Monitor Lifts Range

Monitor Lifts Range

In the arborist industry, working with mobile equipment and specialised height access solutions can significantly reduce risks associated with climbing as well as dramatically extend the careers of individuals whose bodies aren’t up for climbing anymore.

Buying the right machine is a huge decision. Pricing, features, versatility and after-sales service and access to spare parts all need to be factored into the equation of what is real value before committing to a purchase.

Monitor Lifts not only offers an impressive range of lift styles and sizes, but also has a remarkable and dedicated Australia-wide service and parts network. With dedicated parts and personnel and factory-trained technicians in every state along with a number of regional partners, Monitor understands the importance and significance of this level of customer service.

Monitor itself is a great Australian success story, with Colin being the father and founding partner with his older son Tim, and then youngest son Ben joined the team a little later.

The products themselves are top quality European-made machines, which have been reaching great heights here in the Australian Market. Their range includes the very popular Spider Boom Lifts which have been widely adopted into the Australian industry. Due to their super compact designs, these models are the first choice where access is very limited. The initial offering from Monitor began when they started importing the Leguan Spider Lifts from Finland over 20 years ago in 1997. The Leguan Spider Lift offered unparalleled stability and support even in uneven terrain.

The next addition to the Monitor Lifts range came in 2003 when the OMME spider lifts were introduced. Since then, the OMME range has been significantly suited to a variety of civil engineering, construction, maintenance and arborist work throughout Australia. Consisting of the 1800RXJ, 2350R, 2750R, 2750RX, 3150R, 3710R and 4200R, the OMME Spider Lifts have an extremely versatile range of capabilities.

It was in 2005 that Monitor discovered the very impressive Platform Basket Spider Lift in Italy. The innovative designs struck a chord with end users in Australia and New Zealand, and today there are more PB Spider Lifts in Australia and New Zealand than any other brand. These spider lifts are now the benchmarks in each category in the industry.

It’s a combination of the amazingly narrow and compact design, yet substantial power and performance that has separated these spider lifts from the crowd. Ranging from the PB1380 Spider Lift through to the PB3315, this impressive line-up is a top choice for rental companies and arborists. The user-friendly, intuitive controls that offer smooth boom operation and drive functions all combine to the impressive handling of the range.

When we here at AA heard that General Manager Ben Joyce was going to be in the Sydney office/warehouse out at Seven Hills, we arranged to pay a visit, which Ben was thrilled about.

The new warehouse facility was well organised, very tidy and had many machines prepared and ready for deliveries across Australia. So, there are bound to be some delighted customers receiving these impressive new machines in the next week or so. With many machines and spare parts on site, I was intrigued by a Rail Boom Lift which has been designed as a dedicated road and rail boom lift. Known as the RR14 Evo, its specs considerably outperforms traditional modified products with a host of railway dedicated features. A few specific features that jumped out to me was the fact that this hasn’t just been modified for rail use but designed from the ground up, which significantly increases its operational speed and performance. The self-levelling turret provides excellent stability. These machines are also certified to drive and work on a 200mm cant (8-degree side slope). As well as sporting an auxiliary diesel engine for emergency recovery, the features and benefits of this range truly set it apart from the crowd.

When chatting with Ben, it was great to hear the passion and pride in which he spoke about his range of machines and how hard Monitor had been working to ensure the best possible experience for their customers from an after sales, service and spare parts perspective. When asking Ben about the lengths they have gone to, to keep this side of the business so successful, he shared: “Superior training and support for both our national staff and customers is something that we have dedicated ourselves to.

We have created user-friendly operator training packages for all our models, including familiarisation videos on each machine. Customers just need to scan the QR codes for the machines, then watch and learn. As well as this, we provide national service training classes regularly throughout the country, which are available to every Monitor Lifts owner.”

Ben continued, “Last but by no means least is our 24/7 Support Program, where customers can call our 1800 025 024 number day or night, and a dedicated Monitor technician will be in contact with the customer to provide fast advice and support.” It’s this level of support that sees customers coming back for their second and third purchases when the time and occasion is right.

Something that Ben shared that made an impression with me was the fact that as these quality machines are European made, and the sourcing of spare parts from Europe can take weeks or months, Monitor keeps more than 1 million dollars’ worth of spare parts in stock in Australia – allowing Monitor to achieve a 92 per cent spare parts fill rate. The accountant isn’t too happy about having $1 million in stock sitting in a warehouse, but it’s this fact which sees customers Australia-wide receiving their required parts or components in a matter of days or even overnight, depending on the size of the item, and being able to have their equipment up and running as soon as possible.

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