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Bandit Model 18XP Drum Chipper

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This month we are test driving the Bandit Model 18XP 6-cylinder turbo diesel drum chipper. This is the largest chipper Bandit has to offer that’s less than 4.5 tonne.

This means the majority of chip trucks can tow this beast without requiring air lines for braking. Taking that into consideration, this Bandit is quite a large and powerful chipper for its class.

The build quality of the Bandit Model 18XP is typical of the high quality we have come to expect from Bandit, with quality hydraulic components including powerful feed roller drive motors that are 32cc each.

The oversized rollers are upward of 25 inches wide. These rollers are positioned right up against the chipping drum which reduces any chance of material being stuck between rollers and drum. Basically, if you can jam logs or brush in this Bandit’s throat, it’s going to become mulch – it’s that simple!

Bandit is squeezing a monster 173hp Caterpillar into this beast, boasting just shy of 1000Nm of torque. It’s a six-cylinder turbo diesel that loves to chug the logs down its throat. For its size it was a fire breathing timber eater!

The boys that had a go on it today said they were impressed at its barrel munching ability for its size, which I am certain is due to the extra torque of the 173hp Caterpillar engine.

We positioned the Bandit 18XP onto a very small truck to show this model isn’t over the top size-wise. It filled the 8-cube bin extremely fast.

Jamie (our fearless photographer) was very gutsy with the positioning of some of his expensive camera equipment to get some super footage for the magazine. I was sure we were going to lose a camera today.

On today’s job we used an old tractor to drag the branches to the chipper, due to the fact we couldn’t risk sinking the chipper into an absorption trench for the septic system. The plan worked well and, while the old tractor did its job, the crew and the old John Deere could keep the Bandit working. This is a very efficient chipper for its size. Every time I dragged a limb around to the machine, it was waiting in idle to be fired up for its next feed.

One of the new features I noticed on this model 18XP was the override system for the bump bar. It reminds me of another brand we used to say “I wish Bandit could do that”. Well, now they have done it properly. You can stand by the controls and punch a hydraulic leaver to override the safety bump bar and it makes for very easy operating. Such a simple but very effective upgrade makes this machine so much nicer to use.

Overall I’d highly recommend anyone after an 18 inch chipper to test drive this model before making any decisions. The crew were all fans of it and it’s right up there, in my opinion, to be a beast on any standard tree contracting team.

For more information call 1800 681 733 or visit www.banditchippers.com.au

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