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Unrivalled and Unparalleled

Introduced into the Australian market by Global Machinery Sales, CMC Aerial Platforms offer a range of compact and highly manoeuvrable spider lifts as well heavy-duty spider lifts with big height and reach.

The CMC spider lifts that Global Machinery Sales stock for the Australian market range from 13 metres in height through to 41 metres. Each lift has an impressive outreach, powerful engine and large basket capacity.

Global Machinery Sales has worked diligently with top EWP dealers in America and Europe to bring you the world-renowned leader. They wanted to pick the world’s best brand once and not have to pivot between brands and suppliers, by finally bringing superior quality and value to the EWP market in Australia.

After speaking to CMC dealers who have sold alternative brands in the past, Global Machinery Sales found how happy they are and how superior the CMC product is compared to other brands, CMC seemed the obvious choice. The dealer in the USA sells 500-600 CMC lifts per year, stating it was the best decision he ever made, minimal warranty issues, great support and a very well built machine.

Introducing the F-Series Lifts

CMC has just recently introduced the F-Series lifts to the Australian market.

These lifts are specifically designed to be the easiest and fastest lifts on the market. Great for use in narrow, sloped, and other difficult locations, the CMC F-Series lift can get places that a boom or trailer-based lift cannot. Their low-cost and ease of operation ensures that your operational costs are kept low, providing the best ROI of any lift available today.

The F-Series features direct hydraulic controls and operation. They are powered by a variety of options such as Honda petrol, plug-in electric, and lithium-ion battery power. This wide variety of options will let you choose the right system for your needs and budget.

The all-new F-Series line has a compact width of 81cm, allowing access through standard doorways and the ability to travel through narrow corridors.

Like all CMC models, the F Series comes with Remote Hookup, so you are never far away. The team at Global Machinery Sales can connect with you through various devices.

The controls on the F-Series are all direct hydraulics, allowing for simpler and more intuitive operation. F-Series features powerful track drive systems that expand and retract.

Global Machinery Sales will now be stocking the CMC S18F with safer, non-slip outrigger pads and basket rotation made specifically with the tree industry in mind. The all-new CMC S18F will be available from under $100,000 including G.S.T

 “CMC has just recently introduced the F-Series lifts to the Australian market.”

The CMC S19E Spider Lift

The CMC S19E is easy to operate, easy to maintain and is perfect for hire! Only one work area with 200kg – unrestricted!

The CMC S19E is a narrow tracked boom lift. It is ultra-compact and user-friendly, with intuitive controls and no fuss

The S19E can pass through a single doorway and can operate in the tightest of space. The S19E has an impressive height and outreach with a maximum basket capacity of 200kg.

Cmc S19hd Track-Mounted Lift

The CMC S19HD is a track-mounted spider style mobile elevated work platform and it has been designed with your job in mind. “The tree industry is tough and any steps we can take to make it easier and safer are welcome, which is where the CMC S19HD comes in. It’s here to do exactly that,” Brian Evans added.

“Impressive side reach, so stable and secure!” – this is the first reaction and comment from everyone that takes a ride on the heavy-duty S19 Spider Lift.

It features an extremely compact stabilisation area with full side reach, including the ability to self-level on steep-sloped floors and terrain.

In addition, the S19HD is also capable of setting up in “narrow mode”, with an even smaller footprint. This special feature means reduced outreach, however, the lift is still capable of full 360° rotation and full vertical height. Designed and built with a configuration of one lower riser pantograph and two-telescopic boom extensions, the S19HD has a 200kg basket capacity and 180° basket rotation, with close to 19m of working height.

CMC S25 Spider Lift

If the S19HD doesn’t fit your height requirements no need to worry, the CMC S25 tracked spider lift will fit your needs perfectly. This reliable 25m working height lift has an impressive 14m outreach.

The S25 is a self-propelled tracked aerial platform, designed with 1 articulating/1 telescopic lower boom and 1 articulating/2 telescopic upper booms, plus an articulating jib on the end. This combination allows for best work manoeuvrability and outreach.

A quick-release 180° rotating basket with triple safety locks rounds out this great lift that is a pleasure to work with. Standard basket size is 1.70m wide. Other smaller basket sizes are also available to best fit your application.

The S25 comes equipped standard with two stabilisation areas and six possible outrigger configurations. With incredibly compact dimensions of 1.01m x 2.045m x 6.05m (WxHxD), in the closed travel position, this serious aerial work platform is capable of entering virtually any door. Quiet diesel engine/240v electric hydraulic power pack is standard. Also available with the hybrid power source. The CMC S25 takes the place of the best-seller S24, improving its performance and reliability.

CMC S28 Spider Lift

The CMC S28 Is an unstoppable platform with unparalleled performance. Unrivalled and unparalleled. Thanks to the most advanced technology and the choice of high-performance materials, it is able to work almost anywhere. The intuitive operating system and the unparalleled manoeuvrability make it an extremely versatile platform capable of overcoming any obstacle. The indication of the error code and a quick and easy operation make S28 a must-have in every fleet. Thanks to the performance of the stabilizers, S28 is self-loading on a truck.

Please call Global Machinery Sales on 1300 072 926

For more information visit www.globalmachinerysales.com.au

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Productivity And Efficiency

The two most favoured words used by companies worldwide, so how do they relate to the Arbor Industry?

What Are the Differences?

Productivity: the quantity/rate of work being completed.

Efficiency: the resources used to produce the work being completed (such as money, time, and labour etc.) In simpler terms, efficiency measures whether there is any waste in your company.

While productivity and efficiency both help to increase your outcome, one often leads to working harder and the other focuses on working smarter. In many cases, working efficiently will result in increased productivity.


So how do you balance scenarios like high demand and low resources, or steady demand and high resources? Let’s start by understanding more than just the ‘jobs-per-day’ quota. For a moment, let’s focus on maintaining your current rate of works while lowering the resources being used (waste).

As an example, here we look at very basic ‘time wastage’. Suppose you are paying your team to complete three jobs in a day. There is a 20-minute commute between each job, a 20-minute setup per job and a 20-minute clean up per job. That’s 60 minutes per job which equals to three hours in lost time per day. If these areas could be made more efficient, would you be able to complete a fourth job that day?

Reducing ‘waste’ is one of the key components to achieving efficiency.

What’s Next?

Process Optimisation

Everything you do is a process. Process optimisation will improve your profitability while also increasing sustainability in everchanging economic conditions. Processes should constantly be evaluated and evolved to ensure the most efficient way of working is achieved.

For the Arbor industry, this evaluation could mean changing the ways things are done; allocation/expansion/scale down of resources (people, equipment, services, materials, money, time etc.); allocation of jobs; adjusting service coverage; introducing smarter systems to manage operations; or upgrading the operational tools you have available to complete jobs.

Be Visible. Be Accessible. Be Digital.

Today, every business is a technology business. Using the right digital solutions will improve your business in more ways than one; maximise your customer reach; improve operational visibility; improve customer service and communications; and most importantly, automate business processes.

Redundant processes will slowly impact your business’ ability to remain competitive and current. The more you understand about the strengths and shortcomings within your operations, the better – the future of your business relies on it.

“In the Arbor Industry, the importance of productivity and efficiency is proportionate”

Right Tools For The Job

Having the right equipment to complete jobs can assist with:

  1. Safety
  2. Efficiency
  3. Productivity
  4. Repeat business

These four elements will define a successful business in the Arbor industry.

Having the right tools is important for protecting your bottom line. When productivity takes a hit because your competition can do it quicker, cheaper, or more safely – take a look at the equipment being used.

While tree climbing and cutting is a long held and proud skill of the Arbor industry, the question of safety is ongoing. More and more Arborists are seeking out equipment such as the CTE Spider Lift range.

What to consider when selecting the best machine possible to increase your productivity and profit

Access In Urban Areas

The whole concept of a Spider Lift (or tracked access machine), is primarily for access. When it comes to negotiating the tighter and more narrow spaces found in urban areas, users should consider a spider lift with the most compact design, with the longest outreach specifications available. (The ultimate spider lift for urban arborists will ideally offer the best ratio of smaller stowed dimensions, with a 17m reach). The level of access is therefore minimally restricted by either factor.


Spider Lifts that combine a true ZED boom configuration with the smallest of footprints allow for better boom manipulation in far tighter work zones. ZED with Zero tail swing also provides the best up-and-over capabilities available

Unrestricted 200kg Outreach

A high-performance fixed work envelope provides unrestricted outreach at 200kg, without weight limiting. No services housed on the boom to be hooked upon, minimizing damage and ensuring a clean boom design.

Simplified Electronics

An electronics philosophy of ‘simplicity’ increases reliability, reduces downtime, and lowers service costs on any spider lift.

This ensures an overall improvement on return-on-investment.

Purpose built for the Arbor industry, CTE Spider Lifts offer market-leading technology and design to allow you to operate in the tightest spaces and almost any level of surface. Compared to other similar products, the CTE range will not only outperform but also decreases job time, improves safety and allows users to complete more jobs per day.

Here are some of the reasons why now might be the right time to increase your assets and support your business’ growth:

  • Record low interest rates and funding restrictions easing
  • Stimulus support for asset write-off and depreciation
  • Finance loans that include a 50 per cent loan guarantee from the Government
  • Equipment manufacturers are overstocked and offering record-low deals that will save thousands of dollars
  • Bonus manufacturer offers such as extended warranties, additional accessories, and free training

Let’s Recap:

  1. Commit to constant and never-ending improvement
  2. Commit to resources that improve productivity
  3. Minimise waste
  4. Understand your overheads
  5. Invest in systems that automate processes
  6. Learn from successes as well as mistakes
  7. Plan for when things go wrong

We strongly suggest exploring whether some of these options are available to your business.

Platform Sales Australia are a leading supplier to the Arbor industry. Our team are available to not only discuss the CTE range, but to also assist in discussing ways you can improve the productivity of your business. We also have financing options available to assist with purchasing your next equipment item today.

*Platform Sales Australia is not a financial adviser. You should consider seeking independent legal, financial, taxation or other advice to check how this article relates to your unique circumstances.

For more info call Platform Sales Australia on 1300 882 762 or visit our website on www.platformsales.com.au

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Is Now The Right Time To Invest In Your Business?

Making a play at growth during critical times can often prove quite rewarding.

It is an understatement to say that we are currently living in unprecedented times, with most of us never experiencing an event like the COVID-19 pandemic.

The global ripple effects caused by this pandemic are unescapable. Loss of life, loss of livelihood, non-existent socialising and a completely obliterated global economy. The outcome of this pandemic is impossible to predict, and rebuilding will undoubtedly take years.

While we navigate the road ahead, what we do have is opportunity. More specifically, the opportunity to come out of this on top.

By now, you will likely have a strong indication of your business’ sustainability and know exactly just how lean your business model operates.

While so many businesses are in damage control with a focus simply on ‘survival’, others are also taking the opportunity to analyse operational sufficiencies and shortfalls. Understanding these areas will undoubtedly aid a faster recovery, build future sustainability and potentially increase existing market share.

If you are one of the lucky businesses/ traders still operational, you might be wondering if now is the right time to invest in additional equipment? You might very well feel like the last thing you want to do is further expose yourself to financial risk.

Here are some of the reasons why now might be the right time to increase your assets and support your business’ growth:

  • Record low interest rates and funding restrictions easing
  • Stimulus support for asset write-off and depreciation
  • Finance loans that include a 50 per cent loan guarantee from the Government
  • Equipment manufacturers are overstocked and offering record-low deals that will save thousands of dollars
  • Bonus manufacturer offers such as extended warranties, additional accessories and free training

We strongly suggest exploring whether some of these options are available to your business.

History has shown us that when businesses make strategic decisions and capitalise on crisis opportunities, making a play at growth during critical times will often prove quite rewarding once the dust has settled.

The work is still there, it is just on hold. In the Arbor industry, trees are still growing. The work might have slowed, but it is temporary. Arborists must be ready to react. Arborists must know what sets them apart from their competition.

Earlier, we mentioned the importance of understanding sufficiencies and shortfalls. This is critical to enable your business’ recovery. Creating a simple ‘recovery plan’ would certainly go a long way in ensuring your business can do just that.

Recovery Plan Essentials

Your plan might include these essentials:

  • Identifying your business’ sufficiencies and shortfalls
  • Current business position (where you are at)
  • Ideal business position (where you want it to be, post pandemic)
  • Preparing for Recovery (what steps you will take to be ready for the recovery)
  • Validity (ensuring the plan is achievable and realistic)

The Recovery Plan should align to your overall business roadmap (business/ strategic plan), which right now must be dynamic in this ever-changing situation. It is critical that you remain up to date on your market, your industry, your customers and your competitors. These factors will all impact your business and the actions you need to take.

You don’t need to spend countless hours on creating a plan. The process can be as simple as writing down the answers to the above points on a notepad. Any planning is better than no planning. Asking yourself a few key questions should trigger an influx of more questions, highlight ideas, possibilities, strengths, weakness and opportunities. Successful businesses seek to gain a competitive advantage in the market. What’s yours?

Time to Boost your Productivity

The adage of ‘plan to succeed or prepare to fail’, has never held more significance than now. As part of our plan, Platform Sales Australia has committed to investing in more stock and is increasing its levels of the world leading CTE Traccess Spider Lifts.

Features Overview – CTE Range

  • Lift heights ranging from 13.5m to 23m
  • 200kg and 250kg basket capacities
  • Z boom which creates best access in Arbor work
  • Market leading footprint that allows you to operate in the tightest spaces
  • Rotating Basket
  • 5m to 12m outreach

If you already operate these superior machines in your business, now could be the best time to upgrade to the latest model or add to your fleet. The latest features and functionality of the T135, T170 and T230’s is unsurpassed. Like us, you can now take advantage of the lowest pricing possible, as well as Government incentives.

If your business has not previously used a Spider Lift, then we recommend reaching out to us today. We’ll take the time to discuss your specific requirements and understand your business.

The fundamental difference that these machines can make to your business shouldn’t be ignored. There is an opportunity to boost productivity and performance, improve safety and return higher profits at a lower cost than you will ever likely see again. It makes sense to find out more.

Platform Sales Australia has also continued to invest in aftermarket support by increasing parts holdings, widening our service network and extending warranties. We did this to give you extra peace of mind when investing in your business.

So, while we all navigate the road ahead, the time is right to look at all the ways you can improve your current position, and/or be best prepared for the future recovery.

Platform Sales Australia is not a financial adviser. You should consider seeking independent legal, financial, taxation or other advice to check how this article relates to your unique circumstances


  • 5m working height
  • Lightweight
  • 5 m outreach
  • 200kg basket capacity
  • Smallest footprint in its class
  • Unrestricted work envelopes
  • ZED style lower boom system
  • Stronger Boom design
  • Lower tare weights
  • Longer, extendable Track system
  • Simplified ease of use


  • 17m working height
  • Lightweight
  • 5m outreach
  • 200kg basket capacity
  • Less than 2m high, 80cm wide
  • Unrestricted work envelopes
  • ZED style lower boom system
  • Stronger boom design


  • 23m working height
  • 12m outreach
  • 200kg basket capacity
  • Designed for ease of transport (3t)
  • Unrestricted work envelope
  • ZED style lower boom system
  • Versatile stabiliser configuration
  • Stronger boom design

Call Platform Sales Australia on 1300 882 762

For more information visit our website on www.platformsales.com.au

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Husqvarna Chainsaws

Husqvarna knows chainsaws, and they really should.

After all, they have been providing the world with some of the very best machines since 1959. So, obviously they also know the challenges you face when using them. Their smart solutions and innovations like Air InjectionTM technology, AutoTuneTM performance software or X-Torq® engine technology have helped advance chainsaw performance, optimise power output and even the ability to save on fuel consumption in their machines.

Today, Husqvarna’s chainsaw range includes everything from heavy-duty machines to smaller saws for residential use as well as models for felling, pruning and cutting firewood. Included in their wide offering is the Battery Series built to give you all the power and intuitive design you expect minus the noise and fumes.

Husqvarna 550XP® Mark II

In 2019, 60 years after the launch of their very first saw, Husqvarna introduced the 550XP® Mark II – a petrol powered chainsaw improved in every way.

Developed to deliver outstanding cutting capacity for handling small and mid-sized trees, the Husqvarna 550XP® Mark II provides you with new, unparalleled levels of performance, the very best in this size.

The optimised combination of high-power output and high chain speed is further enhanced by the use of Husqvarna’s designed and manufactured SP33G X-CUT® chain and the durable X-FORCETM bar. For the 550XP® Mark II, this translates into an impressive cutting capacity, considerably more than its closest competitor*.

“The 550XP® Mark II has been engineered for maximised durability and reliability, no matter the conditions.”

Put simply, it allows you to cut more in less time. The 550XP® Mark II has been engineered for maximised durability and reliability, no matter the conditions. Extra attention has been given to the cooling of the engine through an optimised airflow. The carburettor temperature is protected by an extra-strong heat shield, helping the overall cooling capacity as well as enabling easier starts during hot conditions or when you’ve operated the engine intensely.

Different tasks require different tools, and different cutting jobs require different amounts of power, acceleration and flexibility. The 550XP® Mark II will provide ample power and a cutting capacity that will satisfy even the most demanding forestry workers or arborists.


2019 not only marked 60 years as a chainsaw manufacturer, but it also commemorated 330 years for Husqvarna as a company. Husqvarna has a long history that is rich in tradition.

The first plant was established in 1689 as a weapons foundry. In the course of the centuries, Husqvarna has produced a large range of products from sewing machines, bicycles, motorcycles and kitchen equipment to market-leading products for customers around the globe, and today offers a wide and ever growing range of products and accessories, including everything from chainsaws and power cutters to robotic lawn mowers.

Arborist Essentials Gear

At Husqvarna, product development never stops, and with tree care being one of the worlds’ most demanding occupations, Husqvarna’s latest offering is their all new line of Arborist Essentials gear. Developed with professionals, the Arborist Essentials are basic pieces that allow an arborist to efficiently get the job done. Each item is designed for every day. Start your ascend into the canopy quickly and accurately with these essentials:

  • Rope Bag
  • Throw Line Cube
  • Throw Line
  • Throw Weights
  • Carabiners

What’s New this Autumn?

For a limited time, professionals can take home a FREE Rope Bag and X-CUT® chain valued at over $124 with the purchase of either a petrol powered T525, T540XP II or a battery powered T535iXP chainsaw.

Offer available on the following Husqvarna Chainsaw models, valid 01/04/20 – 31/07/20 at participating Husqvarna Dealers, while stocks last: New Model T540XP II (S93G X-CUT® Chain), T525 (S93G X-CUT® Chain), T535 iXP (SP21G Chain).

*www.husqvarna.com/au/products/chainsaws/ newchainsawgeneration/cuttingcapacity/

For more information head to your local Authorised Husqvarna Dealer, or visit www.husqvarna.com

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Bandit 18XP Mission Accomplished

When the team at Bandit sat down some time ago and started drawing up design goals for their Model 18XP six-cylinder turbo diesel chipper they must have had a very clear vision.

I can imagine the conversations must have gone something like; “Let’s build the strongest and most impressive chipper we can, keeping it under 4.5 tonne so it can be towed without requiring air brakes. It needs to have best-in-class performance, be user-friendly and the safest machine on the market.” From what we have seen here at AAA, Bandit has more than delivered across the board.

As you know, a chipper of this size and power needs tremendous build quality to achieve longevity in such a demanding environment as Australia, and Bandit has ticked the boxes in this area. Each machine is hand built with fully welded construction by two-man teams of specialist fabricators. Details abound, like the impressive hydraulic components used throughout, including over-sized, quality feed wheel motors supplied by Parker. We were pleased to see the extra wide horizontal feed rollers that are upward of 25 inches. These rollers are positioned right up against the chipping drum, which reduces the chance of material being stuck between rollers and drum. These design features increase productivity so you complete jobs quicker – moving onto the next.

Even the chunkiest logs are obliterated into mulch in seconds due to the considerable power and torque produced by the Caterpillar 173 HP six-cylinder turbo diesel.

Being a six-cylinder engine, the big CAT produces 920Nm of torque, which is about 50 per cent more torque than the four-cylinder chippers found in this machine class.

Torque is what keeps the chipper drum spinning under heavy loads; this impressive chipper will rip through large volumes of material in no time at all.

For the performance of the machine, the 18XP is relatively compact on its single axle. It’s easy to manoeuvre between trees and other obstacles to get into position.

The site where we set up saw us feeding logs with a loader that needed to cover about 30-45 metres from the location of the trees to the chipper. There was no downtime for the loader operator as the chipper was going a lot quicker than we could keep up with on the loader. A joy to use, the boys loved the 18XP on the day.

From an operator’s perspective, it’s easy to see why the 18XP is one of Bandits most popular chippers. The oversized 37-inch diameter drum and large infeed throat opening allows for significant compression of feed material. The popular hydraulic “lift and crush” fitted to the top roller is a helpful tool to ram through the really stubborn material.

Safety is always front of mind when working with this type of machine and Bandit has this covered with the 18XP.

“With over 700 Bandit 18XP chippers working across Australia, day in day out, this model is a proven performer in our harsh Aussie climate.”

Their patented (and very reliable) hydraulic safety bump bar, Auto Feed Plus and hydraulic winch come as standard.

Their rope shear device is fitted to help reduce the chance of injury should a rope accidentally get fed into the chipper – this should be on all chippers! These features seamlessly combine to ensure a user-friendly and safe experience for operators.

As you know, our dry Aussie hardwoods and fibrous materials can be testing on chippers, but with over 700 Bandit 18XP chippers working across Australia, day in day out, this model is a proven performer in our harsh Aussie climate.

The Bandit 18XP six-cylinder turbo diesel drum chipper impresses with its power and ability to eat through significant logs, branches and shrubs. It’s been designed and manufactured to do precisely what it does, and that is, safely make very short work of substantial jobs in the most efficient times possible.

For more information visit www.banditchippers.com.au

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Arbor Operations And Monitor Lifts

Arbor Operations prides itself on its informed approach to the science and practice of tree care, with the Brisbane-based company’s industry expertise and passion for arboriculture underpinned by a desire to maintain a green and healthy environment and a professional outlook developed over the course of decades.

Having commenced operations in 1980, Arbor Operations draws on an extensive range of experience in providing services to Brisbane aving commenced operations in 1980, Arbor Operations draws on an extensive range of experience in providing services to Brisbane

Peter, who has been running Arbor Operations since 2007, told The Australian Arbor Age that the business is highly flexible in the services it provides, allowing it to operate across different sectors and undertake a variety of projects.

“Since the company’s inception, it has undertaken work for and has a close relationship with Queensland government departments,” Peter stated.

“We have also been able to develop relationships within the commercial/ development sectors, including landscape contractors and local city and regional councils, while still maintaining a residential arm of the business.

“This versatility and diversity of service provision is due to our continued dedication to working within the industry standards, with professional service delivery standards.”

An Experienced Team And A Range Of Services

Peter – who has studied commerce and agricultural economics, and who has a Diploma of Horticulture – has been involved in the horticultural and agricultural sectors for over 40 years, telling AA that he “has a passion for plant and soil science”

This passion, backed by expert arborists and a highly trained and experienced team, serves to strengthen Arbor Operations’ range of services, which include: tree trimming, pruning and cutting along with tree surgery, surveying, transplantation and removal, tree mulching and stump grinding.

Arbor Operations maintains an emergency response team, for when tree-related issues require a quick response – and, among its other services, uses ground penetrating radar, allowing its customers insight into what to expect before digging, with it also providing root mapping and root barrier installation services.

It additionally provides reporting and assessments by AQF Level 5 arborists for residential schools and development sites.

Peter pointed to Arbor Operations’ experience and well-honed procedures as helping it to stand out from its competitors. “We are long-established, with qualified staff, and we are committed to best practice and safety standards,” he commented. “In addition to this, all of our climbing and rigging equipment must comply with our LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) system, which is adopted from the UK.”

Noting that “quality, well-maintained equipment allows for optimal performance”, Peter highlighted a number of equipment advances that have helped to streamline Arbor Operations’ operations.

“Deployment of large 21-22 inch chippers, 30m chip bins, loaders and forestry grapples, combined with engineered height access solutions, allows for more production per day in a safer manner,” he observed.

“Track-mounted spider machines with small footprints allow access to areas where truck and trailer-mounted machines can’t go, and you can also use these on non-level surfaces in places that other machines simply can’t get to. Meanwhile, the digitalisation of work and fleet allocation has improved the billable hours output of field crews.”

Monitor Lifts Products Backed By Local Support

Peter said that Arbor Operations uses elevated work platform (EWP) specialist Monitor Lifts as it backs its products, with parts and technical support delivered by a local team.

Monitor, which has offices in Sydney, Tamworth and Melbourne, maintains sales and service outlets around the country, and is focused on providing its clients ongoing service and support.

“Before purchasing the machines, we visited Ben and the team in Tamworth to inspect the range of spare parts and verify the level of mechanical support,” Peter said. “We even had an impromptu meeting with their mechanics to identify potential mechanical deficiencies, and were impressed and extremely satisfied we had made a sound choice with the 2210 Evo Spider Lift.

“When we have had small technical problems, they have been rectified the next day, and parts are available the next day when ordered early enough. Warranties on the new machines have been fully supported, with the gear back in the field where it needs to be, earning money.”

Ben Joyce, Monitor General Manager, told AA he has been working with Peter over the last two years – and, following the initial purchase of the 2210 Evo Spider Lift, he said that Arbor Operations has since purchased a 1575 Spider Lift and 2714 Spider Lift.

Pointing to Peter’s professionalism in his dealings with Monitor, Ben stated that Monitor is “delighted to have him as a client”.

“The Monitor spider lifts allow access to areas where you simply cannot get a conventional EWP or cherry picker,” he stated.

“The crawler track drive system provides excellent traction for use on slopes, rough ground, and also provides a low ground pressure for operation on sensitive or fragile surfaces. Hybrid (dual-power) allows the machines to be used safely indoors and outdoors. Also, their light transport weight means these machines can be easily transported without the need for large trucks.”

For more information visit www.arboroperations.com.au

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