Batt Brothers And Bandit’s SG75 Grinder

Bandit’s large grinder has been in Australia for close to a year now, so we thought it was time to check and see how it’s performing.

Bairnsdale is located on the coast of Victoria’s East Gippsland district and is where Kyle Batt and his brother Joel head up the team at Batt Brothers Vegetation Management. Servicing Melbourne and all points east, and with more than 15 years’ experience in the industry, Batt Brothers pride themselves on being a family business that works hard and employs many local people.

“We love that it has a heap of room under the deck to collect the chips and how deep it grinds.”

To stay at the top of their game they focus on continual staff training and ensure their teams have access to a large fleet of well maintained, quality equipment to get their jobs done safely and efficiently.

Earlier this year they added the Bandit SG75 grinder to their fleet, so we contacted them to see how things were going. It gets used extensively on large land clearing jobs and tighter access jobs in suburban yards.

“The machine has been great. No complaints,” Kyle told us. “It has plenty of power and grinds awesome at the stump. We love that it has a heap of room under the deck to collect the chips and how deep it grinds. The hydraulic clean-up blade is excellent too. Really, the boys just love it.”

Bandit tell us that their engineers took a long, hard look at the market and spoke to many customers before they finalised the SG75’s design. The end result boasts some specs that are pretty impressive.

  • Kohler 74hp turbo diesel with 221ft/lbs of torque. This is 44 per cent more than the 67hp engine used by others. More torque equals faster grinding
  • An additional 20 cubic feet of chip containment volume under the machine; less need to clear away the grindings
  • Cuts 23” (59cm) deep for full removal of the stump, not just 16” (40cm) like others
  • Standard with full radio remote controls
  • Standard with the hydraulic mulch blade for fast site clean ups. Excellent!
  • Rubber tracks retract to 35” (89cm) for tight access jobs, then expand to 55” (140cm) for stability when grinding.

Kyle also commented on another thing he likes about Bandit machines; it’s the people who stand behind the product. The equipment supply business is all about providing fantastic after-sales parts and service support. What use is any machine without that critical support? Bandit Tree Equipment has been in the game since 1986. Their experience means a lot to Batt Brothers.

Kyle summed it up this way: “We are very glad we went with another Bandit grinder for the fleet. It’s a great machine that cuts amazingly, and the Bandit team have always looked after us well over the years. For us, it was the only way to go.”

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