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Bandit 21XP Chipper

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Upgrades for 2020 give operators the best of both worlds.

Bandit’s Model 21XP hand fed chipper has been the benchmark large machine in the Australian market for more than 15 years Dozens of Aussie tree crews depend on it as their reliable workhorse every day of the year.

As they say, if you’re not constantly moving forwards and improving, then really, you are going backwards. Bandit’s 21XP is no different, and 2020 sees significant upgrades that add to its safety, performance and ease of use.

These include;

  • Caterpillar 250HP upgraded to the Cummins QSB6.7 275HP turbo diesel, for a welcome 10 per cent power boost.
  • When not chipping for an adjustable period of time the Bandit Fuel Saver drops engine rpm back to idle speed.
  • Buttons on either side of the infeed raise the rpm again for chipping.
  • Twin hydraulic rear stabalisers now standard to better support the machine frame when larger material is being processed by the chipper.
  • Chipper chassis upgraded to 200mm RHS steel throughout; same frame as larger Bandit whole tree chippers.
  • ABS anti-lock air brakes fitted to the over-sized Dexter Axle tandem combination, improving towing safety.

Like all other Bandit hand fed chippers, the 21XP infeed tray is fitted with their patented and extremely reliable hydraulic bump-bar. The red bump bar acts as a stop device should it be tripped by the operator in an emergency. Reset levers on either side are pushed to recommence feeding when safe to do so.

A First For The Industry

Customer feedback indicates some operators load trees and larger branches into the 21XP infeed using a small excavator or skid-steer.

On work sites where the Work Health and Safety Management Plan and Safe Work Method Statement confirm the chipper shall be strictly loader fed only, the bump bar may now be shielded to stop false trips. In a first for the industry, Bandit have added “Loader Feed Mode” to the 21XP, whereby a heavy cover plate is removed from its storage cradle under the infeed and bolted in place to cover the bump bar.

When the yellow “DO NOT FEED BY HAND!” cover plate is fitted, the machine enters Loader Feed Mode. Two bright strobe lights rapidly flash above the infeed and the Bandit Controller records the time and date that the machine entered Loader Feed Mode.

The machine can now be fed with a mechanical loader, increasing efficiency and safety on the job site. Operators experience less risk from excessive chainsaw use, manual handling injuries and fatigue.

The 2020 Bandit Model 21XP is the only large chipper that truly gives you the best of both worlds with the choice of safe hand feeding, or the use of mechanical loading without false bump bar activation.

Like everything that proudly wears the Bandit name, the 21XP comes with Bandit’s outstanding lifetime nationwide parts and service support.

For more information visit www.banditchippers.com.au

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