All New CMC F-series

The all new CMC F-Series Spider Lifts are taking Australian market by storm.
All models are Australian Design Verified and ready to work.

CMC Aerial Platforms offer a range of compact and highly manoeuvrable spider lifts as well heavy duty spider lifts with big height and reach. The CMC spider lifts that Global Machinery Sales stock for the Australian market range from 13 metres in height through to 41 metres. Each lift has an impressive outreach, powerful engine and large basket capacity.

We have worked diligently with top EWP dealers in America and Europe to bring you the world renowned leader.

We wanted to pick the world’s best brand once and not have to pivot between brands and suppliers, by finally bringing superior quality and value to the EWP market in Australia.

CMC have just recently introduced the F-Series lifts to the Australian market. These lifts are specifically designed to be the easiest and fastest lifts on the market. Great for use in narrow areas, sloped, and other difficult locations, the CMC F-Series lift can get places that a boom or trailer-based lift cannot. Their low-cost and ease of operation ensures that your operational costs are kept low, providing the best ROI of any lift available today.

The F-Series features direct hydraulic controls and operation. They are powered by a variety of options such as Honda petrol, plug-in electric, and lithium-ion battery power. This wide variety of options will let you choose the right system for your needs and budget.

The all new F-Series line has a compact width of 81cm, allowing access through standard doorways and the ability to travel through narrow gates and corridors. The controls on the F-Series are all direct hydraulics, allowing for simpler and more intuitive operation. F-Series features powerful track drive systems that expand and retract.

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