AUSA’s 4×4 forklift range offers plenty of options

 AUSA’s 4×4 forklift range offers a variety of versatile, compact and powerful models with features to suit any application.

Ideal for the toughest and steepest terrain, AUSA forklifts are engineered to be highly maneuverable with a tight turning radius and reduced size — all without sacrificing lifting capacity or compromising safety.

Three of the most popular models in AUSA’s line of rough-terrain forklifts are the C251H, C351H and C501H. All three models feature a maximum lifting height of 5.5m with lifting capacities ranging from 2268kg to 4990kg.

The AUSA C351H forklift offers a variety of features engineered to make quick work of heavy jobs. Designed with operator comfort and safety in mind, these durable and reliable machines are at the forefront of thoughtful design.

An on-board digital screen displays speed, temperature, alarms, sensors and overall status of the machine. Image Ahern Australia


The C351H features 360° visibility from the cab, which provides a 30 per cent increase in visibility of the surrounding area over the previous model. This model also offers rugged 4×4 capabilities, a 3500kg payload to 500mm, and a comfortable hydrostatic transmission. The on-board digital screen next to the steering wheel displays speed, temperature, alarms, sensors and overall status of the machine, and operators can interact with the display using the joystick control to run diagnostics.

The EcoMode system automatically controls the engine’s RPM to offer maximum power with the lowest consumption and emissions. AUSA’s Hill Holder system enables the forklift to remain fully stationary on any slope when the operator’s foot is removed from the accelerator.

Additional specifications include a total weight of 5416kg, a maximum lift height of 5450mm, a Kubota model V2403-M Stage IIIA – EPA Tier 3 engine and a maximum speed of 21kph. The engine provides 36kW of power and a noise level of 104 dB(A). With a maximum gradient of 30 per cent and 4×4 FullGrip® traction, this rugged machine is ideal for uneven or unpaved surfaces.

Designed with operator comfort and safety in mind. Image Ahern Australia

Excellent model range

Other models in AUSA’s 4×4 forklift range of high-quality, rugged forklifts include the C150H, C201H, C251H and C501H.

The C150H is the lightest in this range, with an empty weight of 2700kg, but which still provides a robust load capacity of 1500kg to 500mm.

The midrange C201H and C251H provide load capacities of 2000kg and 2500kg respectively, and the C501H is the heavy hitter of the line, boasting a maximum load capacity of 5000kg to 500mm.

Like the C351H, the C251H offers a Stage IIIA – EPA Tier 3 engine, while the C150H and C201H offer a Stage V – EPA Tier 4 and the C501H offers an EPA Tier 4 DOC.

AUSA forklifts are rugged machines ideal for uneven or unpaved surfaces. Image: Ahen Australia

Service and support

These high-performance machines are designed to be cost-effective, low-maintenance, and to provide reliable operation for years to come.

AUSA has been manufacturing compact all-terrain material handling equipment since 1956 and has 600 dealers in 90 countries. The company performs its own audits on its suppliers to guarantee the highest quality.

Ahern Australia operates four fully equipped sales and service facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, supported by a network of field representatives and certified technicians.

For more information on these and other AUSA products, please contact Ahern Australia at 1300 900 700 or visit

Image: Ahern Australia
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