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Bandit 2550 Stump Grinders

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This month we put Bandit’s Model 2550 Compact Diesel Stump Grinders through their paces.

This grinder is the Bandit Model 2550 stump grinder. Bandit Tree Equipment stocks these machines in two separate models; one as a rubber-tracked undercarriage and the other as a 4WD wheeled unit – giving you a choice to pick the perfect model, based on the ground conditions you will be operating in most of the time.

The rubber-tracked version comes standard with wireless remote-control and has a second tethered remote that can be plugged into the machine. The tethered remote is a great back-up should there be any issues with the other remote.

The 4WD version comes stock with no remote; the good old-fashioned, reliable levers do a more than adequate job, and are impossible to lose. The 4WD model also comes with a great sized blade for pushing grindings in the hole where the stump once stood. This is the way Bandit

Tree Equipment supplies these machines, but you can custom-order a remote/blade, or set it up however you like it.

The grinders come with a fuel-efficient and powerful 44hp turbocharged Kubota diesel engine. The outside wheels on the 4WD version are easy to remove when you need to go through narrow access, bringing the machine width down to 89cm wide, the same width as the tracked machine.

The cutter head has a large swing arc of around 130cm leading to less manoeuvring while grinding. One cool thing about this grinder is the lack of belts. No need to worry about that belt cover in the way on one side of the cutter head. It’s also better for maintenance as this machine is fully hydraulic – which means less replacement of belts, pulleys and bearings.

The 2550 runs two hydraulic pumps. The main pump drives the oversized Parker hydrostatic motor on the cutter head. The secondary pump powers all other hydraulic functions like cutter head swing and the drive wheels or tracks.

The cutting head is a good size of about 54cm in diameter and sports 18 Greenteeth. This grinder has a big oil cooler and fan, to keep hydraulic temperatures down. Everything is easy to get to.

Jake from Bandit Tree Equipment also showed me how to adjust track tension on the tracked version and it’s very easy, as simple as tightening one nut on each side of the machine.

The stump we put these grinders on today was a decent size Radiata stump, which can be hard to grind, due to their fibrous nature, and this one had plenty of grinding to be done beneath the soil.

I was extremely impressed with the Bandit’s performance. It hammered this stump out quickly and efficiently. All the grindings seemed to stay in a tidy pile under the machine, not shooting out everywhere and making a mess.

If you are grinding a lot of stumps and in the market for a mid-sized grinder, then this machine is a great choice. Make sure you check it out for yourself before making any decisions.

Personally, I preferred the track grinder with the remote control, but it will cost more than the 4WD to own. Bandit say they have great deals on these machines till the end of the year, so you might want to check that out.

These two grinders were fast and efficient, and also they are “Bandits”, which means you get the excellent Bandit Tree Equipment back-up support that comes with it, which is a big plus.

For more information call Bandit on 1800 681 733

For more information visit www.banditchippers.com.au

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