CMC aerial platforms: perfect for arboriculture

CMC aerial platforms are perfect for arboriculture. They’re agile, robust, versatile and safe, and meet every needs of tree-care professionals.

Born from the most advanced lifting technology, CMC aerial platforms perform in all conditions, offering solutions and overcoming obstacles difficult for a truck-mounted platform.

Go anywhere

First among CMC’s distinctive features is the ability to access areas otherwise impossible to reach as they can reduce their dimensions to the point of passing through a simple door, slipping under an awning, or traversing a narrow corridor to access a residential yard.

All this while moving autonomously on their tracks controlled by the operator via wire or radio control (depending on the model).

Not even a small operating space poses a problem. CMC aerial platforms are designed to adapt to the available space, achieving the best possible stabilisation, both in open fields and in the tightest and narrowest places.

As for levelling, it is difficult to find perfectly flat terrain in nature, and this can often be a major obstacle to the safe use of truck-mounted platforms. However, the hydraulic stabilisers of CMC aerial platforms can perform the operation simply and quickly, especially with the Self Control System by CMC, an autopilot for MEWPs, forming the base to work perfectly on any terrain.

Excellent manoeuvrability and easy and intuitive control features. Image: CMC


With working heights ranging from 13 metres to 41 metres, and an aboveaverage lateral reach, CMC spider platforms prove to be up to any task, allowing for easy pruning of any tall tree.

This is also thanks to an excellent manoeuvrability and easy and intuitive control features, both in full hydraulic versions and in those equipped with technologically advanced guidance systems that include automatic closure of the aerial part.

Thanks to their low weight and the availability of non-marking tracks, along with special support plates at the base of the stabilisers, CMC aerial platforms prove to be the perfect choice in even the most delicate missions, such as public and private gardens, courtyards, or golf courses.

With working heights ranging from 13 metres to 41 metres, and an above-average lateral reach, CMC spider lifts allowing for easy pruning of any tall tree. Image: CMC

Built for pro use

One of CMC’s advantages is their great ease of transport. CMC aerial platforms are self- loading and easily transportable on trailers, thanks to the excellent balance between robustness and low weight.

“For us, this means being The Specialifts, the specialists in spider aerial platforms,” declared Alessandro Mastrogiacomo, CEO of CMC. “We are able to design and manufacture efficient work tools that respond perfectly to the controls and meet the specific professional needs of our customers.”

See the CMC range of lifts and learn more of the company at CMC spider lifts are available through Golbal Machinery Sales: • Melbourne: 24-28 Williams Road, Dandenong South Vic. 3175 • Sydney: 49-50 Cassola Place, Penrith, NSW 2750 • Queensland: 191 Magnesium Dr, Crestmead QLD 4132. Phone 1800 025 024.

Image: CMC
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