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Engineered To Succeed

WPT Power has engineered a range of solutions for Diesel engines in tree applications, which are able to reduce engine wear and increase durability.

PythonTM Hydraulic Clutch Control

WPT Power’s patented PythonTM Hydraulic Clutch Control is the perfect product for any equipment with an engine that struggles during machine start-up. With the push of a button, our PythonTM will smoothly engage any WPT Type 1 and Type 2 Power Take-Off to accelerate the most demanding loads. It eliminates the need for bump starting heavy loads which can stall or damage the engine.

This product was designed and tested alongside seasoned experts in the Off-Highway Equipment industry, and was specially engineered for applications with high inertia loads. WPT Power’s patented PythonTM is perfect for the OEM as well as the end user. Features include:

  • Eliminates operator-related engagement abuse
  • Maximises the clutch’s wear component life
  • Optimises clutch engagement for smooth operation
  • Can be easily integrated into OEM control systems
  • Designed and tested to operate in cold weather conditions
  • Self-contained unit. No need for machine hydraulics
  • Compatible with SAE J1939 engine connections
  • Available in 12 or 24 Volt

Hydraulic Power Take-Offs

If you are looking for an innovative, high capacity power take-off, look no further than the WPT® Type 2.

With its versatile design, dry clutch and top-of-the-line spherical roller bearings, the Type 2 PTO have been field-proven in many sideload applications.

The benefits of the WPT Type 2 include the potential for remote engagement, self-adjusting clutch, with air or hydraulic actuation.

Heavy-duty gear tooth friction discs are standard on 14” and 18” models. Bearings are lubricated with either grease or oil.

Customers needing maximum capacity in a small package will find the Type 2 an outstanding PTO for their applications.

Pilotless TM Mechanical Power Take-Off

Industrial engine applications are more demanding than ever. Customers need a solution rugged enough to meet those demands and WPT Power has engineered that solution with the WPT PilotlessTM Mechanical Power Take-Off. This design eliminates the pilot bearing and increases side load capacity over previous generations of PTO products. The WPT PilotlessTM Mechanical Power Take-Off will optimise your cost by reducing inventory, increasing uptime, and engine life, and simplify installation time. Features include:

  • Dual spherical roller main bearing design
  • Time savings for assembly since no pilot bearing alignment required
  • Most sizes fit within the envelope of the previous design
  • No direct loading to engine crankshaft increases the life of engine main bearings
  • No installation related engine thrust bearing damage
  • 100 percent equipped with ball-bearing engagement collars
  • Increased side load capacity.

For more information visit, call 0429 787 976 or email [email protected]

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Husqvarna 60 Years Of Cutting Expertise

Husqvarna knows chainsaws, and they really should.

After all, Husqvarna has been providing the world with some of the very best machines since 1959. So, obviously, they also know the challenges you face when using them.

Their smart solutions and innovations like Air Injection™ technology, AutoTune™ performance software or X-Torq® engine technology have helped advance chainsaw performance, optimize power output and even the ability to save on fuel consumption in their machines.

When Husqvarna’s first chainsaw was being developed, one of the requirements for the product engineers was to significantly reduce its noise level.

The production department thought the existing muffler “seemed too complicated,” so the product engineers went to Husqvarna’s frame workshop, where frames for the company’s motorcycles and mopeds were made. Their skill in bending pipe made it possible to realise a new design for the mufflers. In November 1959, the Husqvarna 90 was presented, a chainsaw with noise levels that were half that of the competition.

For the next decade, Husqvarna focussed on developing quieter, lighter and better vibration dampening chainsaws.

With a number of successful launches in place, Husqvarna engineers turned their focus to safety. Using a chainsaw can be dangerous, and loggers often suffered serious injuries. In response, the Husqvarna 162 was developed, a thoroughly modern saw with fewer parts, an electronic ignition system, and perhaps most importantly, an automatic chain brake. This innovation dramatically reduced the number of accidents to forestry workers.

Today, Husqvarna’s chainsaw range includes everything from heavy-duty machines to smaller saws for private use as well as models for felling, pruning and cutting firewood. Included in their large offering is the Battery Series that is built to give you all the power and intuitive design you expect, minus the noise and fumes.

2018 saw the launch of the 572 XP® chainsaw, a truly revolutionary machine. This year Husqvarna unveiled the company’s new generation 50cc chainsaws for professional arborists – the Husqvarna 550 XP® Mark II, delivering outstanding cutting capacity with acceleration and torque that performs in any environment. They’ve also added comfort, control, and manoeuvrability – all in a reliable and durable package with easy starts, that keeps going as long as it’s needed.

2019 not only marks 60 years as a chainsaw manufacturer, it also commemorates 330 years for Husqvarna as a company. The commitment to producing more ergonomic products with lower emissions and better energy efficiency is greater than ever before.

At Husqvarna, product development never stops, this is how they will continue to develop chainsaws that help you work longer, smarter and safer into the future.

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Maximum Stability

The Snorkel MHP15HD is an all-steel elevating work platform, mounted on a rigid towable trailer base for easy transport and set up.

The Snorkel MHP15HD has a simple three boom design with upper and lower booms and a two-meter articulating jib to provide ‘up and over’ capability.

The upper boom has full ‘negative angle’ capability, meaning that the upper boom and jib can be fully lowered to the ground, even when the lower boom is raised, delivering an extremely maneuverable working envelope.

Built with the arborist industry in mind, the Snorkel MHP15HD has a maximum working height of 14.8m and a maximum horizontal outreach of 7m at 8m high. Since the platform height is above 11 metres, operators must have the necessary high-risk work licence (class WP). However, a 10.9m keyed height lockout switch is fitted as standard, to allow operators without a high-risk work licence to use the machine when the lockout is enabled. The maximum platform height is restricted but the maximum outreach of the machine is not affected.

Manufactured to withstand damage from falling tree limb offcuts and branches, the base is fabricated from rectangular section steel tubes and plates and the stabiliser legs are fabricated from heavy wall RHS steel. The key aspect of the standard automatic stabilisers legs is simple one-touch stabiliser operation for easy setup, allowing the machine to auto-level even if the legs are on uneven ground.

The main turntable is mounted to the base on a full-sized combination slew bearing and gear, which is durable for the life of the machine and provides maximum stability for the booms and security or the machine operators. Boasting the largest basket size in its class, the Snorkel MHP15HD provides a wide two-person platform, measuring at 1.24m x 0.77m x 1.1m. This all-steel basket is fitted with recessed LED tail lights and a standard hydraulic platform rotator, allowing for increased maneuverability when extended, as well as accessibility to the basket when the operator is next to a wall or obstacle that blocks one of the three egress points.

The Snorkel MHP15HD is also fitted with power to platform cable as standard, permitting the operator to plug in power tools or other equipment into an outlet inside the basket, rather than run loose cables outside of the machine to a power source on the ground.

Offered with a 5.5hp Honda GX160 petrol engine, the MHP15HD is quiet, clean and has very low running costs.

As an extra option, this machine can be fitted with a diesel engine, 24-volt DC power, 240-volt AC power, or any combination of the two. If it is fitted with a combination of both power options, the sources work independently to provide ‘dual power’ capability.

The weight of a standard, petrol engine MHP15HD is 1,760kg, which is ideal for towing with most cars and light commercial vehicles. Compact towing dimensions of just 1.77m wide and 7.45m length make this lift a versatile and portable work at height solution.

Suited for easy off-road towing manoeuvrability, this lift is also fitted with class-leading heavy-duty wheel, axle, hub and suspension assembly, ideal for forestry environments.

The rugged and durable Snorkel MHP15HD has become one of the most popular heavy-duty towable elevating work platforms in Australia and is highly favored throughout the tree-management and associated arbor industries.

The Snorkel MHP15HD is a part of a family of six Snorkel towable boom lifts available through the official Snorkel provider, Ahern Australia.

To arrange a product demonstration, please call 1300 900 700

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DMM Bat Plates

Developed with input from professionals in the rescue industry DMM’S range of Bat Rigging Plates raise the bar in design, performance and strength.

Precision machining and heat treatment make them super-strong, light and incredibly versatile. The ‘Bat’ shape minimises height loss in complex rigging scenarios and generous radii allow direct attachment of textiles and rope as well as connectors.

  • Four sizes for all rigging configurations
  • Anodised to BS EN 7599:2010 AA10 Sealed for corrosion protection
  • Conforms to NFPA 1983 (2012 Ed) Class G

For more information, please visit specialist-rigging/bat-plates

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Gomtaro Root Cutting Saw

Want to be amazed? Try Silky’s Root Cutting Saw.

What Is It Designed To Do?

The name itself says it all – root cutting saw. But that’s not all. This particular saw is toughened to cut tree roots and resist blunting from dirt and debris.

If you are planting, installing a Root Barrier, or just pruning dirting timber, this is the saw for you. It’s so unique and has so many uses:

  • Landscaping
  • Lawn service
  • Handyman
  • Arborist
  • Tree lopper
  • Parks and Gardens
  • Builders
  • Olive Groves
  • Construction
  • Fencing Contractors

Commercial Growers

Commercial Growers will find this saw effective when cutting at the base of the tree to clear suckers or new growth away. Inevitably, the saw goes into the soil with each stroke. If you’re using a standard saw you’re going to blunt it really quickly.

Fencing Contractors

Fencing Contractors find this tool extremely useful for removing old fence posts. Normally you’ve got to dig them out or use chainsaws, but we all no that there’s going to be a lot of filing to do if you use that. The Gomtaro Root Cutter can solve all these problems. It’s brilliant and fast.

Gomtaro Root Cutter

Gomtaro Root Cutter has been designed to be an exceptionally easy saw to use. With the unique Mirai-Me style tooth, this saw gives a very clean and smooth cut. The tooth style doesn’t leave aggressive marks on the tree or its roots.

If you are cutting roots to transplant a tree this is your must have tool. Why? Not only it is not going to go blunt quickly, but it’s also going to give a nice finished surface, so that the roots have the very best chance of healing quickly. As usual, Silky is a worthy addition to your kit.

Call ATC Products on (07) 3823 1599

Mail: [email protected]

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Investment In The Future

Your guide to breaking down the numbers and selecting the best machine possible to increase your productivity and profit.

In today’s market, spider lifts are the investment in the future that many arborists are turning to, however selecting the right machine for the job can prove more difficult than it seems. When trying to determine the specifications that need to be focused on, it can prove a challenge to distinguish what is commission-driven sales tactics, and what you really need to be focusing on to ensure the right decision is made for your business.

Access In Urban Areas

The whole concept idea of a Spider Lift (or tracked access machine, as we like to call them) is primarily for access. When it comes to negotiating the tighter and more narrow aspects of access found in the urban areas of today, you need to consider the machine with the most compact design, and combine this with the outreach specifications. The ultimate machine for urban arborists will ideally offer the best ratio of smaller stowed dimensions and still allow you to reach the 17m mark of outreach, so your level of access is restricted by either factor as minimally as possible.


Combining a true ZED boom configuration with the smallest of footprints allows for better boom manipulation in far tighter work zones than previously experienced. And the ZED with Zero tail swing also provides the best up and over capabilities available.

Unrestricted 200kg Outreach

A high performance fixed work envelope provides unrestricted outreach at 200kg with no weight limiting along with clean boom design with no services housed externally to be hooked up on or damaged,

Simplified Electronics

An electronics philosophy of simplicity to increase reliability for a better return on investment with reduced down times for better reliability and lower servicing costs.

When we look at investing in this style of equipment, we are after a high return, and that comes with high utilisation.

Sure, we all want more but with more comes losing out on the more important aspects in performance for a more highly utilised machine.

One must full understand the purpose of a Spider lift and its philosophy the gain the fuller benefits in their decision.

Let’s look at the CTE TRACCESS 170. This 17m mark is the engineering platform for most machines in the 17, 18, 19m machine classes. Yet the 18m & 19m machine run an outreach weight limiting system that catch most out and can only achieve their performance at drastically reduced basket weights; eg 80kg and 120kg depending on machine. Quite often when we analyse the data the TRACCESS 170 will outperform these machines all round with a fuller fixed working envelope of 7.5m at a full 200kg with no electronic limiting systems and limit switches making for far better reliability

This machine is also more compact in dimensional length than even all the 15m competitors at 3800mm with the basket removed providing a more accessible machine for a far higher access utilisation than any other available.

And combining a good size track drive with double drive speed it does reduce the times in setting up with the added benefit of a lower drive speed for the more difficult of negotiations.

All in all, you get high quality proportional controls, Swiss high tensile steel and loads more in a machine that cover a large range of performance than any other.

They ask you, what is it you really want. It is what everyone wants.

Call 1300 882 762

For more information visit

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Reach For The Trees

With ultra-narrow dimensions and powerful rough terrain capabilities, RUTHMANN Bluelift tracked spider lifts are designed to revolutionise working at height in even the hardest to reach places.

Ideal for areas that cannot be reached with a standard vehicle towing  trailer mounted boom lift, tracked spider lifts are proving to be a popular choice with arborists and landscapers around the world, as well as facilities maintenance contractors. When stowed, most tracked spider lifts are less than 1.0m wide, meaning that they can travel through single gates, doorways and alongside buildings and walls with ease.

Rubber tracks with a powerful drive system enable spider lifts to easily travel across all types of rough and smooth terrain, and climb gradients, all while delivering a very low ground pressure.

Thanks to the overall light weight of the units, they can be easily towed on a trailer to a parking area at the jobsite, then driven to the working area. Stabiliser legs can be deployed in multiple positions, ensuring the project can be completed no matter how tight the surroundings, and proportional electro-hydraulic controls deliver precise maneuvering at height.

From tree trimming in rough terrain to interior maintenance on sensitive flooring, the versatile Bluelift SA22 tracked spider lift has a simple three-section boom design which delivers up to 22m working height, and up to a 10.9m horizontal outreach (200kg platform capacity) yet has a stowed width of just 0.94m and a stowed height of less than 2.0m.

Featuring a quickly removable aluminum basket, the Bluelift SA22 provides a wide two-person platform, measuring at 1.3m x 0.7m x 1.1m. Offering 340° turret rotation, the basket is fitted with a 230-volt power outlet as standard, permitting the operator to plug in power tools or other equipment into the outlet inside the basket, rather than run loose cables outside of the machine to a power source on the ground.


The Bluelift SA22 benefits from an overall weight of just 2,990kg. This delivers a very low ground pressure when in drive mode using the rubber tracks, and also lower pressure when using the stabiliser legs. Fitted as standard, automatic stabiliser legs have a simple one-touch stabiliser operation for fast and easy setup. For added protection, interlocking stabilisers help the spider lift maintain balance on all terrain. A self-stabilizing system locks the spider lift into place for safe work at height, and hydraulically operated articulating outriggers can be set at individual heights.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, Bluelift spider lifts share many of the same design features including advanced technology, lightweight designs, and high performance. The vertical and horizontal reach of these lifts maximise production both indoor and outdoor. Ergonomic designs allow operators to easily move the lift into position, even in tight spaces. Proportional electro-hydraulic controls deliver precise manoeuvring to make easy work of accessing high places.

Designed and built in Italy, Bluelift was founded by the Marti family in 2004. In 2016, the growing business became RUTHMANN Italia S.r.l., a division of the RUTHMANN Group who are a well-established German manufacturer of truck-mounted aerial lifts.

In Australia, the RUTHMANN Bluelift tracked spider lift range is exclusively sold and serviced by Ahern Australia, who were appointed the official distributor in February 2018. Ahern Australia is also the official distributor for Snorkel™ elevating work platforms and Xtreme Manufacturing™ telehandlers, and operates from four locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Ahern Australia provides complete sales, service and spare parts for all of its distributed brands, and operates a nationwide network of field service engineers delivering highly responsive local support.

Earlier this year, Ahern Australia showcased a Bluelift SA16 tracked spider lift at the annual HRIA Hire18 trade show, fitted with an optional BlueHybrid package. BlueHybrid is the first-ever full hybrid solution for tracked spider lifts, delivering industry-leading performance with a true zero-emission option. Three energy-efficient operating modes offer versatility by switching between battery power and combustion engine. On auto mode, the machine selects the most efficient power source to maximise the battery cycle, delivering the longest available duty cycle.

All RUTHMANN Bluelift tracked spider lifts come with a five-year structural warranty, plus a one-year warranty for parts and labour as standard, and a two-year warranty on the electronic card.

To see RUTHMANN Bluelift tracked spider lifts in action, check out the product videos available at the Ahern Australia website at bluelift.

For more information call the Ahern Australia team on 1300 900 700.

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Maintenance Made Easier By Morbark

With new knife and maintenance kits, Morbark strives to make keeping your chippers in tip-top shape a breeze!

SharpEdge® Knife Kits

Morbark’s new SharpEdge Knife Kits include the knives and bolts for your chipper, together in a handy box, providing added protection for your knives and safety for your operators. The kits stack easily on shelves, so you can keep the kits on hand. Best of all, you’ll enjoy savings of up to 10 per cent as compared to buying the kit parts individually. These kits are available for competitive chippers as well as Morbark models.

“It’s a great benefit to have everything in one complete kit. It eliminates downtime and shows that Morbark really cares about their customers using their equipment because everything’s done efficiently and done properly. I have everything I need right there to change my knives,” says Al Royer, owner of Royer Tree Service in Dedham, Massachusetts, USA.

A common maintenance mistake is when crews don’t have new bolts when they change knives on their chippers. Reusing bolts can cause stretching and additional wear on the bolts over time, resulting in fractures or even breakage of bolts, which could, in turn, cause damage to your chipper.

“I try to get my guys to switch the bolts every time [they change knives]. Unfortunately, the more machines you’ve got running, things get crazy. You end up with bolts and no blades and blades with no bolts. The kits are just easier and more efficient to have everything together,” said Dave Hughes, owner of Dave’s Tree Service in Kingston, New York, USA. “That way I know that those bolts are getting changed every single time we change blades.”

And you can feel certain you’re receiving high-quality knives. An independent testing facility tested SharpEdge knives against two competitive brands of knives and found the Morbark SharpEdge knives, on average, scored much higher than competitive knives for sharpness and durability!

Morbark Maintenance Kits

Morbark also offers filter kits for a variety of chipper engines. The filter kits contain the oil, fuel, air and hydraulic filters needed for the specific engine on your chipper. Like the SharpEdge knife kits, these maintenance kits provide all the parts needed for routine maintenance in a convenient kit at a cost savings.

“These maintenance kits come with everything I need specific to my brush chipper. Using them saves me time from looking up each component each time I order,” said Matt Bartelme, CEO of Bart’s Tree Service in Danbury, Connecticut, USA. “The beautiful thing is you get a discount by buying the kit. It’s really a no-brainer.”

Maintenance kits for Boxer mini skid steers are also available. The standard Boxer maintenance kits contain the appropriate motor oil blend and filters for your Boxer. Morbark also sells Front Idler and Mid-wheel Repair kits for Boxer compact utility loaders.

“These kits give our customers a convenient way to purchase maintenance items with one part number, taking the guesswork out of ordering individual parts,” Erika Snyder, Director of Part Sales, said. “The machine owner who insists on regular maintenance understands the impact to their bottom line. It not only extends the life of the machine but also ensures peak performance on the job each day.”

For more information, visit the following local Morbark dealers:

NSW/VIC: Global Machinery Sales, 1300 072 926,

QLD: Allclass Construction Equipment, 1300 255 252,

WA: Westco Equipment, +61 (8) 9258 9333,

NZ: Stevens Products, +64 (9) 275 0443,

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The Next Legendary Husqvarna Is Here!

The new Husqvarna 572 XP®, designed from scratch to be tough enough for even the most demanding job: stronger, lighter and more manoeuvrable.

With their outstanding cutting performance, excellent cooling capacity and state-of-the-art filtration they’re built for maximised productivity, reliability and durability, day after day.


The new Husqvarna 572 XP® improved cylinder design and unique heat barrier provides excellent cooling and ensures longer engine life, while a heavy-duty air filter optimises filtration. With an outstanding power-to-weight ratio, its powerful engine and user centric design with world leading low vibrations levels add up to a saw that keeps on delivering – day in, day out – for many years to come.

At just 6.6kg with a powerful 4.3kW engine, the 572 XP® has a better power-to-weight ratio than any other Husqvarna saw with similar displacement, and 12 per cent higher cutting capacity than previous equivalent models. Smart design and easy operation keep productivity high even with long guide bars, and AutoTuneTM, Air InjectionTM and LowVib® mean it’s built to deliver all day long.

The New X-Cut® C85 saw chain, with best in class performance, is the second chain variant to leave the new chain factory in Huskvarna, Sweden, and will be standard on the 572 XP®, thereby optimising the cutting experience.

The C85 X-Cut® chain is a full chisel, 3/8” chain for professional use and is easy to spot due to the golden tie-strap that helps loggers keep track of the start/finish of their filing loop. Like the other X-Cut® chain SP33G, the chain is sharp out of the box, pre-stretched, highly durable, and improves cutting efficiency.

So the next time you pack your gear, pack a partner you can trust to deliver, no matter what: the all new Husqvarna 572 XP®.

Available in store now at authorised Husqvarna Servicing Dealers, and online at

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It’s Time – Words| LEN McKeown

Business is rapidly changing every day in Arboriculture. With new equipment, new ideas and greater knowledge our industry continues to grow and develop.

Having some adaptability is needed if, as business owners, we are to keep up with the pace of change. Depending on the size of the business, the owner takes on more tasks and the need to delegate more to staff increases. If your company continues to grow, your time becomes more precious and the pressure to hire more staff and improve your processes becomes critical for your success.

As a business owner myself I have been through and still continue to go through daily changes. I knew that I could do better and the need to develop the TreeHQ software became apparent. I found someone capable to work with and who could turn my ideas into a reality that would be worthwhile to my business, but also other arborists and their businesses.

Each step and component of TreeHQ was created as I thought about the need in our business and the benefit this could have for myself and others. TreeHQ has filled a void in my business and I am glad that I started the journey of its creation.

When I think about why I created TreeHQ and why it is needed the answer remains unchanged. As business evolves the need for TreeHQ remains the same. This system gives me the flexibility to grow with my company.

Ask yourself why improve your business systems, why look to improve things?

TreeHQ gives you the ability to create more time in your business, it allows you to have better communication with staff and clients, creates a database, invoices and tracks workflow. It has Google map integration and the ability to insert new quotes or inquiries on the spot.

It has changed my business personally through the ability to have video as a way of informing my staff what to do and capture visually and audibly the words of the client. This can remove the ambiguity of ‘he said, she said’ and to capture any previous damage on a site.

All this can be operated from your smart devices by you or your staff. Your workflows are literally in the palm of your hand making your job easier.

TreeHQ has become much more than software that runs my business. It’s become a way to give something back to an industry I love and enjoy. The ability to help others improve their businesses excites me. We are a team of people invested in better business practice for an industry which we are all a part of. I am hoping you will see a worthwhile investment for your business. So please give us a call, and we will do whatever is needed to help you in the transition on a better way of doing things using TreeHQ.

For a limited time, we are offering to build clients a free website. Please note terms and conditions apply.

For more details contact our office at 1300 106 033, send an email at [email protected] or visit

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