CMC Spider Lifts

Australian Design Verified, CMC aerial platforms are ready to tackle any job thrown at them. One of the standout models in the CMC Spider Lift range is the S22HD.

With an articulated platform that’s perfect for outdoor work in extreme conditions, the CMC S22HD boasts a pantograph, two-stage telescopic boom, and a jib, making it a powerful and adaptable machine. Its high levelling capacity outriggers, three working areas, and long horizontal reach are just a few of the features that set it apart from its competitors. Thanks to the multiple travel speeds and impressive working height of 21.6 metres, the S22HD is suitable for a wide variety of jobs.

Simplicity and reliability in a powerful
package which can towed on a trailer.
F Series

In addition to the impressive S22HD, CMC has introduced the innovative F Series Spider Lifts.

This new range of lifts brings together cutting-edge technology and design to provide users with unmatched performance and versatility. The F Series includes the S13F, S15F, and S18F models, each designed to meet specific needs and cater to different job requirements.

The S13F is a compact and lightweight Spider Lift, offering 12.9 metres of working height. It’s designed for use in tight spaces and difficult conditions, making it perfect for various indoor and outdoor applications. The full hydraulic system, two working areas, and telescoping boom extensions make the S13F a reliable and efficient choice.

The S15F is designed for ease of use and boasts a very high performance. With a maximum working height of 14.8 metres and an outreach of 8.7 metres, this versatile Spider Lift is suitable for any work environment. The compact stabilisation area ensures the S15F is ready to tackle any job, even on the most challenging terrain

Last, the S18F offers simplicity and reliability in a powerful package. This 17.7-metre Spider Lift features a full hydraulic system, a pantograph, and two telescopic boom extensions, along with an articulating jib. The S18F is easy to use and can be towed on a trailer, making it a perfect addition to any vehicle or equipment fleet.

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An impressive working height of 21.6
metres makes the S22HD is suitable
for a wide variety of jobs.
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