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When looking to pair a Tobroco Giant Loader or other loader with the optimal attachments for all arborist jobs, look no further than Slanetrac.

Manufactured in the UK, the specialist mini digger attachments can be used across a wide range of work sites and jobs making businesses more versatile and efficient. Read on for more information on each  attachment and how it can be used.

HS55 Saw Head

The Slanetrac HS55 Mini Digger Saw Head Attachment is available for mini diggers ranging from 2 tonne to 7.5 tonne. With an ability to cut up to 150mm diameter material, the Slanetrac HS55 Saw Head Attachment is a great tool that can deal with rougher thicker hedges and bows whilst still having the ability to produce neat, tidy hedges with clean cuts with more satisfactory conditions for re-growth fast, efficiently and safely.

Also available: HS75 Saw Head.

HC150 Hedge Cutter Bar

The Slanetrac HC150 Mini Digger Finger Bar Hedge Cutter Attachment suits a wide range of machines. With a cutting thickness of up to 40mm, the Slanetrac HC Series Mini Digger Finger Bar Hedge Cutter offers clean cuts allowing for neat tidy hedges with more satisfactory conditions for re-growth compared to flail cutting attachments as well as ensuring minimum disturbance for wild life. Also available: HC180 Hedge Cutter.

FH80 Flail Cutter

The Slanetrac FH80 Mini Digger Flail Cutter Attachment is designed for mini diggers from 1.5 tonne to 2.5 tonne. The robust low maintenance Slanetrac HC Series Mini Digger Flail Cutter has individually replaceable cutting blades come supplied with adjustable mounting brackets to suit your particular machine and hydraulic pipes to convert a Front Loader quickly to a hedge trimmer. The SA-1000 Swivel Trim Tractor Front Loader Finger Bar Hedge Trimmer is a quick and easy system allowing you to perform neat hedge trimming. This system is connected to the tractor hydraulics, so you need a tractor with a suitable hydraulic flow for it to operate properly.

Track Dumpers

This compact Track Dumper has a maximum width of 750mm and a length of 1900mm. It can turn on its own length offering greater accessibility and manoeuvrability in urban areas or areas where larger plant can’t gain access. Complete with hi tipping capacity; the Slanetrac HT1000 Petrol Track Dumper offers a tipping height of 1300mm, and easily tips into skips. Also available: Diesel.

RB80 Block Paving Brush

The Slanetrac RB Series Mini Digger Block Paving Brush Cleaner Attachment is suitable for diggers from 1 tonne to 7.5 tonne.

  • Single Soft Wire Brush: this is a single soft steel wire brush with a working area of 450mm diameter soft wire brush ideal for cleaning cobble lock, paving, concrete, tarmacadam
  • Triple Soft Wire Brush: this is made up of three smaller soft wire brushes like the one above but has a working area of 800mm diameter. Like the single brush its ideal for cleaning cobble lock, paving, concrete, tarmacadam
  • Hard Wire Brush: this is made up of 24no individual heavier braided wire ropes mounted to a plate to give you a working area of 450mm. This is designed for heavy duty cleaning where a lot of debris requires removal

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