Arbor Age Online Portal

The Australian Arbor Age online portal is now live.

New equipment is listed on the site and manufacturers can be contacted by simply hitting the ‘message us’ tab.

You can also list any used equipment you want to sell, and there’s a ‘Jobs’ section. If you’re looking for staff in arboriculture, this platform covers it. It’s industry-specific and covers a range of categories.

And it’s not just New, Used, Hire, Jobs and Business For Sale that’s covered.

The platform also has a Google-searchable directory. We did this for the industry as we get so many enquiries about ‘who’s the best arborist to use?’

The Australian Arbor Age online portal allows the general public looking for arborists, industry looking for contractors and local government, parks, gardens and so forth to quickly find who’s available anywhere in Australia and see details on where.

On the new portal, a listing in Used or Jobs Classifieds is $19.95 per post.

For corporate clients selling new and used equipment, or with gear for hire, we will tailor a package independent of the portal. Once approved you can post as much as you like.

Want to sell your business? We will put together a package that will help you get the maximum exposure to potential buyers. Click the Sell My Business menu item and register. We are now taking this far more seriously and helping maximise your exposure and, ultimately, the price you’ll get. It includes banners across our sites, social posts, direct-mail campaigns, magazine ads and editorial, and much more. It’s up to you,but our representative will send you different proposal options and talk you through it. We can even vet the messages for you if you like, or you can go through your own broker.

We want to help you get maximum money for your business.

Get on to and click to the Portal tab in the top menu and see what’s on offer.

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