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Good protective equipment must withstand demanding conditions and provide the required protection. That’s why we use nothing but high-quality materials. Each job comes with different requirements. Our range of protective clothing takes into consideration every type of work. In fact our extensive range of safety clothing, offering the latest innovations in design and materials, will provide you with the level of protection and comfort you need to get the job done.


Our advanced protective material comprises fewer layers. This makes it lighter, without compromising protection levels. The material and layering design consists of long fibres that can become tangled in the chain.


The complete knee, including the saw protection fabric, has been pre-bent to ensure a perfect fit in all working positions.


The knee has a water-resistant inner lining and an outer layer made of water-repellent fabric, keeping water and moisture from penetrating the saw protection layers. This means you can work comfortably in wet conditions for or a longer time.

For more information, and to view the complete range visit us online @  or instore at your local authorised Husqvarna Servicing Dealer.

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Husqvarna Group

The Husqvarna Group is the world’s largest producer of outdoor power products including chainsaws, trimmers, lawn mowers and garden tractors. The Group is also the European leader in consumer watering products and one of the world leaders in cutting equipment and diamond tools for the construction and stone industries. The product offering includes products for both consumers and professional users. The Group’s products are sold via dealers and retailers in more than 100 countries.

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Genuine Husqvarna Accessories – Technical Arborist Helmet

Don’t let bad equipment get in your way. Husqvarna’s Parts and Accessories allow you to keep on going no matter what the situation, with maximum effect and results beyond your expectation. By choosing original parts from our complete and extensive product range you are guaranteed the same high quality throughout the lifespan of each and every product

The Husqvarna Technical Arborist Helmet is a light weight and ventilated ABS helmet for professional arborist, approved for working at heights. Unique harness adjustment with two wheels that centres the head in the helmet for the best balance and stability on the head. Only for work at height – not approved for forestry work on the ground. Complete with Husqvarna premium hearing protection and UltraVision visor – which offers 20% light reduction giving a clearer view.

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TreeWiseMen: Morbark Strong!

Tree care company grows business with hard work and hard-working equipment

Drew Bedingfield, a former firefighter, started doing tree care work part-time in 2012. Now, his business, TreeWiseMen Tree Service, in Bluffton, S.C., runs three high-production crews of at least four tree care workers each.

“I just started out with a small truck and a lot of hard work,” says Bedingfield, “and we just arrived here today.”

“Here” is a busy, local tree service company doing residential and commercial removals, pruning, stump grinding, and plant health care. Bedingfield feels the company’s size is a benefit for customers, “It’s large enough to serve any of your demands, but small enough to where, if there is a problem or issue, it gets addressed quickly and efficiently.”

TreeWiseMen currently has 12 people in production, two office staff members, one full-time arborist and one full-time sales representative. Bedingfield credits his growth to hard work, good people and hard-working equipment, including his fleet of Morbark® machines. His company has three Morbark chippers — two Beever™ M18Rs and a Beever M14R (an older model Morbark has replaced with the M15RX) that typically run every day, according to Bedingfield — as well as an MXD86 track stump grinder and a Boxer® 320 mini-skid steer, plus a handful of other support equipment: “everything that you’d need to get a big job done quickly,” says Bedingfield.

“Morbark’s been a household name for a long time,” adds Bedingfield. “They’ve got a great reputation. I was already considering them before I realized there’s a dealer in Savannah (Georgia), which is very close to us — about 30 minutes away. Once I met Josh, the sales rep for Morbark, he really sealed the deal for me.”


Enter Savannah Equipment Specialists

Savannah Equipment Specialists also has been in business since 2012, and you could say Savannah Equipment and TreeWiseMen grew together.

Savannah Equipment carries the full line of Morbark chippers, stump grinders and Boxer equipment, as well as parts and arborist supplies. “Anything (tree care workers) need to get a tree on the ground and get her chipped up, that is what we strive to provide,” says Josh Walters of Savannah Equipment Specialists.

Savannah Equipment takes a consultative approach to equipment sales, which has helped the company grow and to become a Morbark gold-tier dealer in 2016.

“I like to go out and be more of a consultant than a salesperson,” says Walters, “put ourselves in (tree care service owners’) business to where they want to do business with us. We depend on each other for business and, you know, it’s a good, natural cycle to be in there. If we take care of all of their needs on a daily basis, they can grow, which means they buy more from us; we all grow together.”

That consultative approach was part of why Bedingfield works with Walters.

“So I met Josh — he actually called on me when I was first getting into the tree care industry,” says Bedingfield. “I purchased an M14R from him. He was very knowledgeable, made me feel very comfortable about the purchase. And after putting 2,000 hours on the equipment, Morbark continues to sell itself.”

“Drew is a good story,” says Walters. “Drew started out doing tree work part-time. Everyone’s got to start somewhere, and he started out right. He grew his business, and we helped him from the beginning, from when he first just needed some arborist supplies.”

“We helped him get in his first chipper, and he’s taken it from there,” continues Walters. “He’s a very aggressive, young guy, and he’s done very well. He’s put good people in place. We’re going to keep providing the solutions he needs every day, and we’ll keep growing together.”


Hard-working equipment

A good relationship with a local equipment dealer, who provides high-quality advice, equipment, parts and service, is only part of the equation. If the equipment wasn’t top-notch, the business would not be successful.

Bedingfield says he does significant market research before purchasing equipment, and that research drove him to Morbark equipment.

“Morbark just has a really great resale value, and they have great reviews, and it’s easy to see why,” he says. “They last a long time. And it’s not just the equipment, it’s also the dealer service that stands behind the equipment.”

“In this area, we process sweet gum, pine, royal oak, any red oak species, a handful of live oaks here and there, hickory trees,” Bedingfield continues. “The challenges that we see chipping large wood is the feed rollers definitely take a beating. We feed a lot of our chippers with a machine, so the chippers withstand a lot of abuse, whether it’s long pine limbs or very twisted hickory tops or whatever else may be. The infeed system is very strong.”

Bedingfield heaps similar praise on his new MXD86 stump grinder from Morbark as well: “I recently took possession of a new D86 track stump grinder, and that thing is absolutely amazing. Previously I had a G42 — great bang for the buck, but for commercial, large-scale stump removals, the D86 is just better suited. Every day we do stump grinding, and we might grind anywhere from 15 to 20 stumps a day, some of them being huge blowovers with an exposed root system. That machine just eats right through it!”

TreeWiseMen also added a Boxer 320 mini-skid steer to their equipment fleet, and Bedingfield appreciates its ease of use and labor savings.

“I took the Boxer 320 into consideration and ultimately purchased that unit because it did so well in back yards,” Bedingfield says. “It’s very turf-friendly. It’s very user-friendly. It was priced right, and it’s a great addition to the large chippers that we use. The 320 mini-skid that we have has saved us a ton on labor, especially because it helps to evacuate wood and limbs and debris from back yards quickly and efficiently.”

Bedingfield says Morbark will play a large role in TreeWiseMen’s future growth: “In the future, I look for additional Morbark equipment, expanding crews, and expanding our capacity to serve our current clientele and also our future clients.”


For more information on how Morbark equipment can help your business, contact your local authorized Morbark dealer:


NSW/VIC: Global Machinery Sales Pty Ltd, 1300 072 926,

QLD: Allclass Construction Equipment, 1300 255 252,

WA: Westco Equipment Pty Ltd, +61 (8) 9258 9333,

NZ: Stevens Products Ltd, +64 (9) 275 0443,

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Zero Trousers for Women

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Well, maybe not. But there are differences. And that’s why women and men have different clothing stores or areas within the same store. So why are female arborists forced to always shop from the ‘men’s section’? Chainsaw protective trousers are, by default, based upon the male form and designed accordingly. They make no allowance for the difference in shape. From the waist to hips, to the leg length, they are all based on men’s measurements. This is why many female arborists will often find chainsaw trousers to be too big, too baggy or too long.

This is about to change. No longer will female arborists have to settle for ill-fitting PPE. Clogger has just changed all that with the introduction of the Women’s Zero Chainsaw Protective Trousers. The protective quality has not changed. The weight (or rather lack of it) has not changed. Neither has the ability of the fabric to ‘breathe’, keeping the arborist cooler for longer. All of the features of the Zero pants that has made them so popular remain the same. Except these zero’s are for women. So exactly how do they differ?
“It’s in the hips and leg length” says Alexandra Hardy, R&D Manager. “The measurement ratios are different between the sexes so we’ve made them different in our pants. The result is a better fit and a better fit leads to a pant that performs better”.

The women’s range has been launched in women’s clothing sizes, the increments between sizes better matching those found in general women’s clothing. This will help with easier identification of the correct size, helping arborists choose the best fit for them.

Clogger see this as a logical step forward and aim to expand the range in the near future. “We want the trousers to perform as well as they possibly can. We set high standards for them. Those standards cannot be met if the fit isn’t right” says Neil Kilby, Sales & Marketing Manager for Clogger. Further, it’s all part of a larger purpose for Clogger: “We simply want to make the best products we can for everyone. We like to innovate, adapt and do what is right rather than what is easy”, says Neil.

In the medium term, Clogger will be looking to introduce Women’s versions of their most popular products. Next up is the Spider Climbing trousers, with the women’s version expected in late July.


For more information visit

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