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Training At Its Best

Bushwood Training Academy’s first ‘Operate a Mobile Chipper/Mulcher’ training course was held at Kuitpo Forest, SA, with the collaboration of the Department of Environment.

Bushwood Training Academy (BTA) delivered their first official ‘Operate a Mobile Chipper/Mulcher’ course for 2019 last month.

The training took place onsite in Kuitpo Forest with staff from the Department of Environment. BTA were fortunate enough to secure such a prime training location thanks to their growing relationship with ForestrySA. The onsite delivery is part of BTA’s commitment to be a mobile training provider, so you can go to them or they can come to you.

“Fantastic trainers, exceptional industry experience and clear instructions given.” “ – Corry Rounsevell

Enrolment forms and pre-reading were distributed and filled in the week prior to the training day. BTA did this in order to maximise the amount of time participants were able to spend learning and engaging with both trainers and equipment.

Elite Training And Elite Staff Driving Elite Standards

The course was delivered by three trainers from industry, Tom Fleming (Arborist), Tom Stevens (Arborist) and Garth Jones (Workshop Manager at Tree Care Machinery). BTA trainers offer a wide range of experience and extensive knowledge of climbing, lowering and rigging, felling, ground-based work, arborist equipment and machinery. Three Bandit wood chippers were used on the day, one provided by Tree Care Machinery and two provided by the participants (Department of Environment).

BTA supplied coffee, tea, juice and fruit on arrival as well as morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea throughout the course. This is offered during all BTA courses in order to give students the maximum amount of time with trainers, equipment and assessment material.

The day was completed with a winch demonstration at the request of the Department of Environment management. BTA acknowledged this and ensured they allowed enough time at the end of the day to go over the essentials of winch operation.

BTA would like to congratulate all participants who completed the ‘Operate a Mobile Chipper/Mulcher’ course and welcome them as the first members of the BTA Alumni. BTA is committed to providing after sales support so they encourage participants to reach out and contact any of their trainers if they are ever unsure about how to execute work safely.

Bushwood Training Academy would like to extend their thanks to Dean and the team at ForestrySA for helping make the day possible

To book a course with Bushwood Training Academy or make an enquiry, contact them on (08) 8374 0586 or email [email protected]

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Bandit Industries Has Sold!

When we found out that Bandit Industries had been sold – well that got our attention.

Everyone in the tree game knows Bandit Industries from mid- Michigan USA, and at a guess most of you would have used one of their machines at some point over the years.

Bandit’s equipment has been in Australia for more than 30 years, and today and every day there are over 2,000 Bandit chippers and grinders in the hands of hard working tree crews around our wide brown land. Recently we found out that Bandit Industries had been sold – here is the whole story.

The big news is that the Bandit owners did not sell the business to one of the large multi-national companies that were keen to buy. In mid-2018, now former owners, Mike Morey Sr., Dianne Morey and Jerry Morey announced their intention to sell the company to their employees. On November 1, 2018, Bandit Industries finalised its transition to become a 100 percent ESOP company (employee stock ownership plan). This is a very positive move that is being celebrated by Bandit employees, dealers and customers all around the world. It ensures the corporate culture that has made Bandit a great success for more than 35 years will remain intact.

The ownership transition won’t impact the day-to-day management of the company as the management team that has been guiding Bandit for the last several years will remain in place under the ESOP. For us folks, on the other side of the pond, this is a great outcome. Bandit’s Australian dealers have been established here for decades and have excellent, long-term relationships with local Bandit owners and operators. This will stay the same; Bandit will still be Bandit.

“We’re all excited to begin this new era in Bandit’s history,” said Felipe Tamayo, Bandit’s General Manager and International Sales Manager. “We will continue to hire additional staff, grow and expand, and gain market share. We’re currently putting the finishing touches on two large building expansions that will increase the capacity and efficiency of our parts departments and our final assembly teams.”

Jamie Morey, Bandit Parts and Service Manager, and granddaughter of Mike and Dianne, says the future is bright for Bandit. “As Bandit moves into the future as an ESOP company, myself and the rest of the management team are excited to keep pioneering and moving forward with the legacy that was left to us all,” she said. “As both a granddaughter and management board member, I couldn’t be more proud of what Mike, Di and Jerry have chosen to do. It’s been a real honor to watch Bandit transform into the amazing company that it is today.”

Former owner, Jerry Morey, said the future of Bandit now belongs to its employees “This is a great opportunity for all of our employees. They’ll all have a share in the business, with a lot of incentive to continue to add to what we’ve already built,” he said. “Bandit’s employees will continue to make this company even stronger, of that I have no doubt.”


For more information on Bandit in Australia, please visit www.banditchippers.com.au

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New Hansa Headquarters

Hansa – enabling sustainable business for generations to come.

Hansa, specialists in the design and manufacture of high-quality wood and brush chippers, announces the completion of their new headquarters, built to enable sustainable growth and fulfil growing demand in Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Opened by three generations of the Vogel family, the new 3000m² headquarters in Hamilton, New Zealand, stands for one of Hansa’s biggest beliefs – providing a sustainable business for generations to come.

Founded by Manfred Vogel, the next generation running the show is now led by son Martin, who inherited his father’s ingenuity and has expanded the company to how it stands today, providing machines that help you work more efficiently and safely than ever before.

Martin Vogel commented, “Our team really pulled together to shift our production across to the new building, and we managed to celebrate the first machine coming off the line – a C21 chipper – just in time before our Christmas close for 2018. Coincidently the last machine produced in the previous production was also a C21, so it’s been very inspiring to see it come around in a full circle. We will be moving our offices across in early 2019 and holding an official opening shortly after.”

As well as a new sustainable headquarters, Hansa’s chippers are built to be as efficient as possible by using less fuel with top quality motors finished with a non-toxic powder-coated surface. Hansa and their customers are also big believers of giving back to the land.

“Most of our customers are people who put great care into their landscapes and often re-use their woodchip to enrich the environment. We want to continue to produce the best chippers to support their work, and that’s why we must also be sustainable in the way we grow as a business,” says Martin.

“We have great lifetime relationships with our customers and suppliers, some have been supporting us for more than 25 years, and we in turn work closely with them to ensure our products get better and better.”

Based in Brisbane, Hansa has been in operation from March 2018, supplying Hansa’s commercial chippers and is the sole supplier of Predator stump grinders to leading arborists and landscapers around the country.

Australia’s National Operations Manager, John Lyon, is impressed with the support and feedback from the professionals in the business.

“The past nine months have been a great success entering Hansa’s commercial range into Australia and arborists have been impressed with the accessibility and efficiency of the machines we have to offer as well as customer service being the forefront of the company.”

Learning from its strengths, the Hansa team know customers enjoy being able to deal with manufacturers directly. Listening to its customers is a core part to how its in-house engineering team innovates.

John continues, “The Hansa C27HS chipper and ST-661 stump grinders have been real winners in the market with arborists and hire centers in Australia realising the potential of the machine, I look forward to what 2019 brings for the company.”

The Hansa C27HS is a highly accessible sub 750kg 6” chipper with a compact design. Featuring a Honda GX690 motor, this is one roller-fed chipper that is both versatile and easy to control, while its powerful performance appeals to both serious orchardists and arboriculture contractors alike.

The predator ST-661 is a versatile handheld stump grinder attachment for the Stihl ST-661 chainsaw. With the base unit at under 25kg dry weight, is one all-access grinder that will fit any vehicle and go anywhere.

With a strong reputation built over the last 35 years, Hansa’s goal is to continue building upon their quality products and service that their current customers love and rely on.

Call John Lyon on 1800 426 722

Contact at [email protected]

For more information visit www.hansachippers.com.au

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Don’t Get Caught

When was the last time you caught your hand or finger on a Silky Saw blade while cutting a branch?

Trust me, I’ve seen a few gnarly photos, it happens too often. Why does this happen?

Many people think bigger is better and for something that is true! But when you are talking saw teeth, this is not the case. If you are cutting a small or thin branch and try to use a saw that has big teeth you may end up with an injury.

Poor Adam found out the hard way that using a large tooth saw for small branches can result in the saw catching on the branch… and eventually your thumb.

When was the last time this happened to you? Do you want to know how to stop your saw from slicing through the skin? A fine tooth saw can be the helping hand you need. Why? Fine tooth saws are designed for small branches and cutting dry/hard branches, bamboo, carpentry/woodworking, bonsai… even bone! Fine tooth saws are available in different blade lengths and come in both a folding saw and hand saw.

If you’re an arborist or an avid gardener and spend all day pruning, or if you have small branches at home, it is necessary to have the right tools for that particular job.

So having a fine tooth saw attached to your belt or harness or in close proximity to slice through thin or dead branches will make the task seem effortless.

Call Arborlab Tree Care and chat with Jannita on (07) 3823 1599.

For more information visit http://www.arborlab.com.au

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Red Bull Branched Out!

One hundred of the world’s best climbers and arborists – tree specialists – went head-to-head in a huge Red Bull-sponsored contest to decide a world champion recently. Not many know it, but the event was held in Australia. And guess what? It was won by an Aussie.

Red Bull Branched Out, in partnership with Arboriculture Australia, has just completed its second running. On a scale only a company like Red Bull can manage, the venue at Wellington, near Dubbo in NSW, was a high-adrenaline destination for three full days.

The idea is to be the fastest down from a 40-metre tree, planning your own route, but ringing bells in set positions on the way. The quickest time wins.

Dangling from a rope, 40m above the ground, trying to get to the deck as fast as possible… what could go wrong?

Local Boy

An international field, male and female, including Aussies, Kiwis, French, Irish and Italians all rocked up, roped up, and rappelled their way to international tree-climbing stardom. But the fastest man over the three days was Ryan ‘Tarzan’ Roberts, 30, from the NSW central coast.

Ryan’s an arborist by trade, and he was pumped to take the win.

“It was a massive shock,” he barked. “There I was in the grand final with all the best climbers in the world, and I was thinking, ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’ I never thought I’d go so well.” The way the draw was structured meant.

Ryan had to go first in the grand final. That meant all the other competitors could watch his form and see which part of his route worked well. As it turned out, being first on the rope worked in Ryan’s favour… sort of.

“I had a really good run,” grinned Roberts. “Everything went pretty smooth until I burnt my hands and leg on the last metre of rope before I hit the ground.”

When he said ‘burnt’, he meant it. Ryan sustained third-degree burns on both hands. But what’s that matter when you’ve just grabbed a share of a $20,000 cash prize pool and a slice of $50,000 in equipment?

And You’re The Champ?

Not only the The Champ, but the defending champ. That’s right. Branched Out is set to run again in 2019, bigger and better, at a venue yet to be announced.

Will Ryan Be There?

“Hundred per cent!” said the champ. “I’m definitely in training for next year!”

For more information on the next 2019 event, visit http://www.redbull.com/au-en/events/ red-bull-branched-outor go to the event Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/ events/2112912995594851

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New Year, New System

We at Tree HQ recently attended the NZ Arboricultural Conference and Trade Show in Dunedin.

What an amazing town, full of wonderful friendly people. The surrounding green rolling hills, the lovely old buildings and open parks make Dunedin a truly delightful place.

Combined with awesome hospitality and food to die for, Dunedin turned out to be the perfect place for Tree HQ’s introduction to New Zealand’s arboriculture industry.

The NZ Arboricultural Association and the organisers, On Cue Conferences, showed us their class and skills with the way everything was run – allowing us the opportunity to meet our potential clients and enjoy a one-on-one approach to introducing our new niche software designed to help with running their business, saving time, money and effort.

It was great to see the overall support from a close-knit community of Arborists and tree industry workers. Thank you to all involved for making our experience an enjoyable one.

For those of you who didn’t get the chance to meet us in Dunedin, we want to take the opportunity to tell you how Tree HQ can benefit you and your business.

Tree HQ is a system available on desktop, Android and iOS devices that could cover all areas of your business. Tree HQ gives you the ability to reduce time spent on your business. It allows you to have better communication with staff and clients. It allows for creation of enquiries and appointments, keeps all your contacts on one database and has the ability to insert new quotes or inquiries on the spot.

You can also add attachments like pictures, videos and documents. It has an in-built risk assessment, is able to send invoices on the spot and tracks workflow. Tree HQ has Xero, MYOB essentials and Google map integrations.

Do you want to improve your business? Are you open to change? Do you want to reduce double handling, paperwork and confusion and misinterpretation?

If you answered yes then Tree HQ could be for you!

With the start of the new year, it is a perfect time to implement a new system. Our office is committed to helping you with your transition to using Tree HQ.

Words and Images | Tree HQ

We currently have a free 30-day trial and can help set up an account for you. If you want more details, please see our website www.treehq.co or email [email protected]

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2018 VTCC At Goulburn Park

We started planning for the 2018 VTCC at Goulburn Park six months before we ran the 2017 event at Yarra Bend, and in all that time we hoped it would turn into something fairly special.

With 75 competitors being helped out by more than 50 volunteers, not to mention the dozen ormore Seymour Venturer’s cooking for us all day, we think we may just have run the most successful 2017 Tree Chimbing Championships ever.

On the banks of the Goulburn River, south of the centre of Seymour, Goulburn Park is home to many stately Red Gumsand assortment of native and exotic trees, not to mention a few bees, as Matt Benn TreeJay extraordinaire found out half-way through setting up.

With so many competitors we ran nine different stations, and in hindsight should have made it ten. The pick of them was the Red Gum right on the bank of the river that was used for the Master’s Work Climb, which later transitioned into the Masters’ Challenge. Given the temperature of the day sat mid-30s, the best place to be was under the Oak used for the Open Aerial Rescue.

We’re getting a little bit better at planning these events and the great work of Karl Morrow, from Melbourne Polytechnic, saw us with a list of nearly 50 volunteers a few weeks out from the event. With past Victorian and National Competition winners

“Terry Boston and Sam Hardingham gave our boys a run for their money and they’ll all be better at next year’s Nationals for the run.”

Grant Cody and Pat Kenyon living locally we relied on their assistance to identify the right trees for the competition and get them ready for the event. They were helped out by Mitchell Shire who also made getting all the permits and paperwork completed really easy.

Setting up the day before were Grant and Pat, with VTIO committee members, Will Rheese and the guys from Smith’s Tree Services along with a bunch of really great people chipping in to get the event stations ready.

At this stage we were comfortable we would have more than 60 competitors and may crack 65 once I got the last update from the online registration system. I’d been trying to reach the 60-competitor milestone since we ran with 58 in Bendigo a few years ago. By the time we finished the paperwork in the early hours of Saturday morning, we had more than 70. By the time competitors had finished signing in Saturday morning, that number hit 75 and, for the first timein my 10 years of being involved in the competitions, I was going home without a big bag of unused shirts.

The volunteers made the day happen and we started the day with all the competitors thanking the judges, technicians, scorers and behind-the-scene people that had decided to give some of their time to the tree industry that has been so good to them over the years. Without these people we would not have an event, but the event would not happen without all of our sponsors.

Cannings/ATREAS have been a major contributor to VTIO for longer than my involvement and I can’t begin to imaging what a competition would be like without them. Energy Safe Victoria has become a significant contributor to the success of VTIO and they were there to spread the word about the importance of working safely around electrical installations. If you’re ever unsure about working near powerlines, don’t do it! Contact your State body or the distribution business in charge of maintaining the assets. It’s not worth the risk.

I’d like to thank all of the interstate competitors – we had representatives from every state and territory bar Western Australia; we’re looking to go one better next year! Terry Boston and Sam Hardingham gave our boys a run for their money and they’ll all be better at next year’s Nationals for the run.

Maja Blasch was in fine form on the day and had the wood on our Bec Barnes. In hindsight I think Bec was saving herself for the NSWArb Comp the following week, where she came home with the chocolates. Well, done Bec and the NSWArb, it looked like a great day and I can’t wait to steal some of those ideas for ArborCamp 2019.

There’re always things going wrong with an event of this size and, lucky for me, they are usually invisible to participants and audience alike. This year we had a significant issue with the scores which became apparent toward the end of the day. The next day I realised that many of the results we announced were wrong and completed a full audit of the scores.

The top three place-getters in the Men’s Masters remained the same, so we breathed a big sigh of relief knowing that Barton wining his sixth consecutive VTCC is undisputed. Well done on a run that is unlikely to be challenged any time soon Barton, you’ve been a great champion that has done much to improve the level of competitors coming out of Victoria; thank you.

Our worst-case scenario was realised in both the Men’s Open and Student grades when the audit showed we had handed out the Overall awards to the wrong people. On notifying Nicholas Bond (Open) and Asher Wedding (Student) of the mix-up, they both took the news with great grace and where genuinely happy that Joshua Kidman and Jake Nyhouse were correctly identifiedas the winners overall of the Open and Student grades. I continue to be impressed by the grace shown by our competitors and should stop being surprised by it as it happens so often.

VTIO is committed to promoting safe work place practices and improving the skill sets of all tree workers; these are our core issues. Recently we have focused on gender equity imbalances in the tree industry and promoting the awareness of men’s physical and mental well-being.

I’m both sad and glad to say this year we handed perpetual shield to the winner of the Women’s Masters for the first time ever; glad because Rebecca Barnes thoroughly deserves to be awarded the honour and sad that Kiah Martin, Jess Knott and Julia Chilcott never received the acknowledgement they deserved. I’m sorry we didn’t have this in place many years ago.

Holding the competition in ‘Movember’ each year helps us raise awareness of men’s mental health. The great Beaver Kindred has, with the help of some industry contacts, initiated the Tim Broadbent Memorial award. Tim put a lot of effort into helping develop young climbers and assist those new to the industry. This award is a fitting way to remember Tim and remind us all that we should always think about being there for those in need. The award is presented to a participant in the Student Grade that shows commitment and perseverance; it’s a difficult prize to award when there are so many dedicated students taking part in the day. The inaugural winner, Samantha McConnell, was a worthy recipient.

Words | Shane Hall, Vtio President

For more information visit VTIO – www.vtio.org.au

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The Next Journey – Avant Equipment Australia

Avant Equipment Australia is pleased to announce the opening of two brand new offices in Melbourne, Victoria and Brisbane, Queensland.

The past year has seen increased product demand for the quality and European built Avant Loadersand attachments across every state in Australia.

In particular, the Avant loaders have been especially popular within the key industries of Tree Lopping and Beekeeping. These fields enjoy the versatility and efficiency of the Avant loaders especially the ability to easily transport the loader across the tray of the truck. The efficiency and wide range of applications of the Avant Loaders, in addition to the comprehensive range of attachments has widely contributed to the success of Avant in Australia.

“We’re happy to launch the next journey of Avant Equipment Australia. We’ve seen good growth and a lot of interest from customers across the country. Whereas before we were mainly concentrated out of New South Wales, we’ve now seen a lot of growth in Victoria and Queensland. This was the logical next step to ensure we’re offering the best and quickest customer service Australia wide. Hopefully in a few years we will have offices in South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia as well,” says Steve Gage, Director.

For all enquiries please contact Avant Equipment Australia’s Head office at 1800 686 411, email [email protected] or visit http://www.avantequipment.com or http://www.avanttecno.com/au

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TTIA News – Casual Employment Under Threat

Employers in the timber contracting industry may be aware of the legal drama currently being played out with respect to casual employment. It is hard to avoid the issue as it has been in the media and its ramifications are significant for business in this country.

In a recent Federal court case, WorkPac v Skene, labour hire firm, WorkPac, found itself at the centre of a nationally significant court ruling that certain casual employees should not be deemed casual and, as such, deserve to be paid accrued leave entitlements in line with permanent employees. The case was brought to the Federal Court by the CFMEU representing the employee. This is despite the fact that the employee, in this case, was paid a casual loading to compensate for annual leave and other entitlements. Based on long standing industrial cases, it really does defy logic and create a potential nightmare particularly for small and medium size business.

In latest developments and after considerable pressure, the Federal government will become a party to federal court proceedings testing whether casual workers have the right to “double-dip” on entitlements by being granted leave accrual as well as a casual loading.

In the WorkPac v Skene case, the Federal Court held that the term ‘casual employee’ in the Fair Work Act has no precise meaning and whether any employee is a casual for the purposes of the Act depends upon the specific set of circumstances. The Court found that Skene had predictable hours set 12 months in advance and that both sides made a firm advance commitment to the duration of his employment and hours of work.

The very widespread and longstanding practice across virtually all industries is that an employee is a casual if they are engaged and paid as such. It is common for casuals to work on a regular and systematic basis for extended periods. These essentially are long term casuals and it offers flexibility to both the business and the employee.

The employment of casuals plays a vital role in Australia’s labour market, including the timber contracting industry. A loss in flexibility in this area would destroy competitiveness and jobs. One in every five Australian workers is a casual employee, with more than 80 per cent of casual employees working for small and medium businesses with fewer than 100 staff members.

The government and employers are rightly concerned that the legal right to offset an obligation against payments already made for the same entitlements was not confirmed in the WorkPac v Skene case.

The decision by the Federal Court up ends the long established industrial precedent and norm that a casual is an employee who is engaged and paid as such receiving a loading (25 per cent) to compensate for most award entitlements.

If this decision is not clarified or amended, the legal system has made it very difficult for an employer to employ a casual without the potential for future claims by the employee for entitlements even though the employer rightly believes they have already been paid an inflated higher hourly rate of pay as compensation.

Employers should review their existing contracts to ensure it is clear a casual loading is being paid and the employee has signed and aware they are under a casual contract of employment. It should be made clear preferably in monetary terms the amount of the hourly rate that is payment for annual leave, personal leave (sick leave) and public holidays.

If there is litigation at some point in the future, the payment of a casual loading may be able to be offset against annual leave and other entitlements where it is clear a specific amount or percentage is attributable to the payment of those entitlements.

Casual Conversion

As if to make matters more difficult at present surrounding the employment of casual employees, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) has handed down a decision which is operative from October 1, 2018. This decision, dependant on relevant award, requires employers to offer a casual employee the opportunity to convert to full-time or part-time employment after 12 months regular and systematic employment.

The employer is required to notify relevant employees of their right to convert to full or part-time work by giving the employee a copy of the casual conversion subclause from the relevant award within the first 12 months of casual employment. Existing casual employees need to receive a copy of the conversion subclause within three months of October 1, 2018. For instance, employees covered by the Clerks – Private Sector Award 2010 who were already employed as at October 1, 2018, must be provided with a copy of the subclause by January 1, 2019.

It is clear that some casual employees may prefer to remain in their existing arrangements and retain their 25 per cent loading. In these instances, it is crucial tree contractors record in writing the employees desire to remain casual and keep such record with the employee’s time and wage records.

Finally, an employer may refuse an employee request to convert to full time employment on reasonable grounds. Tree contactors should contact TTIA regarding these grounds as they will need to be put in writing to the employee. Employers will also need to be aware of the relevant provisions of specific industrial awards that apply to them as well as ensuring casual employees have a copy of the casual conversion clause.

TTIA will keep The Australian Abor Age magazine readers informed on any ruling by the Federal Court in relation to the “casual double dipping” on the entitlements case as outlined in the Skene decision above. In relation to the casual conversion issues, I strongly suggest you seek advice from TTIA if you are a tree contractor member.

If you are not a member of TTIA, seriously consider joining as employers need to take specific steps to review their current employment arrangements with casual employees or risk potentially difficult legal consequences.

Words| Brian Beecroft, TTIA CEO

If you have any queries about the operation of casual employment at your workplace, contact Brian Beecroft on (02) 9264 0011.

Brian Beecroft

Chief Executive Officer

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It’s Time – Words| LEN McKeown

Business is rapidly changing every day in Arboriculture. With new equipment, new ideas and greater knowledge our industry continues to grow and develop.

Having some adaptability is needed if, as business owners, we are to keep up with the pace of change. Depending on the size of the business, the owner takes on more tasks and the need to delegate more to staff increases. If your company continues to grow, your time becomes more precious and the pressure to hire more staff and improve your processes becomes critical for your success.

As a business owner myself I have been through and still continue to go through daily changes. I knew that I could do better and the need to develop the TreeHQ software became apparent. I found someone capable to work with and who could turn my ideas into a reality that would be worthwhile to my business, but also other arborists and their businesses.

Each step and component of TreeHQ was created as I thought about the need in our business and the benefit this could have for myself and others. TreeHQ has filled a void in my business and I am glad that I started the journey of its creation.

When I think about why I created TreeHQ and why it is needed the answer remains unchanged. As business evolves the need for TreeHQ remains the same. This system gives me the flexibility to grow with my company.

Ask yourself why improve your business systems, why look to improve things?

TreeHQ gives you the ability to create more time in your business, it allows you to have better communication with staff and clients, creates a database, invoices and tracks workflow. It has Google map integration and the ability to insert new quotes or inquiries on the spot.

It has changed my business personally through the ability to have video as a way of informing my staff what to do and capture visually and audibly the words of the client. This can remove the ambiguity of ‘he said, she said’ and to capture any previous damage on a site.

All this can be operated from your smart devices by you or your staff. Your workflows are literally in the palm of your hand making your job easier.

TreeHQ has become much more than software that runs my business. It’s become a way to give something back to an industry I love and enjoy. The ability to help others improve their businesses excites me. We are a team of people invested in better business practice for an industry which we are all a part of. I am hoping you will see a worthwhile investment for your business. So please give us a call, and we will do whatever is needed to help you in the transition on a better way of doing things using TreeHQ.

For a limited time, we are offering to build clients a free website. Please note terms and conditions apply.

For more details contact our office at 1300 106 033, send an email at [email protected] or visit www.treehq.co

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