A Real Game Changer, Monitor 2714 Spider Lift

The Monitor 2714 Spider Lift hosts a lot of great features that add safety and stability when working at heights, therefore reducing a lot of movement when working out of the basket.

As you would know, having a stable machine relieves a lot of the stress on your calves and ankles and prevents you from having to hold yourself still in inferior machines that wobble and move at full height – therefore, allowing you to complete your applications to a greater standard.

To start with, you can order the Monitor 2714 Spider – which is the big brother of the Monitor 2210 Spider – in either the Diesel engine only setup (a powerful Kubota engine) or Diesel/Lithium battery hybrid version, which comes with so much added potential to this already impressive setup.

The optional onboard Lithium battery pack provides almost silent, emission-free use. Majority of machines sold to date in Australia have this feature and can be a real game changer when positioning the machine in and around buildings where noise needs to be kept to a minimum and allows for simpler communication with the ground crew which is critical in this industry.

Working height and reach
Being able to reach 27m is impressive enough but the 15.1m horizontal working outreach and the 10m of up and overreach allows for an enormous amount of flexibility so that you can safely setup the machine. Having this incredible reach allows you to accomplish a lot more in just the one setup, therefore increasing efficiency and effectiveness which we all know is critical in this industry. Also, the Monitor 2714 Spider is known to make all the impossible tasks become achievable, providing added safety and usability.

Even though the reach of this machine is extremely impressive, its accessibility and manoeuvrability are both equally impressive features. The tracks on the Monitor 2714 Spider tuck into and get just about anywhere with its min-width of 890mm. It can also be folded down to a max height of 1.99m, giving excellent access to backyards through side gates and alike. This type of access is very impressive for a spider lift of its height as you could imagine.

Controls, functions and set up
The radio control unit is very ergonomic and simple to use. All functions are fully proportional, and several aerial functions can be performed simultaneously. The functions speeds are nice and fast if desired, making for quick set-up times and productive work times. The variable position outrigger system is brilliant. Even with all outriggers in the narrow position, the Monitor 2714 Spider will achieve full working height with full SWL and 360 degrees of slew. If you are setting up in tight areas, or in and around obstacles, this feature will be a game changer. This is an awesome machine for working in confined spaces where access to taller heights is required and the high-speed Auto level along with the long outrigger travel allows for fast and versatile set-up options.

Then, once your application has been completed and it’s time to pack the machine up, the auto stow feature makes this machine simple and easy to centre and settle down into its correct stowed position, therefore making your life easier at just the push of a button.

The Monitor 2714 Spider Lift has proven to be an absolute game changer for many clients now and can be so for you too.

For more information call 1800 025 024 or visit www.monitor.net.au

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