An update from the QAA

With another year quickly racing away it’s time for an update from the QAA.

It’s been wonderful to catch up with so many in the industry at recent QAA events. Whether inside a workshop classroom or high in the trees at a climbing comp, we are always impressed with the enthusiasm and dedication so many of you show towards your industry.

When it comes to enthusiasm and dedication, it is hard to go past QAA representatives, Jamie Boston, Terry Boston and Jess Hamer, who joined the larger Team Australia contingent at a very successful International Tree Climbing Championship (ITCC) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in August.

After three days of tough competition against the best climbers in the world, Jamie finished 8th and Terry 14th in a field of 46 male climbers. Congratulations to 2022 ITCC champion, and fellow Team Australia member, Barton Allen-Hall, who successfully defended his title in 2023.

Jess performed exceptionally well on the world stage, placing first in work climb and ascent, beating her own 15m ascent world record in the process. She also finished second in aerial rescue. These results meant Jess won the preliminary rounds and went on to finish third overall in the women’s masters.

It’s an outstanding result and we are so excited for her.

Congratulations Jess, Jamie and Terry on your fantastic results and for being wonderful ambassadors for the QAA and Team Australia in New Mexico.

Jess Hamer performed exceptionally well on the world stage, placing first in work climb and ascent.

Upcoming events

Aerial Rescue workshops: knowing how to perform an aerial rescue when an unconscious or injured person needs to be safely moved to the ground from a tree or elevated work platform is a specialty all climbing arborists should possess. That’s why the QAA is running an Aerial Rescue workshop on the Sunshine Coast  in early 2024.

The workshop will examine multiple rescue types and scenarios, based on the system outlined in Minimum Industry Standard MIS304 Aerial Rescue. It will also provide information to competitive climbers on how to achieve the most possible points in the Aerial Rescue event.

For more information, scan the QR code.

QAA annual general meeting

This year’s AGM will be held on Saturday, November 11. If you are a member who would like to hear about what’s been happening at the QAA over the past 12 months, and provide feedback, you are encouraged to attend.

During the AGM, a new Executive Committee will be nominated for 2024. If you are keen to contribute to the future of the QAA and the arboricultural industry in Queensland and northern New South Wales, we’d love to hear from you. The Committee consists of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, as well as general committee members.

We’re also putting out the call for subcommittee members. If you have expertise or a special interest in education, events, marketing, business development, or sponsorship, but don’t want to commit to being a full committee member, joining the relevant subcommittee for that area is a good way to still have a say.

For more information, or to register your interest for a committee position, contact the QAA Office.

Trees in the Landscape workshop

During this workshop on Friday, December 8, Bryan Gould will provide an understanding of the biological, environmental, and societal benefits of trees and the arboriculture/landscape principles for establishing them at scale.

Some of the topics being discussed are:
• The role of the arborist as both a visionary and landscape manager
• The benefits and values of trees, and
• The process of vegetation establishment including the scope of site assessment and analysis issues, aerial and in-ground factors, and soil amendment and amelioration.

After completing this workshop, attendees will be familiar with their role and relationship to other professionals, the varied benefits and values of trees, and the range of issues involved when planning and preparing sites for planting.

To find out more and to book, visit the Events page on the QAA website.

Event recap

QAA Freestyle Tree Climbing Competition – Cairns

On Saturday July 22, 31 climbers took part in the QAA Freestyle Tree Climbing Competition in Cairns. All climbers got two runs initially, with the fastest being from Chris Fahy (39.61 seconds) in Run 1 and Ryan Roberts (39.15) in Run 2.

The field was then shortened to the top 15 competitors, and more bells added to the tree, with the top five making it through to the final. The final overall results were:
1. Shay Williams (87.41)
2. Chris Fahy (89.62)
3. Stefano Gentilozzi (116.56)
4. Ryan Roberts (127.29)
5. Adam Joel (145.13)

The Spirit of the Competition winners were Jayden Haycraft (overall winner) and Gordon Tamwoy (FNQ winner).

A special FNQ final was also held, with the fastest local climbers taking part. The results of this were:
1. Nathaniel Van Pelt (2 mins 6 secs)
2. David Williams (2 mins 40 secs)
3. Zach Cozzitorto (4 mins 49 secs)
4. Mathew Buckley (5 mins 45 secs).

Thank you and well done to all climbers who competed. It was a great day of climbing with everyone encouraging each other throughout the competition.

Thank you also to our amazing sponsors:
• Event sponsor: Vermeer Australia
• Trade sponsors: Braschs, Cairns Tree Fellers, Leo Soenario (Divergent Arbor), Inspiration Trees, Reecoil, The Arbor Van, Tree Arrangements, and Teufelberger
• Special thanks to: Cairns Jockey Club, Advanced Vegetation Management, and Century Cranes.

Ryan Roberts logged the fastest time (39.15) in Run 2 of the QAA Freestyle Tree Climbing Competition in Cairns.

QAA Executive

For info call QAA on (07) 3821 1488, email au, or log on to Follow the QAA on Facebook (QueenslandArboriculturalAssociation), Instagram (qaa_arborist), or LinkedIn (queensland-arboricultural-association).

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