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All New Clogger Ascend Chainsaw Pants

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Based loosely on the old Clogger classic ‘Arbormax Ascend’ pants, the newest addition to the Clogger chainsaw protective range, the Ascend, is a great improvement on what was a vastly popular pant amongst arborists in New Zealand and Australia.

New Ascend Pants

Designed as an ‘all-season’ pant, the all new Ascend has brought the best features from the Zero Gen 2 and old Arbormax Ascend pants and added some little tweaks here and there. Features such as:

  • Waterproof Fabric Up To Knee Height

For those days where you may be working in a paddock or a lazy customers’ backyard with ridiculously long grass

  • High Abrasion Resistant Material

To reduce damage to your pants in areas that are more prone to ‘wear and tear’ e.g. knees and inside of the calf

  • Pocket Bags

So you can easily empty the sawdust from your pockets when you inevitably forget to close the zip after checking your phone. Hopefully, before your partner finds them in the washing pile, spills sawdust all over the laundry floor and has a massive blow out about how this happens every week. Not that it has ever happened to me…

  • Lightweight Design

Weighing in at less than 1.2kg, these are definitely one of the lighter pants on the market, so you can carry heavier logs

  • Improved Zippers

So the zips won’t blow apart after three days unlike some other brands

  • Mesh Lining

Improving ventilation on hot days and preventing your sweaty legs from sticking to the interior lining

  • Rear Vents with Zips

Choose between feeling a nice cool breeze on your undercarriage or not

  • Extra Leg Length

Meaning you’ll have that bit more length to play with… for freedom of movement

  • Stretchzone© Rear Seam

Lock stitched elasticised thread in the seat seam means that the stitching moves with the material, so the backside of your pants won’t blow out and give you more ventilation than you were anticipating

  • Gathazone© Preformed Knee

Making movement and flexibility easier

  • Buttons

For attaching braces for your friends to pull on or if you just feel like going for the farmer from Cornwall look

  • Arrestex HP Chainsaw Protection

Available in both Type A or Type C protection. The chainsaw protection is not only light but slim, with no trade off in levels of protection

  • Back Pocket

To put your wallet where it belongs

  • All of the above tells us that the Clogger Ascend is going to be a great pant.

The Clogger Ascend and Clogger Zero pants are both available at Tree Care Machinery now.

Be the First to Check Them Out Order online at www.treecaremach.com.au or call their friendly staff on (08) 8277 8700.

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