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Husqvarna T540i XP® Battery Chainsaw

The new standard for power and performance.

Husqvarna – one of the world’s leading producers of forest, park and garden products have set a new standard for battery-powered chainsaws with the introduction of the T540i XP® top-handle chainsaw. Designed and developed together with professional arborists, this powerful battery-powered chainsaw features an optimised system to deliver the next step in battery performance.

The T540i XP® is Husqvarna’s most powerful battery-powered top-handle chainsaw yet. It features a ground-up new design and has been developed for arborists who want a smooth, high-performance chainsaw. This game-changer was created for cutting capacity and convenience for the user, meaning the battery power is complemented by manoeuvrability, excellent ergonomics, high chain speed, low weight, and a user-friendly interface with quick control.

When used with the newly released Husqvarna BLi200X battery, this powerful workhorse has capabilities equivalent to professional 40cc class petrol chainsaws, making it ideal for tree removals and smaller cutting tasks. With a completely redesigned, optimised system, power has been increased by more than 30 per cent compared to previous Husqvarna battery chainsaws, opening it up for applications that have been exclusive for petrol chainsaws.

Thanks to Husqvarna’s battery technology, the latest Husqvarna X-Cut chain SP21G and Husqvarna X-PRECISION bar, the Husqvarna T540i XP® offers cutting capacity for drop cuts of thick trunks and branches while also being fast and nimble enough to take on smaller tasks.

Easy handling with new user-friendly interface The Husqvarna T540i XP® chainsaw has an advanced, user-friendly interface for quick control, and a balanced saw body that provides the manoeuvrability needed for difficult cuts. The battery status is easily visible on the newly developed intuitive interface, and the chainsaw starts and stops effortlessly at the press of a button. The absence of direct emissions is one of the benefits with a battery-powered chainsaw. The user is also subject to reduced noise and fewer vibrations, which equals less strain on the body.

Only premium materials and durable components have been used, resulting in a robust chainsaw. The saw is also IPX4 classified, meaning that it can operate in challenging weather.

T540i XP® Features at a Glance

  • Li-Ion Battery Power
  • Efficient BLDC Brushless Motor
  • 12” Bar
  • Chain speed 24 m/s at maximum engine power
  • Weight 3.8 kg (Including BLi200X battery)
  • savE™ – for maximum power or maximum runtime
  • Husqvarna Connect
  • Intuitive Keypad
  • Petrol performance – Battery convenience
  • Belt eyelet making it quick and easy to connect the saw to a climbing harness
  • Rope attachment
  • Easy to open flip-up oil tank cap

Integrated connectivity comes standard with the machine. With the smart Husqvarna Connect app, users will have easy access to helpful tips, manuals and spare part recommendations. For equipment connect by Bluetooth, the app also provides additional information such as runtime and charging status as well as maintenance and service needs and last known location. The app can be downloaded, free of charge, from either the App Store or Google Play.

The Husqvarna T540i XP® is available to purchase from your local Authorised Husqvarna Dealer.

T540i XP® Supplied With:

  • X-Precision Laminated bar .325” mini PIXEL 1.1mm Small bar mount
  • Saw chain X-CUT SP21G Semi chisel PIXEL .325” mini 1.1 mm

For more information on the latest in cutting excellence, head to your local Authorised Husqvarna Dealer, or visit

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Compliant Machines

With their ‘ready-for-hire’ kit, both the compact WS150 Superaxe (right) and the larger WS3150 Superaxe (left) come packed full with safety features.

Work Cover compliance key issue for hire industry.

The hire industry across Australia and New Zealand is booming: every type of machine you can think of serving a huge range of industries, appealing to a wide range of users.

With so many moving parts, the hire industry faces complex challenges around pricing, competition, inventory, maintenance, depreciation and theft, in addition to the issue which dominates the industry: managing liability for injury.

The Australian WorkCover guidelines are set up to encourage machinery designers to work within a set of standards which are aimed at guaranteeing safety of the operator.

In the log splitter industry, these guidelines are focused on (but not limited to) two-handed controls and manual blade return. The two handed control system means that the blade cannot be activated unless both hands are pushing the controls at the same time, guaranteeing that hands are kept well away from the cycling blade.

Importantly, these guidelines are voluntary – which is why almost every log splitter imported into Australia isn’t compliant.

The key issue for the hire industry is that if a person hires a non-compliant machine and injures themselves, it is the hire company that is most likely liable, not the manufacturer. The same applies for machines which have been tampered with – in which case the hire company can be fined for owning a tampered machine, even if there is no actual injury.

If a person hires a compliant machine and injures themselves, it is rare that they could claim any damages as the machine is deemed to be ‘safe’ and the fault therefore rests on the user. Most cases in the last decade that have been brought against manufactures of compliant machines have been judged in favour of the manufacturer – with the user being fined for their own misuse.

Whitlands Engineering designs and manufactures a range of log splitters and firewood processors that are compliant to Australian Work Cover standards; and are currently working on modifications to achieve compliance to the updated New Zealand standards, which are marginally different. There are two specific models for the hire industry: the more compact WS150

Superaxe and the larger WS3150 Superaxe. Both models feature the patented sliding blade, ergonomic bench height, the highest quality 9hp power packs, log lifter, top quality parts and heavy-duty construction – all covered by two-year warranty. Additionally, the ‘ready-for-hire’ kit includes heavy duty mudguards, a heavy duty swing up jockey wheel, permanent LED lights, reflectors, base plug mounted at the front of the draw bar and VIN plate. Fleet colours are also available by request.

Superaxe has certainly proven itself over 26 years as Australia’s leading log splitter, setting new standards in performance, design and safety innovation.

These machines are easy to use, safe and command top prices – driving up ROI. They are, without a doubt the log splitter of choice for most hire companies, including Kennards.

For more information call 1800 702 701 or visit

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No Job Too Hard

Prepare for fire season with exceptional Skid Steer attachments for vegetational control and post-job clean up. Made in Australia for tough Australian conditions.

Skid Steer Slasher

Introducing Himac’s Heavy Duty Skid Steer Slasher with a new, improved design and even more value packed in. Harness the efficiency and power of this Skid Steer Slasher for slashing grass, creating fire breaks, clearing fence lines, trimming small trees before a stump removal along with other vegetation control and general landscaping duties.

This skid steer slasher features front and rear safety chains and a reinforced slasher deck, so you can work confidently knowing that this attachment will not put you at any unnecessary risk of causing harm on the job. Features include:

  • Heavy duty 2 BLADE (3” diam cutting capacity) or Extreme duty 4 BLADE carrier (4” diam cutting capacity)
  • Reinforced 6mm thick slasher deck
  • Run down clutch protection
  • Safety chains fitted
  • Complies with Australian safety standards
  • High speed hydraulics
  • Includes hoses and couplings

Skid Steer Push Rake

The Push Stick Rake from Himac Attachments gives you amazing vegetation control with its heavy duty build and side wings. This unique skid steer attachment makes incredibly short work of clearing land, fence lines, debris and other vegetation. The spacing between its tynes provides excellent sifting to minimise waste and maximise productivity.

Designed and constructed here in Australia for harsh Australian conditions using only strong, high quality materials, you can be confident throwing your skid steer’s power behind this stick rake through challenging vegetation time and time again. If you’re thinking tough, you’re thinking Himac.

  • Robust construction with side
  • Ideal for clearing vegetation, fence lines
  • High grade steel tynes
  • 155mm spacing between tynes, 900mm height
  • Rear tyne stabilisers for support when standing
  • Tynes feature curved front

Skid Steer Tree / Vine Puller

The Skid Steer Tree Puller will grab hold of small trees then pull up and out completely – roots and all! Simply grip and rip in a fast and effective clamping motion. Right from within the skid steer cab, you can clear large areas efficiently, or sneak in for more selective removal of saplings and other vegetation.

Within a minute, this attachment easily locks onto your skid steer with no worries.

  • High grade steel frame construction
  • Cross over relief to protect over-pressurising
  • Fast and powerful hydraulic clamping
  • Pull out trees up to 4” diameter
  • Flexible hose support – protection within frame
  • Spring mounted strain relief hose holder
  • Non-slip strips for safe enter and exit of skid steer

Skid Steer Brush Grapple

Grapple onto scrub, unwanted vegetation, fallen branches, logs and more with power and precision that you only get with Himac Attachments’ Skid Steer Brush Root Grapple.

With greasable pivot points as well as heavy duty and extreme duty models available, there isn’t a clean-up too messy or too heavy for this Brush Root Grapple attachment.

  • The design, with tynes angled up at front edge, allows a larger volume to be picked up by reaching over the debris piles without the front edge digging in and disturbing the ground
  • Greasable pivot points
  • Cylinder covers on heavy duty and extreme
  • Dual independent grapples

For the very best in machinery attachments for vegetation control and clean up after the job, contact the friendly team at Himac on 1800 888 114 or browse their product range online at

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Cut Faster

Husqvarna unveils the company’s next generation of 50cc chainsaws for professional loggers and arborists with the Husqvarna 550XP® Mark II.

The chainsaw has been redesigned from scratch, resulting in a new level of cutting capacity, manoeuvrability and endurance, making it ideal for felling, limbing, removals or cross cutting of small and mid-sized trees.

Coming 60 years after the launch of their very first saw, the Husqvarna 550XP® Mark II is a chainsaw improved in every way. It has been developed to deliver outstanding cutting capacity for handling small and mid-sized trees.

The Husqvarna 550XP® Mark II will provide you with new, unparalleled levels of cutting capacity, the very best in this size. The optimised combination of high-power output and high chain speed is further enhanced by the use of the SP33G X-CUTTM chain and the durable X-FORCETM bar. Put simply, it allows you to cut more in less time.

The 550XP® Mark II has been engineered for maximised durability and reliability, no matter the conditions. Extra attention has been given to the cooling of the engine through optimised airflow. The carburettor is protected by an extra-strong heat shield, helping the overall cooling capacity as well as enabling easier starts during hot conditions or intense operation.

True to Husqvarna chainsaw heritage, the new Husqvarna 550XP® Mark II has a user-centric design, the well-balanced saw body with low gyroscopic forces provides excellent manoeuvrability and handling that enables a user to work longer without tiring.

Different tasks require different tools; and different cutting jobs require different amounts of power, acceleration and flexibility. The 550 XP® Mark II, will provide ample power and a cutting capacity that will satisfy demanding forestry workers and arborists alike.

550XP® Mark II features:

  • Low Vib®
  • Air Injection®
  • X-Torq®
  • AutoTuneTM
  • Cylinder displacement 50.1cm³
  • Power output 3.0kW
  • 16” Bar
  • Weight 5.3kg (excluding cutting equipment)

For information visit

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Loader Package

Not all loaders are equal and that is definitely the case with the Avant 523 ArborPro loader. It’s ideal for arborists looking to improve productivity and tackle various jobs while preventing ground damage.

The tried and tested Avant 523 ArborPro trailer package is an unbeatable combination of loader, attachments and trailer for arborists.

Powered by a 23hp Kubota diesel engine this compact loader has the power to lift and move trees and logs with little effort. All Avant loaders have a rigid articulated joint which makes the machine extremely stable regardless of the load. The offset boom provides excellent visibility for the driver with a full view of the machine from the front to the back and sides, allowing for safe operation.

The self-levelling system automatically keeps the load level in all loader boom positions. With a lifting height of 2,790mm and lifting weight of up to 800kg the Avant 523 ArborPro loader is ideal for moving trees and feeding chippers.

Weighing only 1,300kg the Avant 523 ArborPro can be loaded onto a trailer and pulled behind a vehicle with little effort. It is also compact enough to load onto trucks for easy transportation.

The compact size, lightweight and articulated chassis allow the Avant loader to move quickly over ground without damaging surfaces. With a width of 1,130mm, a length of 2,450mm and height of 1,985mm the Avant 523 ArborPro loader can easily access backyards and hard to access areas.

With logical drive controls, driving an Avant loader is easy. The hydrostatic drive has just two pedals – one for forward and one for reverse – while the variable speed control and steering is power operated via a conventional steering wheel.

The boom functions are operated easily with the right hand and all controls are ergonomically laid out.

The Avant loader attachment connection system provides a simple and easy way to connect over 200 attachments.

The attachment can be locked or unlocked from inside the cab providing a safe working area around the loader.

The Avant 523 ArborPro Trailer package includes the key tools for an arborist, including an Avant 523 loader, log grab and 4-in-1 bucket, all packaged up on a quality, UK manufactured, Brian James trailer.

Avant loaders are manufactured in Finland by Avant Tecno, a world leading manufacturer of high-quality compact loaders and attachments.

To know more about the Avant 523 ArborPro Trailer package call 1800 686 411

For more information visit

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