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Chip From Any Direction

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Hansa’s C27 chipper is a unique beast. At only 850kg in weight, it can be easy to underestimate this machine, but what this small-but-solid chipper lacks in heft, it more than makes up for it through performance and unmatched utility.

With a maximum capacity of 160mm (6”), and an extra-wide feed opening of 330mm x ith a maximum capacity of 160mm (6”), and an extra-wide feed opening of 330mm C27’s powerful hydraulic feed system makes it easy to process any material, and pull bushy, twisted or forked branches into the machine with ease.

Not only does the lighter weight of this chipper make it light enough to be towed into any driveway, thanks to the unique360-degree turn-table design you can feed from any direction – making it one of the best machines as a secondary unit for tight access, for tackling smaller jobs or for those running landscape contracting services. Just keep it hitched to your truck or vehicle, use the turn-table and swivel outlet to position your workspace, and feed with ease – discharging chip exactly where you need it.

Long-time Hansa user Lance Wharton, owner of a C27 is one of the happy customers Hansa has worldwide.

“I’ve been hammering this C27 and I’m just so impressed. It’s robust and can handle all the jobs I throw at it. Usually, I would have used a BC1000 but the swivel base and quietness of the machine is such a game changer that it’s getting me more work in tricky, sensitive areas.”The 360-degree turntable on the C27 allows feeding from any direction, all while still being coupled and discharging into your tow vehicle

Priding itself on its design, Hansa is making a name for themselves in the arborist community around the world. With a Brisbane based warehouse to enable direct supply into Australia and headquarters across the ditch in New Zealand, customers can rely on the instant backup from a team member.

Larger models in the Hansa commercial range includes chippers up to 254mm (10”) in capacity, and all are designed with unmatched performance to weight ratio. The C40 wheeled unit is a good step up for those who don’t require the turn table, but would like more capacity, accepting material up to 178mm (7”). While the C60 and its tracked version C60rx chip up to 254mm (10”), both models can be fitted with a range of modular upgrades. These features developed by Hansa include a lift and crush (which allows the operator to lift the infeed wheel and “crush” the material that is being fed into the chipper, which helps feed in certain types of material) and a hydraulic winch with wireless remote to enable feeding into the C60 chippers, reducing need for manual lifting.

So why would you choose a Hansa chipper? Sharper chipper

Hansa are specialists in chippers, and continue to make significant investments into sharpening the design and manufacturing of the machines they produce. The Hansa brand has continued to evolve and now produce more than 15 models of chippers

All machines are 3D designed by the in-house team, rather than manufactured from templates, using world class technology. This means that they are constantly evolving, and every chipper is built with aesthetics, performance, accuracy, modularity and serviceability in mind – not as an after-thought.

Difference In Design

Hansa regularly reviews feedback and suggestions from users, and finds ways to solve some of the problems that arborists face in their working environment. They then follow a strict development process for new features to ensure seamless introduction into the market: from pre-design brainstorm, through to 3D design, prototyping, field testing and pre-production run prior to launching products into full production

Production That Delivers

Hansa is committed to making a significant investment in new production strategy to increase its productive output and their vision to see their chippers “hansforming” landscapes world-wide.

By investing in a robot welder and custom positioners, Hansa can offer exceptional quality, repeatability and unmatched accuracy. Hansa also invested in its own in-house surface coating plant to provide better control to ensure a consistent quality finish.

The result is improved, unbeatable surface durability and improved the flow of product through the manufacturing process in-house by enabling agile and accurate scheduling.

For more information freephone 1800 426 722 or visit www.hansaproducts.com.au

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