Bandit horizontal grinders

Land clearing is a complex process requiring heavy machinery and precision work to remove trees and other vegetation. Doing the job right requires experienced professionals who understand the delicate balance between land clearing, preserving native species and habitats, and protecting the environment from unchecked deforestation. Enter Bandit Horizontal Grinders—an ideal solution for land-clearing projects of any size.


Bandit horizontal grinders can quickly and effectively clear large pieces of land for commercial estates, residential projects, road work, track work, civil projects, and more. With Caterpillar engines across the range, producing up to 1200 horsepower on large models, these machines are powerful enough to handle any woody or natural vegetation that needs to be cleared to make way for new projects. The horizontal grinder range can quickly grind up anything from palm and dirty mulch, through stumps, tree roots and on to construction waste.

Horizontal grinder benefits

The Bandit horizontal grinder offers numerous benefits for land-clearing projects. it can process up to 500 cubic yards per hour without sacrificing quality or efficiency. Additionally, this grinder produces very little waste material; you don’t have to bother about disposing of excess debris after your project is finished.

Horizontal grinders typically produce less dust
and debris than other land-clearing methods.

In addition, these machines offer several other advantages over traditional tree removal or land-clearing methods. They are incredibly efficient and can process up to 70 tons of material per hour, meaning they can get the job done in less time than manual labour or other machinery. They require less energy and water than manual techniques could ever hope to achieve. Their powerful engines create minimal emissions compared with older models of tree removers or land-clearing tools – making them an environmentally friendly choice for your project! In addition, horizontal grinders typically produce less dust and debris than other land-clearing methods.

Bandit horizontal grinders also come equipped with a range of features designed to enhance operator safety while increasing their efficiency on the job site—including noise-reduction technology and vibration dampening systems which reduce strain on operators and machines alike during those long hours spent working on landclearing projects.

Land-clearing contractors use
horizontal grinders to deal with a
range of native vegetation, green
waste and woody debris.
How a horizontal grinder works

A horizontal grinder uses a series of rotating blades to grind up the material into small pieces.

Various tooth and screen options allow anything to be processed, and a range in size of final products to be produced.

This process is often used to prepare land for construction or development projects.

Horizontal grinders are also frequently used to clear land for farming or ranching purposes. In addition to their land-clearing applications, horizontal grinders can also be used for recycling applications.

Process anything

Horizontal grinders are versatile apparatuses that can be used for various applications. Land-clearing contractors use them to grind up a range of native vegetation, green waste and woody debris, which can then be used as mulch or composted. Agricultural businesses use them to grind up crop residues, like corn stalks and wheat straw. Horizontal grinders can also process recycling materials like paper and cardboard. Whatever your material-grinding needs are, a horizontal grinder is likely up to the task.

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