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Bandit 18XP Mission Accomplished

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When the team at Bandit sat down some time ago and started drawing up design goals for their Model 18XP six-cylinder turbo diesel chipper they must have had a very clear vision.

I can imagine the conversations must have gone something like; “Let’s build the strongest and most impressive chipper we can, keeping it under 4.5 tonne so it can be towed without requiring air brakes. It needs to have best-in-class performance, be user-friendly and the safest machine on the market.” From what we have seen here at AAA, Bandit has more than delivered across the board.

As you know, a chipper of this size and power needs tremendous build quality to achieve longevity in such a demanding environment as Australia, and Bandit has ticked the boxes in this area. Each machine is hand built with fully welded construction by two-man teams of specialist fabricators. Details abound, like the impressive hydraulic components used throughout, including over-sized, quality feed wheel motors supplied by Parker. We were pleased to see the extra wide horizontal feed rollers that are upward of 25 inches. These rollers are positioned right up against the chipping drum, which reduces the chance of material being stuck between rollers and drum. These design features increase productivity so you complete jobs quicker – moving onto the next.

Even the chunkiest logs are obliterated into mulch in seconds due to the considerable power and torque produced by the Caterpillar 173 HP six-cylinder turbo diesel.

Being a six-cylinder engine, the big CAT produces 920Nm of torque, which is about 50 per cent more torque than the four-cylinder chippers found in this machine class.

Torque is what keeps the chipper drum spinning under heavy loads; this impressive chipper will rip through large volumes of material in no time at all.

For the performance of the machine, the 18XP is relatively compact on its single axle. It’s easy to manoeuvre between trees and other obstacles to get into position.

The site where we set up saw us feeding logs with a loader that needed to cover about 30-45 metres from the location of the trees to the chipper. There was no downtime for the loader operator as the chipper was going a lot quicker than we could keep up with on the loader. A joy to use, the boys loved the 18XP on the day.

From an operator’s perspective, it’s easy to see why the 18XP is one of Bandits most popular chippers. The oversized 37-inch diameter drum and large infeed throat opening allows for significant compression of feed material. The popular hydraulic “lift and crush” fitted to the top roller is a helpful tool to ram through the really stubborn material.

Safety is always front of mind when working with this type of machine and Bandit has this covered with the 18XP.

“With over 700 Bandit 18XP chippers working across Australia, day in day out, this model is a proven performer in our harsh Aussie climate.”

Their patented (and very reliable) hydraulic safety bump bar, Auto Feed Plus and hydraulic winch come as standard.

Their rope shear device is fitted to help reduce the chance of injury should a rope accidentally get fed into the chipper – this should be on all chippers! These features seamlessly combine to ensure a user-friendly and safe experience for operators.

As you know, our dry Aussie hardwoods and fibrous materials can be testing on chippers, but with over 700 Bandit 18XP chippers working across Australia, day in day out, this model is a proven performer in our harsh Aussie climate.

The Bandit 18XP six-cylinder turbo diesel drum chipper impresses with its power and ability to eat through significant logs, branches and shrubs. It’s been designed and manufactured to do precisely what it does, and that is, safely make very short work of substantial jobs in the most efficient times possible.

For more information visit www.banditchippers.com.au

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