Australia’s 100m-tall Centurion

Four of the world’s top-10 tallest tree species are established in Tasmania, and one example of Eucalyptus regnans has claimed the title of Australia’s 100m-tall Centurion.

The tree itself, named Centurion, stands an hour or so’s drive from the centre of Hobart and has no formed track leading to it.

The first known measurement was by climber-deployed tapeline at 99.6 metres tall in 2008.

Recently two Tasmanians, Steven Pearce from The Tree Projects and Yoav Daniel Bar-Ness from Giant Tree Expeditions, used state-of-the-art laser range-finders and combined more than 311 laser-range finder shots to confirm the  latest 100.5-metre measurement.

Fast facts

* Centurion is the tallest tree in the southern hemisphere, and the tallest tree outside northern California
* Eucalyptus regnans is the second-tallest tree species on the planet after the Californian Redwood
* Centurion’s Current height: 100.5m
* Found and measured in 2008 by LiDAR survey at 99.6m
* Measured by tape measure in 2014 at 99.82m
* Current circumference at breast height: 13.38m
* Current diameter at breast height: 4.26m

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