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Eye Safety

A revolution in eye safety is on its way.

While many of us are aware of the possible risk of eye injuries, the most important aspect of prevention involves the use of safely glasses. Men are more likely than women to sustain an eye injury but very few men wear adequate eye protection when at work or when working around the house.

While approximately half of all eye injuries occur at home, there is still too many eye injuries occurring in the workplace as the figures below indicate:

  • Per day – 600 workers worldwide suffer eye injuries
  • Per year – 2.5 million eye injuries reported
  • 90 per cent are preventable by wearing eye protection

Safe Eyes®

Safe Eyes® mesh safety goggles are an innovative eye protection product, designed and developed by Kiwi Ideas Co. Ltd, New Zealand and now sold by Tree Care Machinery Australia wide.

Safe Eyes® patent stainless steel mesh goggles were originally developed for forestry workers, but are now used in well over 60 different industries.

Safe Eyes® are available in two different mesh sizes, standard 0.7mm aperture and fine dust mesh 0.4mm aperture.

Safe Eyes® have:

  • Patented mesh
  • Will not fog
  • Light and comfortable to wear
  • Flexible and durable

Use them, abuse them, bend them, squash them – they will continue to perform.

Here’s what the customers say about Safe Eyes.

“Excellent product, don’t fog, don’t sweat, easy to wipe clean in the rain. I can fold them and put them in my pocket. Perfect for working with a chainsaw in the bush. The soft rubber fitting means a total seal on my face.” – Kerry

“I certainly wouldn’t be without them.”

Mark Hewitt of Hewitt Building Limited, Carterton

“After first looking at Safe Eyes, I thought the rubber edge fitting the face would become irritable. However I soon found that it wasn’t irritable at all; it didn’t cut into your face or feel sharp. The viewing area was not restricted in any way and over a few weeks, no object passed through the mesh at all. I could even keep my eyes open with grass clippings flying into my face, something you just can’t do with standard glasses. I wear them every day.” – Brian Callister

Lawnmowing, Masterton

“These are a must! My husband has a pair but won’t let me wear them so need my own!” – Barbara Chapman, Albany

“We have found Safe-eyes invaluable after many close calls with olive branches springing back up as we raked the fruit off the taller branches during harvest. For the first harvest in 6 years we didn’t have to stop to treat face or eye scratches. Also never ever fogged up on colder days and we could see the fruit clearly! We can’t recommend them enough.” – Paul & Suzie Adamson, Harewood Estate, Masterton

Protect your eyes with a pair of Safe Eyes®. Go to and order online or visit their showroom at 29 Bennet Ave, Melrose Park. S.A. 5039.

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Going Places

Being an arborist has its challenges, one of the biggest being able to access areas hard to reach, with small and narrow entrances.

After the tree has gone, perhaps due to disease, safety or simply being in the wrong place – the stump remains and access with a grinder is required. With many arborists offering stump grinding as a service, it’s essential to be able to tackle jobs that arise, that’s why Thor’s Trees purchased two Predator 360 stump grinders.

At under 660mm wide, Thor’s Trees can service with ease, especially houses that are shoulder to shoulder and have difficult access.

The Predator 360 boasts a cutting depth of 355mm and a weight of only 145kg, meaning this machine is going places. In addition, with its fold-over handle, lifting eyes and handles to the front and rear, you can transport it in practically any truck, ute or trailer.

Its central pivot turns a job that should be hard work into something that can be repeated over and over again without tiring the operator.

Lawrence Thor, Managing Director of Thor’s Trees said, “I chose Predator as they’re the best on the market, they have a great reputation and their customer service (through Hansa Products – the local distributor) is excellent.

Lawrence mentioned that the investment was a great choice with a quick ROI compared to hiring one.

“In terms of ROI we managed to pay off the Predator 360 stump grinder in three months thanks to the accessibility to many jobs it enables.”

The manoeuvrable, well built, efficient, powerful machine with a US patented multi-tip cutting system as standard is approximately 30 per cent more efficient than the same machine with finger teeth.

“It has a great swing for such a compact grinder, at 812mm or sixty degrees, it’s unmatched by any other stump grinder on the market.”

Taking on projects of all sizes, Thor’s Trees offers a wide range of services across tree surgery, maintenance, tree felling and removal. The team work with a variety of clients from domestic, through to private and public sector partners, including estate agents, property management, planning development firms, and local schools.

The Predator 360 is the smallest pedestrian grinder available through local distributors Hansa Products. With small handheld grinder attachments, pedestrian models, as well as larger remote-controlled models up to 65hp on offer, there is bound to be a Predator suitable for every stump that need grinding.

For more information visit– Hansa Products are the sole distributor of Predator Grinders in Australia and New Zealand.

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Compact Crawlers For Arborists

JLG’s two newest crawler booms, the X17J Plus and X20J Plus are tough, yet compact and manoeuvrable, making them ideal for arboriculture applications.

Often known as ‘cherry pickers’, boom lifts are used for a lot more than picking fruit. They have long been recognised as the safest and most convenient means of reaching inaccessible places.

Despite these positives, because of their hefty size and weight, until now, this access equipment has been restricted for use by arborists and tree removal specialists, due to the space confines of many work sites, particularly in residential gardens.

The X17J Plus and the X20J Plus, two compact crawler booms recently released by leading access equipment manufacturer JLG, change all this, and due to their smaller dimensions, open new opportunities for arborists and other tree care professionals.

Both units are significantly lighter than their traditional counterparts (the XJ17 Plus weighs 2,230kg, while the X20J Plus weighs 2,840kg). Additionally, their non-marking rubber tracks displace the machines’ weight over a broad footprint, minimising the likelihood of lawned areas, paving or concrete being damaged.

The tracked wheels also provide much better manoeuvrability than competitor models over a range of surfaces including muddy ground and uneven terrain, and with their auto-levelling outriggers, these machines are easy and fast to position for maximum stability.

Although they offer reduced weight and improved versatility, the JLG combat boom crawlers lose nothing in terms of working capacity. In fact, both the X17J Plus and the X20J Plus offer an unrestricted 230kg platform capacity through the whole working envelope.

This generous platform capacity is a key difference between these units and earlier models. High platform capacity provides the option for a team of two (weight dependent) and their equipment, thereby delivering greater productivity.

In fact, previous units of similar initially only achieved platform capacities of around 120 kg, and later on, a maximum of 200kg, so on this front, these new compact crawler booms clearly break new ground.

In terms of other key specifications, the X17J Plus has a platform height of 14.96m and a working outreach of 7.65m, while the X20J Plus features a platform height of 18.05m and a working outreach of 9.85m, making both ideal to maintain tall trees and hedges.

Both feature a track widening function to optimise stability and, where necessary, improve accessibility to narrow spaces. Other benefits include a unique box for emergency operation, a protected remote-control system with fully display for simple operation, a platform rotation actuator, lifting eyes on the outrigger and a ‘Skyguard’ for improved safety. Depending on operator requirements, buyers can select from petrol, diesel or lithium battery power options. As an environmentally-friendly choice without emissions or noise, the lithium battery model delivers similar performance to the gasoline version, while also providing the added benefits of fast recharge times and the ability to continue work while recharging from mains power.

And because this Lithium technology allows 2,000 recharges before it will reduce capacity to less than 80 per cent, it has proven itself superior to older lead batteries, which only allow a maximum of 500 recharges.

While similar-sized machines are available, these two new models from JLG are the only ones offered by a major supplier. Currently, all similar units come from smaller independent companies. A key benefit of the X17J Plus and the X20J Plus over these competitors is the superior level of service they come with.

JLG measures itself by how well it meets the challenges of its customers. For this reason, like the entire JLG access equipment range, the Plus Compact Crawler Booms are backed by comprehensive service, parts and technical support offerings.

Importantly these services extend well beyond Australia’s major metropolitan centres to more remote rural and regional areas. JLG’s continued investment in infrastructure means an ever expanding national footprint that’s able to comprehensively service its customers right throughout Australia.

As an added bonus, all JLG owners can take advantage of the company’s Managed Asset Program (M.A.P.), a service that takes the guesswork out of servicing their access equipment fleet, to help delivers all the right options to maximise customers’ ROI.

With a range of choices available to best suit owner requirements, M.A.P. options include meeting compliance, regular engine service and filter change, full lifecycle management at a fixed monthly cost, telematics service of remote tracking and monitoring.

JLG delivers all of this with the intention of maximising the performance, and reliability of its versatile new compact crawler booms, ensuring that these machines are more accessible and well suited for lopping limbs, trimming branches and even picking cherries.

For more info visit or call 131 JLG (131 554).

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Aussie-Made Attachments When You Need Them

Experience leading build quality and no delays when you buy Australian-made machinery attachments from Himac.

Made by Australians for Australians

Producing high quality attachments is a must at Himac. Their team realise if you experience downtime due to cheap quality, it’s a costly inconvenience. This is why Himac will only sell you a top quality product. In fact, over 80 per cent of the attachments they sell are Aussie-made using high grade steel.

Compared to the industry average, attachments from Himac last over two times as long, ultimately saving you stress and loss of income.

Skid Steer / Mini Loader Brush Grapple

Grapple onto scrub, unwanted vegetation, fallen branches, logs and more with power and precision that you only get with Himac Attachments’ Skid Steer Brush Root Grapple.

With greasable pivot points and extreme duty design, there isn’t a clean-up too messy or too heavy for this Brush Root Grapple attachment. Features include:

  • The design, with tynes angled up at front edge, allows a larger volume to be picked up by reaching over the debris piles without the front edge digging in and disturbing the ground
  • Greasable pivot points
  • Cylinder covers
  • Dual independent grapples on Skid Steer model
  • Includes hoses and couplings

Skid Steer / Mini Loader Ripper

At Himac, their Ripper attachment boasts incredible strength that delivers literal ground breaking results every time. The high standard of build quality and construction that has gone into the making of the ripper allows it to cope perfectly with tearing through the hardest earth.

Himac offers three ripper attachment models, these include three, five or seven tynes. Depending on your machine size and application will determine which model you require.

Features Include:

  • Forward and reverse operation
  • Replaceable teeth
  • Extreme duty design
  • Reinforced mount for additional strength
  • Digging depth up to 300mm
  • Models available: 3, 5 or 7 tyne

Skid Steer / Mini Loader Slasher

Introducing Himac’s Heavy Duty Skid Steer Slasher with a new, improved design and even more value packed in. Harness the efficiency and power of this Skid Steer Slasher for slashing grass, creating fire breaks, clearing fence lines, trimming small trees before a stump removal along with other vegetation control and general landscaping duties.

This skid steer slasher features front and rear safety chains and a reinforced slasher deck, so you can work confidently knowing that this attachment will not put you at any unnecessary risk of causing harm on the job.

Features include:

  • Heavy duty TWIN BLADE carrier
  • 3” diameter cutting capacity
  • Reinforced 6mm thick slasher deck
  • The ideal model for grass slashing
  • Run down clutch protection
  • Safety chains fitted
  • Complies with Australian safety standards
  • High speed hydraulics
  • Fork pockets fitted
  • Includes hoses and couplings

For quality made machinery attachments that are built to perform, contact the experts at Himac on 1800 888 114 or browse their product range online at

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Reach For The Trees With Bluelift

With ultra-narrow dimensions and powerful rough terrain capabilities, RUTHMANN Bluelift tracked spider lifts are designed to revolutionise working at height in even the hardest to reach places.

Ideal for areas that cannot be reached with a standard vehicle towing a trailer mounted boom lift, tracked spider lifts are proving to be a popular choice with landscapers and arborists around the world, as well as facilities maintenance contractors.

When stowed, most tracked spider lifts are less than 1.0m wide, meaning that they can travel through single gates, doorways and alongside buildings and walls with ease.

Rubber tracks with a powerful drive system enable spider lifts to easily travel across all types of rough and smooth terrain, and climb gradients, all while delivering a very low ground pressure. Thanks to the overall light weight of the units, they can be easily towed on a trailer to a parking area at the jobsite, then driven to the working area.

Stabiliser legs can be deployed in multiple positions, ensuring the project can be completed no matter how tight the surroundings, and proportional electro-hydraulic controls deliver precise maneuvering at height.

Bluelift SA22

From tree trimming in rough terrain to interior maintenance on sensitive flooring, the versatile Bluelift SA22 tracked spider lift has a simple three-section boom design which delivers up to 22m working height, and up to a 10.9m horizontal outreach (200kg platform capacity) yet has a stowed width of just 0.94m and a stowed height of less than 2.0m.

Featuring a quickly removable aluminum basket, the Bluelift SA22 provides a wide two-person platform, measuring at 1.3m x 0.7m x 1.1m.

Offering 340° turret rotation, the basket is fitted with a 230-volt power outlet as standard, permitting the operator to plug in power tools or other equipment into the outlet inside the basket, rather than run loose cables outside of the machine to a power source on the ground.

The Bluelift SA22 benefits from an overall weight of just 2,990kg. This delivers a very low ground pressure when in drive mode using the rubber tracks, and also lower pressure when using the stabiliser legs. Fitted as standard, automatic stabiliser legs have a simple one-touch stabiliser operation for fast and easy setup.

For added protection, interlocking stabilisers help the spider lift maintain balance on all terrain. A self-stabilising system locks the spider lift into place for safe work at height, and hydraulically operated articulating outriggers can be set at individual heights.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, Bluelift spider lifts share many of the same design features including advanced technology, lightweight designs, and high performance. The vertical and horizontal reach of these lifts maximise production both indoor and outdoor.

Ergonomic designs allow operators to easily move the lift into position, even in tight spaces. Proportional electro-hydraulic controls deliver precise maneuvering to make easy work of accessing high places.


Designed and built in Italy, Bluelift was founded by the Marti family in 2004. In 2016, the growing business became RUTHMANN Italia S.r.l., a division of the RUTHMANN Group who are a well-established German manufacturer of truck-mounted aerial lifts.

In Australia, the RUTHMANN Bluelift tracked spider lift range is exclusively sold and serviced by Ahern Australia, who were appointed the official distributor in February 2018. Ahern Australia is also the official distributor for SnorkelTM elevating work platforms and Xtreme ManufacturingTM telehandlers, and operates from four locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Ahern Australia provides complete sales, service and spare parts for all of its distributed brands, and operates a nationwide network of field service engineers delivering highly responsive local support.

Bluelift SA16

At the HRIA Hire18 tradeshow, Ahern Australia showcased a Bluelift SA16 tracked spider, fitted with an optional BlueHybrid package. BlueHybrid is the first-ever full hybrid solution for tracked spider lifts, delivering industry-leading performance with a true zero-emission option. Three energy-efficient operating modes offer versatility by switching between battery power and combustion engine. On auto mode, the machine selects the most efficient power source to maximise the battery cycle, delivering the longest available duty cycle.

All RUTHMANN Bluelift products come with a one-year warranty and a two-year warranty on the electronics card.

To see RUTHMANN Bluelift tracked spider lifts in action, check out the product videos available at, or for more information call the Ahern Australia team on 1300 900 700.

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Ready For A Tough Job?

Hansa is proud to announce the launch of the C60RX in Australia.

As an arborist it’s not always easy-access gardens and simple tree removals. There’s often times when your job takes you to difficult sites with narrow access or soft ground conditions. While many may struggle with this terrain, there is a chipper that’s up for the challenge.

Introducing Hansa’s C60RX – the toughest tracked brush chipper in the industry. And although it has all the bells and whistles of a heavier machine, the fully kitted machine surprisingly weighs in at under 2070kg.

With safety being the most important factor when on site, the rubber tracked undercarriage on the C60RX is operated by full remote control, allowing the operator to navigate the chipper away from the danger zone and control the 65hp machine into the most difficult areas from a safe distance.

To chip, you simply control the feed-rate with the control bar and the rest is automatic – easy. The powerful hydraulic feed system makes it easy to process any material.

Its wide feed opening (18”) means bushy, twisted branches with forks are pulled into the machine without effort. With the 360°

To Winch Or Not To Winch?

With tough jobs comes big trees hence why Hansa offers an optional hydraulic winch with this model. It adds an additional 130kg weight, but take the back-breaking work out of dragging branches by hand, meaning less fatigue and more efficient operation even with a smaller team. Hansa’s optional winch has the pulling power of 1800kg, freespool and 40m of dyneema polymer rope as standard. The winch controls include machine operated or wireless function and its stabilisation legs provide additional support. Reduce fatigue also means less strain, leading to a safer work place for all staff members.

The C60 Family

Arborists tackling jobs in suburban areas will often opt for the C60RXs’ sister the C60. Widely considered to be the best in its class, this chipper boasts the same powerful, lightweight, manoeuvrable hydraulic feed and extraordinary capacity to weight ratio as the C60RX but as a wheeled unit. Its wide feed opening is another favourite among users – often described as a ‘small in size but big in capacity’ chipper.

One of Australasia’s biggest arboricultural service providers, Treescape Australasia uses Hansa’s C60RX to keep its business running smoothly and efficiently.

Business Manager Lian Polack commented, “We chose the C60RX chipper for the flexibility on our work sites. Being able to track into difficult access sites but also being able to chip whilst still on the trailer into our tip truck makes it very versatile. One of the main differences between the C60RX and other tracked chippers is the ability to use the chipper on or off the bespoke trailer.

“Our crew’s feedback was that the chipper was easy to use. They enjoyed the versatility of being able to reduce winching/dragging time on site and the feed tray was a good height/width. Most importantly, they felt that the C60 was a lot gruntier than they expected.”

With a custom in-house designed trailer on offer for the C60RX, it not only keeps the chipper at a comfortable working height, it makes it versatile for efficient use in either configuration, hitched on trailer or on tracks. Hansa like to keep their clients branding look on point – hence why they offer customisations of colour and logos to their chippers so clients can make it their own.

It can also be the small things that count – with convenience options available like cone and rake holders, a toolbox and spare wheel holders.

Chris Corfe, owner of Marc Doyle Treework, owns a C60 Hansa chipper to help his team of qualified arborists carry out jobs safely. He shares: “I’ve used Hansa for the past ten years and in my opinion, are the best built chippers on the market.

“The quality of the machines are built to last, and the Hansa team are always evolving the chippers to make jobs easier for arborists.

Chris continues, “The Hansa chippers surprise me every time, they always over deliver – never struggling to chip the bigger branches and foliage. Having the winch has made life easier for me and my staff members.”

All Hansa’s machines are designed in-house, developed over time from first-hand experience in the field. Hansa offer a superior product to remain competitive and stand apart from imported models in product quality, efficiency and solid build.

For more info call the team at Hansa on 1800 426 722


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Vacuum Excavators The Versatile Partner _Veermer

The demand for non-destructive digging (NDD) solutions has seen a surge in demand for vacuum excavation across a wide range of industries and applications.

We spoke to Vermeer Australia Marketing Manager Steve Reeves about the many opportunities that this technology offers to Australia’s Arboriculture Contractors.

This surge in demand for vacuum excavation across the Australian construction industry is being driven by factors including the increased mandating of NDD by municipalities and asset owners, the availability of vacuum excavators in a wide range of sizes and configurations, their cost-effectiveness, and the diverse applications of this technology to today’s job sites.

“Often, once a contractor buys their first vacuum excavator, its use expands beyond the intended application, realising new revenue streams and/or efficiencies in their business. Today’s trailer-mounted vacuum excavators, like Vermeer’s VX30-250, are well-suited to tree care and open space maintenance applications due to their portability and as only one person is required to operate the unit.”

How does vacuum excavation work? A vacuum excavator uses high-pressure water from a handheld wand to break down soil, which is then removed by high-volume air through a vacuum hose and deposited into a spoil tank on the unit. “This process is inherently non-destructive, hence the term non-destructive digging or NDD. The high-pressure water and vacuum can also be used independently for many tasks, including water blasting to clean objects and vacuuming of solid and liquid waste.”

Vacs are typically available in compact trailer-mounted models, with larger truck-mounted vacs chosen for higher volume applications.

Applications in Arboriculture

Its inherently non-destructive nature means that vacuum excavation is an ideal means of excavating around sensitive trees and infrastructure. The use of appropriate nozzles and water pressure enables excavation without damage to trees for tasks such as root inspection as part of pest insect and disease management, root deflector/ barrier installations, selective root pruning and isolation of root ball in transplanting.

As a means of excavating for tree planting, there is the added benefit of water being introduced as part of the process.

Damaging existing utilities can be very costly in terms of job downtime, significant fines from utility owners, and safety risk. “When used correctly, the relatively non-destructive water and air pressure used in vacuum excavation will not damage existing utilities like a backhoe, excavator, or mattock. In practice, the process exposes and cleans off the roots and existing utilities, giving the operator access to work around or tap into them.”

Stump grinding? Electronic utility locators can reduce your risk We’ve all heard the stories of stump grinders damaging unmarked utilities and the asset owners that charge like a wounded bull for repairs. If the risk of costly strikes on underground assets like power, gas and water has you on-edge when working in urban areas, consider an electronic utility/cable locator like the Vermeer G3. It can help you quickly identify the location of underground assets, and is a cost-effective risk mitigation strategy.

Get To Know The Vac Ex Lingo

The power pack engine that powers the unit. Integrated silencing systems offer quieter operation and will keep you in favour with the site management on noise-sensitive job sites.

The air flow and suction rating of the blower determines the volume and weight of spoil that can be lifted, and from what depth. Blower output is typically described in cubic feet per minute (CFM), and is a key metric when you are assessing the performance of a vacuum excavator.

The other key metric that determines how much spoil can be lifted by a vacuum excavator is the vacuum capability of the blower, typically described in inches of mercury (inHg). If you’re lifting dense spoil or lifting spoil vertically over greater distances you will typically need a high vacuum rating.

Proximity to authorised dumping stations and carrying capacity of the intended vehicle are the two key considerations when determining spoil tank size.

When working in irrigation solenoid boxes filled with dirt or installing a new valve box, a vac can be used to gently remove dirt from around the sensitive solenoid wiring so you can get a clear view of the job.

As a tool for facilities maintenance, vacs have many uses including high-pressure water blasting, gutter cleaning and leaf fall removal, debris and liquid waste clean-up. If your tree care business undertakes any of this work as a supplement to arboriculture, a vac can provide a tangible new revenue stream and give you a more comprehensive offering, especially in our current climate of drought.

What Vacuum Excavator Configuration Is Best For Your Business?

Trailer-mounted units offer great flexibility in applications where lower volumes of spoil are expected and offer the flexibility to use existing vehicle fleet. If your crews are regularly taking on larger jobs, a truck-mounted vacuum excavator may be the way to go.

For more information visit learn more about vacuum excavation and Vermeer’s range of solutions for Australia’s Tree work contractors.

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Husqvarna’s Top Handle Chainsaw

The Husqvarna T525 top handle chainsaw designed for tree care professionals who want maximum productivity with minimum downtime.

Husqvarna’s T525 has the powerful engine performance that professional users know and appreciate, packed into a lower weight tree-care chainsaw. This means improved productivity, since power and performance are not sacrificed for a lighter product. Weighing in at just 2.7kg users can cut with less strain on the body, a significant benefit for tree care professionals.

With quick acceleration built-in, pruning can be finished lightning fast. While Husqvarna’s signature X-Torq® engine ensures higher output compared to other tree care saws, which means getting more done with the same amount of fuel. X-Torq® also means lower levels of exhaust emissions, giving users a cleaner work environment.

Features for Working In The Tree

Reliability is essential for tree care specialists, especially when sitting high up in a tree. A spring-assisted start allows for lower pull force, meaning less effort is required to start the engine – a useful addition when users are at height with tricky and limited movement. A side-mounted chain adjuster is another feature that allows professionals to make quick, convenient and easy chain adjustments while out on a limb.

Easy maintenance solutions on the T525 come in the form of a quick-release air filter, flip-up fuel caps, and retained bar nuts to prevent loss. These simple maintenance solutions make it easy for users to maintain their products and decrease unnecessary downtime.

T525 Features at a Glance

  • Cylinder displacement 27cm³
  • Power output 1.1kW
  • 12” Bar
  • Chain speed at 133 per cent of maximum engine power speed 24.1 m/s
  • Weight 2.7kg (excluding cutting equipment)
  • X-Torq® engine
  • Belt eyelet making it quick and easy to connect saw to the climbing harness
  • Auto return stop switch for trouble free starting
  • Snap-lock quick release cover
  • Retained bar nut – prevents losing the bar nut
  • Quick and convenient chain tensioning from the side


For information on the Husqvarna T525 top handle chainsaw visit

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Green Climber

Whether you are digging, trenching, slashing or dozing, the Green Climber makes mowing a safe job, with no compromises on precision and speed.

Meet the Italian made remote controlled Green Climber that is capable of tackling slopes up to 60 degrees.

Green Climber is the ultimate mower to clear and maintain areas on steep, difficult terrain that can be found on roadsides, parks and acreages. Maintaining these areas can require multiple types of costly equipment and in most cases putting the operator in dangerous situations. Green Climber is so much more than a mower with attachments for finish mowing, slashing, trenching, grinding stumps, moving soil or heavy material. Whether you want to mow grass, mulch thick scrub, dig a trench or even grind tree stumps in any sort of terrain, the Green Climber is the machine capable of doing it all.

Thanks to the extendable undercarriage tracks and low centre of gravity, the Green Climber’s unbelievable grip on the terrain allows it to tackle steep gradients with ease, resulting in a safe job executed with speed and precision.

As a result, safety-conscious maintenance companies and councils across Australia are investing in Green Climbers to help them tackle those challenging areas. The operator can safely operate the remote from up to 100 metres away, allowing them to clear areas beside highways and other high traffic areas without closing off lanes and disrupting traffic flow. The remote-control system operates start/stop of the engine, engine revs, forward/ reverse, steering, and all the hydraulic functions on the machine and the attachment.

Furthermore, it has a self-correcting steering system, that, in the event of very steep slopes can be used to correct the direction. All movements are controlled by a single joystick, allowing operators to have a free hand to use for other machine commands.

Book a test drive – take the controls and see for yourself how tough this versatile machine is.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration call 1800 088 567.

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The 3315 Spider Lift Up, Over And Out

The 3315 Spider Lift from Monitor rules the roost when it comes to Tracked EWPs!

With its dual telescopic knuckle boom configuration the 3315 Spider Lift from Monitor allows 17 meters of up-and-over reach, 15 meters of horizontal reach, and max work height topping out at 33 meters.

Scanreco radio control operation for all functions, with class leading features such as “auto-stow / go-home” and “auto-level” make the 3315 Spider Lift a dream to use.

A powerful Kubota diesel engine comes standard, but also the hybrid option is becoming very popular. This provides an on-board Lithium battery system allowing the entire machine to be operated almost silently – brilliant for operating around quiet zones or after-hours, or even just to improve communication between ground and platform.

The “quick stick” feature allows the machine to set up with the bottom boom in the vertical position, yet the basket still at ground level, which then allows the operator to elevate from ground level to working height in a greatly reduced time frame. Also the huge amount of telescope in the bottom boom provides a vertical lift path if required. This clever design also provides zero tail-swing, meaning the 3315 is amazingly capable of operating in confined areas.

The heavy-duty crawler track system is hydraulically expandable, and expands “out and down” to increase departure angle and ground clearance, for rough off-road operation. Non-marking rubber tracks are available if required for operating on fragile surfaces, or new concrete, pavers, etc.

This 3315 Spider Lift is amazingly compact. With the basket removed, the length is only 6.5 meters. Height is 1.99 meters and width 1.39 meters (with tracks retracted) for narrow gateway or commercial doorway access.

The 3315 Spider Lift is available with three basket sizes, ranging from 1.4 – 2.2 meters wide. 230kg SWL is the same across all sizes.

Dual position outrigger legs allow versatile setup options, especially when operating in and around obstacles or tight areas. Full rotation, and full working height can still be achieved, even when the 3315 Spider Lift is setup in its narrowest setting of 3.38 meters. The clever angled and extra-long travel stabiliser legs mean you can not only set the 3315 up on very uneven ground, but it can also self-load onto some trucks and trailers.

With a low tare weight, transporting is much simpler and more economical than with much heavier conventional EWPs.

This low weight design also means the 3315 Spider Lift is ideally suited for craning onto sites and operating on load sensitive floors.

Combine this machine with Monitor’s market leading after sales support and technical knowledge, and there you have a winning package!

Contact Monitor Lifts on 1800 025 024 or at [email protected] for more details – Service support Australia wide.

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