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Speed And Efficiency With Oregon’s New SpeedCut™ System

Winter Is Coming – And So Is Chainsaw Season.

With Autumn now upon us, chainsaw season is on its way. Start the season with the best of the best – Oregon’s new SpeedCut™ System. For a tool that works as hard as you do, this innovative system makes cutting easier and more time efficient. The narrow kerf guide bar and saw chain need less power, enhancing speed for faster cuts in most conditions.

Exclusive to Oregon® products, the narrow kerf advantage means faster cuts with less wood being displaced. Top performance is guaranteed when pairing the narrow kerf 95TXL saw chain with a specially built narrow kerf guide bar. Light-weight and efficient, the SpeedCutTM System cuts faster and better on mid-size chainsaws. For best performance, always use bars designed for narrow kerf saw chain.

The Oregon 95TXL Saw Chain is faster, sharper and easier to navigate1. Get a faster, easier cut with a reshaped cutting surface and narrow kerf design. Featuring a sharper, more durable cutting edge from a new precision grind and optimised cutting angle. This easier to sharpen chain has the cutting surface matched to the file. More indicators help users spot the recommended filing angles.

Guide Bars provide users with a lighter, stronger and longer lasting saw chain system2. The Oregon SpeedCutTM System is up to 20 per cent lighter, providing users with more control and less fatigue with a light-weight aluminium core. Stiffer and stronger with aerospace bonding technology, this system is more durable on the job. From a redesigned nose with new parts and materials, harder bar rails are designed to last longer. Guide Bars also provide better chain retention and less wear via precision rail groove design, reducing the need to repurchase. For an even longer lifespan, LubriTecTM keeps the chain drive link and chain rivet joints oiled, for less wear and longer life.

When speed, efficiency and a strong performing saw chain are mandatory to get the job done right, Oregon® SpeedCutTM is the right cutting system for all. Engineered for optimal performance on small and mid-size saws.

1When compared to Oregon 95VPX saw chain.

2When compared to equivalent Oregon Pro-Lite guide bars.

Oregon products are available exclusively available through Briggs & Stratton Australia. FOr product details call 1800 356 632

For more information or visit

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Climbing Made Easy

This year sees, among other gear innovations for other industries, Petzl adding to and refining their arborist range.

With all the thoughtfulness to ergonomic design, user comfort and safety Petzl have become synonymous of, their new suite of gear caters for both the traditional and Single Rope Technique (SRT) practitioners.

The updated SEQUOIA and SEQUOIA SRT harnesses are built for comfort, with ergonomically shaped padding in the waist-belt and leg-loops for working aloft for extended periods. The two gated attachment points allow easy connection of the ZILLON or MICROFLIP lanyards or the installation of multiple bridges that have full use of their lateral range, increasing mobility. The SRT version is specifically designed with a textile Ventral attachment point for installing the ZIGZAG, ZIGZAG PLUS with CHICANE and KNEE ASCENDER system and a rear buckle to install a chest CROLL integrated in the SECUR shoulder straps.

Conveniently adjustable, the Double Back Plus waist-belt buckles are quick and easy to use. The new FAST LT PLUS, leg-loop buckles ensure security and one-time adjustment for size with a new locking system that limits the risk of accidental opening.

The ZIGZAG and ZIGZAG PLUS mechanical Prusik devices are intuitive to use, mimicking classic Prusik pulley systems, automatically locking on the rope as their friction-chain section extends. Efficient movement is smooth and precise. Rope feed is easily managed by the subtle adjustment of the release-lever. Changes in pressure control the speed of movement.

The large, sealed ball-bearing pulley wheel makes rope tending smooth and easy. The ZIGZAG has a fixed, lower attachment point to ensure proper alignment with the axis of the user. The ZIGZAG PLUS, lower attachment is a high-efficiency swivel ensuring stable and correct positioning of the device and smooth rope-feed.

Both devices can be used on either doubled ropes or in SRT, thanks to the CHICANE auxiliary braking handle and the KNEE ASCENT assemblies. The upper attachment point for the rope end, in double rope use or the CHICANE, in SRT set-up, has a flexible positioning ring that helps keep the connector oriented along its major axis. They also have an auxiliary attachment point for adding a ZILLION lanyard, connecting a second system or the installation of the KNEE ASCENT assembly.

To this suite of gear, Petzl also introduces the CHICANE auxiliary braking handle and the KNEE ASCENT, CLIP and LOOP assemblies. The CHICANE allows the ZIGZAG and ZIGZAG PLUS mechanical Prusiks to be used in Single Rope Technique (SRT). It provides continuous additional braking thanks to the added friction of the two friction pins. Used with the Petzl Am’D or OK carabiners, whose H-shaped cross-section make the CHICANE and both ZIGZAG versions a fully compatible system. This ensures smooth rope glide during ascents, descents and when limb-walking. Its opening side plate makes it easy to install mid-line and its triple-action unlocking mechanism limits the accidental opening of the device.

Last but not at all least, the new KNEE ASCENT assembly is available in a foot-loop version or clip version for boots with integrated clipping point. They make ascending in SRT a breeze. The elasticated upper strap connects directly to the ZIGZAG and ZIGZAG PLUS and CHICANE, raising the whole unit. The integrated CROLL L (large), compatible to ropes 11mm-13mm in diameter, make for comfortable ascent and no back-slipping. The assembly has multiple setting to adjust to users of all shapes and sizes.

This entire suite of gear shows Petzl’s detailed understanding of the working arborist and their ever-changing work environment. Not all trees are the same as not all arborists, but in this range Petzl has catered for the traditionalist and SRT climber equally.

For further information on availability in your state, contact your local, independent Arborist equipment supplier or Spelean directly, for whom that might be, where you are.

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Engineered To Succeed

WPT Power has engineered a range of solutions for Diesel engines in tree applications, which are able to reduce engine wear and increase durability.

PythonTM Hydraulic Clutch Control

WPT Power’s patented PythonTM Hydraulic Clutch Control is the perfect product for any equipment with an engine that struggles during machine start-up. With the push of a button, our PythonTM will smoothly engage any WPT Type 1 and Type 2 Power Take-Off to accelerate the most demanding loads. It eliminates the need for bump starting heavy loads which can stall or damage the engine.

This product was designed and tested alongside seasoned experts in the Off-Highway Equipment industry, and was specially engineered for applications with high inertia loads. WPT Power’s patented PythonTM is perfect for the OEM as well as the end user. Features include:

  • Eliminates operator-related engagement abuse
  • Maximises the clutch’s wear component life
  • Optimises clutch engagement for smooth operation
  • Can be easily integrated into OEM control systems
  • Designed and tested to operate in cold weather conditions
  • Self-contained unit. No need for machine hydraulics
  • Compatible with SAE J1939 engine connections
  • Available in 12 or 24 Volt

Hydraulic Power Take-Offs

If you are looking for an innovative, high capacity power take-off, look no further than the WPT® Type 2.

With its versatile design, dry clutch and top-of-the-line spherical roller bearings, the Type 2 PTO have been field-proven in many sideload applications.

The benefits of the WPT Type 2 include the potential for remote engagement, self-adjusting clutch, with air or hydraulic actuation.

Heavy-duty gear tooth friction discs are standard on 14” and 18” models. Bearings are lubricated with either grease or oil.

Customers needing maximum capacity in a small package will find the Type 2 an outstanding PTO for their applications.

Pilotless TM Mechanical Power Take-Off

Industrial engine applications are more demanding than ever. Customers need a solution rugged enough to meet those demands and WPT Power has engineered that solution with the WPT PilotlessTM Mechanical Power Take-Off. This design eliminates the pilot bearing and increases side load capacity over previous generations of PTO products. The WPT PilotlessTM Mechanical Power Take-Off will optimise your cost by reducing inventory, increasing uptime, and engine life, and simplify installation time. Features include:

  • Dual spherical roller main bearing design
  • Time savings for assembly since no pilot bearing alignment required
  • Most sizes fit within the envelope of the previous design
  • No direct loading to engine crankshaft increases the life of engine main bearings
  • No installation related engine thrust bearing damage
  • 100 percent equipped with ball-bearing engagement collars
  • Increased side load capacity.

For more information visit, call 0429 787 976 or email [email protected]

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Pick A Rope

Swing into your local Vermeer dealer for all your climbing rope needs.

If you climb trees for a living, then you’d know that your rope is quite literally your lifeline, so selecting the right rope is vital to your safety.

We speak with Adrian Greed, Senior Parts Interpreter at Vermeer, to find out which climbing ropes are the top picks for arborists. Adrian has been helping arborists find the right ropes, devices and gear for over 17 years from Vermeer’s Melbourne dealership in Derrimut.

Selecting The Right Rope

Mr Greed identifies a few keys points for selecting a climbing rope.

“When picking a rope, you need to know which one will provide the best results for your intended use,”Mr Greed said.

“For climbing rope, you’ll generally want one that is less stretchy or elastic. Elastic ropes put more strain on the climber and they’ll have to exert more energy when getting from point A to B.

“At Vermeer, we stock a variety of double braided and kernmantle climbing ropes, which both offer a range of elasticity and strengths.”

Vermeer’s most popular Kernmantle climbing ropes include the Xstatic rope by Teufelberger and the Kernmaster Safari Climbing Rope by Yale Cordage. The Xstatic rope maintains high tensile strength with minimum elongation, while the Kernmaster Safari Climbing Rope is relatively static under low loads, but the core will begin to ravel and absorb energy under loads more than 317.5kg before returning back to the static state.

Their most popular double braid climbing ropes include the Poison Hi-vy by Yale Cordage and the Banshee climbing rope by Notch. The Poison Hi-vy is versatile for all climbing styles, affordable and ideal for climbers looking for limited ‘bounce’, and the Banshee is a new 24-strand climbing line for tree care professionals looking for a rope that combines lightweight with a resilient roundness.

“Selecting the right rope will also depend on which mechanical ascending devices you want to use it with,” Mr. Greed said.

“Ropes will generally range from 10-13mm diameter, so be sure to check your devices to see what size rope it is compatible with. The thicker the rope, the easier it is to grip but also the heavier it becomes.”

Whether you are using a double rope technique (DRT)/moving rope system (MRS) or single rope technique (SRT)/ stationery rope system (SRS), you’ll need a rope that can hold its knots.

“The softer and more flexible a rope, the easier it will hold knots. Soft ropes will also create less friction, therefore, be less likely to cause the rope to melt or fuse,” Mr Greed explained.

“Lastly, the colour of the rope can also assist in this decision. Most professional climbers will opt for a bright colored rope so they are easily spotted by their groundcrew. So they can look out for the rope when using a chainsaw.

“If you are in the market for a new rope and want to check out the range of climbing ropes available from Vermeer, drop by and give it a go at one of our rope testing facilities.”

Knowing When It’s Time To Hang It Up

“Like most of our customers, you’re probably going to be climbing and using this rope very regularly. Knowing when to cut up and throw away a rope is vital to your safety,” Mr Greed said.

A rope’s ability to function depends on how you use it, how well you care for it and how you store it.

A Minimum Industry Standard for rope use in arboriculture (MIS302) has been released as part of a book series by Arboriculture Australia Ltd in consultation with the national arboriculture community. MIS302 contains an in-depth description of rope selection, rope qualities and rope use. The book explains that when inspecting your rope before and after use, a few things to note are:

  • Is there any heat damage, such as glazed areas?
  • Is there an inconsistent rope diameter, possibly due to internal damage?
  • Is there any discolouration caused by chemical contamination?
  • Is there any loss of rope bulk?
  • Are there any cut strands or puffs (pulled strands)?
  • Is there any inconsistent texture?
  • Are all rope ends secured, without risk of unravelling?
  • Pay close attention to areas where rope wear is more likely, such as near the splice or working end

To prolong the life of your climbing rope, it is recommended to clean the ropes often and according to manufacturer’s instructions. Store the ropes appropriately in accordance to their construction, keep out of direct sunlight, and transport carefully between jobs.

At the end of the day, knowing when to replace your ropes is all about whether or not you feel safe to climb with it. If you are unsure, chances are it’s time to replace the rope.

For more information on Arboriculture Australia Ltd’s Minimum Industry Standards, the first four books are available now from Vermeer in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide for purchase, and don’t hesitate to contact your local Vermeer Parts Counter if you’d like advice on rope or any of the latest arbor gear.

For more information and to find your local dealership visit

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New BES Knife Boxes

Wood chipper operators are now able to carry chipper blades safely thanks to the new range of BES chipper blade carry boxes available through Tree Care Machinery.

For many years wood chipper owners carried spare blades in cardboard boxes, towels, wooden blocks, wrapped in some type of tape or nothing at all. These methods provided little protection to the operator, failed to protect the knife while in storage and made it difficult and dangerous to carry.

Several years ago, Michael Gooden, previous owner of Tree Care Machinery in South Australia, designed a carry box to address some of these issues. While these boxes made it much safer to carry spare knives, they were difficult to assemble and cumbersome to carry as they had no handle.

The new BES knife boxes have been designed by Shane Cavanagh, Managing Director of Bushwood Equipment Sales Pty. Ltd. who was concerned with the safety of those people who were handling spare blades. “Most wood chipper operators have a set of blades on their machine, another set in their tool box, and a set with their local knife sharpening provider. The blades are extremely sharp and many of the larger blades are very heavy, so storing and transporting them is clearly a safety issue” said Shane.

The new BES box has been developed over five years in consultation with Icarcus Design, a South Australian industrial design company. Particular attention was paid to the type of plastic used, the way the box closed and the ease of carrying.

“We wanted to create a product that could carry the heavy knives safely, withstand the elements in the back of a ute, is easy and safe to carry and of course, affordable,” Shane said.

The box is made of high grade PPUV stable plastic, which is extremely strong and UV resistant. The design makes it easy to assemble and can be stored lying down or standing up. “To ensure the box is secured correctly, BES made closing the box a manual operation using a bolt and wing nut. The bolt and wing nut are located in the handle so anyone picking up a box can immediately determine if the box has been closed correctly.

BES knife boxes come in two sizes which can accommodate most chipper blades on the market today. The small box accommodates knives up to 8” (203mm) in length while the large box is suitable for all knives up to 10” (254mm).

As a special introductory offer to all Australian Arbor Age readers, BES are offering a free knife box with every set of blades purchased until the end of June 2019.

The new BES knife boxes are available online at

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