By The Australian Arbor Age

QAA – actively representing and promoting the development of professional arboricultural standards, has been the lead industry body supporting the tree care industry in Queensland and Northern NSW since 1992. The last few months have been both challenging and rewarding for the QAA with some great achievements driven by an active office and Executive Committee made possible with the assistance of our wonderful sponsors.

As this year speeds by, the Executive have no doubt that 2016 will continue to bring new opportunities to further develop the Association to ensuring a very bright and positive future for all Members.

The great base that previous Executives worked so hard to develop for us, now sees well established protocols in place to provide a basis for our Association to work from, including structural documents such as QAA’s Constitution and Strategic Plan, perhaps one of the most important legacies past Executives have left for the future of our association, are our Memorandum of Understandings (MOU’s). As with all framing document, they continue to be updated and revitalised.

Grappling with the challenge of how to differentiate a well-managed and professional insured tree service provider from other sometimes cheaper services in the market place, was just one of the guiding reasons that founding members supported the formation of QAA. Making a dollar to pay the bills at the end of the day is as important whether you are an employee or an employer. Ensuring that prominent recognition of those service providers who not only care and understand that such a service can be provided in a safe professional manner for clients, be they tree owners or those who work with trees, has been the challenge.

When a group of likeminded arborists got together in Brisbane in 1992, their overriding concern was to see that the fledgling Arboricultural profession in Australia could prosper for employees and employers no matter if you worked for Councils, private citizens, companies or corporate clients. Bringing safe work practices through education and Association.

QAA recognises and strives to promote the definition and implementation of professional tree care and understanding, particularly in the public domain.

QAA is an all-inclusive organisation. To this end, every effort is made to extend a warm welcome to all interested new members as well as to promote quality education, and provide advice and assistance to all areas of the profession and industry helping to avoid the practice of ‘lopping and topping’ trees. QAA actively encourages best practice within the industry which not only brings the benefit of quality tree care and outcomes for trees, it also fosters high standards of OHS policy and procedures, which in turn helps to improve safety standards for workers through improved work practice and conditions.


Thanks to all who came to the inaugural QAA Workplace Health Safety Workshop.

Stephan Lewis from Workplace Health and Safety Queensland presented an informative and well- received workshop with free attendance for our members. A very enjoyable lunch was then provided for all attendees by our education sponsor Training For Trees.

At the end of the workshop, attendees were given a useful information pack containing templates able to be adapted and developed within their respective organisations as well as lots of advice on the requirements and implementation of a workplace health and safety policy. It was a great opportunity to gain advice and assistance from senior WHS inspectors on this important subject.

This workshop is the first in a series that QAA, in association with Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, has designed for our industry. These presentations are designed to provide greater awareness and understanding of the complex issues surrounding the legal obligations associated with Workplace health and safety.

Do book early if you are interested in attending the next WH&S workshop session. Dates and times will be advised via the QAA Webpage, Facebook and industry alerts and these Workshops are free of charge to QAA Members.

In response to member enquiries and requests, QAA is also looking to roll these workshops out across rural and regional areas of QLD. Please, register your interest for your area by contacting QAA’s Office on the numbers below.


The internationally renowned and important tree risk assessment training programme, TRAQ, continues to be a very popular feature of the QAA’s training programme, attracting sell out sessions whenever it is offered.

The many benefits and opportunities that this TRAQ course provides, include the chance to gain personal internationally accepted tree risk accreditation, tree risk analysis template and skills to implement using a comprehensive and formal reporting format system which is suitable for Site Supervisors carrying out tree risk safety audits, tree managers and Arborists who provide comprehensive tree risk assessments.

Testament to the demand for this qualification, QAA will be running another TRAQ course on July 13th to 15th, 2016 through its MOU with ISA. Please contact our Office on the number below or check QAA’s Webpage for more information. Book early to avoid disappointment as this course is proving so popular that we have a constant wait list!


April was the date for an amazing insight into the tree both above and below ground taking VTA to a whole new level.Demonstrating Visual tree assessment using the latest specialist tools and equipment attendees in this workshop were shown how technology can be used to enhance visual skills. Attendees were able to look inside the tree and check decay and structure using the latest Picus sonic tomograph, carry out a physical test for decay using the IML resistograph and use ground penetrating radar to see what’s going on below ground through tree radar root mapping technology.

QAA is very grateful to the team of expert presenters, Quentin Nicholls from Arbortrack (Picus),

Peter Blank from IML (resistograph), Peter Mumford from Arbor Operations (ground penetrating radar).

These industry specialists shared their considerable skills, knowledge and personal industry experience in current and advanced arboricultural practices. Attendees shared this valuable opportunity to see the way these amazing devices are used to assist with tree diagnostics.

Run on a beautiful sunny autumn day, this workshop offered an opportunity to try out these hi tech machines and systems within the beautiful grounds of our Cleveland HQ. Concluding with an active open forum with the experts, the large group of attendees enjoyed a very popular workshop and left with inspirations running high for the possibilities that these technologies bring to the way they carry out their work.

NEXT WORKSHOPHenk Morgans and Nick Smith will be running the second of their series of workshops on May 25, 2016. This course will involve Climbing and Aerial Rescue, while Cassian Humphreys will be presenting his ever popular Conservation Arboriculture in July.

QUALIFIED REGISTERS Following the Business Forum held earlier this year and Member feedback QAA Executive will be implementing suggested improvements to the Qualified Consultants and Tree Contractors Registers. This will see improvements made in the management of registrations with audit process criteria currently being formalised. Further updates and details of this process will roll out in the coming months.

Now is the time to apply, if you wish to be included on this important register.


QAA is proud of its QTCC Champions Mark Gistitin and Vera Bizzell. Well done to Mark and Vera for representing us so well and putting in a fine effort competing at the International Tree Climbing Championships.

QUEENSLAND TREE CLIMBING COMPETITION (QTCC) AUGUST 2016 For all those aspiring and interested climbers, don’t forget this year’s QTCC which is to be held in late August on the Gold Coast. Details of exact dates and venues will be released soon. Book this in the diary now for this family holiday opportunity!

Next year’s sponsorship opportunities will be announced soon. QAA is building a new website and there is now a major opportunity to promote your business or services. Work with us to promote your business! For all interested sponsors, please contact the QAA Office for your Sponsor Information Pack. MEMBERS

The QAA Annual general meeting is coming soon. We have an urgent call for new members as well as executive committee nominations and as always would welcome any volunteers. A great way to learn more and share with industry colleagues.

QAA Executive encourages all Members to become involved in your association, whether you are just beginning your arboricultural career or whether you are interested in climbing, competition, progressing your professional career or running a business; whether you work in a metropolitan or a regional area in Queensland or Northern New South Wales.

It is up to each and every Member to support the initiatives of the association.

Your participation and support of the goals of your association are important – there are no free rides if we are to continue to promote safety and quality within our industry. We need member participation to ensure QAA and its State and National based affiliates have strong memberships and they are recognized as the representative bodies for the arboricultural profession in Australia.

The strength of our association depends on your participation – don’t wait to be asked– Climber/Business Owner/Consultant/Company/Government Body Members. Your support is needed now!

Join up! Contact us! Let us know what you need no use complaining about things – become part of the solution! Join our association and help make a difference – bring us the solution! Raise the issues – there are often solutions already in place.

Check out our Facebook page and website for details and member benefits. You even get the Arbor Age delivered to your door as part of the deal.

QAA NEWS AND EVENTS 2016 Don’t forget QAA’s Workshops and training opportunities are designed with a real application in mind to cover a wide range of issues both current and topical and most will count for CEU’s for your QAA, AA and ISA qualifications.

Keep a look out for upcoming workshops and updates on our website, and on our Facebook page.

As well as posting of regular updates on our website, there are also regular uploads of new content in the form of links, information, photos and details of upcoming events. Don’t forget that Members can also access the QAA’s Classified Page at w where they can advertise items for sale, employment opportunities etc.

While you are on the webpage, look up the QAA Book Shop at and current offers from a comprehensive and relevant list of reading and ‘food for your brain’! If you are looking for something not listed, please just ask. Contact the Office and they may be able to source what you are looking for.

Stay in touch via QAA’s Facebook page. We continuously update content, add links and news stories from ‘our’ backyard, around the country and the world. To keep up-to-date with QAA news and upcoming QAA events like us at

The QAA committee are looking forward to working with you over the coming year. We welcome feedback from our members.

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