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Speed And Efficiency With Oregon’s New SpeedCut™ System

Winter Is Coming – And So Is Chainsaw Season.

With Autumn now upon us, chainsaw season is on its way. Start the season with the best of the best – Oregon’s new SpeedCut™ System. For a tool that works as hard as you do, this innovative system makes cutting easier and more time efficient. The narrow kerf guide bar and saw chain need less power, enhancing speed for faster cuts in most conditions.

Exclusive to Oregon® products, the narrow kerf advantage means faster cuts with less wood being displaced. Top performance is guaranteed when pairing the narrow kerf 95TXL saw chain with a specially built narrow kerf guide bar. Light-weight and efficient, the SpeedCutTM System cuts faster and better on mid-size chainsaws. For best performance, always use bars designed for narrow kerf saw chain.

The Oregon 95TXL Saw Chain is faster, sharper and easier to navigate1. Get a faster, easier cut with a reshaped cutting surface and narrow kerf design. Featuring a sharper, more durable cutting edge from a new precision grind and optimised cutting angle. This easier to sharpen chain has the cutting surface matched to the file. More indicators help users spot the recommended filing angles.

Guide Bars provide users with a lighter, stronger and longer lasting saw chain system2. The Oregon SpeedCutTM System is up to 20 per cent lighter, providing users with more control and less fatigue with a light-weight aluminium core. Stiffer and stronger with aerospace bonding technology, this system is more durable on the job. From a redesigned nose with new parts and materials, harder bar rails are designed to last longer. Guide Bars also provide better chain retention and less wear via precision rail groove design, reducing the need to repurchase. For an even longer lifespan, LubriTecTM keeps the chain drive link and chain rivet joints oiled, for less wear and longer life.

When speed, efficiency and a strong performing saw chain are mandatory to get the job done right, Oregon® SpeedCutTM is the right cutting system for all. Engineered for optimal performance on small and mid-size saws.

1When compared to Oregon 95VPX saw chain.

2When compared to equivalent Oregon Pro-Lite guide bars.

Oregon products are available exclusively available through Briggs & Stratton Australia. FOr product details call 1800 356 632

For more information or visit

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Work Strong With Allclass

From excavators to stump grinders and chippers, Allclass has been Queensland’s number one mini-excavator dealer for more than 20 years.

All class has a superb reputation in the market place and customers keep coming back to them because of their outstanding service and high-quality products.

All class have grown dramatically since they were first established in 1992 and the company employs sales representatives like Dan Dwyer who spends his days traveling around Queensland giving hands-on product demonstrations to customers.

“Getting up close and personal with our machinery really allows customers to get a feel for the products especially our Morbark Chippers and Toro mini loaders. The Morbark chippers chip strong, grind strong and work strong, and the Toro loaders are lightweight and incredibly manoeuvrable.”

Troy from Stump Grind It agrees.

Troy, originally a school teacher, used to spend the holidays helping his parents with their tree lopping business by taking care of the stump grinding. His father has an outdated grinder and the business avoided stump grinding at all costs.

“We thought the money was in the trees, not the stump removal and I saw a unique opportunity to expand into this area. We started doing jobs for neighbours, friends and family, then eventually I decided it would be worthwhile doing this full time and I moved out of teaching.”

Troy grimly remembered his dad’s old equipment and was determined to find the right equipment to help him get the job done. He tested a range of options over a long period of time and, through word of mouth and Google, he came upon Allclass and the company’s range of exceptional products.

Troy needed a machine that could grind and with Dan’s help he decided that the Toro was the one for him as the price was reasonable, it was track mounted and narrow enough to fit in residential gardens yet still incredibly powerful. He wasn’t sold so easily though and Troy admitted he must’ve been a demanding customer as Dan had to visit him on-site multiple times so Troy could test the Toro STX38.

“Dan was incredibly patient, and it was all worth it in the end as this machine is a real beauty. It’s versatile, reliable and has a reputation as being one of the hardest working machines in the Australian market.”

Troy regularly has his machine serviced every 50 hours with the Allclasss remote service team visiting him at his home before he heads out for the day.


Dan also sells Morbark chippers and owner and Managing Director of Brisbane Stump Grinding & Tree Lopping, Ron said that as his business expanded from a one-man band to a successful company, he needed to upgrade some equipment and he is now the proud owner of a new Morbark M15RX.

“My business undertakes all Arboricultural requirements for a range of government departments and local councils and All Class has been of great assistance.

“They provide excellent communication and after-sales service with prompt call back on any issue, especially from Dan.

This service has been very refreshing, and I traded two Morbark machines to upgrade to this model, and the outcome has been fantastic.

“Any servicing and parts requirements are all done by Allclass. I have not had a breakdown with this machine and Allclass are a pleasure to do business with,” Ron said.

Allclass has more than 300 years of combined staff experience in sales, parts, and service and Dan can be reached for a chat, a visitor to help you test drive a new piece of machinery. Call them on 1300 255 252.

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Fueling Your Body

Are you sick and tired of being tired and sick?

Energy. Why does it seem like some people have so much of it and others can barely get out of bed in the morning?

We need to start treating our bodies like the amazing things they are, rather than just taking them for granted and only thinking about them when something starts to ‘break down’. If you take your car to be serviced, get the oil changed, have the wheels aligned and you proactively keep it tuned-up you know it’s going to last longer, have fewer problems and perform to the best of its ability! Don’t you think you should start looking at your body the same way? So how do we change the oil and align the tires in our bodies?

Below are some tips to start implementing today.

  1. Drink More Water! So many of us are walking around like shrivelled-up, old prunes because we’re NOT hydrated. Next time your energy is feeling low, grab a litre of water and drink up. It’s also a great idea to start your day with a litre of water before you have anything else – make a commitment to drink more water.
  2. Get Moving. If your energy is low it can sometimes deter you from moving but trust me, even the biggest sleepy heads have found mega energy by moving their bodies. Even just 15 minutes will give you a brilliant energy boost.
  3. Be Happy. No-one likes a ‘Sad Harry’ so when someone asks you how you are, tell enormous. Next time you find your internal dialogue saying, “I feel tired” or “I don’t have any energy” try replacing it with, “I feel fantastic and I have loads of energy” – watch the power these simple phrases can have on your life.
  4. Despite what we’re told by the media the sun is NOT out to get us. It’s the greatest source of energy and I encourage you to get outside in it! Don’t be stupid and fry yourself to a crisp though – try putting some cold-pressed coconut oil on your skin and get out for mins or so, instant energy!
  5. Have you ever eaten a meal and then slipped into a ‘food coma’?
    You know the one where you’re laying on the couch and don’t want to move? It feels gross doesn’t it? When you eat a diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds this doesn’t happen. Wholefoods give you masses of energy and the fuel your body needs to be at full potential!
  1. Find out your spinal age. You are only as old as your spine and this is why you can see two 60-year olds walking down the street who may have completely different postures, activity levels, levels of happiness and levels of arthritis and decay. One has a much older spinal age than the other. Have your spine checked by a wellness chiropractor to be getting the most performance and energy out of your body.

For more information contact the Chiropractic Central in Lane Cove via email at [email protected] or call (02) 9418 9031.

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1890 Spider Lift The Game Changer

Proven for 10 years in Australia, reliable, simple to use, go where others can’t, with the Monitor 1890 Spider Lift.

The Monitor 1890 Spider Lift has maintained its position as Australia’s most popular Spider Lift since it was launched in 2009 – 10 years ago. There are hundreds of 1890 Spider Lifts working across Australia and New Zealand, and with the following features and benefits, it’s no wonder why.

This model is available in various configurations, with a choice of Honda petrol or Kubota diesel engines, 240 volt electric motor, or even a lithium battery pack for fast, yet almost silent operation (more on this later).

Both Variants Come Standard With:

  • 18m working height
  • 9m horizontal working outreach
  • 200 kg SWL, with 2 man capacity
  • Stows to an incredible 790mm width for very narrow access
  • Removable platform (reduces length and width for extremely tight access)
  • Expandable tracks that extend out-and-down for increased ground clearance and better departure angle off-road
  • Only 1.9m tall for driving through low areas
  • Smooth hydraulic proportional controls for all functions, with ability to operate several functions simultaneously
  • Clever outrigger design for setup on large slopes or over obstacles
  • 360° rotation / slew
  • Platform rotation
  • Emergency lowering system
  • Engine auto throttle

The 1890 Pro version has some very nice upgrades including Radio remote control (no curly cords or leads!), Auto-level for the stabiliser legs, and 2-speed drive for fast manoeuvring. The radio control unit is very ergonomic and simple to use. All functions are fully proportional. The functions speeds are nice and fast if desired, making for quick set up times and productive work times.

Another beauty of the 1890 Spider Lift is it is available on a tandem axle steel plant trailer, allowing you to tow the package behind almost any ute or small truck.

Choice of 1-man or 2-man baskets are available – sometimes a narrow basket (780mm wide) makes for better access into tighter areas.

Now, back to the Lithium batteries: this feature can be a real game changer when positioning the machine in and around buildings where noise is to be kept to a minimum. The beauty of Lithium is how fast it charges, how long a full charge lasts, and also the fact it is maintenance free, unlike standard batteries. Monitor Lifts have sold many Spider Lifts over the last 6 years with Lithium batteries, and are well experienced in this field.

Non-marking rubber tracks are also often fitted to the Monitor 1890 Spider Lifts to allow operation on fragile surfaces, concrete and paving, and removes the risk of leaving black track marks where you travel.

Monitor Lifts have superb after sales and parts / technical support throughout Australia and New Zealand. With brand new premises in both Sydney and Melbourne, and authorised service dealers in all other major centres, the friendly Monitor team are here to help you in any way possible – call them now on freecall 1800 025 024, visit or email [email protected]

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Benefits of Membership Organisations, the Victorian Tree Industry Organisation.

Joining the VTIO

All things are connected and an industry membership association like the VTIO provide fertile conditions for exchanging ideas and promoting best practice in arboriculture. I arrived at Arbortrim in early 2014, my seventh training organisation over the last 20 plus years and by far the most fascinating. I brought with me a particular interest in educating people about trees and our natural environment. In the 1990s, I studied a Bachelor of Education in Environmental Science and Biology and a Graduate Certificate of Natural Resource Management. I also spent time supervising vegetation management crews along Melbourne’s bayside costal vegetation strip.

In 2014, Arbortrim was already a VTIO sponsor and my first introduction to the VTIO was through Arborcamp. The value of the VTIO and those that contribute to it was evident, so I volunteered to join the organisation’s committee. I had experienced other industry associations before, however, I was not prepared for the level of genuine passion that VTIO leadership and its members held for their industry and the commitment displayed for nurturing members to develop themselves as arborists through education.

Benefits of VTIO Membership

Information and opportunities for professional development Membership in a trade association like VTIO means immediate access to any news or developments that affect your business and the industry. Outside of the usual communication of members to each other, associations generally provide newsletters, email updates and informative resources that help its members stay on top of recent developments in their field. Arbortrim’s participation in VTIO’s Committee of Management provides immediate and regular access to industry news and events and our students benefit from membership updates and activities.


This is the most common and most obvious benefit of joining a trade association such as the VTIO. In every industry, who you know matters, and trade associations are filled with potential contacts, clients and partners who can help your business move to the next level. They provide a forum for like-minded individuals to come together to make connections and identify opportunities that may not otherwise be possible. Trade events such as VTIO’s Arborcamp as well as other seminars and presentations throughout the year provide opportunities to interact with a wide range of industry representatives and connect directly with customers.

Certification And Accreditation

In addition to the usual training and education provided by professional associations, many organisations provide certifications and licensing programs that are not available to non-members. Not only do these certifications make for better practices in the industry, some are an absolute necessity for a business to compete. The certifications and licenses available in trade organisations provide a level of prestige and reliability in the minds of clients and customers. VTIO members can obtain certification of their participation in professional development activities providing valuable inclusions to the resumes of developing arborists.

The Victorian Tree Climbing Championships is another prominent industry event which recognises outstanding achievement in a range of tree climbing pursuits. The growing popularity of the VTCC demonstrates the value that the industry places on the development of technical arboriculture skills.

Continued education and development is crucial in getting to the top of any industry. If your company is already a leader in the arboriculture field, education is a key to remaining on top. Professional associations such as VTIO hold events with seminars, workshops and classes that help members to learn and grow in their profession. Even outside of official events, members have constant opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and mentorship that allow members to share experience and knowledge. The VTIO’s objectives align naturally with Arbortrim’s. We are both promoting the knowledge and education of arboriculture within the industry.

Influence to Promote Best Practice

One of the key benefits of joining a trade association is the ability to support the mission of the organisation and possibly influence legislation that affects the industry. The combined resources of the members of an association can be used to lobby lawmakers and sway public opinion more positively towards the goals of the association.

Arbortrim’s association with VTIO provides us with opportunities to add our voice to improving best practice through regulation and education.

One such example is Arboriculture Australia’s Industry Licence system. The development of the Australian arborist Industry Licence is designed to better regulate the industry though training qualifications and professional development activity.

Any line of work has a specific set of best practices that is vital to efficient and quality work. Especially for anyone new to the industry, membership in a trade association is vital to learning these practices and performing the best work possible. One of the critical benefits of Arbortrim’s association with VTIO over the last five years has been to utilise industry feedback for improving our training services. Arbortrim’s VTIO membership provides ongoing opportunities to consult with industry leaders to ensure that our arboriculture qualifications are designed to deliver best practice outcomes that align with current industry standards.


Aside from all of the professional benefits that are available through trade associations such as VTIO, they also provide an opportunity for members to build friendships and personal relationships that can last a lifetime. Arbortrim’s partnership with VTIO has given myself and the rest of our team opportunities to get to know hundreds of fantastic people that share our commitment to supporting the arboriculture industry through education and training.

The Arbortrim of today is not the same as it was when we took custodianship of the training service in early 2014. Our organisation has developed into a national leader of arboriculture training services through strategic investment and a focus on quality outcomes for our customers. Our sponsorship and collaboration with the VTIO over the last five years has been a clear factor in our success. The VTIO and Arbortrim will continue to learn from each other and thrive for the betterment of the arboriculture community.

Words | Robert Buick

If you would like to learn more about the VTIO and the benefits of becoming a member visit the VTIO’s website –

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Climbing Made Easy

This year sees, among other gear innovations for other industries, Petzl adding to and refining their arborist range.

With all the thoughtfulness to ergonomic design, user comfort and safety Petzl have become synonymous of, their new suite of gear caters for both the traditional and Single Rope Technique (SRT) practitioners.

The updated SEQUOIA and SEQUOIA SRT harnesses are built for comfort, with ergonomically shaped padding in the waist-belt and leg-loops for working aloft for extended periods. The two gated attachment points allow easy connection of the ZILLON or MICROFLIP lanyards or the installation of multiple bridges that have full use of their lateral range, increasing mobility. The SRT version is specifically designed with a textile Ventral attachment point for installing the ZIGZAG, ZIGZAG PLUS with CHICANE and KNEE ASCENDER system and a rear buckle to install a chest CROLL integrated in the SECUR shoulder straps.

Conveniently adjustable, the Double Back Plus waist-belt buckles are quick and easy to use. The new FAST LT PLUS, leg-loop buckles ensure security and one-time adjustment for size with a new locking system that limits the risk of accidental opening.

The ZIGZAG and ZIGZAG PLUS mechanical Prusik devices are intuitive to use, mimicking classic Prusik pulley systems, automatically locking on the rope as their friction-chain section extends. Efficient movement is smooth and precise. Rope feed is easily managed by the subtle adjustment of the release-lever. Changes in pressure control the speed of movement.

The large, sealed ball-bearing pulley wheel makes rope tending smooth and easy. The ZIGZAG has a fixed, lower attachment point to ensure proper alignment with the axis of the user. The ZIGZAG PLUS, lower attachment is a high-efficiency swivel ensuring stable and correct positioning of the device and smooth rope-feed.

Both devices can be used on either doubled ropes or in SRT, thanks to the CHICANE auxiliary braking handle and the KNEE ASCENT assemblies. The upper attachment point for the rope end, in double rope use or the CHICANE, in SRT set-up, has a flexible positioning ring that helps keep the connector oriented along its major axis. They also have an auxiliary attachment point for adding a ZILLION lanyard, connecting a second system or the installation of the KNEE ASCENT assembly.

To this suite of gear, Petzl also introduces the CHICANE auxiliary braking handle and the KNEE ASCENT, CLIP and LOOP assemblies. The CHICANE allows the ZIGZAG and ZIGZAG PLUS mechanical Prusiks to be used in Single Rope Technique (SRT). It provides continuous additional braking thanks to the added friction of the two friction pins. Used with the Petzl Am’D or OK carabiners, whose H-shaped cross-section make the CHICANE and both ZIGZAG versions a fully compatible system. This ensures smooth rope glide during ascents, descents and when limb-walking. Its opening side plate makes it easy to install mid-line and its triple-action unlocking mechanism limits the accidental opening of the device.

Last but not at all least, the new KNEE ASCENT assembly is available in a foot-loop version or clip version for boots with integrated clipping point. They make ascending in SRT a breeze. The elasticated upper strap connects directly to the ZIGZAG and ZIGZAG PLUS and CHICANE, raising the whole unit. The integrated CROLL L (large), compatible to ropes 11mm-13mm in diameter, make for comfortable ascent and no back-slipping. The assembly has multiple setting to adjust to users of all shapes and sizes.

This entire suite of gear shows Petzl’s detailed understanding of the working arborist and their ever-changing work environment. Not all trees are the same as not all arborists, but in this range Petzl has catered for the traditionalist and SRT climber equally.

For further information on availability in your state, contact your local, independent Arborist equipment supplier or Spelean directly, for whom that might be, where you are.

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The Annual 2019 Arboriculture Conference In Australia’s Red Centre

Arboriculture Australia’s Annual Conference is the singular opportunity for our industry to get together, network and learn from industry experts. It is a must-attend event for industry leaders and practitioners.

The 2019 Arboriculture Australia Annual Conference will attract more than 250 delegates from all facets of the industry. Local, national and international arborists from public, private and government sectors, encompassing Urban Forestry, Utilities above and below ground, researchers, consultants, contractors, nurserymen, and landscape architects.

Situated in the Red Centre of Australia, at the foot of the MacDonnell Ranges, the Alice Springs Convention Centre is the perfect location for our conference.

Our programme runs over two days, May 20 – 21, and includes speakers from the Urban Forestry and Utility Arborist streams. And because we’re in Alice this year, we’re tapping into the region’s talent. Our Conference Tour of the Todd River and Olive Pink Botanic

Gardens is hosted by gardens curator Ian Coleman with the Northern Territory’s senior botanist, Peter Jobson, providing insight into arid species and the effect of introduced species in the local ecology.

2019 Conference Speakers Include:

  • Daniel Heyburn, Eastern Tree Services, QLD
  • Denise Johnstone, University of Melbourne, VIC
  • Greg Moore, University of Melbourne, VIC
  • Heath Frewin, Essential Energy, NSW
  • Janet McDonald, Department of Agriculture, QLD
  • Kelly Hertzog, City of Melbourne, VIC
  • Lyndal Plant, Urban Forester, QLD
  • Mark Hartley, The Arborist Network, NSW
  • Melissa McManus, North Sydney Council, NSW
  • Mike Daleo, San Diego Gas and Electric, USA
  • Nigel Tapper, Monash University, VIC
  • Peter Jobson, Northern Territory Herbarium, NT
  • Randy Miller, CN Utility Consulting, USA
  • Shane Brunker, Sophie Davison, Network Mapping, NSW and Scott McKenzie, Endeavour Energy, NSW
  • Stacie Grassano and Jeff Filip, Intelfuse, VIC
  • Stephen Martin, Powerlink, QLD

The conference programme will also include panel sessions devoted to the utility stream with more presenters confirming their involvement over the coming weeks. Keep an eye on our website for updates.

Our wonderful association sponsors will be well represented in our trade exhibition space which will provide excellent networking opportunities before the conference, during breaks and during our Annual Gala Dinner which will also make use of the exhibition space.

Our entertainment programme ensures that even if you’re only in Alice for a short time you won’t miss out on cultural experiences. Our Welcome Reception and Annual Gala Dinner feature local performers and artists including youth drumming group Drum Atweme and indigenous artist Tommy Crow.

With the permission of traditional owners, the 2019 Australian Tree Climbing Championships will be held in the historic Alice Springs Telegraph Station on Friday 18 May. In a unique Northern Territory twist, we’ll use a crane anchor point for the first time in ATCC history. This year the whole event will take place over one day only and the Alice Springs locals are looking forward to seeing what our climbers can do.

Words | Arboriculture Australia

Conference registration is now open at

Further information and regular updates are available on the Arboriculture Australia website

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Camphors – The Silent Killers

Camphor Laurels – the silent killers of biodiversity.

It’s been nearly 200 years since the first Camphor Laurel (Cinnamomum camphora) was planted in Australia. Native to Asia, the tree was introduced in the early 1820s and first recorded at the Sydney Botanic Gardens.

When people noticed its rapid growth and attractive light green foliage, it quickly became a popular tree to plant for much needed shade. In 1872, the introduction of Arbor Day saw hundreds of thousands of Camphor laurels being planted in schools, church and courthouse grounds and in council parks and gardens. Many of these long-lived trees still line streets of cities and towns today, some being heritage listed. Little did we know that this evergreen beauty would become the most invasive weed species ever to reach Australian shores.

New visitors to the North Coast Region of NSW would be unaware that the picturesque sea of light green they see spreading along creek lines and over hillsides was once a darker shade. The ‘Big Scrub’ covered 75,000 hectares and was the largest subtropical lowland rainforest in eastern Australia until it was cleared for agriculture in the 1840s. The contraction of dairying and banana farming since the 1960s has resulted in large areas becoming infested with camphor laurel. This region includes one of Australia’s 15 biodiversity hotspots and is considered the most biodiverse area in the state. It supports the greatest number of plant and animal species of any area of NSW, and includes the greatest number of threatened species.

The Camphor laurel has divided communities for many years and there have been heated debates as to whether century old trees should stay or be removed.

Gold Coast botanist and consultant David Jinks, like many others, has strong views about Camphor laurels; his work brings him into contact with them almost on a daily basis. He said the need for shade isn’t so immediate that it should override the lethal threat Camphors are to local biodiversity.

“They are a beautiful tree. Where I lived in suburban Sydney, I spent much of my childhood climbing them and I have no doubt they had a very strong impression and positive influence on my long-term career in and love of all things plants.

“But I’m now very aware of their rapidly increasing threat to our rapidly decreasing local biodiversity. Of all the threatening weeds, they are enemy No.1 – by a long-shot. And they’ve yet to reach their epic peak.

“Camphor Laurels are in almost every local vegetation type from urban to wilderness hinterland. I’m currently working on an 85 hectare hinterland property of mostly good bush. We thought we’d have a hundred or so Camphors to deal with but, 18 months later, we’ve killed nearly 400 seeding trees plus taken out thousands of saplings and seedlings. Of the many weed species on site, the only one at every monitoring plot is Camphor Laurel. I’m sure this could be repeated on every similar adjoining property.”

“The need for shade isn’t so immediate that it should override the lethal threat Camphors are to local biodiversity.”

David said Camphor laurel is, without doubt, a slow-motion silent killer of local biodiversity that most people don’t get to see. This highly invasive tree has a tendency to form single species communities and exclude most other desirable native vegetation.

“The only way to reverse the spread of Camphor Laurel is to kill as many trees as possible, as soon as possible. To be completely effective there must be no more Camphor Laurel seed to spread. Put the effort instead into immediate control.

Kill the Camphor Laurel and replace it with a fast growing shade tree,” David said.

A passionate artist and tutor Matty George with his prized turtle chainsaw carving at Camp Creative, Bellingen, earlier this year. Organisers had to reassure some participants that the Camphor laurel timber being used didn’t come from the controversial Church Street tree that was recently chopped down in the main street. Teddy Reynolds shows off dad Paul’s work of art at the chainsaw carving workshop at Bellingen.

A spokesperson from the NSW Department of Primary Industry said Camphor laurel has never been a priority weed at the state level because it is well established in NSW and is very commonly used as an ornamental tree and council street tree. It is therefore not a prevention target.

Weeds are regulated by NSW local government and any efforts to reduce numbers would have to be done at a local or regional scale. Regional Weed Committees prepare and maintain a priority weed list, which includes state priorities; however, it is up to each Regional Weed Committee to determine what is a regional priority for control programs.

Federal Government Grant for project on deflowering Camphor laurels.

The introduction of the Biosecurity Act 2016, which specifically focuses on the shared liability relating to the containment and control of weeds, has been encouraging for weed committees.

A federally funded project commenced in July 2017 to undertake research to scope a handful of chemicals to de-flower or prevent fruit from developing on Camphor Laurel.

The Weed Society of New South Wales Inc. reported in its newsletter ‘A good weed’ there would be potential to use this technique, if successful, on other species.

How To Kill Camphor Laurel?

Contact your local Weed Advisory Service for correct chemical application before cutting a 20-30cm high strip into the outer bark and moist cambium layer to expose the heartwood (approximately 3-5cm deep) all of the way around the trunk. Return to check for suckers in 3-6 months.

Other uses of Camphor laurels Camphor laurel is being trialled as a potential fuel biomass in a north coast cogeneration project to produce electricity. Proposals are advanced to use woodchip for fuel to generate electricity at the Condong and Broadwater Sugar Mill cogeneration plants. This will involve the harvest of camphor laurel on a significant scale to supply this project.

Camphor laurel can be a valuable resource as a commercial timber and is used for a range of products and furniture and various items that can be turned on a lathe.

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Revolution In Eye Safety

A revolution in eye safety is on its way.

While many of us are aware of the possible risk of eye injuries, the most important aspect of prevention involves the use of safely glasses. Men are more likely than women to sustain an eye injury but very few men wear adequate eye protection when at work or when working around the house.

While approximately half of all eye injuries occur at home, there is still too many eye injuries occurring in the workplace as the figures below indicate:

  • Per day – 600 workers worldwide suffer eye injuries
  • Per year – 2.5 million eye injuries reported
  • 90 per cent are preventable by wearing eye protection

Safe Eyes®

Safe Eyes® mesh safety goggles are an innovative eye protection product, designed and developed by Kiwi Ideas Co. Ltd, New Zealand and now sold by Tree Care Machinery Australia wide. Safe Eyes® patent stainless steel mesh goggles were originally developed for forestry workers, but are now used in well over 60 different industries.

Safe Eyes® are available in two different mesh sizes, standard 0.7mm aperture and fine dust mesh 0.4mm aperture.

Safe Eyes® have:

  • Patented mesh
  • Will not fog
  • Light and comfortable to wear
  • Flexible and durable

Use them, abuse them, bend them, squash them – they will continue to perform.

Here’s what the customers say about Safe Eyes

“Excellent product, don’t fog, don’t sweat, easy to wipe clean in the rain. I can fold them and put them in my pocket. Perfect for working with a chainsaw in the bush.

The soft rubber fitting means a total sealon my face.” – Kerry

“I certainly wouldn’t be without them.” – Mark Hewitt of Hewitt Building Limited, Carterton

“After first looking at Safe Eyes, I thought the rubber edge fitting the face would become irritable. However, I soon found that it wasn’t irritable at all; it didn’t cut into your face or feel sharp. The viewing area was not restricted in any way and over a few weeks, no object passed through the mesh at all. I could even keep my eyes open with grass clippings flying into my face, something you just can’t do with standard glasses. I wear them every day.” – Brian Callister Lawnmowing, Masterton

“These are a must! My husband has a pair but won’t let me wear them so need my own!” – Barbara Chapman, Albany

“We have found Safe-eyes invaluable after many close calls with olive branches springing back up as we raked the fruit off the taller branches during harvest. For the first harvest in 6 years, we didn’t have to stop to treat face or eye scratches. Also never ever fogged up on colder days and we could see the fruit clearly! We can’t recommend them enough.” – Paul & Suzie Adamson, Harewood Estate, Masterton

Protect your eyes with a pair of Safe Eyes®. Go to and order online or visit their showroom at 29 Bennet Ave, Melrose Park. S.A. 5039.

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Engineered To Succeed

WPT Power has engineered a range of solutions for Diesel engines in tree applications, which are able to reduce engine wear and increase durability.

PythonTM Hydraulic Clutch Control

WPT Power’s patented PythonTM Hydraulic Clutch Control is the perfect product for any equipment with an engine that struggles during machine start-up. With the push of a button, our PythonTM will smoothly engage any WPT Type 1 and Type 2 Power Take-Off to accelerate the most demanding loads. It eliminates the need for bump starting heavy loads which can stall or damage the engine.

This product was designed and tested alongside seasoned experts in the Off-Highway Equipment industry, and was specially engineered for applications with high inertia loads. WPT Power’s patented PythonTM is perfect for the OEM as well as the end user. Features include:

  • Eliminates operator-related engagement abuse
  • Maximises the clutch’s wear component life
  • Optimises clutch engagement for smooth operation
  • Can be easily integrated into OEM control systems
  • Designed and tested to operate in cold weather conditions
  • Self-contained unit. No need for machine hydraulics
  • Compatible with SAE J1939 engine connections
  • Available in 12 or 24 Volt

Hydraulic Power Take-Offs

If you are looking for an innovative, high capacity power take-off, look no further than the WPT® Type 2.

With its versatile design, dry clutch and top-of-the-line spherical roller bearings, the Type 2 PTO have been field-proven in many sideload applications.

The benefits of the WPT Type 2 include the potential for remote engagement, self-adjusting clutch, with air or hydraulic actuation.

Heavy-duty gear tooth friction discs are standard on 14” and 18” models. Bearings are lubricated with either grease or oil.

Customers needing maximum capacity in a small package will find the Type 2 an outstanding PTO for their applications.

Pilotless TM Mechanical Power Take-Off

Industrial engine applications are more demanding than ever. Customers need a solution rugged enough to meet those demands and WPT Power has engineered that solution with the WPT PilotlessTM Mechanical Power Take-Off. This design eliminates the pilot bearing and increases side load capacity over previous generations of PTO products. The WPT PilotlessTM Mechanical Power Take-Off will optimise your cost by reducing inventory, increasing uptime, and engine life, and simplify installation time. Features include:

  • Dual spherical roller main bearing design
  • Time savings for assembly since no pilot bearing alignment required
  • Most sizes fit within the envelope of the previous design
  • No direct loading to engine crankshaft increases the life of engine main bearings
  • No installation related engine thrust bearing damage
  • 100 percent equipped with ball-bearing engagement collars
  • Increased side load capacity.

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