2.0 million tonnes less greenhouse gas emissions

The latest quarterly update of Australia’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory: December 2022 is now available.

The report shows emissions were 463.9 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in the year to December 2022 – 0.4% or 2.0 million tonnes lower than the same period in 2021.

The trend over the year reflects movement across the sectors, including:

* Ongoing reductions in emissions from electricity as renewable energy uptake continues
Decreased fugitive emissions, reflecting reduced production in coal mining due to the impacts of heavy rainfall events in New South Wales and Queensland
* Decreased emissions from stationary energy (excluding electricity) driven primarily by decreased activity in the manufacturing sector and decreased gas consumption in the residential sector
Increased transport emissions reflecting the ongoing recovery from COVID related travel restrictions, particularly in domestic aviation
* Increased emissions from agriculture, returning to pre-drought levels as a result of increases in livestock numbers and crop production.
* Emissions in the year to December 2022 were 24.7% below June 2005 levels – the base year for Australia’s 2030 Paris Agreement target.

See the report at dcceew.gov.au.


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