Bluelift SA18HB: versatile manoeuvrability

The Bluelift SA18HB model is ideal for a variety of maintenance tasks thanks to its narrow width and lightweight design.

Popular among arborists in Australia, the RUTHMANN Bluelift SA18HB tracked spider lift is designed for close quarters and rough terrain, and for bringing otherwise inaccessible projects into reach.

RUTHMANN Bluelift produces safe, reliable and easy-to-use elevated work platforms and Ahern Australia is the exclusive distributor for the full line of these lifts in Australia.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, the SA18HB is a flexible lift ideal for arborists, as well as maintenance, construction and industrial uses.

Proportional controls deliver precise manoeuvering to make easy work of accessing high places.

Ideal for tight access

The ergonomic design of this versatile machine allows operators to easily move the lift into position, even in tight spaces. Proportional controls deliver precise maneuvering to make easy work of accessing high places, and the threesection articulating boom plus jib offers an outstanding working envelope with little to no tailswing.

The maximum working height of 17.8m and horizontal reach of 9.3m maximises production, and the 230kg platform capacity can accommodate two workers for maximum efficiency. This model also has a tight turning radius for navigating narrow landscapes and aisles, and its adjustable hydraulic chassis allows for precise positioning in any situation.

Compact and narrow, with an overall weight of 2200kg, the Bluelift SA18HB can be easily transported between jobs.

Safety plus

The SA18HB can be safely driven through tight areas and on uneven terrain and is capable of climbing stairs for a wider range of indoor and outdoor applications. With a gradeability of up to 28 per cent, the self-stabilising system locks the spider lift into place for safe work at height.

For added protection, interlocking outriggers help the spider lift maintain balance on all terrain. Hydraulically operated articulating outriggers can be set at individual heights, and optional non-marking rubber treads leave no trace on finished floors.

Compact and narrow, with an overall weight of 2200kg, the Bluelift SA18HB can be easily transported between jobs.

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