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RG-800 Mini Tracked Dumper

Successful tradies and contractors need to get their jobs completed successfully within the allocated time and on budget.

Preferably, without smashing their workers and employees so hard they risk injuries or mistakes. I’ll be honest, I’m all for rolling up the sleeves and getting the job done, but in the long run it’s about working smarter not harder. Therefore, introducing smart machinery that can fast-track your work load and reduce any potential risk or injury is always going to be a sensible way to go, especially when the cost of said machinery is more than made up by the reduction of man hours on your weekly jobs. After all time is money.

The RG-800 Mini Tracked Dumper from Rhino Grande is one such piece of kit that can be a real game changer for contractors and business owners out there. The clever track-mounted, self-loading load dumper has a capacity of 800kg with a hydraulically operated scissor lift, which easily lifts the bucket to a height of 1450mm at the bucket pivot. This enables material to be dumped straight into a truck or 6m skip bin. They had me at scissor lift!

When I think back to the earlier days of my career and try to count the loads of buckets and wheelbarrows full of concrete, blue metal, road base and numerous other materials I’ve manually handled my back hurts just thinking about it. So it’s safe to say this machine is going to make life a lot easier and a hell of a lot more productive for many businesses where productivity and efficiency are important. I can see landscapers, plumbers, builders and other trades and professions that have requirements to move earth or a long list of other materials embracing the RG-800.

Great Access

The elements that make me think this machine is going to perform so well is that at 850mm wide its access is perfect for narrow passageways and other hard-to-get-to areas. It could even go through the front door if you needed it to. The 800kg load capacity can be filled with its self-loading bucket in three good scoops. The fact that this machine can not only lift and dump its load, but also dig and scoop to fill its own bucket is very clever. This machine will be the perfect addition for businesses with small teams who still need to power through labour-intensive tasks.

The 13hp 4-stroke petrol Briggs & Stratton engine with auto start is reliable and powerful. The entire machine offers great value overall. Easy servicing and maintenance is also a key factor to the features of this machine.

Testing Time

We tested the machine starting on relatively easy mulch and wood chips to get a feel for the loading and dumping process and the controls. It only took 20 minutes or so to get a good feel for the mini loader, so after half a dozen loads of the lighter material we made our way to a much harder and heavier pile of dirt and rock that had been drenched and dried out at least five times over the last week. A good crust had formed on the top layer that needed to be broken up by the scoop first. Make no mistake this machine is not an excavator, but I was still impressed with its ability to break up the pile and substantial chunks of sandstone and rock.

Rhino Grande have really shown off their talent for creating quality machinery designed and engineered to save owners time and money through innovation. As a structural landscaper and co-owner of Impact Pools – specialising in landscaping, paving and decking in and around various sized pools in backyards on the east coast around the Sydney and Central Coast areas – we often experience access problems, which a machine like the RG-800 would solve. It also has lifting points to be craned into position if needed.

For the price I can’t see any business with high labour costs going wrong by purchasing the Rhino Grande RG-800.

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Vegetation Control

Did you know Himac manufacture more than 80 per cent of their machinery attachments in Australia? Experience quality made products that are built to last time and time again.

About Himac Attachments

Himac design, manufacture and supply attachments specifically for tree work and agricultural machinery operating in harsh Australian conditions. Their impressive product range is designed to suit skid steers track loaders, ag loaders and telehandlers as well as a streamlined selection of mini loader and excavator attachments.

At Himac you will find rake buckets, stick rakes, post hole diggers, grapples, hay forks, pallet forks, slashers, mixer buckets, brooms and much more. Whether you’re clearing land, creating fence lines, tackling vegetation… almost anything can be achieved using a Himac attachment.

Himac’s brand and reputation is built on more than 17 years of consistent supply of quality attachments throughout Australia. Each product is field tested and proven to last while remaining incredibly price-competitive.

Himac manufacture more than 80 per cent of the products they sell, all with local Australian labour. They hold generous stock levels in warehouses across Australia (including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and other capital cities) for fast delivery and minimal freight costs.

Skid Steer Claw Grapple

For the toughest Skid Steer Grapple around, look no further than the new and highly versatile Himac Claw Grapple. With Push Rake-style capability and fitted Cat J-Series teeth, this grapple is built to handle almost anything in its path. Whether you’re moving logs / branches, tackling large volumes of unwanted vegetation or doing scrap clean-up.

Features include:

  • Grapple features high grade 16mm thick arms with 65NB horizontal bars
  • Fitted Cat J-Series teeth for cutting through ground and roots
  • Perform raking and back dragging
  • Impressive 1270mm max opening allows large volume
  • Handle all types of vegetation and scrap
  • Serrated edges provide serious grip, greasable pivot points
  • Unique curved shape to hold wide range of loads sizes

Skid Steer Stump Bucket Grapple

Featuring the same multi-use innovation and high-tensile base as its standard counterpart, the Stump Grapple executes stump removal with your skid steer faster than ever. The serrated edges and front 300mm toothed tip cuts through roots, while at the same time the powerful single arm grapple can take hold and pull to accelerate the root-busting process.

Features include:

  • Extreme duty hydraulic grapple arm
  • Replaceable excavator style teeth – 300mm wide tip
  • Curved design base with 13mm high tensile construction
  • Accelerated removal of tree stumps, small trees and other vegetation
  • 1200mm max grapple opening to steady tall and large loads
  • Useful for digging footings and trenches (up to 920mm)
  • Perform demolition and pull up concrete / asphalt

Mini Loader Slasher

The Mini Loader Slasher from Himac allows you to harness serious grass slashing power. This vegetation control attachment is more than just a mini loader mower, going above and beyond expectations in speed, power and its ability to handle low level shrubbery with ease.

Features include:

  • Heavy duty twin blade carrier
  • 3″ diameter cutting capacity
  • 1280mm cutting width (1360mm overall)
  • High torque hydraulic motor
  • Safety chains fitted, worksafe approved
  • Run down clutch protection
  • 6mm thick Slasher deck
  • Fork pockets fitted for easy loading / unloading

Skid Steer Tree Puller

The Skid Steer Tree Puller will grab hold of small trees then pull up and out completely – roots and all. Simply grip and rip in a fast and effective clamping motion. Right from within the skid steer cab, you can clear large areas efficiently, or sneak in for more selective removal of saplings and other vegetation.

With a highly durable steel frame construction and 29 angled teeth, the tree puller is ready to pull trees up to 4 inches in diameter (max limb size 12” diameter).

Features include:

  • High grade steel frame construction with powder coated finish
  • Cross over relief to protect over-pressurising
  • Fast and powerful hydraulic clamping
  • Pull out trees up to 4” diameter – Max limb size 12” diameter
  • Flexible hose support – protection within frame
  • Spring mounted strain relief hose holder
  • Non-slip strips for safe enter / exit of skid steer

For the very best in machinery attachments for vegetation control, contact the friendly team at Himac on 1800 888 114

Browse their product range online at

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Boxer 700 HDX

If you’re looking to reduce labour costs and maximise efficiencies when handling materials on site, along with a long list of other tasks that previously chewed up your time and money, Morbark has an affordable and impressive solution. The Boxer 700HDX Skid Steer is a compact utility loader set to change the way you go about your labour-intensive tasks.

If you are a professional in the tree industry or any trade that involves labour-intensive material handling and loading of materials, who wants to get the job done as efficiently as possible, the 700HDX provides all the power you need for extremely demanding jobs.

When access onsite is tricky, the unique expandable undercarriage retracts to 88cm and then opens up again to 111cm for stability when in operation, making that backyard side passageway easy to access where other, larger machines simply wouldn’t fit through. So put that dodgy old wheelbarrow away and get the job done right with speed and efficiency.

Power and Performance

This machine is surprisingly nimble on the ground and the 24.8hp Kubota diesel engine supplies more than enough power. There is ample hydraulic flow with 43/33 L/ min combining to give you all the muscle you need when it counts.

The 700HDX has great new features, including a platform that soaks up a lot of bounce and movement when operating, which removes stress from the knees and calves, as well as making you feel more secure when operating. There are several padded areas that have been placed in just the right spots to ensure added user comfort. The hydrostatic drive, piloted joystick controls, rubber-isolated engine, hydraulic components and tightened boom tolerances all add up to a significantly improved experience.

I visited my good mates down at Active Tree Services where I knew I would be able to see what the Boxer 700HDX Skid Steer could do. Onsite there was a pile of mulch, branches and solid sections of chopped up tree trunks that had been dropped off throughout the morning.

Everything I needed to test the power and performance of the Boxer was there.

Impressive Ground Speed with Great Access

Within minutes I was manoeuvring at pace around the site (max speed 7.2km p/h) and using the brush grapple to move solid sections of cut tree trunks on site. The operating capacity of the 700HDX is 320kg, which is an impressive amount given the size of the machine. Even when using the attachment to push significantly heavier sections of tree trunks, it pushed and pulled surprisingly well. I dialled into the machine within 5 to 10 minutes and made short work of a pile of tree sections within 15 minutes. The brush grapple had plenty of bite and gripped the heavier sections extremely well. The thick boom arms are built tough, and the universal attachment plate made it very quick and easy to swap over attachments.

The next attachment in line for me to test was the 4-n-1 multi-purpose bucket.

I was backfilling, levelling and moving good amounts of material effortlessly in great time. The Boxer 700HDX Skid Steer is a true workhorse.

Other standout features are the cooling system and fan, which are located in front of the operator’s position at the back of the machine and because it’s a suck (not blow) system it won’t blow hot air on the operator’s legs. The location stops dust from being sucked into the engine. There are also two front and two rear tie-down points, which are a handy addition.

The rubber undercarriage track width is 230mm, which provides suitable grip and traction even in sloppy, muddy conditions. Weighing in at 1295kg (no attachment) this machine is a perfect option for those trying to get through more challenging tasks significantly quicker than manual labour.

With more than 50 attachments available, from buckets to augers and forks, you will find the right attachment to suit practically any task for on-the-job flexibility and bottom line performance. As with all skid steers you do have to be a little careful not to overload and forward tip the machine, but with experience and common sense you will find this machine outperforms similar more expensive machines.

My overall opinion of the Boxer 700HDX Skid Steer is that its handling and performance are superior to other skid steers I have used in the past. The controls and power are both smooth and powerful, without being overly sensitive with the movement that comes from operating the machine.

Its dual hydrostatic hydraulic system’s overall power and lifting capabilities are impressive, and for the price, the Boxer 700HDX Skid Steer is a cost-effective addition to any business looking to enhance their productivity.

Words | Heath Thompson

Call 1300 072 926 for more product range.

For more information visit

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1890 Spider Lift The Game Changer

Proven for 10 years in Australia, reliable, simple to use, go where others can’t, with the Monitor 1890 Spider Lift.

The Monitor 1890 Spider Lift has maintained its position as Australia’s most popular Spider Lift since it was launched in 2009 – 10 years ago. There are hundreds of 1890 Spider Lifts working across Australia and New Zealand, and with the following features and benefits, it’s no wonder why.

This model is available in various configurations, with a choice of Honda petrol or Kubota diesel engines, 240 volt electric motor, or even a lithium battery pack for fast, yet almost silent operation (more on this later).

Both Variants Come Standard With:

  • 18m working height
  • 9m horizontal working outreach
  • 200 kg SWL, with 2 man capacity
  • Stows to an incredible 790mm width for very narrow access
  • Removable platform (reduces length and width for extremely tight access)
  • Expandable tracks that extend out-and-down for increased ground clearance and better departure angle off-road
  • Only 1.9m tall for driving through low areas
  • Smooth hydraulic proportional controls for all functions, with ability to operate several functions simultaneously
  • Clever outrigger design for setup on large slopes or over obstacles
  • 360° rotation / slew
  • Platform rotation
  • Emergency lowering system
  • Engine auto throttle

The 1890 Pro version has some very nice upgrades including Radio remote control (no curly cords or leads!), Auto-level for the stabiliser legs, and 2-speed drive for fast manoeuvring. The radio control unit is very ergonomic and simple to use. All functions are fully proportional. The functions speeds are nice and fast if desired, making for quick set up times and productive work times.

Another beauty of the 1890 Spider Lift is it is available on a tandem axle steel plant trailer, allowing you to tow the package behind almost any ute or small truck.

Choice of 1-man or 2-man baskets are available – sometimes a narrow basket (780mm wide) makes for better access into tighter areas.

Now, back to the Lithium batteries: this feature can be a real game changer when positioning the machine in and around buildings where noise is to be kept to a minimum. The beauty of Lithium is how fast it charges, how long a full charge lasts, and also the fact it is maintenance free, unlike standard batteries. Monitor Lifts have sold many Spider Lifts over the last 6 years with Lithium batteries, and are well experienced in this field.

Non-marking rubber tracks are also often fitted to the Monitor 1890 Spider Lifts to allow operation on fragile surfaces, concrete and paving, and removes the risk of leaving black track marks where you travel.

Monitor Lifts have superb after sales and parts / technical support throughout Australia and New Zealand. With brand new premises in both Sydney and Melbourne, and authorised service dealers in all other major centres, the friendly Monitor team are here to help you in any way possible – call them now on freecall 1800 025 024, visit or email [email protected]

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Revolution In Eye Safety

A revolution in eye safety is on its way.

While many of us are aware of the possible risk of eye injuries, the most important aspect of prevention involves the use of safely glasses. Men are more likely than women to sustain an eye injury but very few men wear adequate eye protection when at work or when working around the house.

While approximately half of all eye injuries occur at home, there is still too many eye injuries occurring in the workplace as the figures below indicate:

  • Per day – 600 workers worldwide suffer eye injuries
  • Per year – 2.5 million eye injuries reported
  • 90 per cent are preventable by wearing eye protection

Safe Eyes®

Safe Eyes® mesh safety goggles are an innovative eye protection product, designed and developed by Kiwi Ideas Co. Ltd, New Zealand and now sold by Tree Care Machinery Australia wide. Safe Eyes® patent stainless steel mesh goggles were originally developed for forestry workers, but are now used in well over 60 different industries.

Safe Eyes® are available in two different mesh sizes, standard 0.7mm aperture and fine dust mesh 0.4mm aperture.

Safe Eyes® have:

  • Patented mesh
  • Will not fog
  • Light and comfortable to wear
  • Flexible and durable

Use them, abuse them, bend them, squash them – they will continue to perform.

Here’s what the customers say about Safe Eyes

“Excellent product, don’t fog, don’t sweat, easy to wipe clean in the rain. I can fold them and put them in my pocket. Perfect for working with a chainsaw in the bush.

The soft rubber fitting means a total sealon my face.” – Kerry

“I certainly wouldn’t be without them.” – Mark Hewitt of Hewitt Building Limited, Carterton

“After first looking at Safe Eyes, I thought the rubber edge fitting the face would become irritable. However, I soon found that it wasn’t irritable at all; it didn’t cut into your face or feel sharp. The viewing area was not restricted in any way and over a few weeks, no object passed through the mesh at all. I could even keep my eyes open with grass clippings flying into my face, something you just can’t do with standard glasses. I wear them every day.” – Brian Callister Lawnmowing, Masterton

“These are a must! My husband has a pair but won’t let me wear them so need my own!” – Barbara Chapman, Albany

“We have found Safe-eyes invaluable after many close calls with olive branches springing back up as we raked the fruit off the taller branches during harvest. For the first harvest in 6 years, we didn’t have to stop to treat face or eye scratches. Also never ever fogged up on colder days and we could see the fruit clearly! We can’t recommend them enough.” – Paul & Suzie Adamson, Harewood Estate, Masterton

Protect your eyes with a pair of Safe Eyes®. Go to and order online or visit their showroom at 29 Bennet Ave, Melrose Park. S.A. 5039.

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Engineered To Succeed

WPT Power has engineered a range of solutions for Diesel engines in tree applications, which are able to reduce engine wear and increase durability.

PythonTM Hydraulic Clutch Control

WPT Power’s patented PythonTM Hydraulic Clutch Control is the perfect product for any equipment with an engine that struggles during machine start-up. With the push of a button, our PythonTM will smoothly engage any WPT Type 1 and Type 2 Power Take-Off to accelerate the most demanding loads. It eliminates the need for bump starting heavy loads which can stall or damage the engine.

This product was designed and tested alongside seasoned experts in the Off-Highway Equipment industry, and was specially engineered for applications with high inertia loads. WPT Power’s patented PythonTM is perfect for the OEM as well as the end user. Features include:

  • Eliminates operator-related engagement abuse
  • Maximises the clutch’s wear component life
  • Optimises clutch engagement for smooth operation
  • Can be easily integrated into OEM control systems
  • Designed and tested to operate in cold weather conditions
  • Self-contained unit. No need for machine hydraulics
  • Compatible with SAE J1939 engine connections
  • Available in 12 or 24 Volt

Hydraulic Power Take-Offs

If you are looking for an innovative, high capacity power take-off, look no further than the WPT® Type 2.

With its versatile design, dry clutch and top-of-the-line spherical roller bearings, the Type 2 PTO have been field-proven in many sideload applications.

The benefits of the WPT Type 2 include the potential for remote engagement, self-adjusting clutch, with air or hydraulic actuation.

Heavy-duty gear tooth friction discs are standard on 14” and 18” models. Bearings are lubricated with either grease or oil.

Customers needing maximum capacity in a small package will find the Type 2 an outstanding PTO for their applications.

Pilotless TM Mechanical Power Take-Off

Industrial engine applications are more demanding than ever. Customers need a solution rugged enough to meet those demands and WPT Power has engineered that solution with the WPT PilotlessTM Mechanical Power Take-Off. This design eliminates the pilot bearing and increases side load capacity over previous generations of PTO products. The WPT PilotlessTM Mechanical Power Take-Off will optimise your cost by reducing inventory, increasing uptime, and engine life, and simplify installation time. Features include:

  • Dual spherical roller main bearing design
  • Time savings for assembly since no pilot bearing alignment required
  • Most sizes fit within the envelope of the previous design
  • No direct loading to engine crankshaft increases the life of engine main bearings
  • No installation related engine thrust bearing damage
  • 100 percent equipped with ball-bearing engagement collars
  • Increased side load capacity.

For more information visit, call 0429 787 976 or email [email protected]

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Husqvarna 60 Years Of Cutting Expertise

Husqvarna knows chainsaws, and they really should.

After all, Husqvarna has been providing the world with some of the very best machines since 1959. So, obviously, they also know the challenges you face when using them.

Their smart solutions and innovations like Air Injection™ technology, AutoTune™ performance software or X-Torq® engine technology have helped advance chainsaw performance, optimize power output and even the ability to save on fuel consumption in their machines.

When Husqvarna’s first chainsaw was being developed, one of the requirements for the product engineers was to significantly reduce its noise level.

The production department thought the existing muffler “seemed too complicated,” so the product engineers went to Husqvarna’s frame workshop, where frames for the company’s motorcycles and mopeds were made. Their skill in bending pipe made it possible to realise a new design for the mufflers. In November 1959, the Husqvarna 90 was presented, a chainsaw with noise levels that were half that of the competition.

For the next decade, Husqvarna focussed on developing quieter, lighter and better vibration dampening chainsaws.

With a number of successful launches in place, Husqvarna engineers turned their focus to safety. Using a chainsaw can be dangerous, and loggers often suffered serious injuries. In response, the Husqvarna 162 was developed, a thoroughly modern saw with fewer parts, an electronic ignition system, and perhaps most importantly, an automatic chain brake. This innovation dramatically reduced the number of accidents to forestry workers.

Today, Husqvarna’s chainsaw range includes everything from heavy-duty machines to smaller saws for private use as well as models for felling, pruning and cutting firewood. Included in their large offering is the Battery Series that is built to give you all the power and intuitive design you expect, minus the noise and fumes.

2018 saw the launch of the 572 XP® chainsaw, a truly revolutionary machine. This year Husqvarna unveiled the company’s new generation 50cc chainsaws for professional arborists – the Husqvarna 550 XP® Mark II, delivering outstanding cutting capacity with acceleration and torque that performs in any environment. They’ve also added comfort, control, and manoeuvrability – all in a reliable and durable package with easy starts, that keeps going as long as it’s needed.

2019 not only marks 60 years as a chainsaw manufacturer, it also commemorates 330 years for Husqvarna as a company. The commitment to producing more ergonomic products with lower emissions and better energy efficiency is greater than ever before.

At Husqvarna, product development never stops, this is how they will continue to develop chainsaws that help you work longer, smarter and safer into the future.

For more information visit

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Maximum Stability

The Snorkel MHP15HD is an all-steel elevating work platform, mounted on a rigid towable trailer base for easy transport and set up.

The Snorkel MHP15HD has a simple three boom design with upper and lower booms and a two-meter articulating jib to provide ‘up and over’ capability.

The upper boom has full ‘negative angle’ capability, meaning that the upper boom and jib can be fully lowered to the ground, even when the lower boom is raised, delivering an extremely maneuverable working envelope.

Built with the arborist industry in mind, the Snorkel MHP15HD has a maximum working height of 14.8m and a maximum horizontal outreach of 7m at 8m high. Since the platform height is above 11 metres, operators must have the necessary high-risk work licence (class WP). However, a 10.9m keyed height lockout switch is fitted as standard, to allow operators without a high-risk work licence to use the machine when the lockout is enabled. The maximum platform height is restricted but the maximum outreach of the machine is not affected.

Manufactured to withstand damage from falling tree limb offcuts and branches, the base is fabricated from rectangular section steel tubes and plates and the stabiliser legs are fabricated from heavy wall RHS steel. The key aspect of the standard automatic stabilisers legs is simple one-touch stabiliser operation for easy setup, allowing the machine to auto-level even if the legs are on uneven ground.

The main turntable is mounted to the base on a full-sized combination slew bearing and gear, which is durable for the life of the machine and provides maximum stability for the booms and security or the machine operators. Boasting the largest basket size in its class, the Snorkel MHP15HD provides a wide two-person platform, measuring at 1.24m x 0.77m x 1.1m. This all-steel basket is fitted with recessed LED tail lights and a standard hydraulic platform rotator, allowing for increased maneuverability when extended, as well as accessibility to the basket when the operator is next to a wall or obstacle that blocks one of the three egress points.

The Snorkel MHP15HD is also fitted with power to platform cable as standard, permitting the operator to plug in power tools or other equipment into an outlet inside the basket, rather than run loose cables outside of the machine to a power source on the ground.

Offered with a 5.5hp Honda GX160 petrol engine, the MHP15HD is quiet, clean and has very low running costs.

As an extra option, this machine can be fitted with a diesel engine, 24-volt DC power, 240-volt AC power, or any combination of the two. If it is fitted with a combination of both power options, the sources work independently to provide ‘dual power’ capability.

The weight of a standard, petrol engine MHP15HD is 1,760kg, which is ideal for towing with most cars and light commercial vehicles. Compact towing dimensions of just 1.77m wide and 7.45m length make this lift a versatile and portable work at height solution.

Suited for easy off-road towing manoeuvrability, this lift is also fitted with class-leading heavy-duty wheel, axle, hub and suspension assembly, ideal for forestry environments.

The rugged and durable Snorkel MHP15HD has become one of the most popular heavy-duty towable elevating work platforms in Australia and is highly favored throughout the tree-management and associated arbor industries.

The Snorkel MHP15HD is a part of a family of six Snorkel towable boom lifts available through the official Snorkel provider, Ahern Australia.

To arrange a product demonstration, please call 1300 900 700

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DMM Bat Plates

Developed with input from professionals in the rescue industry DMM’S range of Bat Rigging Plates raise the bar in design, performance and strength.

Precision machining and heat treatment make them super-strong, light and incredibly versatile. The ‘Bat’ shape minimises height loss in complex rigging scenarios and generous radii allow direct attachment of textiles and rope as well as connectors.

  • Four sizes for all rigging configurations
  • Anodised to BS EN 7599:2010 AA10 Sealed for corrosion protection
  • Conforms to NFPA 1983 (2012 Ed) Class G

For more information, please visit specialist-rigging/bat-plates

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Gomtaro Root Cutting Saw

Want to be amazed? Try Silky’s Root Cutting Saw.

What Is It Designed To Do?

The name itself says it all – root cutting saw. But that’s not all. This particular saw is toughened to cut tree roots and resist blunting from dirt and debris.

If you are planting, installing a Root Barrier, or just pruning dirting timber, this is the saw for you. It’s so unique and has so many uses:

  • Landscaping
  • Lawn service
  • Handyman
  • Arborist
  • Tree lopper
  • Parks and Gardens
  • Builders
  • Olive Groves
  • Construction
  • Fencing Contractors

Commercial Growers

Commercial Growers will find this saw effective when cutting at the base of the tree to clear suckers or new growth away. Inevitably, the saw goes into the soil with each stroke. If you’re using a standard saw you’re going to blunt it really quickly.

Fencing Contractors

Fencing Contractors find this tool extremely useful for removing old fence posts. Normally you’ve got to dig them out or use chainsaws, but we all no that there’s going to be a lot of filing to do if you use that. The Gomtaro Root Cutter can solve all these problems. It’s brilliant and fast.

Gomtaro Root Cutter

Gomtaro Root Cutter has been designed to be an exceptionally easy saw to use. With the unique Mirai-Me style tooth, this saw gives a very clean and smooth cut. The tooth style doesn’t leave aggressive marks on the tree or its roots.

If you are cutting roots to transplant a tree this is your must have tool. Why? Not only it is not going to go blunt quickly, but it’s also going to give a nice finished surface, so that the roots have the very best chance of healing quickly. As usual, Silky is a worthy addition to your kit.

Call ATC Products on (07) 3823 1599

Mail: [email protected]

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