Aerial Access Australia

Aerial Access Australia would like to start by welcoming its valued team members, families, clients and industry providers to the new year, and wish you all a safe, productive and innovative 2023. 

This year, the plan is to improve the supply of Versalift genuine parts nationwide, introduce more innovative electrical technology and maintain stock of new EWPs for immediate availability. 

Over the past 18 months, both internal sources and industry counterparts have highlighted the demand for improved availability of parts Australia-wide. Exacerbated by freight issues, the slow supply of spare parts has severely impacted businesses all across Australia. Aerial Access recognises the need to import more stock for distribution to minimise operational downtime when units require servicing, repairs and rebuilds. 

Aerial Access spare parts 

This year is kicking off full steam ahead for the Aerial Access team with its commitment to supply all Versalift Australia users with a growing range of genuine Versalift spare parts. 

Aerial Access is now Australia’s largest spare-parts agent for Versalift products and leading stockist of a wide range of Versalift Insulated Elevated Work Platforms. 

Bayswater, Victoria, is the new home of a fully tailored spare-parts facility housing a massive range of parts that will expand well into the future. 

Hybrid/electric EWP units 

Aerial Access has been working on several hybrid/electric units which are now in the final stages of completion. Builds Manager Chris Sanderson said the project has been based on feedback from the front line.

“We chose to build the well-known little workhorse of the TEL29-EIH strapped together with a Hino 916 300 Series hybrid cab chassis to start off with as it will offer industry users an optimal little set up for the urban environment. Its small footprint is great for tight access areas.

“It has an 8.86m vertical reach and a 7.14m horizontal reach next to a silent operational work mode, so it’ll travel to where you need and get you home without the concerns of running your battery flat.”

Aerial Access welcomes enquiries from industry counterparts wanting to explore this technology, with demonstrations available for those interested in learning more.

New Versalift EWPs deliveries and supply

Aerial Access currently has several turnkey Insulated EWPs available for immediate delivery, in conjunction with a massive array of units in production. If you are considering a new machine, jump on the phone and lock away a build before they all sell out.

Aerial Access has been a major supplier of elevated work platforms (EWPs) in Australia for over 25 years. The company’s Insulated EWPs have been specifically designed for the utility, construction, electricity and vegetation industries, and the robust construction of every EWP has been designed for hard use, long life and easy maintenance. All units come with a 12-month warranty with an extended warranty option of up to two years.

Aerial Access provides a dedicated 1300 phone line for national back-up service agents located throughout Australia.

With an ever-increasing footprint, new facilities under development and a growing internal fleet hire division of over 200 insulated EWPs, the team at Aerial Access is always ready to discuss light-vehicle, heavy-vehicle, specialised plant and auto-electrician employment opportunities in a workshop near you.

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