Bandit 3680T: Revolutionising the arbor game

The first Bandit 3680T has arrived in Australia and is already making waves in the industry with its power and versatility.

Savco Vegetation Services has taken delivery of this 35-inch capacity horizontal grinder from Australia’s exclusive Bandit dealer, Bandit Tree Equipment and EEA Group.

“We had problems with root balls and dirty vegetation we couldn’t chip,” said Simon Savige, QLD Manager of Savco Vegetation Services, “and with the 3680T we can complete all the work from start to finish with no downtime to remove waste from sites.”


Simon’s team has put the 3680T through its paces at a jobsite outside Rockhampton in Queensland, clearing the vegetation for a new bridge upgrade with ease.

“We started on the first job three days after receiving the grinder,” said Simon.“We were basically in and out of the job within a week with our clients being very impressed with the machine’s efficiency. “Savco has had a 700-horsepower grinder in the past, but with the 1050 horsepower and the larger mill in the Bandit 3680T, it made very easy work of the vegetation.”


Bandit Tree Equipment is dedicated to providing quality training to all new customers of the horizontal grinder series. The Savco team was given a run-through before the 3680T left for its job, while technicians from Bandit in the USA flew to Rockhampton to complete further onsite training.

The 3680T features a 1050 horsepower Cat C27 engine and is capable of processing a range of material, including green waste, root balls, plastic, timber and pallets. This machine also has the capability to swap the 60-tooth mill out to a drum setup with knives to create specialised end products and further increase productivity.

Savco has been in business since 1977 and made the decision to upgrade to a horizontal grinder after enjoying the quality of its Bandit chippers and to help its expanding business model.

“Savco currently has around 15 pieces of Bandit equipment,” Simon pointed out. “Bandit has always been a good quality machine.

“As a company we downsized our operation in vegetation utility maintenance work and decided to move in a direction of machinery with some opportunities in the clear and grub market.”

Savco has a long relationship with Bandit and is looking at opportunities to use a wider range of machinery from the parent company, EEA Group.

“Our family group runs other companies, and we have also started using the EEA Group outside of the vegetation side,” said Simon. “We will continue to use Ben and Jeremy on the Bandit side of EEA Group. Ben is great, always answers the phone, and we are dealing with Australian ownership, so basically you get an answer back very quickly.”

The 3680T features a 1050 horsepower Cat C27 engine capable of processing a range of material, including green waste, root balls, plastic, timber and pallets.

New stock coming soon

Bandit and EEA Group will be bringing more horizontal grinders to the Australian market over the coming months, including the 3680T’s big brother, the Bandit 4680T with 45-inch capacity. Demo horizontal grinder units will also be available for interested clients to use onsite, with training provided from Bandit and EEA Group.

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