Bandit ZT1844 Stump Grinder

When it comes to the serious task of removing stubborn and sizable tree stumps, Bandit has started from the ground up and produced the new and improved ZT1844. This machine is a powerhouse. Its intuitive controls make it easy to use, which sets this machine up as the perfect choice for both professionals and hire companies.

When you cast your eye over this good-looking stump grinder, you realize pretty quickly it’s a very compact machine with a nice and low center of gravity. Coming in at only 740 mm wide and 2440 mm long, it’s a pocket rocket of a machine. Accessing tight and narrow sites couldn’t be easier, especially when you can bring the machine through a doorway, if required.

The electronic fuel injected motor was a breeze to start first thing on a cold winter morning, which is worth its weight in gold. No one likes trying to start the day with a machine that is struggling to turn over.

The standard engine is the powerful Kohler 38hp EFI, which does an impressive job on demolishing bigger sized stumps. These great Kohler engine makes the new ZT1844 the most productive compact track mounted stump grinder in its class.

When it came time to get grinding, the wider swing arc covered an impressive area when grinding. The addition of a taller grinding height and deeper grinding depth allows you to tackle larger stumps and follow the roots deeper into the ground, providing a superior overall stump removal.

Being comfortable when operating any powerful machine is very important and having the ability to place the work console on either side gives a lot of flexibility when setting up for a grind.

The actual track itself allows for a very nimble machine to move around and with a top ground speed of 2.7km/h you will be off the trailer and set up onsite in no time. The rubber track undercarriage further makes for easy set-up of the machine, easily moving over uneven and rough terrain without ruining delicate lawns.

Weighing in at only 644 kg this Zero Turn (ZT) comes with a 18” cutter wheel. Another impressive feature is Bandit’s belt tensioning system, which allows for the tensioning of the belt in five minutes or so, where previously on older machines you would have had to unbolt the motor to adjust the tension and position of the belt. This process was significantly more time consuming and opened up the risk of several other issues in the process.

The controls can take just a little bit of getting used to, but once you get the feel for the joystick, it’s a great machine to operate. The addition of large heavy-duty bearings on the end of the cutter wheel are well placed removing the risk of knocking off the grease nipples.

The oil and fuel filters have been extremely well placed on this machine making servicing a dream. The accessibility of grease points and these filters are up there with the best I have seen.

Bandit has opted for an 8-teeth set-up on the cutting wheel utilizing the 900 series Green teeth. All in all, for an entry level grinder, the ZT1844 track grinder offers superb bang for buck in a powerful and compact machine.

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