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Bandit Stump Grinders Two New Models For 2020

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Bandit Tree Equipment have announced the addition of two new models to their range of stump grinders with the SG-40 and SG-75.

Your stump grinder is the last machine used on most sites. It must do a great job so you get a nice smile from the customer and you get paid!

Your grinder must be trouble free, easy to maintain and productive if it’s going to be a profit centre for your business and not a pain in the backside. This is where Bandit comes in. Every Bandit grinder is hand built specialised teams using extensively welded construction. They are built to last, and engineered to handle our tough, dry Australian conditions.

The big news from Bandit is the arrival of two new models in 2020.

Bandit SG-40 Stump Grinder Building on the success of the Model ZT1844, Bandit has released the SG-40. Being more compact and lighter in weight compared to other machines in this size range, the SG-40 will manoeuvre into tight areas with low ground pressure from its zero-turn rubber tracks. A super narrow 74cm width means the SG-40 fits through a standard doorway.

Plenty of power comes from the 38hp Kohler EFI engine, fitted with an enhanced drive belt system. Clever cutter wheel design means that just 8 of the 900 series Greenteeth are fitted. You’ll get amazing stump busting performance with lower tooth costs, and quicker maintenance times using this wheel set-up.

Bandit SG-75 Track Stump Grinder

The second new release from Bandit is their larger SG-75 track stumper. Bandit’s engineers have absolutely loaded this machine with class leading features including:

  • Kohler 74hp turbo diesel with 221ft/lbs of torque. This is 68ft/lbs more than the 67hp engine used by the competition. 44 per cent more torque mean much faster grinding
  • An additional 15-20 cubic feet of chip containment volume is under the machine
  • It cuts 23” (59cm) deep, not 16” (40cm) deep like other brands
  • Standard with full radio remote controls
  • Standard with a mulch blade for fast site clean ups
  • Tracks retract in to 35” for tight jobs, then expand to 74.5” for stability when grinding

Extensive testing in Australia has shown that Bandit’s SG-75 destroys our biggest hardwood stumps, reliably and with ease.

What else is different about these two grinders? It’s the people who stand behind the product. The equipment supply business is all about providing fantastic after-sales parts and service support. What use is any machine without that critical support?

Bandit Tree Equipment have been in the game since way back in 1986, and their goal is simple – to ensure that you have an outstanding experience with your Bandit machine, every day. It’s as simple as that.

To get the full rundown on these two machines and their other grinders, call Bandit Tree Equipment on 1800-681733, and visit www.banditchippers.com.au

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