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Bandit Stump Grinders Great Deals

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Bandit Stump Grinders – end of 2019 promotion.

Perhaps it’s not the most glamorous bit of gear in the fleet, but your stump grinder is an essential tool to finish the job, get a smile from the customer and get paid. So it’s important that your grinder is trouble free, easy to maintain and productive if it’s going to be a profit centre for your business and not a pain in the backside.

This is where Bandit comes in. Every Bandit grinder is hand built by specialised teams using extensively welded construction; they are built to last, and engineered to handle our tough, dry Australian conditions.

Bandit Tree Equipment tell us they have great deals on their grinders from now until the end of the year; more info below. Here is a short run down on the Bandit range.

Bandit Model ZT1844 Track

Since hitting the Aussie market in 2016, Bandit’s ZT1844 has backed up the claim that it’s “the most productive compact track mounted stump grinder on the market”. Dozens of local contractors have taken the plunge (pun intended) on the ZT1844 with excellent results.

Fitted with an easy starting 38hp Kohler EFI petrol engine, it’s engineered from the

ground up with more rugged components than competitor machines. The cutter wheel is designed to run with just 8 of the 900 series Greenteeth for better performance, lower tooth costs and quicker maintenance. With zero turn tracks and a super narrow 74cm width, the ZT1844 fits through a standard doorway. The low centre of gravity makes grinding fast, safe and easy. Type “Bandit ZT1844 Review” into YouTube to see this little beasty in action.

Bandit Model 2550XP, 2650XP and 2900XP

Bandit’s larger wheel and track driven grinders, the 2550XP (44hp diesel), 2650XP (62hp) and 2900XP (114hp) use oversized hydraulic pumps and motors to directly power the cutter head. This ensures maximum power and torque gets to the stump with minimal hydraulic losses. Be careful on that point – some machines on the market go cheap and use small pumps and motors to drive the cutter wheel, meaning their cutting performance suffers dramatically.

Bandit Model SA- 25

Bandit’s Model SA- 25 will turn it any mid to large size skid steer into an awesome stump grinder. The SA-25 features a massive hydraulic motor and cutter wheel; the same size as those found on the 114hp Bandit 2900XP. Extremely robust and less than one third of the price of a regular 115hp stump grinder, if you own a skid steer then you need a Bandit SA-25 in your fleet.

As mentioned above, Bandit Tree Equipment are running a major end of year promotion on their entire stump grinder range with heavily discounted prices and low interest finance deals on the table. Might be time to grab yourself a bargain!

To get the full run-down, call Bandit Tree Equipment on 1800-681733, and visit www.banditchippers.com.au

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