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Prokut Continuing To Raise The Bar

With 40 years serving the outdoor power equipment and forestry markets, Roy Gripske and Sons (RGS) has established itself as a stalwart of the industry and is recognised for its exceptional service and quality portfolio of products.

RGS is better known through its distribution of various brands under both its GA Power Equipment Spares and Powerup Lawncare Products (PLP) divisions.

In recent times RGS has established its GA Forestry division as a focus point for its ongoing development of forestry related products and to allow it to synergise with other premium brands in the timber and forestry sector. This change has led to the launch of ProKut chain, bars and accessories, the partnering of RGS with another great Australian business, GB Forestry Products and now the launch into the market of Sugihara Pro bars made in Japan.

We caught up with Paul Sheehan, RGS General Manager, to discuss the changes that have occurred at RGS and the suite of timber/forestry products now available through the RGS partnered network.

“We were engaged with Oregon for 30+ years and had been the sole distributor in Australia for that brand since 1997 so when we parted company with Oregon in 2018 it represented a big change in direction for us,” Paul said. “We believed we could bring a quality product to the table without the need to charge excessive prices and this would ultimately help our customers be both reliable in their service delivery and remain competitively sustainable, both of which are key attributes of our own business,” he added.

ProKut has become established within the OPE dealer network as both a reliable and cost competitive offering and the brand has been growing in both range and quality improvements since its inception. “We have a very experienced team employed in product development and R&D within our business and we have been working very hard to improve the quality of our products in conjunction with our various suppliers. We are not content to just buy off the shelf and expect our users to just accept what we are offering, it is not in our DNA and it is not the Australian way, so we are constantly making improvements to our products and forcing our suppliers to hold to new and improved quality standards. We are very, very happy with the quality and market positioning of ProKut and we are investing heavily in its continued development for our market,” Paul said.

Sugihara Bars

But there is also something new on the horizon! RGS is now launching Sugihara bars into their range. “Our customers have specifically requested premium quality and precision engineered solutions for the Pro market and Sugihara has both the brand quality and reputation worldwide as a premium pro bar. We see a good fit for these Japanese made precision bars to join our ProKut offering and we can’t wait to get them out there into the hands of users and cutting timber,” Paul said excitedly.

In terms of the forestry industry, the partnership established between RGS and GB Forestry products has been a great fit and has brought benefits for both businesses, “GB Forestry is a well-established premium manufacturer and RGS has an enviable distribution footprint and relationship network, so both businesses decided to join forces for our mutual benefit and ultimately that of the end user,” Paul told us.

“From RGS’ point of view, having the ability to develop product to meet specific user needs, design and manufacture those here, and then support the customer in the field is a market benefit that ensures we maintain our service and quality commitment” he said, “not to mention the fact that it allows us both to employ more Australians, it’s a win win for our businesses, our customers and the Australian economy”. And we say cheers to that!

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Lift Industries: Sales Distributor Of Terex

Initially started to do regulation 10-year refurbishments on elevating work platforms, Lift Industries has grown to 35 staff on two sites covering over 3000 square metres. The Queensland-based company is growing. Fast.

Lift Industries is the only sales distributor for the Terex Utilities range of truck-mounted, insulated, elevated work platforms, crane borers and spare parts for Australia and New Zealand. It’s a long way from where the company kicked off in 2004 when Jason Agius and Clinton Faulkner pooled their experience, dating back to the late 1980s.

Starting in a 200-square-metre shed, and with the determination to offer exceptional customer service, the pair serviced and maintained lifting platforms. As the business grew, services expanded to meet the requests of customers who, appreciative of the competence and efficiency offered by Lift Industries, were keen for the company to undertake other work. Over time Lift Industries included a range of related services such as fabrication and auto electrical.


  • From the outset, Lift Industries had clear aims of:
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Innovation
  • Technological advancement, and
  • Financial integrity

The goal was for customers to find Lift Industries provided the best possible product with the best possible support, and that aim was never compromised. The market responded and Lift Industries went from strength to strength as the decades rolled on. The company continued to grow, chalking up successes and carefully expanding its services, and not deviating from its core philosophies.


Lift Industries has been a long-standing support business for the previous Terex Utilities dealers in Australia and New Zealand, installing most of the products since 2005. The company’s knowledge of the Terex product line is unparalleled in the Oceania region. It was probably a natural progression, but no less of an achievement, when, in 2018, Lift Industries announced it had been appointed the authorised sales distributor for the Terex Utilities range of truck-mounted, insulated elevated work platforms and crane borers for the Australian and New Zealand region.

Proven Quality

The Terex Utilities range of equipment holds an enviable reputation worldwide for its design, durability, functionality and competitive cost.

Terex Utilities is part of the huge global Terex organisation, and in dedicated factories produces thousands of units each year for use around the globe. Founded over 70 years ago, it has become a global market leader and possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge which has carried it from strength to strength throughout the past seven decades. Terex Utilities is a global manufacturer of insulated aerial and auger drill products and services, delivering life-cycle solutions that maximise customer return on investment.

Lift Industries has a full knowledge of the machines and now looks forward to promoting these products to the arb industry for many years to come.

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Platform Sales Australia

As successful contractors are well aware, highly versatile equipment designed to provide higher utilisation, being fully transportable and able to work in tighter areas will not only increase productivity but also provide the best ROI.

This focus – especially when combined with the added stability and safety of a spider lifts, truck-mounted lifts and alike – is where Platform Sales has been adding huge value for its customers across a range of industry, through their unique equipment and an extensive team of Australia wide highly trained and qualified service engineers.

Scissor and boom lifts all have their place but they don’t give you everything and after 40 years of combined experience the team of Andrew Satterley (as Operations Manager) and David Collins (as Director) of Platform Sales Australia have had the boots on the ground for long enough to realise that the key to embracing long-term success with contractors looking to purchase or hire equipment is by enhancing productivity, through offering a broad yet extremely specific range of machines, across the various height requirements of various industries, from a range of hand-selected manufacturers who produce the best machine from each class.

It is a passion that has motivated Platform Sales to cast their net far and wide in search of better solutions for businesses looking for greater efficiency, utilisation and enhanced safety. A prime example of this is the way the Arborist Industry has embraced the CTE Traccess Spider Lift range. As good climbers today, can be very hard to find, the ability to provide a safer option that allows areas that previously only the best climbers could access to be easily achieved by the use of a spider lift means business can significantly improve the volume of work achievable on any given day without the risk previously involved.

David explained that Platform Sales, which is based in Taren Point, Sydney, had originally commenced operations after becoming the first retail sales agency for Genie Australia. Shortly thereafter, the company had commenced dealing with CTE, and this was in turn closely followed by the establishment of a partnership with Palazzani.


“We were one of the first internet-based EWP sales companies to provide a broad range of equipment to all sectors of business in Australia,” David told AA of Platform’s initial establishment in the local marketplace.

A wide-ranging product portfolio Twelve years on, Platform Sales now presides over 250 different models, sourced from around the world – with its range having since expanded to encompass JLG, Skyjack and Haulotte products – and services a range of customers, with its machines catering to a broad spectrum of uses, from heavy industry to light commercial applications.

Platform Sales product portfolio includes material lifts, trailer lifts, boom lifts, truck-mounted aerial platforms, scissor lifts, mast lifts, spider lifts and a range of accessories, including Lodax outrigger pads, and is backed by an extensive after-sales service network throughout Australia.

“Scissor And Boom Lifts All Have Their Place, But They Don’t Give The Arbor Industry A Total Solution.”

“Our EWP product range today has been built on our customer’s needs and dealing with only the best manufacturers in their respective areas,” David explained.

“We seek to supply Australian businesses with a high degree of hire-based performance and reliability across all of the EWP machines in our portfolio, from self-propelled scissor lifts and booms to truck-mounted towers and the more specialised spider lifts, that will provide the most versatile investment.”

Platform Sales prides itself on combining its depth of industry knowledge, with understanding its customers’ requirements and needs and it is this philosophy that is put to use in determining what machines are best suited to each individual customers’ respective requirements, encompassing prioritising reliability and performance, and seeking to reduce the overall cost of ownership.

“Equipment designed for purpose, such as Arbor work will provide for maximum productivity, cost savings and increased profits for those investing in today’s market,” David observed.

“Realising the importance of functionality and versatility, we strive to show our customers the best options to gain the maximum benefit from their investment – and, with our key selected manufacturers, we supply a range that is broad and proven to perform in the demanding Australian market.”

Keeping It Simple, The Key

David noted that having the opportunity to evaluate the machine market in Europe had ultimately demonstrated the importance of a simple approach to machine design, which is perfect for operating in Australia’s unique conditions.

“I believe that keeping it simple is the key,” he said. “Machine make-up, like boom configuration, size, weight, footprint and performance, are all key components of better design, along with the simplicity, especially from an electronics point of view.

“An over-technical machine can and will be problematic in Australia. We want a simple, Tonka-tough approach to the equipment we use in Australia.”

In assessing Platform’s progress over the years, David pointed to the importance of experience, encompassing an ability to understand industry needs and connect with customers, as being a key factor.

“We believe our experience in the Arbor industry and the long-term partnerships we have formed have been the key to our success,” he told AA. “We have always focused on providing the best solutions, designed to increase productivity while reducing the costs of business and ensuring our customers and their staff are safe.”

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Quality Delivered With ECHO

Briggs & Stratton introduces ECHO to the professional Aussie market.

For over 70 years, ECHO® has been designing and building high performance, commercial quality products. From humble beginnings in Japan with a simple handheld crop duster, ECHO has grown to become a technological leader and well-respected global brand.

Following the exclusive distribution agreement between the Yamabiko Corporation and Briggs & Stratton last year, Japanese power equipment brand ECHO has established itself as a market leader in Australia releasing an innovative range of affordable handheld products designed specifically for professionals and tradesmen. With the latest of ECHO’s iconic-orange range available through Briggs & Stratton dealers, the global company promises to deliver quality and consistency across all products.

“The essence of ECHO is a complex story intended to make every user’s life simple.”

You don’t have to think about your tools because they already have. The philosophy is simple – to produce professional quality products that meet the demands of the people who use them. The essence of ECHO is a complex story intended to make every user’s life simple. The many facets include skilled craftsmen, world-class technology and integrated production.

Skilled Craftsmen

For over 70 years ECHO has been producing durable, dependable products. It starts with engineers who understand the requirements of the applications and optimise performance, durability, and ergonomics. They are followed by those in manufacturing who take great pride in what they do: create components to exacting specifications and assemble them into products worthy of the ECHO name.

World Class Technology

To be a global leader, you need to have cutting edge technology. ECHO uses the latest materials for strength and reduced weight. Computerised design and manufacturing allow them to meet tight tolerances, providing superior fit, finish and performance. Robots work tirelessly in tandem with skilled associates for efficient and concise assembly of their products.

Integrated Production

The engine is the heart of all ECHO products and they control the entire process. Their vertically integrated system starts with ingots and includes casting, machining, heat treating, polishing and plating, all done in Japan.

“The philosophy is simple – to produce professional quality products that meet the demands of the people who use them.”

When you are famous for your engines, you don’t want to put your reputation in someone else’s hands.

With industry trends moving towards more environmentally sound solutions, ECHO worked tirelessly to reduce exhaust emissions across their petrol-powered range, as well as developing and launching their 50V lithium-ion handheld range including a hedge trimmer, line trimmer, and blower that take on their petrol counterparts with a wealth of added benefits. Lightweight, robust construction with long-lasting, quick-charging batteries and professional-grade maintenance-free brushless motors across the range ensure long-lasting, professional performance. Developing batteries with charge times as low as 30mins and full compatibility across multiple tools, ECHO offers the most convenient solution to any workload.

Another key product innovation catering for highly trained professionals is ECHO’s most compact saw yet with the CS-2511TES top handle chainsaw – fast becoming a favourite with arborists, carvers, and foresters around the world.

Given the superior power-to-weight ratio, the saw is both highly manoeuvrable and can be used for long periods with little user fatigue.

The exceptional performance is driven by a 25cc professional grade Japanese engine. Standout features include a dry weight of 2.3kg (without guide bar and saw chain), a starter grip assist cap opener; dropout prevention nuts; a tool-less air filter cover allowing easy air filter access, even while wearing gloves; a side-access chain tensioner enabling easy chain adjustment and an integrated metal lanyard ring for easy attachment and detachment. Grouped controls and an innovative top handle, along with a swing-out lanyard ring which has been positioned for greater balance and easy climbing, makes this saw perfect for heights.

With a five-year domestic warranty and two-year professional warranty, the ECHO professional range is available through Briggs & Stratton dealers nationally.

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