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Husqvarna Released The New 572XP® Chainsaw

Husqvarna has recently released the new 572XP® chainsaw to the Australian market and I have to admit; it is one hell of a hungry beast.

Joe Loorham, contract climber from Tree Pioneers and Steve Chappell, Arborist with Austree Contracting agreed to give this new saw a run on a medium dismantle in the hills east of Melbourne recently. I have also been using it as a general felling and ground saw on and off for the past few months.

Husqvarna states the new 572XP® has 12 per cent more cutting capacity than previous saws in this cc range (think 372XP® and 576XP®), lending itself to more productivity across the working week – this was certainly apparent during the various testing opportunities I have been involved with since securing the unit for demos.

The next generation AutoTuneTM that optimises engine performance in any and all conditions is an improvement here on previous AutoTune™ models, 10 times faster. In fact when loading up the saw with a full bar bogged into a large trunk, the saw didn’t slow or baulk at the work – it just seemed to work harder and felt gutsier to boot. Watching Joe pop big scaffolds on the dying stringybark, it seemed effortless from the ground.

A completely redesigned cooling system with the addition of an innovative heat shield ensures excellent cooling capacity (20 per cent better) and easy-as restarts. The Air filtration system has also been overhauled to include a heavy-duty filter with large surface area, and the addition of a rubber seal to exclude the finer particles from entering the carby. I interpret this as providing longer engine life and easier operation in all tree work scenarios.

The 572XP® has a soft cut-out system to avoid over-revving that should also result in longer engine life – a must in tree work where saws in this cc range are expected to go the distance.

The usual features have remained such as X-Torq® technology, Air Injection™, steel anti-vibration mounts, magnesium crank case, the flip top reservoir caps and transparent fuel level indicator with handy additions such as the air purge pump, new inlaid felling sight designed to outlast the saw and a redesigned clutch cover that optimises chip ejection to avoid clogging, especially when ripping logs.

With a 60 per cent wider usable RPM range, I would be tempted to switch out the standard 20” bar for a 28” bar for work on the ground or a 24” for added versatility aloft and at the base of the tree (though it has to be said that the 20” guide bar provides perfect balance for the saw). Pair the powerhead with the new Husqvarna X-Cut® C85 saw chain for even greater performance and productivity. Pre-stretched in the manufacturing process meaning less down-time for chain adjustments, and no bumper in the chain, so more efficient cutting that feels more aggressive but in a dynamic and smooth way (chain loops and reels available around the end of the calendar year so for bar upgrades and spare loops, be sure to check in with your local Dealer then).

“My team always uses Husqvarna’s Bio Advanced Oil (a vegetable-based formulation replacing the old VEGOIL product) in all company saws as it is biodegradable, and the Bio Advanced Oil improves oxidation resistance which is great for those tree workers powering through the colder conditions (like me here in southern Victoria) or where not all the saws in the fleet see daily work. I like the 1 litre bottles for the battery saws (stored in the battery box) but prefer the 20 litre drum decanted into a CombiCan for my petrol fleet.”

I would also upgrade the standard dogs with the big bumper spikes kit with standard hex nut side-cover assembly included. I personally think the big dogs are more versatile in the field working across a broader range of native and exotic trees found in Australia.

The new 572XP® is a reliable starter for medium to largish take downs and it is proving to be a powerhouse on the ground as a general felling and limbing saw. It powers through the work with 500 series ergonomics that make handling in any position a real treat, as evidenced by Joe during this takedown recently. Subtle improvements regarding serviceability and design also make for a saw that’s easy to maintain both in the workshop back at the yard or at the local dealership.

This ground up rebuild of a known and trusted model should see die-hard fans rejoice, and fence-sitters reconsider their alignment. More power. More performance. More production. Move over 372XP®, Husqvarna’s next legendary chainsaw has arrived, and it is ready when you are!

For more information visit http://Husqvarna.com.au

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Bandit Model 21xp Drum Chipper

This month I have been asked to have a look at the Bandit Model 21XP Drum Chipper and see what I thought.

I have been lucky enough to work with one of the older versions of this machine when I worked for Active Tree Service back in the days when Bandit called it the Model 1990XP. I wanted to give it a proper workout and lined up a 24 inch diameter dead Mexican pine which was perfect to try the Bandit 21XP on a max capacity log.

One thing I noticed straightaway was the size of the discharge chute. Jake from Bandit Tree Equipment told me that they call this their Forestry Discharge and that it is now standard on all 21XPs supplied into Australia. The chips flow off the drum freely without having to be forced through a small diameter opening and a tight bend like with a typical discharge chute. Jake says that this means there is more horsepower used for cutting wood and less used for throwing chips; makes sense to me. The 21XP did not look like blocking up and absolutely smashed the chips into my truck.

This chipper is built very heavy duty all the way around. I suppose it has to be if it’s constantly chipping big diameter wood, day in day out. If it wasn’t built like this it would vibrate to bits. I’ve seen quite a few of these getting around with well over 5,000 hours on them and they show very few signs of metal cracks.

The Bandit 21XP has a 250hp CAT turbo diesel engine which is known for its power, reliability and great backup from CAT. Some of the other big chippers on the market have huge rollers but the actual infeed throat tapers right down making it confusing as to what is going to fit, until you become more familiar with the machine. With the 21XP the infeed throat barely tapers in by comparison. The infeed throat is 24.5 inches wide and 26 inches high. The feed rollers are both 32 inches wide; the top roller is a monster and is chain driven to gear up it’s torque and pulling power. The machine itself is 6.1 meters long and weighs in at approximately 6.5 tonne on air brakes. Every bit of it was making my truck look smaller than usual. a self-propelled rubber or steel tracked undercarriage. You can also purchase it with a loader option – I’d love to see either option in action.

We pulled the machine into place and set up to see if we could winch in the whole tree. The tree was twenty meters away and sitting sideways to the chipper but to my surprise we managed to winch the tree around and get it onto the infeed table, no worries. After nipping a few of the fatter branches we pulled the tree into the rollers. I was ready and half expecting to do a little cutting to help the base fit but, to my surprise, it swallowed a 24 inch log, no cutting! As expected, we did have to cut some of the larger branch forks but you would have to do that on any machine, given the length and angle of the dead branches. The Bandit 21XP processes barrel very well and would have filled the truck quite quickly, if we had a few more trees lined up.

This is a great machine that is well made, chips very fast and efficiently and would be an asset to any company that does a lot of clearing. I would be looking at a truck of 300hp or more to tow the Bandit 21XP around loaded if I were buying one. One thing that makes Bandit stand out from the rest and I like about them is the parts and service support they provide. If you need something, they are straight onto it. I have seen this first hand over the years myself and working for companies that own their gear.

For more information visit http://banditchippers.com.au

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All Jobs

When looking to pair a loader and optimal attachments for all vegetation management jobs, look no further than Avant Mini Loader and Slanetrac Attachments.

Avant Mini Articulated Loaders are designed to enable operators to proactively increase efficiency and versatility without increasing staff or responsibilities, while simultaneously improving operator comfort and work quality.

Avant mini loaders target visibility, efficiency, lift capacity and power. With the telescopic boom, the loader powers a lift capacity up to 1500kg and up to 3.1 meters lift height. The unique articulated chassis and steering allows operators to move across a variety of terrains without damaging them, which is especially important during vegetation management. Unlike Skid Steer loaders, Avant Loaders can be used in any environment including State Forests, National Park and wildlife areas as well as properties.

Despite the increase in power, comfort and versatility, Avant doesn’t compromise on safety. The load sensor system provides an audible warning if the rear wheels are about to lift off the ground while the Avant quick hitch system allows fast, easy and safe attachment coupling.

Slanetrac attachments Manufactured in the UK, the specialist mini digger attachments can be used across a wide range of work sites and jobs making businesses more versatile and efficient. Read on for more information on each attachment and how it can be used.

HS55 Saw Head

The Slanetrac HS55 Mini Digger Saw Head Attachment is available for mini diggers ranging from 2 ton to 7.5 ton. With an ability to cut up to 150mm diameter material, the Slanetrac HS55 Saw Head Attachment is a great tool that can deal with rougher, thicker hedges and bows whilst still having the ability to produce neat, tidy hedges – with clean cuts with more satisfactory conditions for re-growth – fast, efficiently and safely. Also available: HS75 Saw Head.

HC150 Hedge Cutter Bar

The Slanetrac HC150 Mini Digger Finger Bar Hedge Cutter Attachment suits a wide range of machines. With a cutting thickness of up to 40mm the Slanetrac HC Series Mini Digger Finger Bar Hedge Cutter offers clean cuts allowing for neat, tidy hedges with more satisfactory conditions for re-growth compared to flail cutting attachments as well as ensuring minimum disturbance for wild life. Also available: HC180 Hedge Cutter.

FH80 Flail Cutter

The Slanetrac FH80 Mini Digger Flail Cutter Attachment is designed for mini diggers from 1.5 ton to 2.5 ton. The robust, low maintenance Slanetrac HC Series Mini Digger Flail Cutter has individually replaceable cutting blades and comes supplied with adjustable mounting brackets to suit your particular machine and hydraulic pipes to connect to your machines rock breaker lines for fast, effortless installation. Also available: FH100 Flail Cutter.

Swivel Trim Hedge Cutter

The SA-1000 Swivel Trim Tractor Front Loader Finger Bar allows you to convert a Front Loader quickly to a Hedge Trimmer. The SA-1000 Swivel Trim Tractor Front Loader Finger Bar Hedge Trimmer is a quick and easy system allowing you to perform neat hedge trimming. This system is connected to the tractor hydraulics, so you need a tractor with a suitable hydraulic flow for it to operate properly.

Overall the Avant and Slanetrac combination offers several advantages and these include:

Cleaning overgrowth areas requires less effort and can be done faster than before thanks to the Avant and flail mower combination

The articulated steering allows use on any surface without damage unlike Skid Steer Loaders

Paired with the hedge cutters, operators can experience smooth, clean hedge cuts that look great and require little effort from their machine

The reduced machine weight offers a critical advantage for being carried on a truck. The compact size prevents overhang without compromising on how much the machine can lift

Don’t forget to ‘like’ their social media channels for more updates on the latest machinery news.

For more information or to organise an obligation free demo, call Avant Equipment on 1800 686 411 or visit www.avantequipment.com

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Whole Tree Solutions

Cutting-edge products and support improving vegetation management efficiency and productivity.

Purchasing a new chipper, whether it’s a whole-tree or brush chipper, is a significant investment. After shopping around, a leading vegetation management company made their decision to go with a manufacturer with whom they had a ten-year relationship and whose support they knew they could count on.

Treescape Australasia, part of the New Zealand-based Treescape Group, purchased the first Vermeer WC2300XL whole tree chipper sold in Australia, a whole-tree chipper with enhanced infeed and crushing capabilities. They have also since expanded their Heavy Commercial division fleet with the BC2100XL, the largest brush chipper in Vermeer’s range.

Since their purchase, these high volume chippers have helped improved efficiency, productivity and expanded Treescape’s business opportunities.

The Right Choice

Treescape chose the WC2300XL as it needed a high-capacity, towable, reliable chipper to help manage their increasing workload.

Treescape Business Manager Allan Kliese said the WC2300XL was ideal because, where the working area permitted it, it allowed Treescape to cut and stack material.

Mr Kliese said, “For us the job is about breaking the vegetation into manageable stock piles, then having chipper on site at a later stage to process the stock piles increasing the efficiencies of both the staff and processing resources.

“There’s a continual process of chipping from then on. So rather than down time of machinery with the high production of the WC2300XL and BC2100XL, full work hours can be used on stock pile of vegetation, the machine is utilised to its maximum.

“So when the chipper rolls in, the job is completed in record time and can then be moved on to the next site.”

“Staff love the machines as they don’t have to break the material down as much– due to the size of the infeed rollers on both machine’s – so it makes the sites more productive.”

“Based on the success of projects between Airle Beach and Canberra, purchasing both machines has proved to be the right choice for us,” Mr Kliese said.

A More Competitive Business

Treescape’s heavy clearing division includes a fleet Vermeer BC1800XL’s, the Vermeer WC2300XL as well as their latest BC2100XL purchase.

Mr Kliese said that in other contracts, chippers were hand fed because the materials, mostly trimmings, didn’t warrant anything bigger. However, in heavier, larger clearing jobs, the WC2300XL itself feeds the chipper, which can handle a whole tree at once.

“With the WC2300XL and BC2100XL, generally those jobs are broad felling or full tree removal, which we use our excavators on for the excavator assisted felling. Then we would stack or feed directly onto the machine’s conveyor on the WC2300XL or the large intake with the BC2100XL feeding with excavators is no issue.”

The machines have worked large jobs for Roadtek and Lend lease doing roadside vegetation clearing. Also the two chippers have had time clearing areas for Holcium in the quarries along with other civil clients for housing developments.

Mr Kliese said the WC2300XL machine has had great success in Canberra for the government’s annual Dead and Dangerous Tree Removal program, which identifies and removes the most dangerous dead trees.

The impact of these chipper’s has also made Treescape more competitive when applying for new contracts. “The main benefit for clients with the debris being processed by the machines is the product produced is far more beneficial than going through a tub or horizontal grinder,” Mr Kliese advised and along with the chipping process the more sustainable processing of stumps has shown fair better end results when the project are completed.

“Our decision was based on the local support, the reliability of our existing fleet of Vermeer chippers and the good working relationship we had with Vermeer.”

A Strong Relationship

Treescape’s relationship with Vermeer began in March 2006, after it purchased a Queensland company that ran five Vermeer chippers. Some of the chippers needed replacing so Vermeer worked with Treescape on a replacement program.

Mr Kliese said the relationship was cemented when Treescape needed to add to their fleet – and Vermeer delivered. “The sales and maintenance support has been second to none, and we have been kept informed of any new developments or changes.”

The purchase of the WC2300XL came about after Treescape started looking for a locally supported, mid-range, whole-tree chipper that was towable over 400hp.

Treescape attended a five-day show in Connecticut, US, where they saw demonstrations at the factory as well as how the machines worked in the real world. The company had wanted to know about new technology being used in the US and the manufacturing standards on the machines. During their visit to the US, the team from Treescape visited all the main chipper distributors and EWP suppliers, including the Vermeer factory in Pella Iowa, USA, which was arranged by Craig Baillie, Vermeer Australia National Sales Manager for Environmental Equipment.Mr Kliese said, “It gave us a good insight into the Vermeer history and the Vermeer product.”

“I think we looked at all chippers of that size that were suited to our market in Australia, and the factors that influenced our decision was the local support, the reliability of the existing fleet of Vermeer chippers and the good working relationship we had with Vermeer in Brisbane and at their other branches.” Mr Kliese said there was plenty of technical support and Vermeer gave a good run-down on the machine before Treescape’s first use. “Vermeer gives great advice on the machine’s maintenance needs from their experience and knowledge, having built and operated those machines around the world.”

For information visit Vermeer.com.au

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Expanding Horizons

Vegetation Processing And Clearing Equipment.

Today technology and mechanisation play a key role in extending the operational capabilities of small and large businesses while keeping skilled employees safer than ever.

In any industry it can be difficult to find enough reliable, skilled workers. This is especially challenging for tree care companies due to the highly specialised nature, and also perceived risks, of their typical working tasks.

In recent years increased mechanised assistance is becoming apparent in tree take-downs and trimming across Europe and North America, as well as projects including vegetation control along waterways and roads, to help offset this workforce shortage and ease pressures on business owners.

This shift in equipment utilisation may eventually be likened to that seen in large scale timber harvesting operations here in Australia, which until not so long ago were dominated by hand-falling crews working on the ground with chainsaws. During these times near-miss incidents, injuries and deaths were unfortunately frequent.

Over the last few decades Australian attachment supplier Forest Centre has seen this advance of mechanisation in forestry – a change which has taken skilled operators off the ground and into the safety of a machine cabin where they are able to control felling, cross-cutting and processing functions at the touch of a joystick button – and are these days receiving increasing enquiries for this level of technology for use outside of the forest.

“Our attachment range has expanded to cover 5 ton compact machines right up to 30+ ton excavators, as well as other carriers including truck mounted cranes and telehandlers” explains Forest Centre Sales manager Rey Kell, referring to a product stable of all-European brands in hydraulic grapples, rotators, tree shears and grapple saws.

“Rather than replacing skilled hand-fallers or climbers, mechanised processes using purpose-built grapple saws and tree shears can serve as a means to extend the operational capabilities of a tree care business” Rey adds “this can allow more work to be performed safely, with smaller crews, reduced operator fatigue and in less time.”

Challenging projects involving the removal of diseased or poisoned trees and storm blow-down timber for example can be approached with significantly less risk exposure for the operator.

GMT Equipment

Manufactured in the Netherlands by Gierkink Machine Techniek, GMT compact felling grapples are available in two different sizes with 35cm and 50cm cut capacity, presenting capabilities for loading, cross-cutting and falling on any machine from 5 ton class upwards that can run a regular rotating hydraulic log grapple.

Designed with a tilting upper frame and hydraulic chainsaw, the GMT grapples are essentially a scaled-down forestry directional felling head. A dangle mount rotator and swing yoke allow directional control when bringing down the cut piece whilst also reducing any torsional forces on the boom of a truck crane or smaller excavator.

A patented hydraulic valve block built into the grapple allows all controls; jaws open/close, rotate, tilt up and saw cut to be controlled by only four buttons; two valve functions and either 40 litres or 60 litres per minute minimum hydraulic flow. Unlike other compact grapple saws no electrical control modifications, wiring, remote controls or batteries are required. The hydraulic sequence valve also has a unique safety aspect in that the saw will not operate until there is a firm grip on the limb or trunk section you’re wanting to cut. The saw function can also be turned off for extended use as a loading grapple.

Larger Carriers

For more demanding tasks in cross-cutting and tree removal Forest Centre also offers both dangle and fixed mount grapple saw combinations manufactured by Vosch Equipment and Hultdins Sweden to suit larger machines.

Carriers from 10ton class excavators and upwards offer greater stability and hydraulic horsepower, opening up the possibilities for driving larger displacement saw motors with larger pitch saw chains, single cut capacities beyond 500mm and the ability to have a higher degree of directional control when withdrawing large and heavy cut pieces from the working area using positioned type rotators.

TMK Tree Shears

In some working environments such as cutting close to ground level, tree shears may be preferred due to their simple yet very durable cutting systems.

Introduced to the Australian market in April 2018 by Forest Centre, Finnish-built TMK Tree Shears are designed with a single powerful moving jaw that draws the tree across a fixed cutting blade integrated into the lower frame of the shear.

Three different models are available, with softwood cut capacities of 200mm, 300mm and 400mm (slightly less for

hardwoods on the two larger models), which can be fitted on machines from 2 ton up to 20+ ton.

Optional equipment includes a two-stage ‘Turbo’ cylinder allowing fast cycle times without sacrificing power on machines with lower hydraulic pressures, as well as a collector arm for multi-stem accumulating.

For more information on the range of tree handling and cutting attachments options contact Forest Centre on (02) 6947 2833 or online at www.forestcentre.com.au

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Hansa and Predator

Having previously introduced Hansa and their impressive range of commercial chippers, this time we cover Hansa’s other specialty – as the leading distributor of Predator stump grinders in Australia and New Zealand.

With a variety of options suitable for arborists through to stump grinding specialists, the Predator range includes cost-effective manual machinery through to the tracked narrow-access grinders that Predator are renown for. Predator designs and supplies rugged, reliable and compact grinders to the arb industry worldwide.

The machines are designed from an operator’s perspective and drawn upon many years of experience in the field to get it right. This ensures that when purchasing a Predator, you’re not only buying a quality machine but you’re also investing in a cost-effective tree stump grinding solution to suit your business strategy.

Hansa and Predators morals go hand in hand – if you buy a product for yourself or your business, you not only own an amazing piece of kit, but also the peace of mind of knowing that it’s backed by a company that is dedicated to providing support and service throughout the entire lifetime of the machine.

What’s available?

ST-661 – The Handy Grinder

Hiring a stump grinder on a regular basis can eat away at your profits. The ST-661 is an affordable, access-all-areas tree stump grinding solution for even the smallest arborist firms.

The ST-661 is a lightweight, high performance tree stump grinding attachment for the Stihl MS 661 chainsaw.

Manufactured in the UK using advanced tools and materials, these attachments are the perfect solution for arb professionals seeking to offer a stump grinding service, without excessive outlay.

The attachment is compact and can be easily taken to site with the rest of your tools. Simply attach to your existing Stihl MS 661 engine and have a stump grinder ready to do the job instantly. No more lost profits on subcontracting or hire.

With a light footprint, the attachment is perfect for removing stumps in delicate areas like flowerbeds or lawns.

Predator 38RX – Big, Powerful Machine in a Small Package

If you’re looking for a big machine in a small package, then look no further than the remote controlled Predator 38RX. This large high-performance stump grinder can undertake both commercial and residential work making it the perfect machine to cover all jobs. Smooth, powerful and reliable and fitted with an onboard radio remote control.

The remote control allows excellent visibility and improved operator safety and positioning, it means you can grind a stump without having to stand at the back of the machine and maintain a safe distance when traversing rough terrain. Vibration levels are zero. Control is absolute. The sophisticated controller with a range of 400 yards cannot be interfered with by other units, operates on its own unique frequency and is programmed to shut the machine down if interference occurs.

The controls are fully proportional and as accurate as a lever. They’re fully programmable – if you have a rental fleet and you want everything slowed down, no problem, it’s a simple task using the supplied programming cable.

It’s the machine for every contract and the specs speak for themselves. The P38RX has a cutting depth of 450mm, a swing of 1140mm and a cutting height of 821mm combined with a width of just 670mm and 37hp.

Predator 50RX – Everything you need Last but certainly not least is the Predator 50RX, it is without a doubt the most versatile stump grinder on the market. Whatever your requirements, a machine that can grind this effortlessly, fit through narrow gaps, doesn’t have a belt or clutch in sight, and looks as good and works as well as the Predator 50RX has got to be worth checking out.

With a 50hp diesel Hatz engine and minimum width of 790mm, this machine is not only narrower than most grinders with half its power, but with rear hydraulic PTO for attachments, it is far more capable – this machine can cut effortlessly to a depth of 380mm with a swing of 1500mm.

The variable width track base travels from 790-1170mm at the touch of a button, allowing this powerful machine to fit through a gateway narrower than 900mm with ease.

Like all Predator grinders, the P50RX comes as standard with the multi-tip cutter wheel, which just like the rest of the models, has two leading teeth, each with four cutter tips that can be changed in under a minute. This combination allows you to get maximum performance from a smaller machine and really makes the job easier.

Predator uses the fully proportional, highly accurate and incredibly reliable Scanreco G2B radio control system. This is commonly found on cranes, it allows the operator to have the feel and control of a hydraulic lever, whilst having the flexibility and vision of a remote operator.

For more information visit http://hansaproducts.com.au or call 1800 426 722

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Grinding Out Profits with a Bandit Stump Grinder

Every contractor wants their stump grinder to be trouble free, easy to maintain and highly productive.

It needs to be a great profit center for their business. To ensure this is achieved, every Bandit machine is built by specialized teams utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, traditional hand-assembly, and extensive welded construction – machines that are built to last. Here is a run-down of the Bandit stump grinder range.

Model ZT1844 Compact Track Stump Grinder

Since its market release in 2015, Bandit’s compact Model ZT1844 has proven to be super popular in Australia and around the world. Owners love its high productivity, powerful track drive, competitive purchase price and low running costs.

The ZT1844 is fitted with Kohler’s strong 38hp electronic fuel injected petrol engine for low fuel usage and easy starting. Engineered with durable, rugged components, a wide swing arc and deep grinding depth, you easily can tackle larger stumps and chase roots deep into the ground.

The ZT1844 runs only eight of the 900 series Green teeth which grind brilliantly and more than halve your tooth costs and maintenance times compared with other machines.

The chassis has a low center of gravity making stumps disappear quickly and safely. Read The Australian Arbor Age Test Drive review of this compact powerhouse on page 44-45 of this issue.

Bandit Model SA- 25

Do you run a skid steer in your business? Bandit’s Model SA- 25 will mount to the front of just about every make of skid-steer loader in seconds, turning the machine into a powerful Bandit stump grinder. The SA-25 features a massive hydraulic motor and cutter wheel; the same sized components found on Bandit’s 114hp Model 2900XP. Extremely robust and less than one third of the price of a typical 115hp stump grinder, if you own a skid steer you need a Bandit SA-25 in your fleet. Contact Bandit for a demo and put it to the test.

Bandit 2550XP, 2650XP and 2900XP Bandit’s larger self-propelled machines, the 2550XP (44hp diesel), 2650XP (62hp) and 2900XP (114hp) use hydro static pumps and motors to directly power the cutter wheel. Their design eliminates all gearboxes, clutches, belts, shafts, pulleys and bearings that typically require expensive maintenance and replacement on other machines. With a Bandit hydro static stump grinder it’s not uncommon to see maintenance costs drop by over 40 per cent when compared to traditional stump grinders.

Bandit stump grinders are proven to build profits for your business and are supported by a dedicated Dealer network Australia-wide.

Call Bandit Tree Equipment on 1800 681 733 to arrange a demo of their chippers and grinders today.  For more information visit www.banditchippers.com.au

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Perfection Is Served

Global Machinery Sales has got a large range of stump grinders and forestry mowers so rest easy knowing they’ve got you covered when it comes to finding a machine that’s going to suit your needs perfectly.

RAYCO Stump Grinders

Global Machinery Sales stump grinder range comes from Rayco in the USA. Rayco are the market leaders for stump grinders and offer the ultimate in stump cutting performance.

Rayco has 40 years of experience in creating unique, user-friendly stump grinders with simple, swing out consoles, remote control units, track and wheeled machines and a horse power ranging from 13 HP to 140 HP.

Rayco has been Un-Stumpable since 1978 and Global Machinery Sales are proud to be the authorized dealer for these awesome machines in VIC, NSW, ACT, TAS, NT and WA.

New RG37 Trac

The New RG37 Trac is an excellent stump grinder for those who need a compact machine that has traction to get where tyres just won’t take you. Now with the improved Vanguard 37hp EFI Engine.

The rubber track undercarriage provides excellent traction while maintaining a low ground pressure. Unlike other track stump grinders, the Trac Jr’s short track base allows it to turn easily and with less turf damage than competitors long track bases. Counter rotating tracks allow the machine to turn in place, which makes it easy to re-position when cutting large stumps. A swing-out control station provides excellent visibility while cutting and swings in line for travel through gates. Two-speed travel and a hydraulic back fill blade rounds out the package makes the Trac Jr an excellent choice among compact stump grinders. Own today from $174.80 per week*.

RG45 Trac Remote

The RG45 Trac Remote offers the ultimate in versatility and performance in a mid-sized stump grinder.

Excellent cutting power, radio remote controls, a hydraulic back fill blade, and expandable rubber tracks mean the RG45 Trac Remote can get to almost any stump and remove it quickly. The extendable, rubber track undercarriage provides a stable, 50-inch (127cm) wide, stance for cutting, while retracting to 35-inches (89cm) to squeeze through backyard gates. Own today from $316.22 per week*.

RG74 Trac Remote

Rayco’s newest stump grinder the RG74 Trac Remote offers versatility and performance whilst providing more cutting power than most 100hp stump grinders on the market. When it comes to engines, there’s just no replacement for displacement. The new Rayco RG74T-R is a high-production stump grinder powered by a massive 3.8L Cummins 74hp diesel engine that generates peak torque of 295ft-lbs. The large displacement diesel engine delivers more cutting power than most 100hp-class stump grinders and meets Tier 4 Final emissions without complex after-treatment systems. Compared to the competition, the difference is clear. Own today from $478.20 per week*.

RAYCO Forestry Mowers

In the market for a forestry mower? Global Machinery Sales supplies the Australian market with forestry mowers/mulchers from Rayco in the USA. Their range consists of five tracked models, each powered by Kubota, Isuzu or Cummins diesel engines ranging from 99hp to 360hp.

When you go into the bush, you need a forestry machine you can count on. You need a loader-style mulching machine that’s purpose built from the ground up to be the most productive and reliable in a mulching application available on the market today. Rayco’s forestry mowers are these machines.

Rayco’s exclusive Super Flow closed loop hydraulic system and an advanced cooling system allows for operation of these forestry mowers in the hottest temperatures. For the ultimate in compact, powerful mulchers, look no further than a Rayco forestry mower from Global Machinery Sales.


New C100R Forestry Mower Rayco’s new C100R Forestry Mower is the answer if you’re looking for a purpose-built mulcher but need the versatility of rubber tracks.

Customers demanded a mulcher that was capable of crossing roadways and sensitive turf but still had the power and in-forestry characteristics of a dedicated forestry machine. The C100R answers that call. It rides on a 17.7-inch (45cm) wide steel-embedded rubber track.

A reliable, 99hp Kubota diesel engine supplies power, while Rayco’s exclusive Super Flow, closed loop hydro static system delivers mulching power not found in ordinary Compact Track Loaders.

Purpose built for mulching, the C100R features a heavy duty rear door, hydraulic winch, and Rayco’s exclusive elevated cooling design, which places engine radiators in both the rear of the engine compartment and in the limb riser for maximum cooling performance in the harshest climates. The cab is certified ROPS/OPS/FOPS with escape hatches in the roof and rear window. Own today from $1,063.89 per week*.

C200 Forestry Mower

For the ultimate in compact, powerful mulchers, look no further than Rayco’s C200. The C200 is powered by a 200hp Isuzu diesel and tips the scales at only 18,500 lbs (8,164.66kg).

Due to its size and weight, the C200 can be transported to and from the job easily. Its narrow profile makes the C200 the ultimate for ROW clearing on narrow lines as well as for use in larger scale clearing projects. The C200 rides on a hi-track, steel undercarriage available with 2-speed travel and is available with 20” (50.8cm) single-grouser tracks for extreme traction or triple-grouser street pads for applications that require minimal soil disturbance. The hi-track undercarriage promotes longer track life, reduces debris packing in the track chain, and cleans easily to save maintenance time.

Because it’s purpose-built, the C200 is loaded with features operators appreciate. Loader-style lift arms provide a mulcher lift height of 8-ft (243.84cm), making it easier for mulching taller vegetation. The operator cabin is comfortable and spacious, with a high-backed, heated seat with air-ride suspension. The rear fan is auto-reversing, reducing maintenance time. All gauges and controls are located on a large LCD display that includes a rear-view camera. Own today from $1,472.16 per week*.

T360 Forestry Mower

The T360 is a powerful forestry machine that is designed to be equipped with either a stump grinder or forestry mower/mulcher. It’s powered by a 360 hp Cummins QSM11 engine that produces peak power of 385hp.

A closed loop hydro static system powers the cutter head, sending 530 liters per minute to the attachment’s drive motor(s). Rayco’s exclusive elevated cooling design keeps engine and hydraulic systems cool in even the harshest of conditions. Debris screens trap airborne chaff before it can plug radiator fins. Reversing fans clear debris screens on-command, extending service intervals. Inside the cab, the operator is kept comfortable in the fully-sealed and climate controlled environment.

On-board diagnostic and monitoring information is provided through a colour LCD panel, allowing the operator to track numerous aspects of machine performance and operation.

The T360 can be equipped with either a Hydra Stumper stump cutter attachment or a Predator forestry mower/ mulcher. The Hydra Stumper head muscles through stumps with its 48” diameter x 3’’ thick cutter wheel equipped with 56 Monster Tooth cutter tools. For mowing/mulching applications, the Predator mulcher head has an 8-ft cutting width and is powered by a pair of variable displacement drive motors. Own today from $2,794.10 per week*.

For more info call Global Machinery Sales on 1300 072 926 or visit http://globalmachinerysales.com.au

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Quality and Innovation

Toro Australia has been the official Australian distributor of GreenMech wood chippers since July 2017.

GreenMech is a UK based company that has been at the forefront of chipper design, development and innovation since 1993. GreenMech values the same ideals as Toro by offering quality and innovation in the products it manufactures and it is for this reason they are the top selling brand of wood chippers in Europe in their class.

Every GreenMech chipper has advanced design built-in to give long-life and superior performance. From the design and construction of the machine, you just know that this is a well-engineered product that stands the test of time.

Since 1993 GreenMech have manufactured over 10,000 products for the global market and their records show that more than 90 per cent of them are still in working order. What does that say about quality and innovation?

Take a look at the industry leading, ‘unique’ features such as disc blades; no-stress power control; Safetrak, features that extend operating life with reduced downtime and providing the ultimate in operator safety. Review the three year ‘unlimited’ warranty on all GreenMech products – a solid guarantee that says ‘we stand behind everything we do – without question and, at absolutely no cost to you. Toro are currently offering five models through their construction dealer network and to golf accounts.

Arborist 200

If you’re looking for even greater throughput capacity than a 150mm machine, then you’ll be more than impressed with the performance of the Arborist 200. Coming as standard with a Kubota 45hp diesel engine and boasting a massive 200mm x 280mm letterbox opening to the twin, horizontal, hydraulically powered feed-rollers – this machine oozes performance, day-in, day-out. This is a machine that addresses the needs of big clearance projects whether it be for contractors or hire applications and has a massive capability for high volume chipping.

The chipping system comes with the patented and renowned ‘Disc-Blade’ configuration which allows rotation of the cutting edge and extends the sharpening period to only once in approximately 150 hours. This is a feature that reduces downtime, cuts maintenance, reduces labour costs and maximizes working performance. Models offered:

  • GreenMech CS100
  • Arborist 130
  • Aroborist 150
  • Arborist 200
  • SafeTrak 19-28

Toro is also stocking parts for GreenMech products.

For more information visit www.toro.com.au

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Rayco® Introduces New Stump Cutter Models, Trailer

Rayco Manufacturing is pleased to announce the debut of two stump cutter models — the RG55 and RG80 — as well as the new TRG stump cutter trailer. These are the first new product introductions for Rayco since the company was acquired by Morbark, LLC, in November 2017.

RG55 Stump Cutter

An update to the popular RG45 stump cutter, the RG55 features a 53.4hp (40 kW) Kubota Gasoline engine, for an increase of 9hp with a power curve on par or higher than diesel models. The RG55 also provides increased travel speeds.

“The RG55 Stump Cutter puts together all the same great features customers loved about the RG45 in a compact, lightweight stump cutter,” Casey Gross, Morbark Director of Tree Care Products, said.

Operators appreciate the large cutting dimensions as well as visibility and protection of the swing-out control station. For travel through gates, the control station swings in line. Wide floatation tires and 4-wheel drive allow the RG55 to maintain traction in challenging conditions. A wide hydraulic back fill blade saves time during clean up.

RG80 Stump Cutter

This completely new model boasts a powerful 85hp (63 kW) Ford engine and a hydrostatic cutter wheel drive to let the operator vary cutter wheel rpm independent of engine speed. Built to replace the RG70, the RG80 has a high power-to-weight ratio, low ground pressure and a low center of gravity for increased stability.

True 4-wheel drive means no independent wheel slip. The propel system features Hi and Low travel speeds plus an integrated “creep mode” for precise handling while cutting. Another key feature is the rugged Magnetek™ wireless remote control that is sealed against dust, water and other elements and made to withstand shock.

“The RG80 packs a lot of power and pairs it with precision controls for the operator,” Gross said.

TRG Trailer

Both models are available with the custom Rayco TRG trailer. The TRG replaces the TRSJRW/ TRSJRWB and TR100 trailers. The new model holds all Rayco stump cutters up to the RG80 and features a heavier axle and wider platform, as well as a TorFlex suspension and electric brakes. The stump cutter is held to the trailer with simple and secure pins, eliminating chains and straps.

“All of these new products highlight Morbark’s and Rayco’s commitment to our customers,” Gross said. “We’re continuously innovating and focused on providing the best performance and production for our customers.”

For more information please visit http://www.raycomfg.com

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