible for the forest management rules, regulations and frameworks engage with the community while developing them and during periodic reviews, and Forestry Corporation must ensure our forest management plans reflect and implement government policy and regulations,” Mr Lale said.

“Key changes since the previous plan reflect regulatory changes made by Governments since the last plan. These include the renewal of Regional Forest Agreements, the transition to the current native forestry regulations – the Coastal Integrated Forestry Operations Approval, and amendments to the Forestry Act 2012 to allow for potential renewable energy production within softwood plantations.

The plans also reflect the impact of the 2019-20 fires, which impacted large areas of State forests.

“We welcome the community’s input and feedback and invite people to visit our website to find out more.”

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