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Australian Defence Force Backs Arboriculture Industry

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On October 17-19 in Kapunda, SA, Arboriculture Australia and a number of sponsoring companies, delivered the largest and richest tree climbing event in the world, known as Branched Out.

The Branched Out event is a highlight of the year for the national and international Arboriculture community as it unites a large number of people with a common passion for all things trees. The event has been running in Australia for the last two years but this year was something truly special.

Tree Care Machinery (TCM) and Bushwood Training Academy (BTA) were both proud major sponsors of the event. TCM jumped at a late opportunity to take over as the equipment sponsor which created a dual sponsorship with BTA, who were already committed as the sponsor from the training sector. This was BTA’s first public initiative and provided a fantastic opportunity for both companies to network with the national and international Arboriculture community.

TCM and BTA also helped bring a military display to the event as a result of a new relationship with a Veteran owned and operated tree removal business called Tree Crew. Director of Tree Care Machinery and Owner of Bushwood Training Academy, Shane Cavanagh, was inspired by their story and decided to sponsor the company by providing equipment, industry advice and most importantly, support wherever needed. Tree Crew has three members, owner Gareth Desmond and employees Ben Yeomans and Luke Adamson. The collective group now share a common goal, to help other Veterans transition back into the workforce.

Through their connection with Tree Crew, TCM and BTA were introduced to Luke Adamson who is the Founder of a charity called Heroes on the Homefront (HOTH). This relationship with Luke and his charity led to an impressive and rare military display at the event. Luke was able to utilise his strong relationship with the CSST and SGT Jamie Harwood to organise military vehicles and personnel to be available over both days of competition. By uniting TCM, BTA, Tree Crew, HOTH, the Australian Defence Force and Arboriculture Australia, they were able to showcase two Bushmasters, two ASLAVS and a 60+ tonne M1 Abrams tank.

This display was a talking point at the event and gave both the local community and event attendees an insight into our Defence Force. This was a rare opportunity for competitors, officials, volunteers and most importantly kids, to be able to look inside and climb on top of some of Australia’s finest military vehicles.

The relationship between the Australian Defence Force and the Australian Arboriculture industry is an exciting and important opportunity to support our servicemen and women transition back into the workforce and wider civilian community.

Gareth, Ben and Luke from Tree Crew have highlighted the similarities between Arboriculture and their military service such as rope techniques, teamwork, conducting daily kit checks and daily buddy checks (given the importance of mental health and well-being as well as the high-risk nature of the job). Ultimately, they believe the job is able to help create a new sense of belonging, support personal development and reengage them with a team environment.

BTA and TCM aim to develop a long-lasting relationship with the Australian Defence Force, Heroes on the Homefront and Tree Crew to ensure we continue to assist with the Veteran transition / reintegration process wherever possible.

Bushwood Training Academy and Tree Care Machinery would like to thank SGT Jamie Harwood and the Australian Defence Force, Tree Crew’s Gareth Desmond, Ben Yeomans and Heroes on the Homefront Founder Luke Adamson for their contributions towards the Branched Out event.

For more information visit www.treecaremach.com.au

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