Arborists Are Donating Trees

Arborists around Australia are now buying trees and getting them donated within their local communities thanks to Arborists Replanting – a small business dedicated to helping arborists give back to the environment.

Adelaide arborist, Will Dunn, was one of the first to get on board, purchasing five trees a month on an ongoing basis.

With Will’s love of trees, he has been wanting to give back to the environment for many years but hadn’t found the time due to running his busy company in Woodside, Master Tree Care. ‘I’ve always wanted to plant trees but it’s never happened.

Arborists Replanting allows me to be a part of tree planting in my local area. All I have to do is pay–they organise the rest. Tarryn (Founder of Arborists Replanting) picks local schools, wineries and other community areas to receive my trees, which is excellent advertising. I’m stoked with it!’ said Will.

So far, Will’s trees have been donated  to ArtsWine, Lobethal Lutheran  School and Lobethal Primary School – all recently affected by the bushfires. Anne Carthew, teacher at Lobethal Primary School, said, ‘Arborists Replanting are incredibly passionate and proactive about fulfilling their mission of getting trees planted  right around the country to replace those removed by arborists. Tarryn contacted our school out of the blue, offering two 6ft tall trees for free. We were slightly hesitant at first, assuming that only native trees would be on offer and we were reticent to add to the fuel load around our school as our school and community was hit hard by the Cudlee Creek fires in December last year. Once she explained that we could select virtually any trees we wanted we were delighted to accept the offer of some beautiful deciduous, fire-resistant trees. They were donated by a local arborist, Master Tree Care of Woodside, and supplied and delivered by Freshford Nurseries of Cudlee Creek. Tarryn was a pleasure to deal with. We are very appreciative of her and Zac’s initiative and can’t wait to get our new trees in the ground. We are busy preparing the soil  to ensure they live a long and happy life! Master Tree Care will be forefront in our minds should we be looking for arborist services in the future, and we will definitely be promoting them within our community. Thanks Arborists Replanting.’

It was no surprise Arborists Replanting would receive great feedback like this, especially since Tarryn had done her research before starting the business.

“When a tree needs to be removed, Arborists Replanting wants to help put them back.”

They conducted an extensive survey asking the Australian public what they would think if an arborist donated free trees to them.

The survey results were resounding:

  • 90 per cent of Aussies said they’d be more likely to choose an arborist company that donates trees back to the environment over ones that don’t
  • 90 per cent of Aussies would be more likely to call you for a quote or recommend you to a friend if they received a free tree; and,
  • 80 per cent said it would give the tree company a higher reputation

With statistics like this, you can understand why so many arborists have gotten on board. Especially, with the trees being a possible tax deduction because of its advertising capabilities.

But more importantly the benefits it provides the environment are massive! Just one mature tree alone can filter 27kg of pollutants from the air, absorb 3,400 litres of storm water and can provide a cooling effect equivalent to running 10 air- conditioners continuously.

With arborists cutting big trees down every day, it’s scary to imagine what the next fifty years could look like. Will urban areas have many tall trees left?

Arborists Replanting believes removing trees should be a last resort for arborists.

Retaining existing trees is the best thing for the environment. But, when a tree needs to be removed, Arborists Replanting wants to help put them back.

We asked Tarryn her mission for Arborists Replanting and she said, ‘I just want to help good arborists – like my partner, Zac – have peace of mind and a simple way to give back to the environment. Right now, urban areas need more trees. Majority of tree planting programs are in National Forest or on council lands. This is not going to help arborists in the future because they can’t work on these trees. By us giving them  out within local communities it will provide arborists with work down the track. So far, it’s been a fun endeavour. I absolutely love the work I’m doing!’

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