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New Silky Sugoi 330 Full Tang Handsaw

Silky Saws has announced the launch of the brand new Sugoi 33cm Arborist Saw.

  • Is the Silky Zubat Professional Arborist Saw your go to handsaw?
  • Zubat does the job efficiently and quickly?
  • Is there just one little niggle, your hand is just a little bit too wide for the handle?

Silky Saws from Japan have heard you

Silky has re-invented the Sugoi “Tree Tiger” just for you and the handle has 15mm more hand width room than the Zubat. But in true Silky style, they didn’t stop there, they made everything just a little bit better.

The first thing Silky did was talk with arborists and Silky distributors around the world and compiled a wishlist of inclusions. Then they went to work designing and manufacturing.

Silky Saw Sugoi 33cm Blade with Extra Large Progressive Teeth

Step 1: Design

The first step was to design a shorter blade than the 36cm and 42cm length. When you are climbing, being able to access your handsaw and remove it from the scabbard gets difficult when the blade is too long. But you want it to be long enough to get the job done quickly. A 33cm blade seems to be the “Goldilocks” handsaw length for arborist use.

Step 2: Increased Tooth Size

Big teeth bite hard when starting a cut. This makes that first cut difficult to get underway unless the wood is very soft. A lot of times you have to lift the saw and start again.

Silky removed that problem by creating progressive teeth on the NEW Sugoi 33cm blade. Near the handle, where you start the cut, the teeth are smaller so that it is easier to start your cut. Then, as you draw the saw toward yourself the saw teeth get larger and cut even faster. Hence the name progressive teeth. (Just like the Progressive Barn Dance – it depends on who you started with).

Step 3: Scabbard Re-Design

Silky envisaged that there would be quite a number of tree climbing arborists who would like this NEW Sugoi. Therefore, it had to have a scabbard that would lock the saw in place and would keep it there while they were climbing. Safety for the climber and the groundies is paramount.

Step 4: Silky Bonus

Through their research, Silky found that an increasing number of climbers are moving to leg straps or similar to attach the saw to their leg instead of hanging off their belt via the scabbards belt loop. With the NEW Sugoi 33cm Arborist Saw, Silky has included two elasticised Velcro Straps in the packaging. These straps are threaded through the scabbard and around the leg. Their discussions with arborists have shown they favour it below the knee. It is much easier to remove from the scabbard and replace it when the scabbard is further away. If it is secured on your upper leg or waist high it is difficult to bend your arm enough to remove or replace the saw.

Silky Sugoi Professional Hand Saw 330MM

Silky Sugoi Professional Hand Saw 330mm with leg straps has progressive extra large teeth. This saw has an ultra lightweight handle and scabbard, leg strap and 3d roller lock system. The most efficient Sugoi yet.

  • Code: 390-33
  • Blade length: 330mm
  • Tooth style: Large Progressive
  • Non Set Mirai-Me Teeth. 6.5 to 5.5 teeth per 30mm.
  • Sharpenable: Yes
  • Protection: Electroless Nickel Plating to protect from rust.

Your new Silky Saw is locked into a bright yellow scabbard making it much more distinctive to see either in the kit or if you have removed it between jobs. The distinctive front vine cutter, not only removes vines, it also helps train your muscle memory allowing you to pull the full length of the saw across the branch without pulling the saw out of the cut.

The best way to have a look and see what this new Silky design is all about is to ask at your nearest Silky Saws distributor or have a look on the website www.arborlab.com.au Once on the website, just type Sugoi into the search box to find out more information.

Want to know right now? Call Nita or Shenae at Arborlab Tree Care 3823 1599 or 0418 231 549. Or jump on YouTube. Look for Silky Saws Australia and watch the video on the new Sugoi.

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New Specialty Ropes Designed For ARB Work

For 2020 Petzl has released two specialist arborist ropes. The FLOW 11.6 mm and CONTROL 12.5 mm are specifically designed with the professional arborist in mind.

The FLOW 11.6 mm and CONTROL 12.5 mm ropes see a further refining of their arborist products and compliment last year’s releases of the SEQUOIA and SEQUOIA SRT harnesses, ZIGZAG and ZIGZAG PLUS mechanical Prusiks and the KNEE ASCENT kits. Petzl has also updated and re-released their excellent helmet range that now feature fully modular accessories.

The FLOW 11.6 mm and CONTROL 12.5 mm are low-stretch Kernmantle ropes designed for arb work. The FLOW’s small diameter ensures good performance in terms of flexibility and weight. While the thicker CONTROL ensures excellent grip and high strength. Both ropes feature EverFlex technology that guarantees they’ll start out flexible, with excellent handlingand will maintain that throughout their working life.

Each rope is spliced at one end for easy-glide through Friction Savers, pulleys and travelling in and around tree limbs without snagging. The compact, spliced eye, means threading the FLOW or CONTROL into your ZIGZAG mechanical Prusik is a breeze and helps to keep a karabiner correctly oriented and in place.

Both the FLOW 11.6 mm and CONTROL 12.5 mm are available in two colours, green or orange, bright enough to be spotted when installed in a tree and in three lengths, 35, 45 and 60 metres. Ideal lengths for working in trees. Theses ropes are certified to European and North American Standards, have excellent strength ratings and low elongation percentages. Making them great for accessing a tree and then working effectively and efficiently aloft.

Petzl has been synonymous with industry leading helmets for working at height for years and their updated range of VERTEX and VERTEX VENT alongside the brand new STRATO and  STRATO VENT continue the story.

The VERTEX is now certified to AS/NZS 1801.1:1997, making them the ideal choice for jobs where Standards are sought after. The VERTEX VENT continues to be the go to helmet for the hot work an Arborist does, day to day. While the STRATO range offers the user a, lightweight alternative with all the excellent protection features.

Both ranges now offer, tested and certified, side, front and back impact protection in addition to industry best, top impact protection. Petzl’s unique DUAL

Chinstrap, gives the wearer the flexibility to adjust its breakaway strength. From being set to >50 kg to ensure the helmet can’t be pulled off by an errant branch, when manoeuvring aloft. To <25 kg to ensure a ground worker’s helmet is able to be dislodged, if the chinstrap gets snagged when feeding branches into a chipper.

The full range of modular helmet accessories can be mounted and dismounted easily without removing the helmet, thanks to Petzl’s EASYCLIP® mounting system. Giving the wearer great flexibility throughout their working day, to switch the eye or face protection they need during any given task.

Call the team at Petzl on (02) 9966 9800 for details.

For more information visit www.spelean.com.au

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The Evolution Of The Game Changer

The DMM triple attachment pulley, a.k.a. The Hitch climber, has been known industry wide as one of the biggest game changes to the tree climbers system.

2020 brings us the evolution and further refinement of the triple attachment pulley to better meet the specific requirements of the climber.

Last year DMM introduced the rigger pulleys, and update to the triple attachment pulley with a focus on its use in rigging applications. DMM has now turned their attention to specific requirements of the hitch tending application for the triple attachment pulley in climbing systems and the results give birth of the DMM Hitch Climber Eccentric. With over a decade of feedback and field use of the original triple attachment pulley and the ability to now focus purely on its climbing applications, DMM with feedback from users have used their technical manufacturing expertise to further refine the hitch climber to maximise performance in the climbing system.\

Tech Specs

  • Weight: 176g
  • MBS: 32kN
  • WLL: 6kN
  • Sheave Diameter: 42mm
  • Sheave Tread Diameter: 28mm
  • Min Rope Diameter: 7mm
  • Max Rope Diameter: 14mm
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 76 x 99 x 44mm

The most noticeable change at first sight is the rope fairlead flare with the smooth wide opening of the Eccentric smoothly guiding the rope into the device even when tending slack off axis. The softer flared edge is also more friendly on the rope creating less wear and tear and increasing overall efficiency.

The biggest changes however are less obvious. With a defined top and bottom, the asymmetric shape of the Eccentric has been tweaked so that the top sits higher and flatter to engage the friction hitch sooner and tend higher on the climbing line during ascent. The three attachment points give all the same options we have come to love on the original and the roller bearings as used in the triple attachment replied give the greatest efficiency to round out the Eccentric.

Regardless of which system you use, stationary or double rope, the new DMM Hitch climber eccentric will not disappoint.

For further information please contact Expedition Equipment on (02) 9417 5755, email [email protected]

For more information visit www.expeditionequipment.com.au

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Speed And Efficiency With Oregon’s New SpeedCut™ System

Winter Is Coming – And So Is Chainsaw Season.

With Autumn now upon us, chainsaw season is on its way. Start the season with the best of the best – Oregon’s new SpeedCut™ System. For a tool that works as hard as you do, this innovative system makes cutting easier and more time efficient. The narrow kerf guide bar and saw chain need less power, enhancing speed for faster cuts in most conditions.

Exclusive to Oregon® products, the narrow kerf advantage means faster cuts with less wood being displaced. Top performance is guaranteed when pairing the narrow kerf 95TXL saw chain with a specially built narrow kerf guide bar. Light-weight and efficient, the SpeedCutTM System cuts faster and better on mid-size chainsaws. For best performance, always use bars designed for narrow kerf saw chain.

The Oregon 95TXL Saw Chain is faster, sharper and easier to navigate1. Get a faster, easier cut with a reshaped cutting surface and narrow kerf design. Featuring a sharper, more durable cutting edge from a new precision grind and optimised cutting angle. This easier to sharpen chain has the cutting surface matched to the file. More indicators help users spot the recommended filing angles.

Guide Bars provide users with a lighter, stronger and longer lasting saw chain system2. The Oregon SpeedCutTM System is up to 20 per cent lighter, providing users with more control and less fatigue with a light-weight aluminium core. Stiffer and stronger with aerospace bonding technology, this system is more durable on the job. From a redesigned nose with new parts and materials, harder bar rails are designed to last longer. Guide Bars also provide better chain retention and less wear via precision rail groove design, reducing the need to repurchase. For an even longer lifespan, LubriTecTM keeps the chain drive link and chain rivet joints oiled, for less wear and longer life.

When speed, efficiency and a strong performing saw chain are mandatory to get the job done right, Oregon® SpeedCutTM is the right cutting system for all. Engineered for optimal performance on small and mid-size saws.

1When compared to Oregon 95VPX saw chain.

2When compared to equivalent Oregon Pro-Lite guide bars.

Oregon products are available exclusively available through Briggs & Stratton Australia. FOr product details call 1800 356 632

For more information or visit http://briggsandstatton.com.au

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