Bluelift SA18HB Hybrid Solution

No job is out of reach with the RUTHMANN Bluelift SA18HB tracked spider lift – designed for close proximity and rough terrain.

RUTHMANN Bluelift produces safe and reliable elevated work platforms that are simple and easy to use. The Italian spider lift manufacturer was originally founded by the Marti family in 2004. Ahern Australia is the exclusive distributor for the full line of Italian lifts in Australia. These Italian-made spider lifts feature advanced technology, lightweight designs and high performance.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, the flexible lifts work for maintenance, construction or industrial uses. The vertical and horizontal reach of the Italian lifts maximise production both indoor and outdoor. Carrying a platform capacity from 120kg to 250kg, the spider lifts have extensive ranges. Maximum working height reaches from 10.8m to 31m with horizontal outreach from 5.15m to 17.3m.

Ergonomic designs allow operators to easily move the lift into position, even in tight spaces. Proportional controls deliver precise manoeuvring to make easy work of accessing high places, such as trees and other tall objects. Bluelift also includes simultaneous electro-hydraulic capabilities for greater handling where needed. Combining a telescopic boom and articulating jib adds up-and-over capabilities on many models.

For added protection, interlocking outriggers help the spider lift maintain balance on all terrain. A self-stabilizing system locks the spider lift into place for safe work at height. Hydraulically operated articulating outriggers can be set at individual heights. Optional non-marking rubber treads leave no trace on finished floors.

Compact and narrow, Bluelift spider platforms can fit in confined spaces. It is also designed to be lightweight and easily transported between jobs. Even the heaviest spider lift at 4,700kg can be towed by truck or trailer. The low machine weight allows each spider lift to operate on soft or sensitive surfaces.

The first-ever full hybrid solution meets industry needs for zero emission equipment. Three energy-efficient operating modes offer versatility by switching between battery power and combustion engine. On auto mode, the machine selects the most efficient power source to maximise battery cycle. Bluelift spider lifts meet restrictions for work environments requiring lower emission machines.

Popular among arborists in Australia, the 18HB model is ideal for many maintenance tasks thanks to its narrow width and lightweight design. With a maximum working height of 17.8m and maximum horizontal outreach up to 9.3m, this tracked spider lift can easily reach high elevations.

As a Bluelift Hybrid model, the SA18HB is a full hybrid solution that can switch from battery power to combustion engine. This industry-leading design delivers versatility as it reduces emissions in three energy-efficient operating modes.

All Electric mode allows the machine to be solely powered from a 90 amp/hr lithium cell battery whilst operating in a fixed position. Rapid recharging can be completed in approximately two hours with an on-board charger.

All Engine mode is operated from the combustion engine for full power and full speed. This is ideal for outdoor usage with the ability to travel long distances.

In the Auto mode, the spider lift can switch between battery power and diesel engine to offer the most efficient fuel saving mode. The SA18HB can work for 4-5 hours of continuous use. Auto mode also delivers low emissions and reduced noise for environmentally friendly operation.

A radio control with multilingual display makes this machine a global product with the ability to be driven safely through tight areas and uneven terrain. The SA18HB is capable of climbing stairs for a wider range of indoor and outdoor applications. And with a gradeability up to 28 per cent, the self-stabilizing system locks the spider lift into place for safe work at height.

The SA18HB has a tight turning radius for navigating narrow landscapes and other areas. Its adjustable hydraulic chassis allows for precise positioning in any situation.

Ahern Australia carries the full line of Bluelift spider lifts including the C12/6.5, C12/6.5H and C12/6.5 HB; C13; SA11 and SA11P; SA16; SA18 and SA18HB; SA22; SA26; and SA31.

Sold and serviced by Ahern Australia, the exclusive distributor of BLUELIFT spider lifts in Australia. For more information, call 1300 900 700 or visit

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