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Exclusive Line Of Bluelift Spider Lifts

RUTHMANN Bluelift produces safe and reliable elevated work platforms that are simple and easy to use.’

The Italian spider lift manufacturer RUTHMANN Bluelift was originally founded by the Marti family in 2004.

Ahern Australia is the exclusive distributor for the full line of Italian lifts in Australia. These Italian-made spider lifts feature advanced technology, lightweight designs and high performance.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, the flexible lifts work for tree work, maintenance, construction or industrial uses. The vertical and horizontal reach of the Italian lifts maximise production both indoor and outdoor. Carrying a platform capacity from 120kg to 250kg, the spider lifts have extensive ranges. Maximum working height reaches from 10.8m to 31m with horizontal outreach from 5.15m to 17.3m.

Ergonomic designs allow operators to easily move the lift into position, even in tight spaces. Proportional controls deliver precise manoeuvring to make easy work of accessing high places, such as trees and other tall objects.

Bluelift also includes simultaneous electro-hydraulic capabilities for greater handling where needed. Combining a telescopic boom and articulating jib adds up-and-over capabilities on many models.

For added protection, interlocking outriggers help the spider lift maintain balance on all terrain. A self-stabilizing system locks the spider lift into place for safe work at height. Hydraulically operated articulating outriggers can be set at individual heights. Non-marking rubber treads leave no trace on finished floors.

Compact and narrow, Bluelift spider platforms can fit in confined spaces. It is also designed to be lightweight and easily transported between jobs. Even the heaviest spider lift at 4,700kg can be towed by truck or trailer. The low machine weight allows each spider lift to operate on soft or sensitive surfaces.

The first-ever full hybrid solution meets industry needs for zero emission equipment. Three energy-efficient operating modes offer versatility by switching between battery power and combustion engine. On auto mode, the machine selects the most efficient power source to maximise battery cycle. Bluelift spider lifts meet restrictions for work environments requiring lower emission machines.

Ahern Australia carries the full line of Bluelift spider lifts including the C12/6.5, C12/6.5H and C12/6.5 HB; C13; SA11 and SA11P; SA16; SA18 and SA18HB; SA22; SA26; and SA31. Bluelift spider lifts are sold and serviced by Ahern Australia for customers throughout Australia.

For more information, visit  or call 1300 900 700.

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New Predator P38R

Introducing the Predator P38R Stump Grinder to the Australian Market

If you’re looking for a narrow access stump grinder Global Machinery Sales has the answer: a stump grinder with adjustable tracks that adjust from 670mm-970mm.

Its low centre of gravity provides high stability of the machine under poor field conditions with maximum work safety.

Minimum track base makes limited spaces and narrow sites more accessible – it can even pass through a narrow garden gate or your typical standard door. Its hydraulic control and easy-to-use remote control make manual labour much easier.

The Predator P38R is powered by a 38HP Petrol Kohler engine with an easy to use remote control. Predator is the perfect machine for your tight access stump grinding needs.

Call Global Machinery Sales on 1300 072 926

For more information please visit

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Monitor 4WD Leguan 190 Spider Lift

The heavy duty 4WD Leguan 190 Spider Lift from Monitor has been a real winner since it was launched in 2019.

The heavy duty 4WD Leguan 190 Spider Lift is now available with a dedicated track drive system, allowing safe operation on the most difficult terrain.

The track system has a large rolling diameter, which allows easy egress of rocks and dirt or mud, preventing build up in and around the track system. Of course, the tracks provide excellent traction yet very low ground pressure.

The steel rollers (rather than rubber) limits wear and tear and the smart design  of the track system provides really smooth operation over rough terrain, clambering over gutters, and loading or unloading from the trailer.

Even with the track system, the Leguan 190 still only weighs 2680kg, allowing easy towing behind most 4WD utes.

With 19m of working height and 9.8m of horizontal reach, the Leguan 190 is the largest and most capable Spider Lift in Australia that can be towed on a 3.5T GVM trailer.

The Leguan 190 is fast! Drive speeds of up to 5.2km/hr allow you to position the machine quickly and efficiently on the job.

With full radio control drive, the Leguan 190 is very quick and easy to operate. Being skid-steer, the Leguan 190 can turn on the spot, allowing access to tight areas.

The auto level stabiliser legs are operated from the radio remote unit with one switch. This is very fast and accurate, and ensures quick and safe setup.

The 190 Spider Lift is certified for two operators with an MRC of 230kg. The excellent outreach envelope ensures minimal setups and maximum efficiency.

The strong all-steel construction guarantees a long trouble-free service life. Uniquely, even the basket is steel, unlike all other Spider Lifts on the market which are more fragile aluminium.

Featuring dual power sources, the Leguan is just as at home indoors as outdoors, making this machine one of the most versatile EWP’s available. The 14hp Kubota twin cylinder diesel engine with auto-throttle is powerful, quiet and very fuel efficient.

Monitor Lifts have supported the Leguan brand in Australia and NZ for more than 25 years and have unrivalled parts and service support nation-wide.

The Leguan 190 comes standard with the following features:

  • 230kg max rated capacity
  • Radio controlled remote
  • Auto Leveling from the remote
  • Manual leveling outriggers from the cage
  • 360 degree slew
  • 14hp Kubota Diesel engine and 240V Electric Motor
  • Direct hydraulic control for fast and smooth boom movements
  • Electric emergency lowering system
  • Optional three speed drive, with a max drive speed of 5.2km/h
  • The Leguan is the only Spider Lift that is available with either tracks or 4WD tyres.

The unique knuckle boom design on the Leguan 190 allows this machine to have fantastic up-and-over reach and the fly-jib provides more maneuverability whilst elevated.

Another great feature of the Leguan 190 is that it has an excellent amount of travel in the outrigger legs meaning the machine can be set up on slopes of up to 13° with ease.

Contact Monitor Lifts now for more information and an obligation free demonstration.

Freecall 1800 025 024 or email

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Toro’s Compact Handlebar Stump Grinders

The expert in small spaces

Toro’s compact handlebar stump grinders are designed to access hard to reach stumps.

Toro thrives on innovation. This rich legacy is alive every day as they strive to develop exciting new products and technologies to improve performance, productivity, and efficiency. This passion and experience has led them to develop high-quality equipment for tree care and landscape construction industry, with products that make your work as simple and effortless as possible – so you can get on with the job.

Toro offers the tree care industry a range of versatile stump grinders fit for any job large or small. Toro‘s SGR handlebar grinders are great for grinding small stumps in areas with tight access. Well-balanced, easy to operate and simple to maintain, they provide some of the smoothest cutting performance of any handlebar stump grinders on the market.

Toro SGR-6

Got a stump that’s hard to reach, the SGR-6 is a compact and manoeuvrable machine that’s easy to use and maintain. 12 tungsten, carbide-tipped teeth handle the most

difficult stumps, and Toro’s Quadrublade™ cutting technology offers a smooth cutting performance. The tooth design cuts like a router without “pulling” the operator into a stump and the cutter blades are easy to access. The grinder has lift handles that fold for easy compact transport in the back of a Ute, SUV or trailer.

Toro SGR-13

Got a tough job, the SGR-13 handlebar stump grinder will handle it. An expert  in small spaces the SGR-13 is a well- balanced machine that takes less muscle to move around. It offers lift handles for easy loading and the Greenteeth design allows easy maintenance of teeth and doesn’t require re-sharpening as well as being less costly to replace. Rubber gaskets between components result in less operator vibration. The SGR-13 is powered by a 13 HP Honda® engine with a heavy-duty centrifugal clutch, so this little beast will get your job done.

Toro’s handlebar stump grinders are experts in small spaces.

Available at your local Toro dealer today or visit for more information

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Silky Zubat Tech Talk

Why 80 per cent of tree climbing arborists choose the Silky Zubat as their handsaw.

In this editorial various features of the Silky Zubat will be discussed. You will see the logic and reasons why the Silky Zubat is the most popular handsaw in the world for arborists, foresters, landscapers and gardeners in the know.

Let’s Talk About Kerf And Set Teeth

Kerf is the thickness of the cut and set teeth is the way alternate saw teeth are bent to the left and right to make a wider cut. This prevents friction as the rest of the blade follows through the branch. A handsaw can have a thickness of 1.9mm and with set-teeth a kerf of 2.3mm. A saw with non-set teeth will have a kerf within .03mm of the blade thickness.

Silky Saws realised long ago that the wider the cut, the more wood you are cutting and the more effort you need to apply to cut through a branch. They also realised that a saw blade with set teeth used more energy cutting than a blade with non-set teeth. Silky needed to solve a number of problems though. A saw blade with non-set teeth needed teeth that made a wider cut than the rest of the blade so friction on the blade was eliminated as it followed the teeth down through the branch.

After numerous attempts, Silky Saws were ground so that the teeth were thicker than the rest of the blade. Using a Vernier of Micrometer on a Silky Saw Blade, you will see that the teeth are the thickest part of the blade, the top edge less in thickness and the middle of the blade the thinnest. Taper grinding or hollow grinding are some of the names given to this process.

At the same time as working out the way to have non-set teeth on a blade, Silky wanted their non-set saws to cut as well or better and faster than a blade with set teeth. Silky had to design a new tooth shape that had teeth angles alternating on each tooth. They created a blade with many teeth that were like little chisels alternating along the length. These little chisels are razor sharp and cut cleanly through the fibres of a tree trunk or branch.

In-Built Advantage Of Japanese Handsaws

Combined with smaller kerf and non-set teeth, Silky Saws from Japan also have an inbuilt advantage for handsaws. Saws from Japan are usually pull saws, meaning that the saws cut on the pull stroke. This allows Silky Saws to have thinner blades with less depth than the usual western saw that cuts when you push it.

How Do Non-Set Teeth And Smaller Kerf Benefit An Arborist?

Set is created by bending the tips of the teeth in alternating directions. This creates clearance in the cut for the saw plate, reducing friction and binding. Additional set creates more work (by increasing the amount of wood being removed) and decreases the quality of the cut.

Benefit Of Smaller Kerf To An Arborist

A non-set tooth makes a smaller kerf (width of cut) than a set tooth (teeth bent alternatively left then right). This narrower cut means you are cutting less wood (width ways) and more wood (depth ways) on each stroke. Therefore, with a non-set tooth Silky Zubat you are cutting through the branch more quickly than with an equivalent length saw with set teeth.

Less saw strokes means quicker cutting and less energy expended. For an excellent article on set saws go to

Benefit of Non-Set Teeth

A non-set tooth cuts a branch leaving a much smoother cut than a set tooth. This is a benefit to the tree being pruned as it helps prevent the introduction of mould and bacteria through the wound created by the cut. That is the reason tree surgeons and arborists make vertical or near verticals cuts when pruning. It sheds water keeping the cut surface drier, stopping mould and bacteria being attracted to a wet surface. When you combine that with a silky smooth surface that Silky Saws provide your tree is receiving the best cut possible.

Silky Zubat Arborist saws are available throughout Australia.

Call Arbolab on (07) 3823 1599 for your nearest stockist.

For more information visit

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Monitor Lifts Strong And Durable

Omme 2100E Trailer mounted lift, the perfect fit for multiple and unique applications in the tree care industry.

The Omme Lift products (made in Denmark) were first imported into Australasia in 2003 by Monitor Lifts and have proven themselves to be a strong and reliable machine.

One of the many Omme Lift machines is the 2100E Omme Trailer Mounted Cherry Picker. The tallest trailer mounted cherry picker on the market today, the Omme 2100E weighs only 2.7T and is towable behind most tradesmen’s vehicles.

With 21m of working height and 12m of horizontal outreach, the Omme 2100E is a perfect fit for the arbor industry.

Powered by a reliable Honda engine, the Omme 2100E Hydraulic outrigger legs on this machine provide it with the ability to set up on steep slopes.

200kg SWL, 2-man capacity basket, provides plenty of room for operators and equipment. Fully certified for use in winds of up to 45 km/h ensures you will be able to work safely in most conditions.

With self-driving capabilities, the Omme 2100E trailer mount can be manoeuvred without the tow vehicle, allowing access to more applications with added efficiency and simplicity.

With its Stick Boom configuration, the Omme 2100E has very minimal tail swing and having all steel boom sections makes this machine strong and durable which is exactly what an arborist requires when operating in tough environments.

With a hybrid option (on-board battery power) the Omme 2100E is able to work indoors and outdoors allowing operators to tackle multiple and unique applications and also providing them with an edge over their competitors. Monitor Lifts excellent service and back up support is just another reason why the 2100E Omme Lift is a safe investment for your business.

Call one of the friendly team today on 1800 025 024 or email for further info on the Monitor Lifts large range of Specialised Access Equipment.

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Performance Driven By Technology

When access to confined spaces is an issue, Ahern Australia brings the solution with the Italian-made Bluelift SA22 Spider Lift.

Bluelift produces safe and reliable elevated work platforms that are simple and easy to use. Ahern Australia is the exclusive distributor for the full line of Italian lifts in Australia. These Italian-made spider lifts feature advanced technology, lightweight designs and high performance.

The self-stabilising Bluelift SA22 combines a narrow width and lightweight design that is ideal for working in confined  spaces both outdoors and indoors. This spider lift is suitable for a wide range of applications, including tree cutting, cleaning agents, electrical, roofing, fire protection and facilities maintenance.

Offering the ultimate in versatility, this machine has a multi-area stabilizer setting for three different set-up positions, providing excellent rough terrain performance.

Its track width adjusting system has an independent axle and tracks that prevent damage to sensitive flooring.

Boasting a 22m maximum working height, the SA22 delivers a maximum horizontal outreach of 10.9m with a lift capacity up to 200kg and 9.9m with a lift capacity up to the maximum of 250kg. Featuring a turret rotation of 340°, this spider lift includes automatic center positioning of the turret and a quickly removable aluminum basket.

The basket is equipped with a 230V power outlet for working with power tools. A radio remote control includes an interactive and multi-lingual display. A modem connection plug allows for easy diagnosis or software upgrade in the remote. Also included on the SA22 is a patented i-Performing electric pump with auto start/ stop system.

Proportional and simultaneous electro-hydraulic controls make it easy to operate the proportional track drive with hydraulic braking system. This machine also comes has a double drive system with safety control and driving lateral slope alarm for climbing gradients up to 28 per cent. The SA22 can be driven with the jib boom raised up to a maximum travel speed of 1.5km/h.

The interblock outrigger/boom feature disables outriggers once the boom is in operation. Additional safety features include an emergency push-button with engine stop and a simple emergency lowering procedure. Operators use a hand pump for the emergency lowering of the platform.

Weighing 2,990kg, this 22m spider platform can be transported via standard trailer for ease of transportation. The SA22 also includes covers on the outrigger cylinder’s piston rod, oil tank and emergency controls for added protection.

For more information, visit or call 1300 900 700.

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Taking You To New Heights

The Bushranger TPS261 Telescopic Polesaw has just launched into the Bushranger Power Equipment commercial range.

The Bushranger TPS261 Telescopic Polesaw represents the latest addition to the increasing range of product available in the Bushranger stable and definitely should not be looked past in terms of performance, reliability and local support.

Designed to get to those places you don’t really want to go yourself, the extended reach of this saw is approximately 5.5 metres or 18 feet in the old scale.

Made in Japan, and with a 25.4cc Maruyama commercial 2-stroke engine this machine comes with the power and reliability you can expect from any precision engineered and manufactured product.

The business end is fitted with a 10” Guide Bar with 3/8” LP chain and automatic bar oil pump. The lightweight aluminium shaft ensures both the rigidity and usability that any commercial operator should expect and the rubber grip on the shaft provides both comfort and superior grip for the ultimate control.

Backed by a two-year commercial warranty, you can be assured your business will reach higher with the Bushranger TPS261 telescopic polesaw in your kit.

For more information call 1300 363 027 or visit

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Husqvarna – It’s All About Output

Husqvarna X-Cut® is the world’s first original Husqvarna saw chain. It’s designed for a single purpose: to optimise the performance of your chainsaw – and thereby maximise your output.

After years of research, development, lab and live tests, the Husqvarna X-Cut® saw chain has been manufactured using the most advanced technologies and rigorous quality control, offering professionals a long-lasting sharpness, outstanding durability and high cutting efficiency, made for minimum down time and maximum results.

Sharpness That Lasts

The design of the cutters, the materials used and the manufacturing processes have all been refined to the extreme. This gives the X-Cut® saw chain an outstanding sharpness straight out of the box, and also – perhaps more importantly – a sharpness that lasts considerably longer before filing is needed.

Low Stretch

The X-Cut ® saw chain is pre-stretched at the factory, which means you will be able to work longer before it needs re-tensioning. No unnecessary adjustments to slow you down, and the risk of damaging the cutting system with a slacking saw chain is decreased significantly.

High Cutting Efficiency

X-Cut ® saw chain is made to cut faster and smoother than comparable products, and it is ready to be used right out of the box. This improves your cutting efficiency and thereby your results. At the same time, less human effort (feed force) is needed, making the whole work experience easier on your body.

Optimal Cutting Angle

The angle of the cutter is crucial for your long-term efficiency. The tighter you make this angle, the higher the sharpness – but if you overdo it, the cutter will lose its sharpness faster and break easier. With X-Cut®, Husqvarna has focused on finding the optimum angle for an efficiency that lasts.

Chrome And Steel Exactly Measured

The microstructure of the steel – not too hard, not too soft – and the chrome layer – not too thick, not too thin – have both been exactly defined on a molecular level. This ensures a high cutting capacity and a lasting sharpness.

Superior Lubrication

Small, arrow-shaped channels in the links help transport oil to all high friction zones during operation, ensuring a superior lubrication.

Optimal Heat Treatment

For the hardening, Husqvarna has developed its own unique method of manufacture making the steel as durable as possible. This includes optimal heat treatment as well as optimal cooling – creating a molecular structure that provides an incredibly durable saw chain.

Developed By Engineers

True to Husqvarna’s heritage, the chain has been developed in close collaboration between engineers and professional loggers. With the ambition to design a chain that increases productivity, the engineers and loggers have worked together to perfect the chain.

Production Built From Scratch

The saw chain factory in Huskvarna, Sweden, employs over 100 people and is strategically located beside the chainsaw R&D and factory. All parts of the saw chain are manufactured on-site, from raw steel to finished product, reducing dependency on external suppliers and securing quality of the chain. The factory is designed to be environmental impact neutral, and uses state of the art technology to recycle both chemicals and energy.


Husqvarna X-Cut® is now available instore at your local authorised Husqvarna Dealer, in variants: C83 and C85 3/8” full chisel, S93G 3/8”LP semi chisel, SPG33 .325” semi chisel chain, and SP21G semi-chisel .325 mini 1.1mm chain. All sharp out of the box, pre-stretched, highly durable, and easy to spot due to the golden tie-strap that helps users keep track of the start/finish of their filing loop.

For more information, visit

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Edelrid Treerex Tree Care Harness

Introducing the most versatile tree-care harness of all times.

With a variety of rope bridge configurations, optional SRT bridge and the choice of a chest harness specifically designed with the harness for SRT. The Edelrid TreeRex meets the many differing and demanding requirements of the climbing Arborist.


The TreeRex design focus is centred on the lateral fastening eyelets (lower D’s) integrated into the leg loops. These lower D’s make it possible to install up to two rope bridges (fixed and/or adjustable) while providing a more stable and balanced connection point for a positioning lanyard. This configuration along with the two bridges offers maximum lateral freedom of movement when making those hard to reach cuts.

Thanks to the intelligent adjustment mechanism, the angle of the lower D’s can be easily adjusted even under load to better weight the harness in either a standing or more seated position. The simple to fit SRT Bridge offers a low and central attachment point to meet any SRT requirements the climber might have. Two fixed side D’s offer the user the traditional lanyard attachment point while using a flipline.

Edelrid’s innovation really shines through in the waist belt and leg loop construction with their 3D Vent Technology, previously developed for recreational rock climbing harnesses where weight, comfort and ventilation are so highly sought after. This in combination with wide semi-rigid padding gives unprecedented breathability and vastly reduces the overall weight while still managing to increase hanging comfort. The increased breathability and ventilation will surely be an advantage on those hot Australian summer days. The triple lock buckles on the waist and leg loops make getting in and out of the harness simple, even when fully loaded with gear.

All load bearing straps are made with indicator tape (red fibres become visible in the event of damage or excessive wear) while the leg loop straps are fitted with a textile abrasion protector made from Dyneema® to prevent premature wear.

Four large rigid gear loops combined with six clipper slots (four on the waist plus one on each leg loop) and a variety of soft small webbing clip in points provide ample carrying options. A central rear textile restraint eyelet certified to EN358 makes a perfect chainsaw lanyard attachment point or can be used in complex positioning situations. A small first aid bag attaches via a one-handed quick pull mechanism creating easy access to its contents in an emergency.

The optional TreeReex Bungee Chest Harness connects directly to the Waist belt to help share the load with the shoulders while carrying heavy kit and chainsaws. The pre-threaded elastic bungee easily tends a knee ascender in a SRT ropewalker system whilst the multiple clip in points in the centre of the chest make tending you progress capture device or system a breeze. Regardless of if you currently use or are wishing to try a ropewalker set up, the Bungee chest harness makes for a simple and uncluttered system that works efficiently with minimal set up.

The Edelrid TreeRex coming in at 1500g meets all the demands of the Australian Arborist, durable, light, breathable and highly comfortable. The versatility and configurability combined with modern technologies makes the TreeRex stand out among its peers as a true ‘do it all’ tree care harness that you can truly make your own.

For more info call (02) 9417 5755, visit or get in touch via email –

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