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Expanding Horizons

Today technology and mechanisation play a key role in extending the operational capabilities of small and large businesses while keeping skilled employees safer than ever.

In any industry it can be difficult to find enough reliable, skilled workers. This is especially challenging for tree care companies due to the highly specialised nature, and also perceived risks, of their typical working tasks.

In recent years increased mechanised assistance is becoming apparent in tree take-downs and trimming across Europe and North America, as well as projects including vegetation control along waterways and roads, to help offset this workforce shortage and ease pressures on business owners.

This shift in equipment utilisation may eventually be likened to that seen in large scale timber harvesting operations here in Australia, which until not so long ago were dominated by hand-falling crews working on the ground with chainsaws. During these times near-miss incidents, injuries and deaths were unfortunately frequent.

Over the last few decades Australian attachment supplier Forest Centre has seen this advance of mechanisation in forestry – a change which has taken skilled operators off the ground and into the safety of a machine cabin where they are able to control felling, cross-cutting and processing functions at the touch of a joystick button – and are these days receiving increasing enquiries for this level of technology for use outside of the forest.

“Our attachment range has expanded to cover 5 ton compact machines right up to 30+ ton excavators, as well as other carriers including truck mounted cranes and telehandlers” explains Forest Centre Sales manager Rey Kell, referring to a product stable of all-European brands in hydraulic grapples, rotators, tree shears and grapple saws.

“Rather than replacing skilled hand-fallers or climbers, mechanised processes using purpose-built grapple saws and tree shears can serve as a means to extend the operational capabilities of a tree care business” Rey adds “this can allow more work to be performed safely, with smaller crews, reduced operator fatigue and in less time.”

Challenging projects involving the removal of diseased or poisoned trees and storm blow-down timber for example can be approached with significantly less risk exposure for the operator.

GMT Equipment

Manufactured in the Netherlands by Gierkink Machine Techniek, GMT compact felling grapples are available in two different sizes with 35cm and 50cm cut capacity, presenting capabilities for loading, cross-cutting and falling on any machine from 5 ton class upwards that can run a regular rotating hydraulic log grapple.

Designed with a tilting upper frame and hydraulic chainsaw, the GMT grapples are essentially a scaled-down forestry directional felling head. A dangle mount rotator and swing yoke allow directional control when bringing down the cut piece whilst also reducing any torsional forces on the boom of a truck crane or smaller excavator.

A patented hydraulic valve block built into the grapple allows all controls; jaws open/close, rotate, tilt up and saw cut to be controlled by only four buttons; two valve functions and either 40 litres or 60 litres per minute minimum hydraulic flow. Unlike other compact grapple saws no electrical control modifications, wiring, remote controls or batteries are required. The hydraulic sequence valve also has a unique safety aspect in that the saw will not operate until there is a firm grip on the limb or trunk section you’re wanting to cut. The saw function can also be turned off for extended use as a loading grapple.

Larger Carriers

For more demanding tasks in cross-cutting and tree removal Forest Centre also offers both dangle and fixed mount grapple saw combinations manufactured by Vosch Equipment and Hultdins Sweden to suit larger machines.

Carriers from 10ton class excavators and upwards offer greater stability and hydraulic horsepower, opening up the possibilities for driving larger displacement saw motors with larger pitch saw chains, single cut capacities beyond 500mm and the ability to have a higher degree of directional control when withdrawing large and heavy cut pieces from the working area using positioned type rotators.

TMK Tree Shears

In some working environments such as cutting close to ground level, tree shears may be preferred due to their simple yet very durable cutting systems.

Introduced to the Australian market in April 2018 by Forest Centre, Finnish-built TMK Tree Shears are designed with a single powerful moving jaw that draws the tree across a fixed cutting blade integrated into the lower frame of the shear.

Three different models are available, with softwood cut capacities of 200mm, 300mm and 400mm (slightly less for

hardwoods on the two larger models), which can be fitted on machines from 2 ton up to 20+ ton.

Optional equipment includes a two-stage ‘Turbo’ cylinder allowing fast cycle times without sacrificing power on machines with lower hydraulic pressures, as well as a collector arm for multi-stem accumulating.

For more information on the range of tree handling and cutting attachments options contact Forest Centre on (02) 6947 2833 or online at

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Get The Edge

A local business on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula has been busily tackling jobs from Frankston to Portsea, offering a range of services that has given it a competitive edge.

Choosing machines that have the potential to multiply revenue streams, get into tight, low access areas, and increase capabilities are essential for a business with only a small fleet. With the combination of a Vermeer mini skid steer loader and a wood chipper, Clear Line Tree Solutions is taking full advantage of everything these machines have to offer.

For seven and a half years, Graham Stewart, Owner of Clear Line Tree Solutions, has been providing tree trimming and removal services in the Morning Peninsula area. Graham’s first experience with a Vermeer mini skid steer loader was when he purchased a second-hand S800TX for his own jobs around the house.

“I first bought the second-hand S800TX mini loader predominantly for around home. I never intended to take it to work because I had a winch on the work machine that did most of the heavy lifting. But then on a couple of occasions, I took it to work and found out how wrong I was,” Graham said.

“The productivity I achieved was fantastic. Especially at the end of the day when you’re moving firewood to the back of the truck or clearing the site for the customer. It does all the heavy lifting for you.”

Investing in Productivity

With the success of the S800TX, and after witnessing the increase in productivity the compact mini loader brought to his business, Graham made the choice to upgrade and invest in a new S925TX for more lifting capacity.

“It gives me the capability to do jobs on a larger scale than I’ve previously been capable of. My business is just me and another worker, so having the mini skid steer loader is like employing another two men to do the heavy lifting for you. It turns up every day and never has a sore back.”

The S925TX is a compact machine that has a tipping capacity of 1198.8kg and rated operating capacity of 419.6kg while reaching a maximum hinge pin height of 214.6cm. This makes it a force to be reckoned with for any size job.

The standard dual hydraulic auxiliary system with the high flow can power the most demanding attachments, from the trencher to the grapple or cement mixer.

The portability, affordability, and diverse range of available accessories and attachments are one of the keys benefits of the Vermeer mini loaders.

Expanding To Multiple Revenue Streams

The various attachments that can be used with Vermeer’s mini skid steer loader range have given Graham the opportunity to expand his business services from existing avenues and opened up new revenue streams.

“I’ve started using the mini loader for contracted work and building up business with different mini loader services. You can get a range of different attachments, which is allowing me to work with electricians and builders doing things like trenching and moving soil,”

Graham said. Graham uses his mini skid steer loader in conjunction with his Vermeer wood chipper, allowing him to take on jobs with limited access.

“The mini steer loader fits on the back of the truck, with the chipper towed behind; I can take it to jobs and unload it down the ramp. There’s plenty of spots down in the peninsula that you can’t get the truck and chipper down to. I can take the mini skid steer out and collect the materials, and bring them back to the chipper.  That’s a massive bonus down here,” Graham said.

“It’s given me an edge on how I can run my business and the services I can provide. There’s no doubt I will continue to work with Vermeer in the future.”

Call 1300 VERMEER

For more information visit 

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Lift More! With Boxer Equipment

Boxer Equipment develops a wide range of lightweight yet heavy-duty machines that generate an impressive amount of hydraulic power to lift more, move more and dig faster than any other product on the market.

The choice of contractors and rental organisations, the Boxer is one of the most versatile, reliable and productive traction units in the world.

The Boxer compact utility loader is an innovative machine that reduces the costs of performing key tasks and the process of improving the environments in which people live and work. Developed to replace hand labour, the Boxer provides a cost-effective, terrain-friendly solution for landscapers, irrigation contractors, plumbers, electricians and property owners as they dig, trench, till, auger, demo, place materials, and perform a multitude of other tasks.

Boxer Equipment has 4 skid-steer models available 300, 600 and 700 series compact utility loaders, built to handle a full complement of more than 50 universal attachments. The Boxer’s standard quick-attach system enables the user to quickly and easily switch from a bucket to forks to auger or other tools for optimum on-the-job flexibility and bottom-line performance.

At the end of 2012, Boxer equipment was acquired by Morbark.

Boxer 320 Petrol

As part of the 300 Series, the petrol powered 320 offers the power that Boxer has become known for in a smaller package, allowing you to reduce overhead and increase jobsite productivity. Designed to handle a full complement of attachments, the 320 helps minimise hand labor. Because of its reduced size and ease of operation, the 320 is ideal for the rental industry. This compact machine provides the strength to perform a variety of tasks and the versatility to get into tight area.

Boxer 322D Diesel

The small but powerful Boxer 322D can handle “big machine” tasks while providing ease of access as a result of the smaller footprint. Able to handle a full complement of attachments, the diesel-powered 322D allows you to minimize hand labor, reduce overhead and increase productivity.

Boxer 600HD

Powered by a 24.8hp (18.5-kW) diesel engine and producing 11.3 gpm (43 l/ min) of auxiliary hydraulic flow from the single remote auxiliary lines, this new model provides all the power needed for tough jobs. The 600HD features a 74″ (188 cm) hinge pin height and a 617 lb. (280 kg) rated operating capacity, with a tip capacity of 1,763 lb. (799 kg) and fixed track width of 34.7” (88 cm). The 600HD boasts a variety of new features, including a redesigned platform with added creature comforts, hydrostatic drive, piloted joystick controls, rubber-isolated hydraulic components, tightened boom tolerances and a whole lot more!

Boxer 700HDX

The 700HDX features a unique hydraulically expandable undercarriage– from 35″ (89 cm) to 43.5″ (111 cm)– allowing the operator to retract the undercarriage for passages as narrow as 36″ (91 cm) wide then expand for increased stability while in operation by simply pulling or pushing a control lever. With a 24.8hp (18.5-kW) diesel engine and 11.3 gpm (8.7lpm) hydraulic auxiliary flow, the 700HDX provides all the power you need for tough jobs. The 700HDX boasts a variety of new features, including a redesigned platform with added creature comforts, hydrostatic drive, piloted joystick controls, rubber-isolated engine and hydraulic components, tightened boom tolerances and a whole lot more!

To book a demo call Global Machinery Sales on 1300 072 926

For more information visit

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Grip And Rip

From the smallest Skid Steer to Mini Loaders or mighty Telehandlers, Himac has you covered with Australia’s largest range of machinery attachments with more than 80 per cent manufactured right here.

Skid Steer Claw Grapple

For the toughest Skid Steer Grapple around, look no further than the new and highly versatile Himac Claw Grapple.

With Push Rake-style capability and fitted Cat J-Series teeth, this grapple is built to handle almost anything in its path. Whether you’re moving log and branches, tackling large volumes of unwanted vegetation or doing scrap clean-up – you can push it, grab it, lift it and shift it with this powerful skid steer grapple. Features include:

  • Grapple features high grade 16 mm thick arms with 65 NB horizontal bars
  • Fitted Cat J-Series teeth for cutting through ground and roots
  • Perform raking and back dragging
  • Impressive 1270mm max opening allows large volume
  • Handle all types of vegetation and scrap
  • Serrated edges provide serious grip
  • Unique curved shape to hold wide range of loads sizes
  • Greasable pivot points
  • Hoses and couplings included
  • Also available for Ag Loaders

Skid Steer Tree Puller

New from Himac, the Skid Steer Tree Puller will grab hold of small trees then pull up and out completely – roots and all! Simply grip and rip in a fast and effective clamping motion. Right from within the skid steer cab, you can clear large areas efficiently, or sneak in for more selective removal of saplings and other vegetation.

With a highly durable steel frame construction and 29 angled teeth, the Tree Puller is ready to pull trees up to 4 inches in diameter (maximum limb size 12” diameter). Within a minute, this attachment easily locks onto your skid steer with no worries.

Other applications include shearing tree limbs, pulling out vines, removing box thorns, taking out posts, handling scrap wood and demolishing unwanted wooden structures.

  • High grade steel frame construction with powder coated finish
  • Cross over relief to protect over-pressurising
  • Fast and powerful hydraulic clamping
  • Pull out trees up to 4” diameter – Max limb size 12” diameter
  • Flexible hose support – protection within frame
  • Spring mounted strain relief hose holder– keeps hoses away from pinch points while allowing necessary full forward tilt
  • Non-slip strips for safe enter/ exit of skid steer
  • Also available for Ag Loaders

Skid Steer Ripper

Himac Skid Steer Ripper attachments possess incredible strength that deliver literal ground breaking results every time. Each Skid Steer Ripper attachment is a strong and reliable tool for ground preparation. The high standard of build quality and construction that has gone into the making of the Skid Steer Ripper allows it to cope perfectly with tearing through the hardest earth.

Himac offers three Ripper attachment models. These include 3, 5, or 7 tynes. Depending on your machine size and application they will determine which model you require.

  • Forward and reverse operation
  • Replaceable teeth
  • Extreme duty design
  • Skid Steer universal mount as standard
  • Reinforced mount for additional strength
  • Digging depth up to 300 mm
  • Also available for Mini Loaders

Telehandler Power Grapple

If you want the biggest and best from your telehandler attachments, then you need Himac Attachments’ Power Rake Grapple. Combining the 50mm solid bar tynes of a power rake with an incredibly robust extreme duty grapple, your telehandler will never perform better.

Rake, sift and grapple just about anything with this extremely versatile telehandler attachment which has plenty of spacing for high capacity carrying, designed with maximum visibility in mind and can be used to dig and pull out rocks and stones that are wedged firmly into earth.

  • Same 50 mm solid bar tynes as Himac Telehandler Power Rake
  • Designed for extreme duty grappling with your telehandler
  • Spacings allow maximum sifting to carry away what you need
  • Grapple features high grade 20 mm thick arms with 80 NB horizontal bars
  • Impressive 1570 mm max grapple opening Ideal for digging out stones and rocks, clearing fence lines and transporting hard to handle loads
  • Ideal for digging out stones and rocks, clearing fence lines and transporting hard to handle loads

For the very best in machinery attachments for almost any application, contact the friendly team at Himac on 1800 888 114 or browse their product range online at

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Maintenance Made Easier By Morbark

With new knife and maintenance kits, Morbark strives to make keeping your chippers in tip-top shape a breeze!

SharpEdge® Knife Kits

Morbark’s new SharpEdge Knife Kits include the knives and bolts for your chipper, together in a handy box, providing added protection for your knives and safety for your operators. The kits stack easily on shelves, so you can keep the kits on hand. Best of all, you’ll enjoy savings of up to 10 per cent as compared to buying the kit parts individually. These kits are available for competitive chippers as well as Morbark models.

“It’s a great benefit to have everything in one complete kit. It eliminates downtime and shows that Morbark really cares about their customers using their equipment because everything’s done efficiently and done properly. I have everything I need right there to change my knives,” says Al Royer, owner of Royer Tree Service in Dedham, Massachusetts, USA.

A common maintenance mistake is when crews don’t have new bolts when they change knives on their chippers. Reusing bolts can cause stretching and additional wear on the bolts over time, resulting in fractures or even breakage of bolts, which could, in turn, cause damage to your chipper.

“I try to get my guys to switch the bolts every time [they change knives]. Unfortunately, the more machines you’ve got running, things get crazy. You end up with bolts and no blades and blades with no bolts. The kits are just easier and more efficient to have everything together,” said Dave Hughes, owner of Dave’s Tree Service in Kingston, New York, USA. “That way I know that those bolts are getting changed every single time we change blades.”

And you can feel certain you’re receiving high-quality knives. An independent testing facility tested SharpEdge knives against two competitive brands of knives and found the Morbark SharpEdge knives, on average, scored much higher than competitive knives for sharpness and durability!

Morbark Maintenance Kits

Morbark also offers filter kits for a variety of chipper engines. The filter kits contain the oil, fuel, air and hydraulic filters needed for the specific engine on your chipper. Like the SharpEdge knife kits, these maintenance kits provide all the parts needed for routine maintenance in a convenient kit at a cost savings.

“These maintenance kits come with everything I need specific to my brush chipper. Using them saves me time from looking up each component each time I order,” said Matt Bartelme, CEO of Bart’s Tree Service in Danbury, Connecticut, USA. “The beautiful thing is you get a discount by buying the kit. It’s really a no-brainer.”

Maintenance kits for Boxer mini skid steers are also available. The standard Boxer maintenance kits contain the appropriate motor oil blend and filters for your Boxer. Morbark also sells Front Idler and Mid-wheel Repair kits for Boxer compact utility loaders.

“These kits give our customers a convenient way to purchase maintenance items with one part number, taking the guesswork out of ordering individual parts,” Erika Snyder, Director of Part Sales, said. “The machine owner who insists on regular maintenance understands the impact to their bottom line. It not only extends the life of the machine but also ensures peak performance on the job each day.”

For more information, visit the following local Morbark dealers:

NSW/VIC: Global Machinery Sales, 1300 072 926,

QLD: Allclass Construction Equipment, 1300 255 252,

WA: Westco Equipment, +61 (8) 9258 9333,

NZ: Stevens Products, +64 (9) 275 0443,

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