BG Lift Spider Cranes launched in Australia

The team at Global Machinery Sales are always looking for the best equipment in the world to make arborists tree work more efficient and safer.

They know tree work can be dangerous and they want customers to be safe and go home to their families every night, that’s why Global Machinery Sales are excited to introduce the latest addition to their product range, BG Lift Spider Cranes. Global Machinery Sales is proud to bring the Australian market a range of compact cranes with a combination of strength and flexibility. Each lift is perfect for any lifting application, whether that’s carrying heavy objects in tight areas or simply moving materials from one place to another.

Currently, the compact cranes that are offered range from a mini compact crane boasting a 3m maximum outreach and 4.25m lifting height to medium and big compact cranes that can extend up to a maximum outreach of 29.4 meters and a maximum lifting height of 32.5m.

The M 060 Mini Compact Crane is a “Pick and Carry” mini crane that has a (50°) rotation and is perfect for spaces that are narrow and have limited access. The restrained weight allows the crane to operate on the base floor of upper levels, totally in compliance with the regulations.

Both the M 250 and M 400 Medium Compact Cranes are equipped with advanced technologies, top-quality materials and components, to ensure the best possible performance. Thanks to their compact dimensions and lightweight design, operators can manoeuvre with millimetric precision, reducing operating time while guaranteeing total safety.

The CWE 315 and CWE 525 Big Compact Cranes are designed to accommodate maximum capacities of 9,715kg and 14,515kg, respectively. Both are designed to be compact, lightweight, agile and extremely manoeuvrable in confined spaces. As a result, these cranes are the ideal for a wide range of jobs by combining power and ultimate performance.

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