25th anniversary for GMT Equipment

In Australia GMT Equipment is represented by Forest Centre, and sales manager Rey Kell was invited to the Netherlands to help celebrate the company’s 25-year anniversary. Here’s a few photos of some of the amazing treecare equipment displayed at the event.

Gierkink Machine Techniek in its early years focussed on the maintenance of forestry machines. Now known as GMT Equipment, the Dutch company has made a name for itself supplying grapple-saw attachments for both the tree-care and forestry sectors.

Hopefully we’ll see some of this machinery at Forest Centre in the near future…

Various workshops, demonstrations, and technical training sessions were hosted at GMT Equipment’s newly expanded factory premises in Vragender, Netherlands, during the event.
A range of different-reach capabilities on show – some out to over 30 metres – with GMT grapple saws. From Merlo and Magni telehandlers to a Jekko self-propelled crawler crane and various special-purpose trucks with forestry and VLC type cranes.
Volvo ECR 145E LM with one of GMT’s newly released excavator extension arms and a GMT050 grapple saw.
Not all GMT grapple saws are used for direct tree-facing work. Here’s a unique combination of UFKES Greentec 952 Mega chipper equipped with its own Palfinger crane and GMT035 grapple saw. The operator can feed the chipper from a safe and elevated position, while also being able to cut forked stems.

See forestcentre.com.au for the full range of equipment available.

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