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Vegetation Control

Did you know Himac Attachments design and manufacture Australia’s largest range of Vegetation Control Attachments for Skid Steer and Mini Loaders? If you need it to push it, pull it, rip it, grapple it or slash it… Himac have the tools for you!

Australian Made for Australian Conditions

Forget cheap imports that are unreliable, poor build quality and without warranty.

The team at Himac pride themselves on precision-built attachments made from hightensile steel, each backed with a warranty twice the industry standard.

From Push Rakes, Grapples and Slashers to Pullers, Buckets, Rippers and more – your Skid Steer and Mini Loaders has never been more capable for effective vegetation control.

Himac’s brand and reputation is built on more than 17 years of consistent supply of quality attachments throughout Australia.

Each product is field tested and proven to last while remaining incredibly price-competitive. Himac manufactures over 80 per cent of the products they sell, all with local Australian labour. They hold generous stock levels in warehouses across Australia (including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and other capital cities) for fast delivery and minimal freight costs.

Mini Loader Slasher

The Mini Loader Slasher from Himac allows you to harness serious grass slashing power.

This vegetation control attachment is more than just a Mini Loader mower, going above and beyond expectations in speed, power and its ability to handle low level shrubbery with ease.

Features include:

  • Heavy duty twin blade carrier
  • 3″ diameter cutting capacity
  • 1280mm cutting width (1360mm overall)
  • High torque hydraulic motor
  • Safety chains fitted, worksafe approved
  • Run down clutch protection
  • 6mm thick slasher deck
  • Fork pockets fitted for easy loading / unloading.

Skid Steer Tree Puller

The Skid Steer Tree Puller will grab hold of small trees then pull up and out completely – roots and all! Simply grip and rip in a fast and effective clamping motion. Right from within the skid steer cab, you can clear large areas efficiently, or sneak in for more selective removal of saplings and other vegetation. With a highly durable steel frame construction and 29 angled teeth, the Tree Puller is ready to pull trees up to 4 inches in diameter (max limb size 12” diameter).

Features include:

  • High grade steel frame construction with powder coated finish
  • Cross over relief to protect over-pressurising
  • Fast and powerful hydraulic clamping
  • Pull out trees up to 4” diameter – max limb size 12” diameter
  • Flexible hose support – protection within frame
  • Spring mounted strain relief hose holder
  • Non-slip strips for safe enter / exit of skid steer.

Skid Steer Claw Grapple

For the toughest Skid Steer Grapple around, look no further than the new and highly versatile Himac Claw Grapple. With Push Rake-style capability and fitted Cat J-Series teeth, this grapple is built to handle almost anything in its path. Whether you’re moving logs or branches, tackling large volumes of unwanted vegetation or doing scrap clean-up.

Features include:

  • Grapple features high grade 16mm thick arms with 65 NB horizontal bars
  • Fitted Cat J-Series teeth for cutting through ground and roots
  • Perform raking and back dragging
  • Impressive 1270mm max opening allows large volum
  • Handle all types of vegetation and scrap
  • Serrated edges provide serious grip, greasable pivot points
  • Unique curved shape to hold wide range of loads sizes.

Skid Steer Stump Bucket Grapple

Featuring the same multi-use innovation and high-tensile base as its standard counterpart, the Stump Grapple executes stump removal with your skid steer faster than ever. The serrated edges and front 300mm toothed tip cuts through roots, while at the same time the powerful single arm grapple can take hold and pull to accelerate the root-busting process.

Features include:

  • Extreme duty hydraulic grapple arm
  • Replaceable excavator style teeth – 300mm wide tip
  • Curved design base with 13mm high tensile construction
  • Accelerated removal of tree stumps, small trees and other vegetation
  • 1200mm max grapple opening to steady tall and large loads
  • Useful for digging footings and trenches (up to 920mm)
  • Perform demolition and pull up concrete / asphalt.

For the very best in machinery attachments for vegetational control, contact the friendly team at Himac on 1800 888 114 or browse their product range online at

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Making Way For Effective Tree Removal

Family-owned Woodrowe Tree Technicians wouldn’t be without its fleet of heavy-duty Vermeer BC1000XL brush chippers to ensure the safe removal of trees and vegetation around roadsides, driveways and powerlines.

Woodrowe Tree Technicians was established in 1995 predominantly as a vegetation control company, and has since expanded its service offerings to include traffic management and civil construction.

As specialists in the establishment, management and maintenance of trees, all work is carried out by professional arborists with a deep knowledge of best-practice environmental care.

Appropriate pruning is carried out according to the specific species, ensuring the future health and appearance of the plant. Woodrowe Tree Technicians can also develop maintenance plans for all types of vegetation.

The company services government, commercial, rural and residential customers across regional Victoria, and is the contractor of choice for several local schools and government agencies.

According to Adam Rowe, Operations Manager at Woodrowe Tree Technicians, the business has a fairly unique equipment fleet at its disposal, which is crucial to achieving successful outcomes on a variety of projects.

“As vegetation specialists, we have a combination of Elevating Work Platforms (EWP), tipper trucks and wood chippers on the road daily, along with reach mowers, tractors, forestry mulchers, loaders and broom systems ready to use as required.”

Woodrowe Tree Technicians has three Vermeer BC1000XL wood chippers in its fleet. Whilst able to chip through material up to 30.5cm, the BC1000XL reduces the need to trim material, and a 94.6L fuel tank maximises productivity by ensuring less time is spent refuelling

For Woodrowe Tree Technicians, safety was the biggest consideration in choosing Vermeer equipment.

“Safety is always our most important aspect when purchasing machinery,” Mr Rowe said.

“We also require reliable and easy to maintain machinery to ensure we are upholding our standards and meeting our strict deadlines for completion of contracts.

“Vermeer is yet to let us down.”

Mr Rowe said that Vermeer equipment offers some key project efficiency benefits over other alternatives considered “With any of our Vermeer equipment we know it is guaranteed to get the job done.

“If there are any repairs required, the parts are always readily available, and the after-sales support service that Vermeer offer is outstanding.

Woodrowe Tree Technicians has a strong relationship with its local Vermeer environmental equipment product specialist, Adam Cottrill, who works out of the Derrimut dealership in Victoria.

“Our time with Vermeer has been welcomed and recognised by Adam, who has made finding and buying parts a very easy process for us,” Mr Rowe said.

“The chippers are ready and waiting to be put to work from the moment they arrive in our yard.

“Adam always follows up with us after we have had the equipment for a few weeks to ensure things are going well and to see if we have any questions.”

Mr Rowe explained that it is vital for Woodrowe Tree Technicians to have a support system in place with its suppliers, such as Vermeer, as the quality of its machinery directly impacts the success of the business.

“We need to make sure we are staying ahead of the rest and have the knowledge of any new machinery, safety updates or anything else that may benefit our business. “Vermeer is in frequent contact with our management team to identify our needs and keep us up-to-date with the latest developments in the sector.”

For more information on Vermeer’s range of tree care equipment solutions, visit

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Bandit – For A Lifetime

When you invest your hard-earned on a brand new chipper, you’re going to depend on it for many years. That’s why your relationship with Bandit doesn’t stop when you take delivery – it only just begins.

Every day, over 2,000 Australian tree crews are using Bandit chippers, and with good reason. Bandit has been in Australia since the early 1990s and know what’s required to keep all those chips flying – superb parts and service back-up support for all Bandit owners, Australia-wide. Here is a quick run-down on some of Bandit’s chipper range.

Bandit Model 12XP – 12” Capacity

Perfect for tree crews, power line contractors and Councils. CAT turbo diesels, 85hp or 114hp; easy to tow with a smaller truck. Dual feed rollers easily process difficult material that single feed roller units just won’t handle – like bulk palm trunk and fronds as well as our dense twisted Aussie hardwood logs.

Bandit Model 15XPC – 15” Capacity

High powered CAT 142hp turbo diesel and the same amazing infeed system as its big brother, the 18XP. Compact and loaded with features like the hydraulic winch, hydraulic lift/crush and Auto Feed Plus. Under 3,500kg on electric brakes. Awesome performer that will easily process all material types without looking like plugging. If you have not had a demo of the 15XPC, you must!

Bandit Model 18XP – 18” Capacity

Over 700 Bandit 18XP chippers work in Australia every day. The slower rpm, higher torque, oversized 37” diameter chipper drum processes large material far more easily than small-drum machines. Two engine options; CAT 142hp turbo diesel and the 6 cylinder 173HP CAT turbo with a whopping 905Nm of torque. Like all Bandits, it commands industry-best resale value when you look to sell. Check out the Bandit 18XP Road Test on page 38 of this magazine.

Bandit Model 19XP – 19” Capacity

Standard with the 213hp CAT six cylinder turbo diesel producing 932 Nm of torque! This is 50 per cent more engine torque than other 19” capacity chippers with their weaker 4 cylinder motors. Dual feed rollers, huge chipper throat opening. The single axle Bandit19XP will process whole trees with ease… and FAST with that monster engine.

Bandit Model 21XP – 21” Capacity

Bandit’s ultimate hand fed chipper. Standard with the amazing forestry discharge chute, 275hp Cummins turbo diesel engine; ideal for take-downs and land clearing work. Massive 32” wide dual infeed rollers; top roller 16” diameter will walk over everything. Will easily chip large, forked material that other chippers cannot process. Simply a ‘Beast’, and priced lower than you might think

Bandit is your partner for a lifetime. Experience counts, and rugged tank-like construction matters; Bandit has the runs on the board in our tough Australian environment.

For more information visit or go to YouTube at

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Chip From Any Direction

Hansa’s C27 chipper is a unique beast. At only 850kg in weight, it can be easy to underestimate this machine, but what this small-but-solid chipper lacks in heft, it more than makes up for it through performance and unmatched utility.

With a maximum capacity of 160mm (6”), and an extra-wide feed opening of 330mm x ith a maximum capacity of 160mm (6”), and an extra-wide feed opening of 330mm C27’s powerful hydraulic feed system makes it easy to process any material, and pull bushy, twisted or forked branches into the machine with ease.

Not only does the lighter weight of this chipper make it light enough to be towed into any driveway, thanks to the unique360-degree turn-table design you can feed from any direction – making it one of the best machines as a secondary unit for tight access, for tackling smaller jobs or for those running landscape contracting services. Just keep it hitched to your truck or vehicle, use the turn-table and swivel outlet to position your workspace, and feed with ease – discharging chip exactly where you need it.

Long-time Hansa user Lance Wharton, owner of a C27 is one of the happy customers Hansa has worldwide.

“I’ve been hammering this C27 and I’m just so impressed. It’s robust and can handle all the jobs I throw at it. Usually, I would have used a BC1000 but the swivel base and quietness of the machine is such a game changer that it’s getting me more work in tricky, sensitive areas.”The 360-degree turntable on the C27 allows feeding from any direction, all while still being coupled and discharging into your tow vehicle

Priding itself on its design, Hansa is making a name for themselves in the arborist community around the world. With a Brisbane based warehouse to enable direct supply into Australia and headquarters across the ditch in New Zealand, customers can rely on the instant backup from a team member.

Larger models in the Hansa commercial range includes chippers up to 254mm (10”) in capacity, and all are designed with unmatched performance to weight ratio. The C40 wheeled unit is a good step up for those who don’t require the turn table, but would like more capacity, accepting material up to 178mm (7”). While the C60 and its tracked version C60rx chip up to 254mm (10”), both models can be fitted with a range of modular upgrades. These features developed by Hansa include a lift and crush (which allows the operator to lift the infeed wheel and “crush” the material that is being fed into the chipper, which helps feed in certain types of material) and a hydraulic winch with wireless remote to enable feeding into the C60 chippers, reducing need for manual lifting.

So why would you choose a Hansa chipper? Sharper chipper

Hansa are specialists in chippers, and continue to make significant investments into sharpening the design and manufacturing of the machines they produce. The Hansa brand has continued to evolve and now produce more than 15 models of chippers

All machines are 3D designed by the in-house team, rather than manufactured from templates, using world class technology. This means that they are constantly evolving, and every chipper is built with aesthetics, performance, accuracy, modularity and serviceability in mind – not as an after-thought.

Difference In Design

Hansa regularly reviews feedback and suggestions from users, and finds ways to solve some of the problems that arborists face in their working environment. They then follow a strict development process for new features to ensure seamless introduction into the market: from pre-design brainstorm, through to 3D design, prototyping, field testing and pre-production run prior to launching products into full production

Production That Delivers

Hansa is committed to making a significant investment in new production strategy to increase its productive output and their vision to see their chippers “hansforming” landscapes world-wide.

By investing in a robot welder and custom positioners, Hansa can offer exceptional quality, repeatability and unmatched accuracy. Hansa also invested in its own in-house surface coating plant to provide better control to ensure a consistent quality finish.

The result is improved, unbeatable surface durability and improved the flow of product through the manufacturing process in-house by enabling agile and accurate scheduling.

For more information freephone 1800 426 722 or visit

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