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Bushfire Salvaged Timber Repurposed

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Burnt timber used to support Australia’s Heritage Fleet.

Apartnership between Forestry Corporation and Sydney Heritage Fleet has seen a shipment of bushfire salvaged timber delivered to help preserve heritage ships across Australia. The timber comes from the iconic Sugar Pine Walk and adjacent Douglas fir plantation near Tumut which were destroyed in the 2019-20 bushfires, but still salvageable.

Sydney Heritage Fleet is storing the timber in its Bathurst storage facility and will work with historical ship custodians across Australia to make use of it, said the organisation’s Shipwright Superintendent, Peter Gossell.

“We are pleased to see this resource going to help maintain Australia’s historical ships, and appreciate the support of Forestry Corporation,” Mr Gossell said. “Douglas fir in particular is well suited to shipbuilding and repair due to its strength, durability and light weight.

“There are around 20 historical ships across Australia that will need repairs at some point, so it’s great to have this resource on hand when needed.” Forestry Corporation’s Haulage and Sales Manager, Nick Firth said the original plantations were established in the 1920s as part of forestry trials happening at the time. “Sadly these stands were destroyed in last summer’s bushfires, but we are pleased to see Sydney Heritage Fleet is able to put the timber to use and help maintain Australia’s heritage maritime fleet,” Mr Firth said.

“We have harvested small amounts of this timber in the past for Sydney Heritage Fleet to repair ships such as the James Craig, but the impact of the bushfires has meant around 70 large timber logs are now available for stockpiling. “We’re pleased to see this resource support Australia’s historic boat fleet and help preserve these iconic ships for future generations.”

Forestry Corporation has covered all costs of harvesting and transporting this timber from Laurel Hill to the Sydney Heritage Fleet’s storage facility in Bathurst.

For more information visit www.forestrycorporation.com.au

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