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Introducing The All New CMC F-Series

CMC Aerial Platforms offer a range of compact and highly manoeuvrable spider lifts as well as heavy duty spider lifts with big height and reach.

The CMC spider lifts that Global Machinery Sales stock for the Australian market range from 13 metres in height through to 41 metres. Each lift has an impressive outreach, powerful engine and large basket capacity.

Global Machinery Sales has worked diligently with top EWP dealers in America and Europe to bring you the world renowned leader. They wanted to pick the world’s best brand once and not have to pivot between brands and suppliers, by finally bringing superior quality and value to the EWP market in Australia.

CMC F-Series Lift

CMC has just recently introduced the F-Series lifts to the Australian market. These lifts are specifically designed to be the easiest and fastest lifts on the market. Great for use in narrow, sloped, and other difficult locations, the CMC F-Series lift can get places that a boom or trailer-based lift cannot. Their low-cost and ease of operation ensures that your operational costs are kept low, providing the best ROI of any lift available today.


The F-Series features direct hydraulic controls and operation. They are powered by a variety of options such as Honda petrol, plug-in electric, and lithium-ion battery power. This wide variety of options will let you choose the right system for your needs and budget.

The all new F-Series line have a compact width of 81cm, allowing access through standard doorways and the ability to travel through narrow corridors.

The controls on the F-Series are all direct hydraulics, allowing for simpler and more intuitive operation. F-Series features powerful track drive systems that expand and retract.

Global Machinery Sales will now be stocking the CMC S18F with safer, non-slip outrigger pads and basket rotation made specifically with the tree industry in mind.

The all new CMC S18F will be available from under $100,000 incl GST.

For more information call 1300 072 926 or visit www.cmclifts.com.au

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Monitor Lifts The Dream Machine

New high performing 20m spider lift from Monitor Lifts.

This new arborist’s dream machine is the latest release from Platform Basket, and combines the tried and proven features of the existing 1890 model – the biggest selling spider lift in Australia – with new class leading features that really set it apart from the pack.

With a big 250kg basket capacity, the 2095 has an incredible unrestricted horizontal outreach of 9.5m. And with a unique double-telescoping boom design, this provides the operator with superb up and over reach.

All hoses are routed inside the booms, removing the possibility of them being damaged by branches or other obstacles.

The 2095’s radio control provides smooth proportional functions and allows the operator to manoeuvre the machine into tight access situations with safety and ease. The radio control is also used to operate the stabiliser legs which have the excellent ability to automatically level the spider up on slopes of up to 20°.

Stowing to only 790mm wide, 4870mm long and 1990mm high, the 2095 has the amazing ability to navigate through a single door way.

Built for rough terrain applications, the 2095’s tracks expand out and also down to provide greater stability and excellent ground clearance. Two speed drive also allows the operator to move the machine quickly from job to job.

Weighing in at only 2800kg, the 2095 can be towed behind a lot of tradesmen’s vehicles, making it the highest performing spider-lift that can still be towed by a ute.

Two reliable engines are on offer, with the choice of a Honda petrol or a Kubota diesel. And being a hybrid machine (option of either 240 volt or on-board batteries) it also provides the ability to work safely and quietly indoors.

The new 2095 spider-lift features basket rotation for flexibility in the air, and the basket is very simply removed with a single pin to reduce its size even more for tight access situations.

Non-marking tracks are an option for use on sensitive floors, and air and water lines are routed up to the basket to allow the use of pneumatic tools or a pressure washer.

For more information, contact Monitor Lifts on 1800 025 024 or visit www.monitor.net.au

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Trust The Experience

Platform Sales has been adding huge value for its customers across a range of industries, through their unique equipment and an extensive team of Australia-wide highly trained and qualified service engineers.

As successful contractors are well aware, highly versatile equipment designed to provide higher utilisation, being fully transportable and able to work in tighter areas will not only increase productivity but also provide the best ROI.

After 40 years of combined experience, the team at Platform Sales Australia, with David Collins as Director, have had the boots on the ground for long enough to realise that the key to embracing long-term success with contractors looking to purchase or hire equipment is by enhancing productivity, through offering a broad yet extremely specific range of machines, across the various height requirements of various industries – from a range of hand-selected manufacturers who produce the best machine from each class.

David explained that Platform Sales, which is based in Taren Point, Sydney, had originally commenced operations after becoming the first retail sales agency for Genie Australia. Shortly thereafter, the company had commenced dealing with CTE, and this was in turn closely followed by the establishment of a partnership with Palazzani.

“We were one of the first internet-based EWP sales companies to provide a broad range of equipment to all sectors of business in Australia,” David told AA of Platform’s initial establishment in the local marketplace.

It is a passion that has motivated Platform Sales to cast their net far and wide in search of better solutions for businesses looking for greater efficiency, utilisation and enhanced safety. A prime example of this is the way the Arborist Industry has embraced the CTE Traccess Spider Lift range.

As good climbers today can be very hard to find, the ability to provide a safer option– that allows to reach areas that previously only the best climbers could access – by the use of a spider lift means businesses can significantly improve the volume of work achievable on any given day without the risk previously involved.

Twelve years on, Platform Sales now presides over 250 different models, sourced from around the world – with its range having since expanded to encompass JLG, Skyjack and Haulotte products – and services a range of customers, with its machines catering to a broad spectrum of uses, from heavy industry to light commercial applications.

Platform Sales product portfolio includes material lifts, trailer lifts, boom lifts, truck-mounted aerial platforms, scissor lifts, mast lifts, spider lifts and a range of accessories, including Lodax outrigger pads, and is backed by an extensive after-sales service network throughout Australia.

“Our EWP product range today has been built on our customer’s needs and dealing with only the best manufacturers in their respective areas,” David explained.

“We seek to supply Australian businesses with a high degree of hire-based performance and reliability across all of the EWP machines in our portfolio, from self-propelled scissor lifts and booms to truck-mounted towers and the more specialised spider lifts, that will provide the most versatile investment.”

“Equipment designed for purpose, such as arbor work will provide for maximum productivity, cost savings and increased profits for those investing in today’s market,” David observed. “Realising the importance of functionality and versatility, we strive to show our customers the best options to gain the maximum benefit from their investment – and, with our key selected manufacturers, we supply a range that is broad and proven to perform in the demanding Australian market.” David noted that having the opportunity to evaluate the machine market in Europe had ultimately demonstrated the importance of a simple approach to machine design, which is perfect for operating in Australia’s unique conditions.

“I believe that keeping it simple is the key,” he said. “Machine make-up, like boom configuration, size, weight, footprint and performance, are all key components of better design, along with the simplicity, especially from an electronics point of view.

“An over-technical machine can and will be problematic in Australia. We want a simple, Tonka-tough approach to the equipment we use in Australia.”

In assessing Platform’s progress over the years, David pointed to the importance of experience, encompassing an ability to understand industry needs and connect with customers, as being a key factor.

“We believe our experience in the arbor industry and the long-term partnerships we have formed have been the key to our success,” he told AA. “We have always focused on providing the best solutions, designed to increase productivity while reducing the costs of business and ensuring our customers and their staff are safe.”

For more information visit www.platformsales.com.au or call 1300 882 762.

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Lift Industries Powerful. Productive. Proven.

Lift Industries, The Only Australasian Supplier Of Terex® Utilities Products.

When it comes to choosing the right product, at Lift Industries they believe “dependability isn’t optional. It’s required”.


When it comes to the right equipment, Lift Industries’ priorities are the same as yours. Safety, reliability, cost and return on investment are at the top of that list. Terex® has been listening and turning challenges into solutions that keep their customers up and working, day in and day out.

Some investments that seem like a great deal up front can cost a lot more in the long run. Not Terex® equipment. Every machine they deliver is designed, built and serviced to keep your total cost of ownership low – and your satisfaction high – for as long as you own it. The team at Terex® knows that their brand isn’t the only choice you have, but they’re out to convince you that they’re the right one. Because when your crews are out in the harshest conditions providing the services your customers depend on, you need to know you can depend on your equipment to do the job.

Tough Job In Harsh Conditions?

They’re on it. From major tree trimming companies, contracting companies or one man operations, they know your equipment needs to be the toughest, most reliable equipment and fully service supported. So whether you’re in the air doing tree trimming or line work pruning or planning your next work – Terex® equipment is built for you to rely on in their unique tough environment.

Proven Track Record

A Lift Industries Terex® product isn’t just a recognised name, it’s a proven supplier with seven decades of service to the Arbor and utilities market. In fact, they are the most experienced manufacturer of EWPs and

Crane Borers. In the field, they know what works and what does not. And they’ve never stopped pushing forward to redefine the standard for uptime, safety and efficiency. That is an advantage for you.

Lift Industries is always looking ahead and asking itself, how can they help you accomplish more? That question drives them. As populations grow and ever-changing technology creates new opportunities for them, they are with you every step of the way. The Lift Industries team with the Terex® Utilities Product works to stay on top of industry trends and develop the features and products to meet these new demands.

Dependable, easy-to-use equipment When you’re supplying service to homes and businesses, you can’t afford to keep people waiting. So they design in features to keep your machine – and your crew – productive. Simple controls are easy to learn and operate, so even new workers can get to work quickly. Critical components are protected to reduce wear. And maintenance takes less time, thanks to better access to service points. It all adds up to lower service costs and less downtime over the life of your equipment – not to mention some of the industry’s best resale values when you’re ready to update your fleet.

Like Terex® Equipment, Their Support Keeps Going Strong

At Lift Industries they believe reliability shouldn’t end with the warranty. That’s why they build solid equipment that’s simple to operate, easy to maintain and tremendously dependable – saving money throughout the life of the product. But that’s not the only way they deliver value. They also stand behind their products with:

Custom Financing

Build the fleet you want with competitive financing rates, as well as special lease and purchase options from Terex® Financial Services. It’s a great way to have the equipment you need while managing your cash flow.

Flexible Service

When you need maintenance and repairs, you have options. Lift Industries offers a nationwide network of authorised Terex® Service Centres, as well as a team of factory-trained and certified field technicians who can come to you. Their service centres can handle equipment inspections, maintenance and major overhauls. They can also offer not only Terex® replacement parts but other OEM parts are also a call away.

Ongoing Support

Have a question? Need to troubleshoot an issue? Call Lift Industries. Their customers say one of the best things about working with them is their knowledgeable, experienced people. They are focused on doing everything they can to make your Lift Industries built Terex® equipment experience a good one.

For more information visit www.liftindustries.com.au

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MHP 15HD Trailer Mounted Boom

Manufactured for the Australian market, the MHP15HD is a heavy duty trailer mounted boom lift with a lightweight design and excellent manoeuvrability for accuracy.

The MHP15HD is a towable cherry picker that provides quick access and delivers precision on the jobsite. It touts an extensive maximum working height of 14.8m and a maximum working outreach of 7m at 8m for great reach.

Rugged and reliable, the machine by Snorkel is ideal for tree work and general maintenance up to a maximum wind speed of 12.5m/s. Equipped with automatic self-leveling capabilities as standard, this boom lift is made suitable for safe and versatile working at height. Independently operated hydraulic outriggers are also equipped with pothole protection with a footprint of 3.7m x 3.6m.

A durable two-man steel platform can lift a safe load up to 200kg. Measuring 1.24m x 0.77m, this heavy duty design makes it easy to lift people with tools to get the job done right. A 110/240V AC rated wire platform allows operators to use power tools up high– great for tree trimming and maintenance. Equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and well-suited for a wide range of applications, the MHP15HD can also be used for building maintenance, construction sites and other elevated work.

The MHP15HD is also equipped with fully proportional speed controls for added flexibility and manoeuvrability on the job. A versatile jib with 540° non-continuous rotation delivers smooth and accurate precision. Enhanced side-to-side manoeuvrability provides even more access to hard-to-reach places.

An articulated boom makes the MHP15HD easy to store when not in use. Designed to be lightweight, it is also easy to transport between jobs with a transport height of 1.9m and heavy duty tow coupling. This conveniently compact towable trailer mounted boom can go and work anywhere with ease.

Fitted with a superb 5.5hp efficient engine, this trailer boom provides reliable performance from a machine weight of 1,840kg. Lockable hinged covers provide ease of serviceability.

Optional bi-energy power offers clean and quiet operation in low emission environments. Additional options available for the Snorkel MHP15HD include a 10.9m height cut out switch, flashing light, 110/240V AC GFCO power to platform, alternative power options, and lifting lugs.

For more information call 1300 900 700 or visit www.ahernaustralia.com.au

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Ingenious Solutions

So you have issues with access? Or perhaps the tree isn’t safe to climb? Fear not, Global Machinery Sales has a suitable solution for your problems.

Introduced into the Australian market by Global Machinery Sales in 2012, CMC Lifts Australia offers a range of compact and highly manoeuvrable spider lifts as well as heavy duty spider lifts with big height and reach.

Global Machinery Sales Director Brian Evans has worked diligently with top EWP dealers in the USA and Europe to bring you a world renowned leader. “We wanted to pick the world’s best brand once and not have to pivot between brands and suppliers, by finally bringing superior quality and value to the EWP market in Australia. After speaking to CMC dealers who have sold alternative brands in the past, we found how happy they are and how superior the CMC product is compared to other brands. CMC seemed the obvious choice,” Brian said.

The dealer in the USA sells 150-200 CMC lifts per year, stating it was the best decision he ever made, minimal warranty issues, great support and a very well built machine.

Today CMC Aerial Platforms are a world leader in aerial lift technology and are a best seller in 30 countries worldwide, integrating ingenious new ideas and always building lifts “with the operator in mind” translating into an easier to operate and less extensive aerial lift. This winning combination gives Global Machinery Sales’ customers better value and a greater ROI.


The CMC S19HD is a track mounted spider style mobile elevated work platform and it has been designed with your job in mind. “The tree industry is tough and any steps we can take to make it easier and safer are welcome, which is where the CMC S19HD comes in. It’s here to do exactly that,” Brian added.

“Impressive side reach, so stable and secure!” – this is the first reaction and comment from everyone that takes a ride on the heavy duty S19 Spider Lift.

It features an extremely compact stabilisation area with full side reach, including the ability to self-level on steep sloped floors and terrain.

In addition, the S19HD is also capable of setting up in “narrow mode”, with an even smaller footprint. This special feature means reduced outreach, however the lift is still capable of full 360° rotation and full vertical height. Designed and built with a configuration of one lower riser pantograph and two-telescopic boom extensions, the S19HD has a 200kg basket capacity and 180° basket rotation, with close to 19m of working height.

Compact dimensions of 0.95m W x 2.04m H means access to virtually any work area.

CMC S25 Spider Lift

If the S19HD doesn’t fit your height requirements no need to worry, the CMC S25 tracked spider lift will fit your needs perfectly. This reliable 25m working height lift has an impressive 14m outreach.

The S25 is a self-propelled tracked aerial platform, designed with 1 articulating/1 telescopic lower boom and 1 articulating/2 telescopic upper booms, plus an articulating jib on the end. This combination allows for best work manoeuvrability and outreach.

A quick release 180° rotating basket with triple safety locks rounds out this great lift that is a pleasure to work with. Standard basket size is 1.70m wide. Other smaller basket sizes are also available to best fit your application.

The S25 comes equipped standard with two stabilisation areas and six possible outrigger configurations. With incredibly compact dimensions of 1.01m x 2.045m x 6.05m (WxHxL), in the closed travel position, this serious aerial work platform is capable of entering virtually any door. Quiet diesel engine/240v electric hydraulic power pack is standard. Also available with hybrid power source. The CMC S25 takes the place of the best-seller S24, improving its performance and reliability.

For more information please call Global Machinery Sales on 1300 072 926

Pay a visit http://globalmachinerysales.com.au

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All New Leguan 190

Monitor Lifts announces the addition of a new spider lift to their extensive range of machines: the all-new heavy-duty Leguan 190 Spider Lift.

The all-new heavy-duty Leguan 190 Spider Lift from Monitor has some really unique advantages and is extremely user-friendly.

It only weighs 2680kg, and with 19m of working height and 9.8m of horizontal reach, the Leguan 190 is the largest and most capable spider lift in Australia that can be towed on a 3.5T trailer.

It is 4 wheel drive, rather than your typical crawler track drive spider lifts, allowing fast drive speeds of up to 5.2km/ hr and really smooth operation over rough terrain, clambering over gutters, and loading or unloading from the trailer. Being skid-steer, the Leguan 190 still turns on the spot, and with full radio control drive, is very quick and easy to operate. The large tyres provide excellent traction and low ground pressure.

The auto level stabiliser legs are operated from the radio remote unit with one switch. This is very fast and accurate and ensures quick and safe setup.

The 190 Spider Lift is certified for two operators with an MRC of 230kg. The excellent outreach envelope ensures minimal setups and maximum efficiency is achieved. The strong all-steel construction guarantees a long trouble-free service life. Even the basket is steel unlike all other spider lifts on the market which are aluminum.

Featuring dual power sources, the Leguan is just as at home indoors as outdoors, making this machine one of the most versatile EWPs available. The 14hp Kubota twin cylinder diesel engine with auto-throttle is powerful, quiet and very fuel-efficient.

Monitor Lifts has supported the Leguan brand in Australia and New Zealand for more than 23 years and has unrivaled parts and service support nation-wide.

The Leguan 190 comes standard with the following features:

  • 230kg Max Basket capacity
  • Radio Controlled remote
  • Auto-Leveling from the remote
  • Manual leveling outriggers from the cage
  • 360-degree slew
  • 14hp Kubota Diesel engine and 240V Electric Motor
  • Direct hydraulic control for fast and smooth boom movements
  • Electric emergency lowering system
  • Optional 3-speed drive, with a max drive speed of 5.2km/h
  • The Leguan is the only spider lift machine with 4WD Wheels, and track drive is optional if preferred.

The unique knuckle boom design on the Leguan 190 allows this machine to have a fantastic up-and-over reach and the fly-jib allows you to have more maneuverability whilst elevated.

Another great feature of the Leguan 190 is that it has an excellent amount of travel in the outrigger legs meaning the machine can be set up on slopes of up to 13° with ease.

Contact Monitor Lifts now for more information and an obligation-free demonstration. Freecall 1800 025 024 or email [email protected]

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