158 years of Ingenuity & Pioneering Innovation

Edelrid is at the forefront in developing innovative ropes, harnesses and accessories for tree climbers.

In 1953, 90 years after the company was born, Edelrid introduced to the world the first Kernmantel rope, revolutionising fall prevention and making Hemp climbing ropes and rope breakage a thing of the past. In 1964, just 11 years later, Edelrid developed the Dynamic rope, the first rope capable of withstanding multiple falls. It became the forerunner of the modern dynamic climbing rope. With this strong history of innovation and development, Edelrid continues to produce some of the world’s best ropes, harnesses and accessories for the vertical world.

Following on from the new TreeRex harnesses reviewed in a previous issue, Edelrid continue to focused their attention on redeveloping their tree care range with the same focus on innovation as well as stepping up their efforts in sustainability. In these pages there some highlight products from the current range.

Talon Tree Spurs
Ergonomic, light and comfortable. The Talon follows the shape of the leg maximising ergonomics and allows the highest level of flexibility and comfort. Highly ventilated mesh padding increases breathability with the frame being made from upcycled rope fibres. Available with long or short gaffs and the Tree Cruiser foot ascender.

Foot Cruiser
Sophisticated foot ascender with a preinstalled but removable rope lock that can be easily operated with your foot. The cam has self cleaning slots for optimum grip on muddy ropes. Available in both right or left feet.

Bucco 11.7mm
New for 2021, a high-quality and sustainable climbing rope with exceptionally low elongation. The sheath is made from recycled yarn. This is a rope that is specifically designed for modern mechanical SRT devices and excels in all Stationary Rope Systems. Available with WebLink termination.

Woodpecker 11.7mm WebLink
The Woodpecker is a premium climbing rope with an especially soft hand and textured for increased grip. A polyester sheath increases durability while the unique core braiding increases dimensional stability while maintaining excellent splice properties. Suitable for both Stationary and Moving Rope Technique. This is the go to, do-it-all climbing line. Available with WebLink termination.

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