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Bandit Model 19XP Chipper

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This issue we spent a day at work with a Bandit Model 19XP Chipper and did not hold back one bit in putting it through its paces.

The Bandit Model 19XP Chipper has a powerful 7.1 litre, 213hp six cylinder, CAT turbo diesel engine.

The chipper has a massive amount of torque; Bandit claims that at 932Nm, this engine has 51 per cent more torque than some competitors equivalent models fitted with four cylinder engines. As we know, it’s the engine torque that keeps the chipper drum spinning under the heavy loads we have here with our hardwoods.

On this particular test drive we had big conifers to chip. Their thick and  heavy foliage can bog the machine down while chipping the bigger sections, but the 19XP chugged it all straight through and didn’t bog down with all its engine torque. The barrels of a conifer are soft, so it was difficult to gauge on the tests we did, but this chipper looks to be a barrel destroyer. The infeed throat is massive – 26 inches high and 20.5 inches across. It has a pair of extra-wide 32 inch horizontal feed rollers and a 37 inch diameter oversized drum.

I have been told by the representative that the 19XP has been tweaked to improve its chip-throwing capability compared to the older 1890 “Brute” machines Bandit used to supply. It is fitted with 3 inch wide thrower paddles on both sides of the chipper drum, whereas the older model was fitted with one inch wide paddles. On the day the chips really smashed into the headboard of the truck, without any hint of blocking or “dribbling” out of the chute.

This model comes standard with a hydraulic chute swivel and all the great safety features normally seen on a Bandit, including their reliable hydraulic bump bar on the infeed. The drum and feed rollers are situated very closely together to make chipping ‘forky’ material easier. The 19XP comes with a standard wind-up jack; electric or hydraulic jacks are optional if you don’t want a standard jack. It comes standard with the hydraulic winch, auto feed and Bandit’s great lift and crush system. There is also a self-propelled rubber tracked undercarriage version of this chipper available, but I imagine that would be special order.

Bandit says there are more than 250 of their 19 inch chippers in the field Australia wide. In my opinion they are a great residential and commercial unit. You can’t beat Bandit for reliability and raw barrel munching power on an easy-to-tow unit that is easy to see behind the truck when reversing. This machine would be an asset to any tree company.

After 20 years or so doing trees it is a well-known fact amongst many fellow tree workers, and from my own personal experience, that Bandit looks after their customers, doing whatever they can to get you going quickly if you do run into trouble. It’s this kind of service that’s the reason you see so many Bandit green chippers out on the road. Overall, this chipper is an all-round great machine that loves to chew on timber.

For more information visit http://banditchippers.com.au

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