Catalyst For Change

The Christmas/New year holiday often yields a lean period extending into the New Year, this is true of arboricultural business and for us here at The Australian Arbor Age this edition. We have been a bit down on input for the first publication of 2022 – not least from myself, having gotten very sick over the holiday period (I drank contaminated water).

Nonetheless we have three Technical Features, one from Guy Meilleur, one from myself and one from Jim McArdle from TCAA and Hephzibah Crossing, as well as an Industry People story on Mona Bruckhoff and another feature by Peter Dubiez in the series on R U OK.

Guy’s international review of industry works and standards continues in his latest article – Consistent Cutting: Continuing the Quest. This is a comparative study of the new draft European Tree Pruning Standard (ETPS) against existing standards. As ever Guy expands our minds on the world of people and trees (impressive to see cut size specifications influencing permission to use chainsaws). This article shines light for the next Australian Standard upgrade.

Coming to my contribution, though I gathered my foundation data (with the High Climbers Brotherhood), I had to defer an issue for writing Part 2 of this new series on ancient Fig trees because of my recovery. However, being on the verge of a significant opportunity with a past 2019 report turned AA article – Tree Care and The Ecovillage Movement I am re-running Part 1 as I now have Part 2 in my sights – this is an exciting Conservation Arboriculture project. The Ecovillage movement is an interesting study, with the capacity to unite top end Horticulture, Arboriculture and Resilience Farming with Permaculture, Bio Dynamic and Syntropic farming in that equation. The same key elements link us together, understanding of the nutrient cycles, fungi activated soils, biological input (humus) and plant care.

With consideration of the Industry Profile on Mona Bruckhoff I enjoyed being reminded of fresh QAA input and the drive for Conservation in arboriculture in others who see the same light. Personally, I encourage all that see conservation as an essential catalyst for needed change. Sustainability involves sensitive environmental practises aswell as economics.

Peter Dubiez runs another feature R U OK – A Conservation Could Change a Life, this feature is based on an interview with Advanced Tree Works owner Owen Hardy.

We wish you well moving into 2022 and look forward to more feature articles coming in from Australian arboriculture. If you feel you have some good input remember my call for feature articles in 2021. We are always open to receiving work from scientific minds and solid contractors, many of you have both.

Cheers, Cassian Humphreys, AA Sub Editor

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